Chapter 91: Flying Sword Dharma Formulation

    Chapter 91: Flying Sword Dharma Formulation

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    Nine Mountain Island Lord said, "These two petitions were sent by the former Grand Dominance county governor, Wen Shu; while the other is the old general, Wang Yong, from Blood Peak Pass along the northern borders.

    Gongye Bing frowned slightly when he heard that.

    He could ignore the previous County Governor Wen, but even General Wang Yong from Blood Peak Pass? Even the military was intervening in the matter?

    "What did they say?" Gongye Bing calmed down.

    "About the matter regarding Qin Yun," replied Nine Mountain Island Lord. "It mentions how you framed silver-badge constable, Qin Liehu, and using this reason, you captured everyone in the Qin family. Qin Yun once rendered meritorious service in the northern borders and had done the great service of killing Water God. Despite being such a cultivator, he was implicated so easily... it implies that you have ulterior motives. And by doing so, it would chill the hearts of cultivators in the northern borders."

    Gongye Bing sneered. "Implicate? Why? Does rendering meritorious service allow one to think nothing of the imperial government and the law? Furthermore, I have long announced that I'm only capturing Qin Liehu's family into the dungeon. As for how they would be dealt with, I have already insisted that I'll report it to the imperial government for further instruction! Why? Does a county governor who discovers evidence of demon collusion not have the right to make an arrest?"

    "You think it will be fine?" Nine Mountain Island Lord asked puzzled. He was not familiar with the way the imperial government worked.

    "Don't worry. The imperial government has given us county governors great power." Gongye Bing scoffed. "They would not question me when I'm apprehending a mere eighth-grade official! Only Qin Yun has rendered meritorious service and the old general's letter from the northern borders makes it slightly problematic. If my guess isn't wrong, they would require me to submit a written statement to defend my actions!"

    Nine Mountain Island Lord nodded slightly.

    "Everything was done in accordance with the imperial government's laws. Furthermore, there is a lot of flexibility in the matter." Gongye Bing said with a laugh. "When the imperial government passes its decree, I would submit my defense... this back and forth would take at least half a month. The matter would have been settled by then."

    "I say, Junior Brother. Why are you going to so much trouble? Just secretly inform Qin Yun." Nine Mountain Island Lord said through the bronze mirror, "Let him bring the blood in exchange for his father's life. If not, his father will be executed! I believe he would obediently hand it over."

    "Senior Brother Nine Island, that's you being ignorant." Gongye Bing said.

    "Me? Ignorant?" Nine Mountain Island Lord frowned. "Tell me why."

    "If I were to make the blood be the criteria for the exchange of his father, I too believe he would make the exchange." Gongye Bing nodded. "But in that case, my goal is exposed as well."

    Gongye Bing sneered, "Qin Yun must be suspicious. Why would I go through all these machinations to obtain the blood? With that much blood, he will definitely leave a tiny amount with him and later investigate the blood."

    "Once it's investigated!"

    "And it is discovered that the blood comes from the hearts of children, and considering how little blood a heart can have, how many thousands of children's life would be needed to be sacrificed to obtain this much blood? It's a heinous sin! To seek personal gains through such deeds is a heinous sin!" Gongye Bing said coldly, "The imperial government strongly condemns us officials from doing such heinous deeds or it might affect the light the imperial government enjoys from providence! As long as Qin Yun gets someone to inform the imperial government of this matter, it will definitely send someone to investigate. Once any of these is discovered, I'm finished!"

    "Furthermore, once the type of blood is identified, he will definitely guess that it was accumulated from the countless children that Disciple-Nephew Water God demands from Grand Dominance County every year! Disciple-Nephew Water God is your disciple and you sent three demonic slaves previously, as well as Disciple-Nephew Golden Firmament to deal with him... In addition to the Motai family's request for the blood, he will definitely guess that the mastermind is you. And if I say my motive was for the blood as well, he will probably guess that we are colluding."

    Gongye Bing shook his head. "Qin Yun isn't dumb! I never mentioned the reason for my dealing with him. He is uncertain at the moment."

    "Once the reason is given, I'll be inviting trouble for myself!"

    "Now, I'm acting in accordance with the imperial government's laws. Everything is prim and proper. Even the sect backing Qin Yun does not dare make a racket." Gongye Bing said, "Although this method of mine is slower, it's very sound."

    Nine Mountain Island Lord fell silent and nodded. "Then, I'll be waiting for your good news."

    "Senior Brother Nine Mountain, I would like to request you to watch the imperial capital for me. I don't have quick access to information in the imperial capital," said Gongye Bing.

    "Don't worry." Nine Mountain Island Lord's figure dissipated from the bronze mirror.


    In the hidden compound.

    Qin Yun was in a yard cultivating his flying sword Dharma formulations.

    A flying sword was shuttling back and forth through the yard, leaving behind countless streaks in midair. With the naked eye, one could see hundreds of sword shadows shuttling constantly. However, under the control of the Heaven and Earth powers, none of the disturbance escaped the yard. Hundreds of sword shadows gradually turned into wispy rain as the sword shadow wisps streaked across the sky like a dreamy mirage.


    The flying sword suddenly flitted like a willow wisp's flutter. The sword shadows were uninhibited and sharp.

    Immediately, with a whoosh, the sounds of the flying sword tearing through space changed. It turned more forceful and crisp. It was as though willow wisps had appeared within the yard.

    A few moments later.

    The flying sword changed again, leaving only one wispy thread in the entire yard. It was the flying sword's trajectory. It had an erratic trajectory that was hard to seek but it also gave off a lingering longing.

    "Gossamer-like Heart completed! The third level is mastered." Qin Yun nodded slightly.

    He was cultivating a sword art known as Gossamer Setting Sun Sword Art. It fit the Misty Rain Sword Intent the best among all the legacy's numerous sword arts. It was also one of the top three sword arts in the legacy.

    This sword art had a total of ten levels!

    It could also be split into four major realms. They were the Gossamer realm, the Wispy Thousand realm, the Setting Sun realm, and the Gossamer Setting Sun realm.

    First level: Wispy Rain

    Second level: Willow Wisps

    Third level: Gossamer-like Heart

    Fourth level: Three Threads

    Fifth level: Ten Threads

    Sixth level: Wispy Thousand-knotted Heart

    Seventh level: Breaking Dawn

    Eighth level: High Day

    Ninth level: Setting Sun

    Tenth level: Gossamer Setting Sun

    The first three levels belonged to the Gossamer realm.

    The fourth to the sixth level represented the second major realm of Wispy Thousand.

    As for the seventh to the ninth level, it was the third major realm of Setting Sun.

    The fourth major realm was the Gossamer Setting Sun, which was also the tenth level. According to the descriptions in the flying sword formulations, that was the attainment of the Dao, truly comprehending the Gossamer Setting Sun Sword Dao.


    In the afternoon and evening, Qin Yun ate with his brother and mother. He spent the rest of the time practicing his swordsmanship.

    After all, he had long grasped the Misty Rain Sword Intent and over the three months, since he killed Water God, he had gained even more insights into the Misty Rain Sword Intent. The Gossamer Setting Sun Sword Art he cultivated in matched well with his Misty Rain Sword Intent, so his progress was extremely fast.

    At night.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!"

    A large number of wispy gossamer interleaved in the sky. It seemed peaceful but amid it was a terrifying killing intent.

    Qin Yun's face was slightly pale.

    "This is the sixth level of Wispy Thousand-knotted Heart. It is extremely demanding in my control of the flying sword. I'm just slightly short." Qin Yun was exhausted. "I'll rest first."


    Qin Yun's heart stirred.

    The Intrinsic Flying Sword silently flew out of the compound and quickly reached the outer periphery of County Governor Manor.

    "Father!" Standing in the compound, Qin Yun's expression turned ugly. His father, Qin Liehu, was being tormented inside a building. Qin Liehu only made muffled grunts as he clenched his teeth.

    "This old fellow sure has great tolerance."

    "Come, let him have another taste of the 'wooden shoe wrench'."

    "Alright, let's see if he can bear with it. I refuse to believe he won't shout." The two tormentors chuckled as cruel excitement exuded from their eyes.

    Qin Yun's expression turned uglier.

    "Wait a little longer. Just wait a little longer. It should be in a day or two. Old General Wang and the rest would submit their petitions to the imperial government." Qin Yun's face turned paler. "If I were to forcefully attack County Governor Manor, it would be a life-and-death struggle. Besides, it will make it harder for me to exonerated of the accusations. Would my parents and my brother and his family have to hide forever?"

    "Endure it a little longer." Qin Yun forced himself.

    And in County Governor Manor.

    Gongye Bing, who was leisurely drawing, sensed Qin Yun's psyche perception. He only pricked up his eyebrows. But moments later, the psyche withdrew.

    "After seeing your father being tortured, how long can this filial son endure?" Gongye Bing grinned. "Tomorrow's tortures would be harsher and crueler. If nothing comes out of it after five days, a little risk is needed. There's no rush."

    Gongye Bing continued drawing carefreely.


    And at that night.

    Imperial Capital, in the Left Censor-in-Chief of the Censorate's residence.

    "Oh?" The Left Censor-in-Chief of the Censorate, Quan Chen, was flipping through some books when his mind stirred. He looked forward.


    A phantom figure condensed in front of him out of thin air. It was the figure of a smiling man dressed in a gorgeous black robe.

    "Philo-Marquis?" The Left Censor-in-Chief immediately stood up.

    "Brother Quan, there's a little favor that I need your help with," Philo-Marquis said with a smile.

    Quan Chen said immediately, "Philo-Marquis, with our relationship, feel free to speak your mind."

    "Just some trifling matters. That son of mine kept begging me." Philo-Marquis said with a smile. "It has to do with a kid named Qin Yun in Jiang Prefecture's Grand Dominance."
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