Chapter 90: Entering the Connate Realm (2/2)

    Chapter 90: Entering the Connate Realm (2/2)

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    Light bloomed as the world within the dantian experienced drastic changes.

    Countless sword Qi fused into the dot of light. Energy converted at multiple echelons. The large amount of sword Qi only made the light dot slightly bigger! With the passage of time, the light dot became bigger, a sphere that could be perceived. In just moments, the sword Qi within the dantian was converted, forming the spherical object that was slightly smaller than the sword ball.

    That was the False Core!

    If one perceived it carefully, one would realize that it was formed from countless misty energies. The interior was gorgeous and mysterious.

    "Phew!" Large amounts of spiritual energy from the heaven and earth surged into his body and was converted constantly. As he just broken through to the Connate False Core realm, the transformation of the Quintessential Essence within his body was left with a hundredth of the original. At that moment, it naturally needed replenishment from the world! The replenishment was no different from recovering Quintessential Essence.

    After four hours, his dantian reached the maximum it could bear.

    A False Core three times larger in diameter than the intrinsic sword ball floated in the middle of the dantian. A faint mist lingered around it while the intrinsic sword ball hovering beside it also received nourishment from the mist.


    The room was silent.

    Qin Yun, who was sitting cross-legged, opened his eyes. A strange twinkle suffused his eyes and his skin had a glow. His organs, bones tendons, muscles, skin, and hair, as well as his brain, eyes, and ears had transformed. It was a metamorphic change.

    "I have finally stepped into the Connate realm. Now, I'm considered a Connate lifeform. Stories tell of how some Godfiends are born from the heaven and earth in ancient times. They were born as Connate lifeforms and were also termed Connate Godfiends." Qin Yun muttered to himself. "Now, I might be inferior to a Godfiend but I have experienced a complete rebirth."

    He got off the bed.

    He kept the remnant immortal energy within the Fluttering Water Immortal Stone into the Cosmic Bag before leaving his room.

    The horizon was lit up in a hazy blur but the moon could still be seen clearly in the sky.

    Qin Yun looked around him and even the texture on the back of an ant by the side of the yard could be seen clearly. Under his perception, the dew on the tree leaves that dripped down moved at a much slower speed. Even the strength of his tendons and bones had increased. Even a stone lion statue that weighed thousands of kilograms could be simply thrown a thousand feet away. In terms of physical strength, it was not inferior to some Connate False Core great demons that were strength-based.

    The reason was that up to that point, Qin Yun cultivated in top legacies!

    One had to know that for second or third tier sects, even if their disciples were to reach the Connate False Core realm, the purity of their Quintessential Essence was about equivalent to Qin Yun when he was at the tenth or eleventh stage of the Qi Refinement realm. Those who could condense a False Core with ordinary heritage were already very impressive; however, there was no chance for them to make the next step into the True Core realm.

    There were also differences even among top-tier cultivation sect disciples.

    When Qin Yun entered the Connate realm, every wisp of Quintessential Essence he had was infused with sword intent. It finally condensed into a False Core, which was something extremely rare even in sword immortal sects. The might of his Connate False Core's Quintessential Essence was naturally a lot higher than those from second or third tier sects! Comparing to peers with top heritage, his Quintessential Essence was even purer.

    The transformations such Quintessential Essence brought to the body were already no trifling matter.

    As for Qin Yun, he was strongest at controlling his flying sword.

    "In the past, I was like a child. Although my realm was extremely high, with me being able to grasp Heaven Man Unity and sword intent, the strength I demonstrated remained limited."

    "Now, it's like I'm an adult! The strength demonstrated is completely different despite being in the same realm."

    Qin Yun extended his hand.


    A flying sword floated in front of his fingers. Under the Connate Quintessential Essence's infusion, it stirred the Heaven and Earth powers to rapidly condense sword kinesis runes.

    "Hum!" The entire flying sword floated in front of him and a terrifying might could be faintly sensed. Due to his Connate Quintessential Essence, the amount of Heaven and Earth powers that was attracted were dozens of times higher. Furthermore, it was even easier to control it. The speed was faster and moves could be more intricate.

    Due to the enhancement of his foundation, there was an all-around enhancement.

    "In terms of Quintessential Essence foundation, I'm not inferior to the Connate True Core realm! In terms of realms, there are few Connate True Core realm cultivators who have grasped the implications of the Heavenly Dao." Quintessential Essence thought to himself, "Besides, sword immortals are known to be capable of destroying all Dharma with a single sword. They are best at the offensive. If I were to cultivate in a more powerful flying sword Dharma formulation, I might be able to save Father just with this flying sword of mine."

    "It will naturally be better if the imperial government sends somebody! If it doesn't work, I cannot watch idly as Father dies," thought Qin Yun.

    "Now, I have to immediately choose a flying sword Dharma formulation."

    Qin Yun made use of every second.

    He had obtained a complete Sword Immortal Legacy so his mind was filled all sorts of flying sword Dharmic formulations. A flying sword Dharma formulation was the special methods for controlling a flying sword. It could be used to form a special deathblow! They were the wisdom crystallized by generations of sword immortals. Previously, Qin Yun's Quintessential Essence was too weak. His most basic sword kinesis was done through Heaven Man Unity. He was unable to demonstrate true flying sword Dharma arts, so there was no way for him to cultivate in them.

    Now, he naturally could cultivate in them!

    "Flying sword Dharma formulations were insights originally obtained by seniors when they meditated on the mysteries of the world. All sorts of powerful flying sword kinesis attacks were created as a result." Qin Yun thought to himself. "As for me, I have grasped Misty Rain Sword Intent. To quickly cultivate a flying sword Dharma formulation to a profound level, I naturally have to choose something that is most compatible with my Misty Rain Sword Intent."


    When Qin Yun broke through to the Connate realm and began cultivating in his flying sword art, elsewhere, at County Governor Manor.

    Gongye Bing got out of bed and walked out his room. At the entrance, a personal guard greeted him respectfully, "Lord County Governor."

    Gongye Bing nodded and leisurely walked to the place where Qin Liehu was imprisoned. Through the window, he could see Qin Liehu lying in the corner. There were dried blood stains on his body and he wasn't even given a blanket! Gongye Bing knew that Qin Liehu was a silver-badge constable and was strong. Although Qin Liehu had been tortured as a punishment, Gongye had ensured that he remained alive.

    "Lord County Governor, we tortured him when you left last night." A guard responsible for watching Qin Liehu said immediately. "It was also to ensure that we did not disturb you."

    Another guard added, "He's quite a tenacious one. All he did was grunt a few times. He did not shout at all."

    Gongye Bing nodded. "Do your job well but remember, I want him alive!"

    "Yes my lord, I'll keep that in mind. If he were to die, the both of us will be executed as well." The two guards said immediately.

    Gongye Bing glanced inside the window before walking outside.

    "That Qin Yun sure is patient. He has spied on County Governor Gongye several times and despite knowing that his father is being tormented, he still doesn't appear." Gongye Bing sneered.

    The Intrinsic Flying Sword could sense a radius of a thousand feet. When it spied on County Governor Manor, it was, in fact, releasing psyche.

    Gongye Bing was actually a Connate True Core fiend! When Qin Yun spied, how could Gongye Bing not be able to sense the invisible psyche senses, considering his strength? He had just feigned ignorance and deliberately tortured Qin Liehu for Qin Yun to see!

    "Is this a battle of patience? Hmph." Gongye Bing strolled leisurely but just as he took a few steps, his expression changed slightly. He returned to his study.

    In the study.

    He closed the door and invisible waves emanated to envelop the study.

    Gongye Bing sat down and waved his hand. An ancient bronze mirror appeared on the desk. In it, a black-robed man appeared amid distortions. The man had blood-colored brows and he was none other than Nine Mountain Island Lord.

    "Senior Brother Nine Mountain, why are you suddenly looking for me so early this morning?" Gongye Bing frowned slightly.

    "Do you know that two petitions reached the imperial capital one after another yesterday? They were petitions against you." Nine Mountain Island Lord said solemnly.

    "Two petitions against me?" Gongye Bing was alarmed.

    "Hmph, thankfully I have some good friends and received the news early. I am telling you, for fear that you would be caught by surprise." Nine Mountain Island Lord said. He obviously knew his junior brother was helping him obtain the children's heart blood. Otherwise, he would not have implored his friends to keep a watch on the imperial government. After all, he was a great thousand-year-old fiendish demon. His social circle was extraordinary.

    Gongye Bing said immediately, "Two petitions? Who wrote them? What were the petitions against me about?"
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