Chapter 95: Rainbow Blooming Sword Beam

    Chapter 95: Rainbow Blooming Sword Beam

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    At that instant, Qin Yun realized the predicament he was in. The first six levels of 'Gossamer Setting Sun Sword Art' that he cultivated in pursued speed. Although its strength was weakened, most cultivators and demons would not be able to fend against a flying sword with slightly weakened strength. However, Qin Yun had encountered Gongye Bing, who cultivated in a fiendish body. His body could match that of a Dharma treasure so he was perfectly countered.

    And a deathblow that relied on the Misty Rain Sword Intent could only barely stab three inches in. With Gongye Bing's body, the physical lacerations posed too low a threat.

    "It's best you give it up and die!" Gongye Bing guffawed as he charged straight forward.


    He came pressing down like a tiny mountain.

    Qin Yun led his father to retreat immediately. Furthermore, he controlled his Intrinsic Flying Sword to attack once again. "If I can strike a vulnerable spot of his such as the eye or glabella, three inches of penetration would be sufficient to severely injure him."

    "Boom!" With rolling thunder and thunderous flames, the Intrinsic Flying Sword shot out with powerful momentum.

    "Peng!" Gongye Bing raised his huge palm to block his eyes. When the flying sword struck his palm, its powerful impact made Gongye Bing tremble. The scaled armor on his palm was much thicker and the flying sword barely penetrated an inch.

    "Go! Go! Go!"

    Qin Yun controlled his Intrinsic Flying Sword with all his might.

    With the mighty presence of Gongye Bing's fiendish body, only the Intrinsic Flying Sword could pose a minor threat. As for his other ninth-grade flying sword? It would only end up tickling Gongye Bing. It wasn't even able to graze his skin.

    "Hahaha... it's best you stop resisting." Gongye Bing laughed loudly as he charged forward. He too was a clever person. He knew the weaknesses of his fiendish body. His large hands would protect his eyes and other vulnerable spots at all times. With him cultivating his physique, his body was reminiscent of a Dharma treasure. Every step he took was very fast. He was several times faster than Qin Yun as though he was engaging in instant transmission.

    Thankfully, Qin Yun could use the Intrinsic Flying Sword to force Gongye Bing into defending himself, allowing him to lead his father in constant retreat.

    "That's bad. If this carries on, the moment I fail to dodge, he will come close and strike down with his palm. That ninth-grade flying sword of mine probably won't be able to parry the attack. It's very likely that Father and I will perish there and then." Qin Yun's thoughts raced. "Now, he is controlling Chen Garden's array formation so it's impossible to escape. The only chance is for me to grasp the Gossamer Setting Sun Sword Art's seventh level, Breaking Dawn."

    As Qin Yun considered his options quickly, he attempted to cast Breaking Dawn with his Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    The Gossamer Setting Sun Sword Art was split into four major realms. The seventh to the ninth level was the Setting Sun realm. It was a realm that needed sword intent, a perfect combination of sword intent and sword move, producing incredible might! Qin Yun had gained insights into the Misty Rain Sword Intent for more than a year so his experience in it was rather sizable. Although there were differences with the Gossamer Setting Sun Sword Intent, it was still somewhat similar!

    It was only the first move of the third major realm of the 'Setting Sun realm'! Logically speaking, Qin Yun could have grasped it but he had cultivated for too short a period of time in the flying sword technique. If he was given another ten days or so, he would have been able to comprehend it from arduously cultivating alone.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    He attempted, again and again, to use the move, Breaking Dawn.

    Although he failed each and every time, the flying sword's speed sped up but its might was still insufficient.



    Wherever Gongye Bing passed, the rockery in Chen Garden would explode. The building was crushed to smithereens, causing the entire area to turn into a ruin. Qin Yun's situation was also turning more critical.


    Qin Yun's eyes suddenly lit up. Everything seemed to naturally be comprehended by him.

    After all, he had been cultivating alone in seclusion. He had no one to spar with him, much less battle him in a such a threatening manner. In terms of the effects of cultivation, how could that compare with a battle with his life on the line?

    "Breaking Dawn!"

    Qin Yun commanded with his mind.

    The thunderous sounds and the thunderous flames that the silver flying sword produced suddenly intensified! Having enhanced to a brand new level from a good foundation, the sounds the flying sword produced when tearing through the air turned much deeper. The air seemed to rush in waves in every direction. The sound resembled rolling thunder that seemed boundless. The sparks the silver flying sword generated from the friction on its surface turned denser by a hundred times. Instantly, the entire flying sword transformed into a flaming rainbow beam.

    A dazzling rainbow beam brought with it infinite and deep rolling thunder. Instantly, it penetrated Gongye Bing's massive chest.

    Gongye Bing stood motionlessly in his spot after a jolt. He had planned on using one hand to fend against the attack but a bloody hole had appeared in his chest.

    "Rainbow Blooming Sword Beam?" Gongye Bing felt disbelief. His eyes were filled with astonished rage. "You are, you are only twenty-one... Connate False Core realm?"

    The sword beams produced sonorous thunder as the sword generated thunderous flames. This meant that the flying sword art had reached a certain level of mastery. It implied that he was an extremely powerful sword immortal.

    Sword immortals at the Connate False Core realm could attain such a stage with sufficient accumulations.

    As for the Rainbow Blooming Sword Beam, it was an even higher grade!

    Even great demons would have to take it seriously. With that flying sword art, one could command the world!

    Gongye Bing found it unbelievable. In his Grand Dominance County, a young man that was only twenty-one years old had managed to grasp the legendary flying sword art of Rainbow Blooming Sword Beam despite not coming from a large family clan. It was definitely more terrifying than his fiendcelestial cultivation techniques he had arduous cultivated for several decades. Also, the weakness of cultivating a physical body was exposed here...

    With him being impervious to the enemy's attacks, he naturally took the upper hand arrogantly.

    However, once the enemy could damage his body, he was in danger!

    "You are a human but you surrendered yourself to the fiendish demons. It's best you die here!" Qin Yun showed no mercy.

    Accompanied by rolling thunder, the flying sword transformed into a rainbow beam and continued its assault.

    Gongye Bing raised his hands to block, using both his large palms to defend with all his strength. Finally, he managed to block it!

    The flying sword stabbed one of his large palms.


    An explosion rang as half his palm blasted apart. Gongye Bing could not help but cry out in pain while the silver flying sword that had its momentum slightly reduced circled around!


    Another rainbow-like sword beam.

    The Gossamer Setting Sun Sword Art had four major realms. The fourth major realm was also the final level's Gossamer Setting Sun. That was the strongest level among all the Sword Immortal Legacy Qin Yun had obtained. Once he attained that state, it would not be hard for him to be the founding master of a top cultivation sect. Even the imperial government, Daoist and Buddhist sacred lands would not dare slight him.

    As for the third major realm of the Setting Sun realm, it already made him enter the ranks of world experts. To be able to use sword intent and flying sword moves in a perfectly harmonized manner made Qin Yun part of that hallowed ranks. It was something even a powerful fiend like Gongye Bing was unable to stand up to.


    Gongye Bing's other palm cracked from the blast as well.

    "This shouldn't have happened. Not like this." Gongye Bing was feeling alarmed and furious while reeling from his confusion at that moment. "I should have killed him, cleaning up this mess perfectly. Now, I have failed to kill him and I'm actually dying?"

    Ignoring his official post, his life could no longer be preserved!

    "Boom!" A hole bore through his chest, penetrating through his back.

    "I will not die! I will not die!" Gongye Bing ignored Qin Yun and the dark red halo around his body expanded suddenly. He transformed into a dark red stream of light, charging straight out of Chen Garden. He even ignored Chen Garden's array formation.

    Escape! Escape! Escape!

    Gongye Bing insisted on living on. He could not die here!

    His body was like a Dharma treasure so he escaped extremely quickly.

    However, Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword that was like a rainbow blooming was even faster as a sword beam!

    Boom! Boom!

    Two consecutive strikes bored through Gongye Bing's body again. He was still desperately escaping. Having cultivated a demonic body, he had a tenacious life.

    As he continued escaping from Chen Garden, the array formation in it naturally dispersed after losing its controller.

    "Father, wait here for me. I absolutely cannot let Gongye Bing live on," said Qin Yun with a voice transmission.

    A truly fiendish demon who had also infiltrated the imperial government to be an official had to be killed. If not, there would be unimaginable repercussions.

    "I'm a silver-badge constable after all. I can protect myself without any problems," replied Qin Liehu immediately.


    Qin Yun stepped on his black flying sword and instantly embarked on his pursuit. At the same time, he controlled his Intrinsic Flying Sword to continue hunting the escaping Gongye Bing.
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