Chapter 88: Fluttering Water Immortal Stone

    Chapter 88: Fluttering Water Immortal Stone

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    Along a mountain range was a towering impregnable pass. This was one of the various passes amid the northern borders, named Blood Peak Pass. It was also where Qin Yun had previously spent three years.

    Blood Peak Pass had been run by humans for years, so there was a massive city constructed by it!

    Within Blood Peak Pass, a manor that took up a thousand square meters was Old General Wang's residence.

    "A letter from that kid, Qin Yun? It's only been half a year since he left."

    Old General Wang was a stocky man with white hair. He had spent most of his life on the northern borders to fight against the demons. He opened the letter with a smile but as he read, his expression slowly turned gloomy.

    "What absurdity! The imperial government bestowed great powers on these county governors to deal with demons more efficaciously! Yet, they attack meritorious personnel. Even if Qin Yun's father is guilty, how can a meritorious cultivator like Qin Yun be implicated? There has to be something wrong with this matter!" Old General Wang's eyes flashed coldness. If any local official were to punish or kill a person that rendered meritorious deeds in the northern borders, they had to report it to the military.

    Therefore, local officials would not easily attack meritorious personnel-much less a cultivator!

    Of course, the military had no right to intervene on local matters. To lose decorum with a county governor-a highly ranked official-that was like a local emperor, the military needed sufficient evidence or it would come to naught.

    "With Qin Yun's personality, he will not lie. However, I still have to investigate." Old General Wang was feeling enraged. However, his years of wartime experience had trained him not to listen to only one side of the story.

    "If my investigations come out real, hmph! I'll definitely send a petition to the imperial government!"

    If ordinary officials were to oppress his men, Old General Wang would get the help of his friends to settle the matter.

    But this time it was the head of a county!

    In all of Jiang Prefecture, the only one that could truly overrule the county governors was the prefecture overseer! The Jiang Prefecture's prefecture overseer was ranked as one of the highest ranking governors throughout the Great Chang empire. In terms of their ranks, Old General Wang was still significantly lower than him. All he could do was submit a petition to the imperial government.


    Among the three people that Qin Yun wrote to, County Governor Wen and Old General Wang were about the same rank as Gongye Bing. However, they were qualified to submit a petition to the imperial government! As for the third letter, it was sent to Little Marquis Lord. Backing him was the Philo-Marquis!

    The high standing that the Philo-Marquis had was in no way inferior to an area's prefecture overseer. In fact, it was a slightly higher rank.

    Jin Prefecture, Zenith Black City.

    The entire Zenith Black City belonged to Philo-Marquis Manor. So were the large swaths of land surrounding it. This was because back when he was conferred the title of marquis, the entire area had been given to the Philo-Marquis as his fief!

    "Haha, a letter from Lunatic Yun. I'm surprised he still remembers me." Li You smiled as he opened the envelope and took a look.

    His expression changed the moment he read it.

    "Bullying even my brother? We had fought in the northern borders at the risk of our lives, and the moment he returns to his hometown, he gets bullied by some corrupt official!?" Li You ground his teeth. However, he himself was only the son of a marquis.

    "I'll get Father to help."

    Li You was seething with anger and although he was always immensely reverent towards his father, he ignored all considerations for his brother-in-arms.

    He felt that as long as his father helped, the matter would be settled.

    He strode out at a fast pace.

    Soon, he came outside a large yard. There was a middle-aged man standing guard by the entrance. He was a cultivator at the Connate False Core realm.

    "Sixth Young Master," said the middle-aged man in a hushed tone. "Lord Marquis is meditating. He is not to be disturbed unless it is urgent."

    Philo-Marquis was the bedrock of the entire Philo-Marquis Manor. Li You and his mother, siblings, and the concubines of his father, as well as the clansmen of the Li family and Philo-Marquis's disciples revolved around Philo-Marquis! The reason why Philo-Marquis Manor wielded such power was all because of Philo-Marquis.

    "I want to meet Father." Li You said immediately.

    The guardian at the entrance was somewhat astonished before he nodded. "Alright, I'll inform him."

    "Lord Marquis."

    The guardian spoke reverentially. His voice reached inside the yard. "Sixth Young Master wishes to seek an audience."

    "Oh? It's You'er? Let him in." A genial voice came from inside.

    Li You pushed the door and entered.

    The compound had grasslands, flowerbeds and a little lake which was about two thousand square meters. A man dressed in a black elegant robe sat cross-legged by the lake's edge. He faced the lake and when he heard the footsteps, he stood up and smiled at the approaching Li You.

    Li You immediately turned cautious. Although he had been trained in the northern borders, he would still feel an invisible form of pressure when facing his father, no matter how genial he looked.

    He knew how terrifying his father was.

    He had seen his father in a rage. It was as though the world was angered!

    "You'er, speak your mind," Philo-Marquis said with a smile

    "This is a letter my good friend, Qin Yun, from the northern borders gave to me." Li You immediately handed over the letter.

    Philo-Marquis frowned and said, "Is he trying to gain some advantage from you?"

    Ever since Li You's identity was exposed, there were numerous people that tried currying favor with him in a bid to obtain benefits from him.

    "No, not at all! Qin Yun isn't such a person. He is a brother that I went through life and death with. I'm willing to put my life in his hands," Li You said immediately. "Without him, our small squad would have been dead back then."


    Philo-Marquis took the letter and calmly took a look.

    He had experienced all sorts of turmoils and numerous political battles in the imperial government.

    "Alright, you may leave," Philo-Marquis said with a nod.

    "Father, you have to help. I'm pleading with you." Li You had a pleading look on his face.

    Philo-Marquis was slightly surprised seeing this.

    His stubborn son was actually pleading with him?

    Although he did not have much time to accompany his family, spending most of his time cultivating, how could he not be concerned about his children?

    "I will verify the matter and understand the exact situation," said Philo-Marquis. "If it's as it is written, I'll arrange for someone to submit a petition. There is no need for me to submit one."

    If he were to submit a petition to the imperial government, it might even stir Human Emperor.

    Although Human Emperor had been sitting on the throne for three centuries, the political matters were, in fact, handled by his subordinates and high officials. Only very serious matters would be reported to Human Emperor, such as Philo-Marquis sending a petition! It would be placed directly in front of Human Emperor.

    "Alright." Li You revealed a happy look. As long as his father agreed to it, everything was settled.

    "You can leave now. Work hard too and enter the Connate realm soon." Philo-Marquis said.

    "Yes, I will take my leave."

    Li You retreated reverentially.

    Philo-Marquis watched his son leave before turning around. Facing the lake, he sat cross-legged again. Closing his eyes, he became motionless.


    After Li You exited his father's cultivation grounds, he clenched his fist agitatedly. His father was most fond of his eldest brother. He was, after all, at the Connate True Core realm. Now, he was governing an area so a sixth son like him seemed to pale in comparison.

    Soon, Li You came to an elegant pavilion. On it wrote the word 'Treasure'.

    "Little You?" There was an elder lying inside the pavilion. He sat up and smiled at the approaching Li You.

    "Grandpa Wang, please take out a Fluttering Water Immortal Stone from Treasure Pavilion," said Li You.

    The elder said puzzled, "Little You, you are already at the twelfth stage of the Qi Refinement realm, right? A Fluttering Water Immortal Stone can at best save you a year or so of hard work. Is there a need for you to use it?"

    "Grandpa Wang, just take it out. Don't bother about what I'm using it for." Li You urged.

    "Alright then. But Little You, your allowance quota is almost used up..." added the elder immediately.

    "Is eight hundred thousand taels of silver enough?" Li You asked. "Treat it as though I'm buying it from Treasure Pavilion! However, I'll have to do it on credit for a few days."

    "Alright." The elder nodded with a smile, his eyes disappeared into a line.

    Soon, he entered the pavilion and took out an ornate box. Li You opened the box when it was placed in front of him. In it was a translucent stone about the size of a fist. Within it was a green watery mist that was constantly in flux. It was the extremely rare Fluttering Water Immortal Stone.

    "Alright." Li You closed the box and left.


    "Uncle Wei, I'll be troubling you to run the errand. Please go to Jiang Prefecture's Grand Dominance!" Li You found a distinguished guest of Philo-Marquis Manor. When he was usually out, Uncle Wei was in charge of his safety.

    Uncle Wei was also an in-name disciple of Philo-Marquis.

    "According to this letter, contact Qin Yun and hand the Fluttering Water Immortal Stone to him." Li You said, "If he wants to offer you a million taels of silver, don't take it. Just take eight hundred thousand taels of silver from him. If he doesn't have enough silver, it's fine too."

    "It will be given to him even without the silver?" Uncle Wei was astonished.

    "Yes, give it to him." Li You nodded. "But since he said that he's going to give a million taels of silver in his letter, he definitely has that much silver from my understanding of him. Just taking eight hundred thousands taels of silver of silver would do. I would not take advantage of a friend."

    "Alright, I'll be going now. I'll probably reach Grand Dominance early tomorrow morning." Uncle Wei nodded.

    Li You nodded with a smile, "Thank you, Uncle Wei."


    "Woosh!" Uncle Wei rode on a plume of red mist and flew out of Philo-Marquis Manor. He flew into the clouds and headed for Jiang Prefecture.

    Li You watched this scene from afar and muttered under his breath, "Lunatic Yun, this is all I can do. I hope nothing bad happens to you."
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