Chapter 94: Fiendish Demon!

    Chapter 94: Fiendish Demon!

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    "Fiendish demon? A true fiendish demon!" Qin Yun's expression changed drastically.

    The fiendish demons that cultivators typically mentioned referred to demons that slaughtered and ate humans! Another type of fiendish demon referred to those who mastered the Fiendcelestial arts.

    The Great Chang empire was in control of a lineage of the Godfiend arts, one that stemmed from the ancient Godfiends that were born from the heaven and earth. Ancient Godfiends were local biological creatures of this world and cultivated in orthodox methods. It was in no way evil.

    And among demons, the Fiend Celestials they respected came from other realms. They were not from this world but they had left behind heritage in this world. They were exceedingly terrifying and sinister! However, such top powerful heritages were only in the hands of top factions like Cloudfiend Mountain in the world of the fiendish demons.

    "Phew~" Gongye Bing's breaths and the aura his body emitted rapidly stirred the surroundings. As a dark red mist corroded the area, the vegetation rapidly withered and died.

    This was the true aura of a fiendish demon! It corroded and destroyed everything!

    Qin Yun controlled the Heaven and Earth powers and was about to stop it but it acted as though they were snow making contact with boiling water. They were easily corroded and warded off.

    "That's bad." Qin Yun immediately conjured a sealing spell to protect his father. A Dharma spell cast from Connate Quintessential Essence was able to withstand but this was only the gases that came naturally from the fiendish demon's breathing.

    "I never expected that you, a human, would surrender yourself to the fiendish demons. Furthermore, you even cultivated in true fiendish demonic Dao." Qin Yun clenched his teeth.

    "True fiendish demonic Dao? Haha... In this world, what is a god and what is a fiend? They are all fake. Only strength is true." Gongye Bing laughed loudly as he spoke. "I have already set up an array around. With me controlling it, other than a Connate Golden Core realm expert, no one can rush here in a short period of time. No one can save you."

    "It's time you die." Gongye Bing suddenly pounced over. His figure transformed into shadows as his speed made him appear like a ghost. Qin Yun could tell at a glance that his speed was inferior to Gongye Bing's. However, he was a sword immortal who did not rely on his physical body.


    Qin Yun directed with his mind.


    The Intrinsic Flying Sword immediately shot out. It moved in an odd manner and in terms of speed, the Intrinsic Flying Sword was a lot faster than Gongye Bing.

    "Clang! Clang! Clang!" Gongye Bing raised his hand to parry the attack. Now, his hands had turned into red-scaled claws. When they clashed with the Intrinsic Flying Sword, they emitted the colliding sounds of weapons. Both of them had ferocious might that emitted sparks. The aftershocks of the collisions reached out, sending the stone table and bench flying in crumbles. The ground was quaking.

    "This flying sword is rather fast but it's a dead object after all. Furthermore, there's only one sword! Seven Shadow Kill! Die!" Gongye Bing laughed loudly.


    His body instantly turned blurry as it transformed into seven blurry shadows that began their assault. Every shadow appeared like a real body.

    If this was the past, Qin Yun could only expend a great deal of his Quintessential Essence to produce Cyclic Sword Flash but now, Qin Yun reacted immediately by controlling his flying sword.

    "Wispy Thousand-knotted Heart, go!" Qin Yun's eyes flashed fiercely.

    Instantly, wispy threads appeared in midair as they began connecting with one another like a gigantic spider web that enveloped the seven figures.

    Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu! Pu...

    The Intrinsic Flying Sword seemed to pierce through all the enemies in an instant.

    The six penetrated figures dissipated as a figure staggered, revealing Gongye Bing's fiendish demon body.

    The sixth level of the 'Gossamer Setting Sun Sword Art'-Wispy Thousand-knotted Heart.

    This attack could simultaneously withstand attacks and many enemies! Although this led to a decrease in its might, the flying sword's speed was extremely fast.

    For Cyclic Sword Flash, all it could do was form a sphere while Wispy Thousand-knotted Heart was unpredictable with its erratic changes. Furthermore, it was even stronger.

    "What sort of flying sword art is this?" Gongye Bing was somewhat alarmed.

    "Why do you care what sword art is it? It's good as long as it can kill you," responded Qin Yun coldly.

    "It looks like I have underestimated you." Gongye Bing chuckled. "Formless."

    Gongye Bing moved once again.

    This time, his body turned indistinct. It seemed translucent and his speed became faster.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!"

    Under the wispy threads in midair, Gongye Bing was like a bug that had fallen into a spider web. He was desperately charging around but every time, he would be obstructed by the Intrinsic Flying Sword. Despite being struck every time, Gongye Bing managed to block the attacks by raising his arms.


    The red flower suddenly flew over from the side. As it spun, more petals separated as they hurtled straight at Qin Yun.

    "You want to hold me back with a single flying sword? How are you to block my Dharma treasure?" Gongye Bing, who was phasing in and out, revealed a hideous grin.


    Qin Yun pulled the black flying sword from his waist and immediately, it streaked through the air.

    He had come to save his father and even though he knew that Gongye Bing had deliberately set up a trap, he had no choice but to come. He had also brought the ninth-grade Dharma treasure with him! Now with the strength he obtained from breaking through to the Connate realm, the might he demonstrated from controlling a ninth-grade Dharma treasure was also no trifling matter. The petals were wrapped and blasted to the side amid grinding sounds.

    Qin Yun even took out another mortal weapon from his Cosmic Bag and sheathed it into his scabbard.

    "What?" Gongye Bing's expression changed when he saw the turn of events. He stopped and stood on the spot. When Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword came attacking him, he would wave his hand and strike it to the side. In terms of speed, he was not inferior to Qin Yun's flying sword. However, his body wobbled slightly. Clearly, the threat the flying sword posed was also tough on him.

    "Good, very good." Gongye Bing's voice was deep. "It looks like I need to crack the Dharma with overwhelming force. The easiest way is directness."


    His body swelled and expanded. The veins that meandered down his body bulged, exuding strength. Even the red-scaled armor began to suffuse a golden halo. More gases spewed from his breaths.

    From a normal person's height, he had grown to more than thirty feet tall. He already matched the height of a typical building.

    "There are many Dharma formulations among the Fiendcelestial lineage in the world of fiendish demons. From the looks of it, Gongye Bing cultivates his physique?" Qin Yun used his flying sword to attack once again. Countless flying sword trajectories enveloped Gongye Bing like a spider web. "Now that his body has become gargantuan, I can instantly use my flying sword to surround him. Let's see if he can ward off all the attacks."

    Previously, Gongye Bing's thin and tiny body was already terrifying. He was able to block off the Intrinsic Flying Sword's attacks with both his hands.

    But this time-

    Puah! Puah! Puah!

    Gongye Bing did not even put up a resistance.

    He allowed Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword to stab at his towering body which was covered in red scaled armor that suffused a golden halo after transforming into numerous shadows. It resulted in a terrifying aftershock but Gongye Bing was in no way injured. Even his scaled armor did not crack! At best, a tiny white mark could be barely seen on his scaled armor.

    He stood in his spot and allowed the Intrinsic Flying Sword to attack him. The corners of his mouth suffused a sneer. "Haha, it's a nice scratch for my itch."

    What?" Qin Yun was alarmed.

    "Since you can't hurt me, it's time for you to die!" Gongye Bing took large strides forward and within two steps, his massive body arrived in front of Qin Yun amid the dark red gases. He struck down with his palm.

    By the side, Qin Liehu watched his son anxiously.

    However, Qin Yun grabbed his father's hand and immediately retreated with his father. Furthermore, he sent his Intrinsic Flying Sword flying forward.

    This time, he did not use the 'Gossamer Setting Sun Sword Art'. The sword art's first six levels focused on speed. Towards the later levels, the speed would become faster. At the Wispy Thousand-knotted Heart level, the speed would reach an exaggerated point. However, with the pursuit of speed, it resulted in a decrease in strength. Even Gongye Bing's scaled armor could not be cracked. Of course, it was also because his fiendish body was too powerful.

    From the seventh level onwards, it was to completely convert speed into strength!

    However, that needed the infusion of sword intent.

    Qin Yun's had accumulated deep insights into the Misty Rain Sword Intent but there were differences amid the similarities with the Gossamer Setting Sun Sword Intent. As such, he was unable to grasp the seventh level all this time.


    Qin Yun decided to solely rely on the Misty Rain Sword Intent as he used his deathblow.


    Accompanied by rolling thunder, the Intrinsic Flying Sword brought with it dazzling sparks from the friction of tearing through the air. Just like before, Gongye Bing did not block when it struck his body. However, he stumbled one step backward. A three-inch wound had been stabbed into his chest but before any blood flowed out of it, it rapidly closed and healed.

    Gongye Bing lowered his head to take a look. He smiled. "This strike was quite interesting. Its strength is already at peak Connate True Core realm. Unfortunately, they remain useless against me." As he spoke, his wound completely healed.

    "What?" Qin Yun was alarmed. His most powerful and fiercest deathblow resulted in such an outcome?
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