Chapter 100: Inspector Heavenly Alliance

    Chapter 100: Inspector Heavenly Alliance

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    Standing on the deck, the sound of waves rang in the ears. Qin Yun was left in a daze as he watched Palatial Lord Essence Charm and the other two fly towards him.

    "Haha, it looks like our young friend, Qin Yun is still in disbelief," said Palatial Lord Essence Charm with a laugh.

    "He might think we are here to capture him." An elder with fiery-red hair said with a laugh. Another handsome and beautiful man dressed in red robes said chuckling, "I was still wondering a while ago if fellow Daoist Qin Yun would run away when he sees us!"

    "Perhaps with Brother Essence Charm, he knows that there's no way he can escape. Lunar Magus, if we had jointly come here, fellow Daoist Qin Yun might escape on his flying sword." The red-haired elder said jokingly.

    "He might even send his flying sword to kill us immediately." Lunar Magus said.

    When Qin Yun heard that, he immediately asked, "What, what's going on?"

    Qin Liehu was stunned too. However, he understood it to be a good thing! How could he not know how powerful the Inspector Heavenly Alliance was? The appearance of any Inspector Heavenly Ambassador would require the local county governor to cooperate without a fuss.

    Palatial Lord Essence Charm and company landed on the deck.

    "Stop teasing our young friend, Qin Yun." Palatial Lord Essence Charm laughed. He looked at Qin Yun and said, "Qin Yun, have a look at this."

    With that said, he passed over a blue-colored scroll.

    Qin Yun accepted it in a puzzled manner and opened the scroll. By the side, Qin Liehu looked over as well.

    A series of images were stored on the scroll and it was shown in its entirety once the scroll was unfurled...

    "It's Chen Garden!" Qin Liehu exclaimed.

    The series of images was from scenes at Grand Dominance City's Chen Garden.

    Many regions of Chen Garden were in ruins. Gongye Bing's thirty-foot-tall body was charging at Qin Yun but a dazzling rainbow beam shot out instantly. The Rainbow Blooming Sword Beam caused the surrounding atmosphere to distort like layers of waves that swept in every direction. Instantly, it penetrated the thirty-foot-tall fiendish figure's chest, boring through a bloody hole.

    Following that, Qin Yun continued controlling his flying sword, blasting apart Gongye Bing's palms, damaging him even further. It caused Gongye Bing's fiendish form to finally flee in panic.

    As he fled, Qin Yun pursued him while driving the flying sword. His Intrinsic Flying Sword transformed into rainbow beams that came hurtling over in a barrage of attacks.

    The flying sword slammed Gongye Bing to the ground, blasting open a large crater.

    Gongye Bing flew up again... and was smashed downwards again!

    Just as he flew up, he was slammed downwards again!

    Finally, with the Intrinsic Flying Sword piercing through his vital spot, Gongye Bing's body dissipated with a luster suffusing his body. He fell to the ground in a human form. When the personal guards and soldiers rushed over, all they saw was a dark blob of light as Gongye Bing was covered in dark red halo. By the time the dark red halo dissipated, Gongye Bing was already in human form! Therefore, the guards never saw Gongye Bing's fiendish demon form.

    Gongye Bing finally declared that Qin Yun was the one who assassinated him, pushing the crime onto Qin Yun.

    This sequence of images had begun the moment Qin Yun began demonstrating Rainbow Blooming Sword Beam! It ended after Qin Yun fled on his flying sword after Gongye Bing's death!

    There were only images without any sound.

    "This, this..." Qin Yun was excited. Evidence! Actual evidence! It proved that Gongye Bing had once transformed into a fiendish demon! It proved his innocence!

    "Haha, don't be agitated." Palatial Lord Essence Charm said with a laugh. "This series of images were sent to the imperial government this morning by the Inspector Heavenly Alliance! The imperial government has already given the order to Jiang Prefecture's Prefecture Overseer Xiao. Now, all pursuit of you in Jiang Prefecture has ended."

    Qin Liehu was extremely excited by the side.

    His family did not need to die! They had been vindicated!

    "What happened? Where did this series of images come from?" Qin Yun found it unbelievable. Back when he was battling Gongye Bing, only his father was around to witness it. There wasn't anyone else? Was it possible that someone had secretly recorded everything without him and Gongye Bing noticing it?

    That wasn't likely. If there was someone who could prevent the both of them from detecting them while recording the situation, the person's strength should have been sufficient at subduing Gongye Bing.

    "No hurry. I'll explain it to you slowly in a while." Palatial Lord Essence Charm said with a smile. "Quickly bring your family along. Follow us to the Inspector Heavenly Alliance."

    "Alright." Qin Yun nodded.

    "I'll get them." Qin Liehu was excited too as his face flushed red. He rushed into the boat's cabin.


    Qin Liehu, Changlan, and Qin An with his wife and children came out. Changlan and company were still baffled, unsure of what was happening.

    "I'll explain it to you later." Qin Liehu could not be bothered with explaining as he dragged his family out.

    "Let's go." Palatial Lord Essence Charm waved his hand upon seeing the situation.


    A cloud carried the group of people that comprised of Palatial Lord Essence Charm and company, as well as Qin Yun and his family before they departed.

    The sailors on the merchant boat as well as the youth from the Fu family had been secretly watching from inside the boat's cabin. Only then did they come out and watch as the group of people flew away.

    "Immortals." The youth's eyes lit up as he was somewhat delighted. "They came to my boat for a while before leaving, and they even gave me a thousand taels of silver? Will that immortal come back for it?"


    A dazzling golden flying boat flew amid the clouds.

    On the flying boat.

    Qin Yun's nephew and niece marveled at their surroundings with their parents. Qin Liehu and Changlan were also discussing in whispers.

    As for Qin Yun, he was with Palatial Lord Essence Charm and the other two.

    "Let me do the introductions. This is my Scenic Mountain Sect's Elder, Daoist Yan," said Palatial Lord Essence Charm. The red-haired elder nodded at Qin Yun with a chuckle from the side. "Fellow Daoist Qin Yun is impressive. Really impressive. To be able to use Rainbow Blooming Sword Beam at such a young age, as an old man, I might not be your match."

    "Fellow Daoist Yan, you are being humble," said Qin Yun immediately. "I have long heard of Daoist Yan from Scenic Mountain Sect who abhors evil. With your Heavenly Fire Talisman Arts, you have made a name for yourself."

    "Haha, just some minor tricks. Just some tricks." Daoist Yan chuckled.

    Palatial Lord Essence Charm added, "This is Abbot Lunar Magus."

    The handsome man in the red robe smiled at Qin Yun.

    Lunar Magus was also a famous cultivator in the Jiang Prefecture. He looked young but he was over two hundred years old and was a cultivator at the Connate True Core realm. Furthermore, he had fused magus arts and Daoist arts together, forming a style of his own. Although he was an itinerant cultivator, his strength was in no way inferior to Daoist Yan!

    "Greetings, Abbot," said Qin Yun.

    "Fellow Daoist Qin, for you to have your flying sword arts attain the Rainbow Blooming Sword Beam at such a young age, I might not be your match in a couple of years." Lunar Magus smiled. There was an astounding seductive charm to his smile. "As for me, I have cultivated for more than two hundred years. It will be hard to improve any further. Compared to you, I feel sad."

    Qin Yun's heart palpitated slightly.

    Despite Abbot Lunar Magus being a man, his seductive charms were more intense than a woman's. He had long heard that... Abbot Lunar Magus preferred men. From the looks of it, it was not a baseless rumor.

    "We are all cultivators of Jiang Prefecture," said Palatial Lord Essence Charm. "From today on, we can consider it as knowing each other. In the future, we should watch out for each other and have a committed front against the fiendish demons."

    "Definitely." Daoist Yan, Abbot Lunar Magus, and Qin Yun nodded.

    Palatial Lord Essence Charm said, "Qin Yun, weren't you curious how that sequence of images was obtained? That was sourced from a cornerstone Spirit treasure of humans-'Heaven-Inspecting Mirror'."

    "Heaven-Inspecting Mirror?" Qin Yun was perplexed.


    Palatial Lord Essence Charm nodded. "About ten thousand years ago, in order to deal with the invasions of fiendish demons and to protect our human race, the Daoist and Buddhist sects made a joint establishment of the Inspector Heavenly Alliance. It takes in all human cultivators... It only has one goal, to inspect the world, in order to protect humans! In this world, more than seventy percent of the truly top cultivators have joined the Inspector Heavenly Alliance. More than half of the cultivators on the imperial government's side have joined the Inspector Heavenly Alliance."

    "The imperial government can have dynasties change but the Inspector Heavenly Alliance has existed consistently for ten thousand years," explained Palatial Lord Essence Charm. "As for the cornerstone Spirit treasure, the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror, is used to constantly monitor the world! Of course, the vast seas can be excluded but the entire continent is within the monitoring confines."

    "Once there are any large fluctuations that exceed a particular threshold, it will immediately be discovered by the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror!"

    Palatial Lord Essence Charm looked at Qin Yun. "As for the battle between you and Gongye Bing, the moment you demonstrated the Rainbow Blooming Sword Beam, the might it possessed had crossed the threshold of the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror! It immediately investigated carefully and from the moment you began using Rainbow Blooming Sword Beam to the moment Gongye Bing died, the entire battle scene was recorded by the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror."

    Qin Yun was enlightened. Humans actually had a cornerstone Spirit treasure like the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror! It was no wonder in the war against fiendish demons, humans always held the upper hand. Of course, the fiendish demons also had powerful means at their disposal.

    "The battle happened last night, so why would it take so long..." Qin Yun could not help but ask.

    "Haha." Daoist Yan laughed and said, "Fellow Daoist Qin Yun is blaming us for taking too long to exonerate him."

    Palatial Lord Essence Charm explained, "When the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror monitors the world, there are two cultivators in charge of watching it. They also saw the battle but all the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror can see is the situation without any sound. The two cultivators in charge of monitoring it only knew that a sword immortal had killed a fiendish demon. They had inquired from other Inspector Heavenly Alliance's cultivators that were on duty, and even cultivators at the Connate Golden Core realm, but none of them knew you."

    Qin Yun was taken aback.

    Few members of the Inspector Heavenly Alliance knew him.

    "Although they knew that it was a battle in Jiang Prefecture's cultivation world, it was late in the night. The cultivators in charge of the night shift did not dare to disturb the rest of us," explained Palatial Lord Essence Charm. "Early the next morning, the matter was reported to me and inquired about the sword immortal's identity! When I saw it... I was surprised. Wasn't this Qin Yun? Killing Gongye Bing was doing a great deed. The imperial government had maligned a meritorious subject! I immediately reported it to the Inspector Heavenly Alliance and they immediately contacted the imperial government."

    "As for you, you had brought your family to flee into the East Sea. It took the Inspector Heavenly Alliance about five hours and quite a bit of effort to finally find you," said Palatial Lord Essence Charm.
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