Chapter 96: Qin Yun Wants to Kill Me!

    Chapter 96: Qin Yun Wants to Kill Me!

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    The straight-line distance from Chen Garden to County Governor Manor was only slightly more than a kilometer long.

    Gongye Bing used his sanguine escape arts and transformed into a dark red stream of light that shot towards County Governor Manor. "I need to escape to County Governor Manor. Once there, the numerous array formations will protect me. Then, I'll arrange for demons to come save me. Demons that can burrow into the ground or those that are proficient in subterranean arts will allow for me to make my surreptitious escape. My identity has been exposed. Once Qin Yun accuses me, the imperial government will definitely investigate it. There's no way I can keep my official post."


    Accompanied by rolling thunder, the Intrinsic Flying Sword transformed into a dazzling rainbow beam and attacked once again with overwhelming might. Previously, Gongye Bing had used his hands to block but ended up having them blasted apart, so all he could do was try his best to avoid his vital spots from being hit. Boom! The flying sword streaked past Gongye Bing's body once again. His fiendish body was immensely strong like a Dharma treasure, with tenacious vitality. Despite having several holes bored through him, he remained alive.

    "Oh no."

    Qin Yun, who was on his black flying sword, had a change in expression. "I can't let him return to County Governor Manor. The array formations there are much stronger than the one in Chen Garden."


    Qin Yun controlled with his mind.

    The Intrinsic Flying Sword immediately changed its assault style. This time, when it reached Gongye Bing's body, it would streak across suddenly in an arc, striking Gongye Bing's body ruthlessly. A flying sword's moves were mutable, to begin with. Stabbing, slicing, brushing, smashing, swirling... Only the method of stabbing had the strongest penetrative power.

    When he attacked with Breaking Dawn, the obstreperous might of the flying sword smacked Gongye Bing's body, causing him to crash straight to the streets. Thankfully, there were few pedestrians as it was late into the night.


    The roads on the street sunk.

    Gongye Bing turned panicked as he used his sanguine escape art once again. He dashed frantically towards County Governor Manor and shouted, "I'm County Governor Gongye Bing. Qin Yun wants to kill me! Qin Yun wants to kill me!!!"

    His voice was imbued with Connate Quintessential Essence. The voice sounded like tumultuous thunder, spreading in every direction! Qin Yun could not isolate it despite controlling the Heaven and Earth powers as the voice's penetrative strength was too great.

    Many of the residents in the area had already fallen asleep when their ears range with the statement: "I'm County Governor Gongye Bing! Qin Yun wants to kill me! Qin Yun wants to kill me!!!"

    His voice was loud, jolting them from their sleep.

    "What happened?"

    "The county governor? Qin Yun wants to kill the county governor?" The citizens were puzzled. Those who had yet to sleep peeped through their windows to look into the distance. All they saw was a cloud of dust in the distance.

    A beam of light was flying ahead, with a figure on a flying sword in pursuit behind.


    The stream of light ahead slammed to the ground once again before it flew up with great difficulty. As it flew, a beam penetrated the stream of light!


    "Lord County Governor!" The spot where Qin Yun and Gongye Bing were embroiled in battle was about a thousand feet away from County Governor Manor. Gongye Bing's angry roar reached County Governor Manor and instantly, many guards scaled the manor's walls. Many guards charged out of County Governor Manor as they faced the direction of the battle.

    "Quick, quick save Lord County Governor!"

    "Qin Yun is about to kill the county governor!"

    The guards shouted. Although they had charged out of County Governor Manor's entrance, their speed was clearly very slow. They had deliberately hesitated in the back.

    Who didn't know how powerful Young Master Qin was? Now, even the county governor was about to be killed. Wouldn't they be sending themselves to their deaths if they charged over? However, if they did not rush over, they will be severely faulted for not doing a good job protecting the county governor. Therefore, despite rushing over to the battleground, they spontaneously did it slowly.




    Gongye Bing desperately flew but the moment he flew up, he would be struck to the ground by the flying sword.

    A deep pit was smashed open in the ground.

    During this period, the flying sword pierced his body numerous times. Even his head had been penetrated once. However, the wound on his head gradually healed. Although it left his head buzzing in pain, the severe injuries still did not threaten his life.

    "I won't die. I won't die! I need to return to County Governor Manor! Return to County Governor Manor!" Gongye Bing was like a starving beggar. He only had one thought-return to County Governor Manor.

    "Pew." Finally, Qin Yun's flying sword pierced through Gongye Bing's body in a particular spot. His body jolted as he widened his eyes that effused a look of despair.

    "I'm finished."

    His heart was the most important core of his fiendish body. As long as it remained intact, his other injuries could gradually recover. However, with his heart penetrated, he was truly finished.


    Gongye Bing's body collapsed to the ground. The dark red halo that suffused his body's surface dissipated, revealing his body's form.

    He had long returned to his human form. His clothes were tattered and he had numerous injuries.

    His body was covered in dust. He looked up at Qin Yun, who was hovering in midair with the flying sword beneath his feet. He then saw the guards slowly rushing here from afar. At that moment, many scenes suffused his mind. In his youth, his wife served him and they mutually depended on each other. They were poor but knowing that he enjoyed alcohol, she would save money to buy unfiltered alcohol, warming it for him while he studied at night.

    He had carved a career for himself by submitting himself to the fiendish demons for power and wealth. When his wife discovered his secret, he had killed her despite she being the closest person to him. Step by step, he climbed to his present position.

    "I never expected that I, Gongye Bing, would die under your hands." Gongye Bing looked at Qin Yun.

    "You deserve death for pledging allegiance to the fiendish demons." Qin Yun felt that Gongye Bing's vitals were rapidly deteriorating. He did not feel any pity for him, only killing intent! He had seen the cruelty of fiendish demons as he roamed the world. They had fed on humans and slaughtered countless. Yet, despite being human, Gongye Bing was willing to become a fiendish demon? He was only more deserving of death.

    Yet, Gongye Bing growled softly, "You are still framing me for submitting to the fiendish demons? This will not hide the fact that you have killed a county governor. The imperial government will not spare you!"

    With one final growl, his vital aura dispersed completely.

    When Gongye Bing's head drooped down, his body turned limp. He collapsed to the ground but following that, his body noiselessly dissipated. His body disintegrated completely, not even leaving a single drop of blood.

    In a blink of an eye, Gongye Bing's body vanished, leaving no traces behind. Not a single hair could be found.


    Qin Yun's expression changed drastically.

    He had pursued Gongye Bing firstly to rid an evil of society and secondly, he wanted his corpse! With Gongye Bing's corpse, he could prove that Gongye Bing had cultivated in Dharmic arts of the Fiendcelestial lineage, and had willingly degenerated into a fiendish demon! But now with Gongye Bing's corpse completely dissipating back into the world, it left Qin Yun reeling in disbelief.

    He did not know that the important seeds which the fiendish demon world planted in the imperial government were extremely few in number. All of them had been diligently nurtured by the fiendish demon factions, and used as important chess pieces. For example, other than terrifying experts at the level of Human Emperor, it was impossible to tell the true identity of these spies. Furthermore, once they died, their bodies would dissipate, leaving no evidence at all.

    "Did Qin Yun really kill the county governor?" The guards were astounded as well.

    "Is that Qin Yun?"

    "I can't tell."

    The guards looked at Qin Yun, who was floating high in the sky on his flying sword. At that moment, Qin Yun had Quintessential Essence protecting his body as it shimmered amid its circulation. It was difficult to discern his appearance.

    "Before the county governor died, he said that Qin Yun wanted to kill him."

    "It's been years since anyone has heard of a county governor being killed. Could Qin Yun want to silence us?"

    "If he wants to silence us, he has to kill everyone nearby, including the guards, families and the surroundings residents. There are probably ten thousand people. Young Master Qin can't be that ruthless, right?"

    "If he doesn't silence us, the imperial government will definitely kill him for the grave crime of murdering a county governor!"

    The guards were trembling in their hearts. They even began to retreat in fear.

    Qin Yun stood in midair with an ugly expression.

    He also knew that he was in the worst of situations! He never expected that a powerful great demon's body would dissipate completely after dying. Although there were still fiendish auras in Chen Garden that had destroyed the vegetation, no one could prove that Gongye Bing had been there before, much less prove that it was emitted by him.

    "I killed a county governor but now, I have no way to prove that the county governor is a fiendish demon without a corpse."

    "The crime of killing a county governor is no less than slaughtering a large group of imperial soldiers."

    "The imperial government will not spare me and I can't prove my innocence. The imperial government will definitely hunt me down." Qin Yun's expression turned uglier.

    He looked ahead and saw people retreating. Some of them were terrified soldiers or the guards who were on County Governor Manor's walls far away.

    Qin Yun turned around and saw the commoners that had been attracted by the commotions from the battle. Some of them were watching from afar from their own houses.

    Kill them all? Silence them?

    Qin Yun never had such a thought.

    "Escape. No matter what, I have to escape first. The further the better." Qin Yun waved his hand and kept the remaining items left behind by Gongye Bing on the ground. Following that, he stepped onto the flying sword and tore through the air with a whoosh, disappearing.

    "He's gone. Qin Yun is leaving. He's leaving." The guards heaved a sigh of relief.

    A group of people in the distance, as well as some commoners that resided in the area, were looking over. All of them faltered. "Did Young Master Qin really kill the county governor?"

    "That's the county governor!"

    "That wasn't wise of Young Master Qin! He's too rash!"

    "He's too young. They can do impetuous acts while being hotheaded. Killing an official is a form of rebellion. Even if an immortal cultivator were to kill a county governor, the imperial government will not let him off. He will also implicate his family. He's too young and too rash."

    The people in the distance spoke as they watched.

    Suddenly, a voice sounded from the crowd. "If Young Master Qin were to kill us all, no one would know that he killed the county governor, right?"

    Everyone was immediately taken aback as they fell silent.

    "Young Master Qin has already escaped. He doesn't plan on killing us. But by killing the county governor, he's doomed. The Qin family is doomed too." An elder sighed and said, "There's no way he can escape if the imperial government hunts him."
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