Chapter 87: Submitting a Petition to the Imperial Government

    Chapter 87: Submitting a Petition to the Imperial Government

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    The day of 16th October was lit abuzz.

    First, the new county governor, Gongye Bing, had sent troops to surround Qin Manor and capture the Qin family! Then, the Second Young Master Qin's voice was broadcast through the heaven and earth, resounding throughout the city. It claimed that the new county governor had framed him and that he had killed Water God together with a Divine Firmament Chapter disciple... After that, Second Young Master Qin escaped easily with his family. The most the troops suffered were minor injuries. No one lost their lives. Many soldiers actually praised Second Young Master Qin.

    And about two hours later, a huge commotion happened at Six Fans Gate.

    The Six Fans Gate dungeon collapsed! The accused, Qin An, had been broken out of prison, and he was the elder brother of the Qin family's second young master.

    And about two hours after that...

    A huge commotion happened again at County Governor Manor as a massive array formation barrier surrounded the manor. It was gorgeous and dazzling. Many commoners had the chance to see the rare activation of County Governor Manor's massive array. There were rumors that Qin Yun's father, Qin Liehu, was imprisoned inside County Governor Manor.


    It was rare for so many things to happen in Grand Dominance City all in one day. There was talk about it everywhere.

    When night fell, many restaurants turned even more lively.

    In a guest room, several merchants were drinking happily. They had also ordered their subordinates to guard the entrance carefully.

    "Haha, how delightful."

    "To think that the vicious county governor would encounter such a day."

    "When he pressed us, all we could do was obediently lower our heads. But when he exerted force on Young Master Qin Yun, our new county governor made a wrong move. He stirred a hornets' nest."

    The merchants continued chatting and drinking.


    In another luxurious manor.

    "Thousands of soldiers could do nothing. Even the personal guards under his command were useless! The Six Fans Gate dungeon has collapsed and all our new county governor can do is hide in County Governor Manor. Haha..."

    "My wish is that Qin Yun would just assassinate this vicious county governor next time he's out in the open. Kill that old bastard and rid the evil that plagues us."

    "Keep it down. Keep it down."

    "Don't worry. It's fine here at my place! All I wish now is to see that old bastard of a new county governor die."

    "However, assassinating a county governor is a grave crime. If he did that, Young Master Qin Yun would be finished."


    Swallow Phoenix Brothel.

    "Little Shuang, there are many guests who wish to meet you today," said Auntie Xue.

    "I'm not meeting any of them," Chen Shuang said coldly. "All of them are only here to ask me about Brother Yun. Now that Brother Yun is in danger, why would I be in the mood to accompany them in a conversation?"

    "Alright, alright. I'll reject them now." Auntie Xue nodded.


    All the rich families in the city and even the lowliest commoners were discussing the issue fervently. More than ninety percent of the people were on Qin Yun's side.

    "This bunch of scum." Gongye Bing led his subordinates and walked around the city in casual attire. The discussions he heard made his face turn extremely gloomy.


    Back in County Governor Manor.

    "Think of every means possible to sully Qin Yun's reputation no matter what the cost." Gongye Bing glanced at the subordinates behind him. "Especially the news about him killing Water God. Let the commoners understand that the person that really killed Water God was a Divine Firmament Chapter disciple. Let it be known that Qin Yun did not even participate. He is only insidious scum that colludes with demons and deliberately flaunted himself."

    "Do not worry, Lord. I'll do it immediately. The storytellers and people with nothing to do will obediently listen to your order. In a few days, all of Grand Dominance City will probably be cursing Qin Yun," The subordinate said confidently.

    "Do it quickly." Gongye Bing waved his hand.

    "Yes." The subordinate immediately took his leave.

    Gongye Bing frowned and pondered. "The problem with reputation is that it's easy to ruin. And I control the entire county, so it's rather easy to destroy one person's reputation. But now, he is hiding. There's no way to find a powerful cultivator when he wants to hide."

    "What do I do? Both of my last plans have failed."

    Gongye Bing felt a little vexed.

    The plan to capture Qin Yun at Qin Manor and the trap at Six Fans Gate... both failures!

    "Now, I have to force him to make an appearance." Gongye Bing turned to a building not far from him. That was where Qin Liehu was imprisoned.

    "Bring all the torture devices to Qin Liehu's building. I'll take good care of him!" Gongye Bing's face revealed a savage look.


    The personal guards near him responded immediately.


    Although everyone in the city was discussing about how powerful Qin Yun was, how he was able to ward off the huge army and barge into Six Fans Gate and County Governor Manor, Qin Yun himself was feeling rather helpless.

    Outside the window, a bright moon was hanging high in the sky.

    Qin Yun was slowly writing with a brush when he placed it down and looked outside at the bright moon.

    "I wonder how Father is right now," Qin Yun thought to himself. "I am unable to do a thing about the array formation in County Governor Manor. Thankfully, I had only sent my flying sword in to scout the area. If I had gone in person, I'd probably be dead."

    Inside that terrifying array, Qin Yun would only have been able to defend himself by using Cyclic Sword Flash against the might of the water and fire barriers. However, while occupied with protecting himself, he would not be able to charge out of the array. And by not doing so, he would be enervated of his Quintessential Essence. After that, he would turn to ash under the might of the water and fire.

    "That was still using the cracks between the first and second layer. My flying sword could not even delve deeper." Qin Yun shook his head slightly. "No wonder there has never been talk of anyone successfully killing a county governor in a County Governor Manor in the world."


    "Father is imprisoned in County Governor Manor." Qin Yun felt anxious but he could not do a thing.


    With another wave of his hand, a flying sword immediately flew out of the compound and headed for County Governor Manor under the darkness. It floated amid the grass outside County Governor Manor. From that distance, he could sense the building that imprisoned his father.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun's expression changed immediately as his eyes turned red.


    Qin Yun could sense and clearly 'see' his topless father in the building through the Intrinsic Flying Sword. His body was covered in blood as flesh splintered open. His father was lying on the ground groaning in pain.

    "Darn it! Darn it! Darn it!" Qin Yun's eyes turned red as the anger in him boiled. "Gongye Bing, you are going too far! You are going way too far!"

    He had a strong urge to storm County Governor Manor at that very moment.

    However, having traveled the world for years, and having many life-and-death experiences in the northern borders, Qin Yun knew that acting on impulse was worthless! To risk his life without any shred of hope was only sending himself to his death. It was the silliest thing. If he died, what would happen to his brother's family and his mother? They were still burdened by the accusations and could not go out in the open.

    He was helpless to save his father even though he wanted to do so. All he could do was watch his father suffer.


    Qin Yun knelt in the direction of County Governor Manor in his room. "I'm useless. I made you suffer! Tolerate another few more days. I will definitely save you! I will definitely avenge you!"


    Late at night.

    Qin Yun drank alone in the yard. He felt more melancholic as the alcohol reached his intestines. The thought of his father suffering left him unable to sleep. The moment he closed his eyes, the scene would replay.

    "Yun'er, you haven't slept?" Changlan came out of the house.

    "Mother." Qin Yun looked as his mother.

    "Are you vexed over your father?" Changlan sighed and said, "Everyone will die eventually. Back in the village, many villagers were captured and killed by demons. If this is truly a tribulation your father needs to face, then it is something he has to face alone! You just have to do your best. Your father and I have already lived a long life. In the villages, those that can live to our ages would be considered as living to a ripe old age."

    "Mother, don't talk about it any further." Qin Yun said gloomily, "There will be a solution. Definitely."

    It all depended on the three letters he had sent!

    The three letters had a chance of helping him turn the tables!


    Early the next morning, one of the letters was delivered to County Governor Wen.

    The Qian Prefecture was south of the Jiang Prefecture and it was similarly flourishing.

    Wave Ridge County was one of the top two counties in Qian Prefecture in terms of size. The county had a population of more than ten million and it was the prefecture that the prefecture overseer governed.

    County Governor Wen had been promoted to be Wave Ridge County's county governor! It was a large county with a population of more than ten million, so it was helmed by a fourth-grade official. It was considered a higher grade in rank, but this was an area governed by the prefecture overseer! With him exerting pressure, County Governor Wen also felt somewhat aggrieved. After all, the rich clans in Wave Ridge County would rather curry favor with the prefecture overseer. Even as a county governor, he still needed to meet the prefecture overseer frequently to gain his favor.

    The prefecture overseer governed the entire Qian Prefecture and was a person whose words carried weight.

    All he could do was know his place.

    "Father, this is Brother Qin Yun's letter." Wen Chong brought a letter to his father who was drinking his morning tea.

    "Qin Yun's letter?"

    County Governor Wen took it in surprise. When he read it, his expression sunk.

    "Hmph, how dare you, Gongye Bing! He claims that Qin Liehu colluded with demons, but he was once working under me. Is he implying that I have a bad judge of character?" County Governor Wen's expression was ugly. "Qin Yun killed Water God with Yi Xiao but Gongye Bing still dares to take action despite such meritorious deeds? He must have some insidious motive."

    "Chong'er, immediately investigate the matter and see if it's as Qin Yun says," County Governor Wen ordered.

    "Yes." Wen Chong nodded.

    The Qian Prefecture was very close to the Jiang Prefecture. That afternoon, Wen Chong confirmed the details of the situation.

    "Alright, I'll write a petition statement to submit to the imperial government." County Governor Wen's eyes flashed fiercely. "To step over my head and ** on me. Do you really think I'm so easily bullied?"


    And that day at midnight, the other two letters respectively arrived at Jin Prefecture's Philo-Marquis Manor and Old General Wang's residence in the northern borders.
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