Chapter 97: Escape

    Chapter 97: Escape

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    In the ruined Chen Garden.


    Qin Yun swooped down from the sky on the flying sword. Qin Liehu happened to be looking up.

    "You let him escape?" Qin Liehu asked immediately when he saw his son's unpleasant expression.

    "No, he's dead but his corpse has completely dissipated. I can't prove that he's a fiendish demon!" Qin Yun said as he gritted his teeth. "The world of the fiendish demons have ruthless means indeed. These spies that infiltrate the imperial government do not even leave a trace when they die."

    Qin Liehu's expression changed drastically. "If you can't prove that he is a fiendish demon, and you just killed Gongye Bing..."

    "So it's very problematic. We have to find Mother and the rest as fast as possible and leave Grand Dominance together." Qin Yun said immediately. He brought his father onto the Intrinsic Flying Sword. Engaging in Sword Kinesis Flight using his Intrinsic Flying Sword drained a lot lesser Quintessential Essence. At the same time, Qin Yun cast an Invisibility Spell. After entering the Connate realm, his Quintessential Essence had reached a brand new level.

    The more profound Dharma spells from the complete legacy he obtained could now be used. An Invisibility Spell, which could only be cast easily in the Connate True Core realm, was easy for Qin Yun. His Connate Quintessential Essence almost matched a Connate True Core realm cultivator after all. And during the breaks while he cultivated in the flying sword Dharma formulations of the 'Gossamer Setting Sun Sword Art', he would occasionally cultivate in a few new Dharma spells. He had mastered a few common Dharma spells like the Invisibility Spell and the Immobilizing Spell.


    He brought his father and quickly returned to the compound a few kilometers away.

    Inside the compound, his family was all in the yard. Gongye Bing's roar had reached them a while ago.

    "Father." Qin An was delighted.

    "Liehu." Changlan was excited as well. When she saw Qin Liehu's tattered clothes and bloodstained body, she could not help but feel pained.

    "Let's leave quickly." Qin Liehu urged instead. "We can't stay in Grand Dominance for long."

    "We are leaving now?" His family was taken aback.

    "Let's go. Leave the other things behind," said Qin Yun. The Intrinsic Flying Sword that was floating beside him rapidly expanded, becoming a gargantuan sword that was twenty feet long. It was very wide as well. The flying sword was like a dreamy mirage that had aqueous streaks circulating its surface. Changlan, Sister-in-law and his nephew and niece could not help but stare at the gigantic sword. They felt awed by it.

    "Let's set off." Qin Yun did not bother speaking any further. He immediately released his Quintessential Essence to carry everyone onto his flying sword.

    He cast his Invisibility Spell again, enveloping the entire Qin family.

    The Qin family and the gigantic flying sword was invisible to the naked eye.


    The Qin family rode on the gargantuan flying sword as they charged into the sky. They could vaguely tell the city walls that outlined Grand Dominance City beneath them! The Intrinsic Flying Sword moved quickly and soon, they reached the fringe of Grand Dominance County and flew into the clouds, where they continued on their journey.

    "We are in the clouds!"

    "It's the clouds. We are flying!" Qin Yun's nephew and niece remained in a state of naivety. Up to then, they did not know what it meant by their escape from death.

    Yet, Changlan said, "Yun'er, what happened? Why are we rushing to leave Grand Dominance? Back when Gongye Bing stormed our Qin family, we only hid within the city and did not flee."

    "Brother, did you really kill that county governor? We heard it a while ago," queried Qin An.

    Only when they were at a cruising height did Qin Yun say, "In fact, that Gongye Bing has long pledged allegiance to the fiendish demons. He had even cultivated into a fiendish demon himself!"

    "Gongye Bing is a fiendish demon?"

    "The county governor is a fiendish demon? And the imperial government doesn't know of it?"

    His mother, brother, and sister-in-law were astonished.

    By the side, Qin Liehu said, "Those fiendish demons have battled with us humans since time immemorial. Humans have also failed to eradicate fiendish demons so how can we think lowly of them? So what if spies have infiltrated the human's imperial government? In history, there have been dynasties with great demons disguised as concubines who had successfully infiltrated the imperial palace. They eventually led to drastic changes, a complete change of a dynasty."

    "Yes, fiendish demons do have unfathomable and odd means." Qin Yun nodded. "That Gongye Bing was clearly dead but his body could dissipate completely, leaving no trace of his corpse. I'm not to be faulted for killing a fiendish demon but now, I can't prove that he is one! He even publicly announced that I was the one who killed him... I won't be able to vindicate myself for the time being."

    "Why can't you vindicate yourself?" Qin An said anxiously. "Since Gongye Bing is a fiendish demon, shouldn't others have seen it?"

    "The living ones that saw him transform into a fiendish demon's body are only me and Father. Do you think that the imperial government will believe my Father's testimony on such a huge matter of me killing a county governor? Qin Yun shook his head.

    Changlan said in a panic, "Yun'er, can't you use your immortal Dharma spells to transmit your voice throughout the city? You can say that Gongye Bing is a fiendish demon and that you were killing him to rid an evil. Let the entire city know."


    By the side, Qin Liehu barked, "Yun'er had claimed that Gongye Bing had framed us a few days ago. Putting that aside, if he were to use his voice to tell the whole city that Gongye Bing is a fiendish demon... and without any proof, he will only incur the wrath of the imperial government! Would this mean that anyone who kills a county governor in the future can simply shout throughout the city that the county governor is a fiendish demon to be spared from their crime? Making baseless accusations and spreading rumors is an even greater crime!"

    "Then what do we do? How can we prove our son's innocence?" Changlan asked worriedly

    Qin Yun was also feeling anxious as he said, "Mother, it's not easy to prove my innocence. Since fiendish demons have their tricks, they clearly would not leave any traces. However, before Gongye Bing died, I had claimed that he was a fiendish demon! The surroundings guards and some commoners had heard it. Once the imperial government comes, such an important piece of information will be reported."

    Back then, when the guards rushed over, Qin Yun and Gongye Bing had not spoken much. The exchange would definitely be scrutinized by the imperial government.

    Qin Yun had said, "You deserve death for pledging allegiance to the fiendish demons!" And Gongye Bing had responded with, "You are still framing me for submitting to the fiendish demons..."

    "Without any proof, I could not shout publicly, especially matters like claiming that a county governor is a fiendish demon. It is an indirect smack in the imperial government's face. It will only make it angrier." Qin Yun said, "Furthermore, I can't stay in Grand Dominance because I do not know... who the official in charge of this huge case would be. If it's an official who is without discerning thought, they might give a direct order to kill me because of my murdering of the county governor."

    "If I were to stay in Grand Dominance, I would be directly killed. Even if my reputation is redeemed in the future, I would not be alive to see that day. In addition, the Qin family would be implicated. Perhaps, they will not see the day of exoneration."

    "Therefore... Let's leave Grand Dominance first. We have to escape first."

    Qin Yun said, "In order to ensure our safety, I'll think of a way to vindicate us."

    "Yea," Qin An nodded. "Brother, you make the decisions."

    "Yun'er, everything will be decided by you," added Qin Liehu.

    Qin Yun looked at his family and felt like he was beholden to them.

    Because of him, he had implicated his family.

    "Regardless, I have to vindicate myself. I can't let my family hide in the shadows forever." Qin Yun thought to himself. "Right, after I killed Gongye Bing, among the treasures he left behind, the items in the Cosmic Bag... I have to check them thoroughly. Perhaps, there is evidence of him colluding with fiendish demons!"

    "Yun'er, where do we go now?" asked Qin Liehu.

    "To the east!" Qin Yun said, "Grand Dominance is near to the East Sea. Let's go into the sea, into the East Sea! The sea is vast, making it easier for us to hide!"


    The prefecture overseer of Jiang Prefecture resided in Golden Qin County.

    Golden Qin County was also a flourishing county. Although it was slightly inferior to the East Sea County, it was a large county with a population of more than ten million people! It had been the imperial capital of a previous dynasty in history.

    The Jiang Prefecture's prefecture overseer, Xiao Yang, was more than a hundred years old. However, he was a Connate True Core realm cultivator and looked like a middle-aged man.

    He was reading late at night but suddenly, his expression changed.

    "What?" Prefecture Overseer Xiao noticed through his Prefecture Overseer Seal that one of the County Governor Seals was without an owner.

    Prefecture Overseer Xiao flipped his hand and a large golden seal appeared in it. It represented the authority of a prefecture overseer. At that moment, there were fluctuating waves emitting from the seal.

    "Grand Dominance County's County Governor Seal is without an owner? The County Governor Seal is linked to its owner's life. No one can steal it." Prefecture Overseer Xiao's expression turned ugly. "Now that Grand Dominance County's County Governor Seal is without an owner, there can only be one possibility-County Governor Gongye is dead!"

    Prefecture Overseer Xiao immediately walked out of his study and at the same time transmitted his voice. "Quickly, set off with me."

    Hu! Hu! Hu!


    Seven figures appeared. Two of them were Connate True Core realm cultivators and the rest were Connate False Core realm cultivators. They were the strongest among Prefecture Overseer Xiao's personal guards.

    "Lord Prefecture Overseer." The seven were somewhat puzzled.

    "Follow me first." Prefecture Overseer Xiao waved his hand.


    A mist emanated as the eight of them quickly flew out of Prefecture Overseer Manor amid the clouds. They came to a mansion in Golden Qin County. A bare-chested man of stocky build had long walked barefooted out of the manor. He chuckled and said, "Lord Xiao, why are you here?"

    "Something bad has happened. Grand Dominance's county governor is dead. Brother Peng, please bring us to Grand Dominance as fast as possible." Prefecture Overseer Xiao said immediately. The person in front of him was one of the two Connate Golden Core realm experts the imperial government had placed in Jiang Prefecture. His name was Peng Yue, and was also a cultivator in the Godfiend lineage.

    "What? Which fiendish demon dares to assassinate a county governor?" Peng Yue bellowed angrily.

    "That's right. It has been nine years since a county governor has been assassinated. I never expected it to happen during my watch, and for it to happen in my Jiang Prefecture." Prefecture Overseer Xiao's eyes were burning with anger. "Regardless of which great demon it is, I will make the one who dares kill the imperial government's county governor pay a huge price."

    "Yea." The barefoot man, Peng Yue nodded as well. "Let's leave for Grand Dominance immediately."

    As he spoke, the bare-chested man waved his hand, conjuring a ship that hovered in mid-air.

    The group boarded a large ship.


    The warship that was bestowed by the imperial government shot into the sky. With a Connate Golden Core realm cultivator powering it, it rushed towards Grand Dominance at a frightening speed.
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