Chapter 104: Divine Firmament Chapters Eldest Senior Brother

    Chapter 104: Divine Firmament Chapter's Eldest Senior Brother

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    Yi Xiao looked delighted when she saw the girl of flood dragon descent.

    "I know that Sister would definitely be here on the 25th of February." The dragon girl looked at Qin Yun as her eyes lit up. "Sister, but in the past, you would be alone here on the 25th of February. Why is there another person? Is he my brother-in-law?"

    Qin Yun, who was smiling by the side, was startled when he heard her statement.

    "What are you talking about?" Yi Xiao could not help but blush as she hurriedly said, "He's my good friend, Qin Yun."

    "Oh! Good friend, I see!" The dragon girl laughed oddly.

    Yi Xiao was left helpless and said to Qin Yun, "Let me do the introductions, this is Sister Long from the East Sea's Water race's 'Myriad Serpent Valley'. She is the Valley Lord's daughter and her name is Long Xiaolian. She's just eighteen this year and is still very young. She's good at everything else except her penchant for causing trouble."

    "I do not cause trouble at all!" Long Xiaolian's big eyes were bright. She carefully looked at Qin Yun and said, "He looks ordinary. I can't tell how is he powerful."

    "Xiaolian, it's time we leave." An elder beside her whispered. "The people from the Scenic Mountain Sect are waiting for us."


    Long Xiaolian nodded and said immediately, "Sister, I'll be busying myself with official matters! After I'm done with it, I'll come look for you. It's rare for me to leave the East Sea so I must have a good tour of the human world. I want to see the prospering human world. Sister, you must accompany me."

    "Alright, alright. Go busy yourself first," said Yi Xiao with a smile.

    "Yea, I specially arranged to meet the human cultivators today at the Cloud Lake Tavern nearby. I just finished some of my official business, so I came to find you." Little Cloud Lake giggled. Following that, she looked at Qin Yun. "Qin Yun, my sister is like a fairy. In my East Sea, I've never seen any person more beautiful than her. If you like her, you must grab the opportunity. Quickly become my brother-in-law; if not, Sister will be snatched away by someone!"

    "Cut the nonsense and quickly leave." Yi Xiao's blush never dissipated.

    "You humans are so troublesome. We from the Water race would directly say it if we like them." Long Xiaolian grumbled and blinked her eyes at Qin Yun. She turned and headed for the Cloud Lake Tavern nearby with the elder beside her.

    When Yi Xiao saw Long Xiaolian depart, she said, "She's from the East Sea and is here to discuss some trade deal with us humans. The East Sea's Water race has their exclusive treasures and us humans have what they need so it's natural we trade among each other to obtain what each party needs."

    "I know."

    Qin Yun nodded. "Isn't it said that the Water race and humans trade mostly in East Sea County? Why would she come all the way here to Wusu County?"

    "The East Sea County, Wusu County, Golden Qin County are the most prosperous counties in Jiang Prefecture." Yi Xiao explained, "To trade with humans, the East Sea County is the most prosperous but the Wusu County and Golden Qin County have quite a fair bit of trading too. For example, the Scenic Mountain Sect... It is the top cultivation sect in Jiang Prefecture but its sect is located in the Vessel Altar County and is very close to Wusu County. Typically, the trade deals are done in Wusu County."

    Qin Yun nodded slightly. He had only been an Inspector Heavenly Ambassador for a few months and although he knew the various factions in Jiang Prefecture, he knew little about the trade deals between the East Sea Water race and humans.

    He only knew that the profits were astounding.

    After all, it was trading with the entire East Sea Water race!

    "The East Sea Dragon Palace is the strongest faction in the East Sea!" Yi Xiao said, "Just like we humans have many sects, there are various factions both big and small in the East Sea. All of them have their own needs. The Myriad Serpent Valley that Sister Long hails from was established by three serpent demon siblings. The Myriad Serpent Valley's Valley Lord is a Connate Golden Core demon and the second and third Valley Lords are at the Connate True Core realm! Furthermore, the third Valley Lord is a woman but their relationship with the East Sea Dragon Palace is far from average. It's because this sister of mine has a dragon bloodline."

    Qin Yun nodded. "I can tell. She's already a flood dragon at the Postnatal realm. Clearly, she was born like that."

    The Water race had some cultivation methods that allowed the body to evolve into a dragon.

    However, to be a flood dragon at the Postnatal realm, the demon must have been born that way!

    Humans and the Water race from the four seas had rather good relationships.

    This was because the humans mainly lived on the land and the Water race of the four seas occupied the four seas! There was naturally no conflicts between the two.

    "The first time I saw Sister Long, she was crying a fountain." Yi Xiao said with a laugh. "However, she treats people sincerely and isn't scheming at all."

    "I can tell." Qin Yun nodded.


    The sky gradually turned dark.

    Long Xiaolian and the elder, as well as two cultivators, were walking together.

    "Uncle Cheng, you are overly petty. You aren't giving any discounts." Long Xiaolian grumbled. The two cultivators beside her smiled helplessly. They could not say much to a dragon girl.

    "Oh?" The two cultivators saw Qin Yun and Yi Xiao from afar.

    "Daoist Brother Qin." A middle-aged cultivator walked over with a smile immediately. "I never expected to meet you in Wusu County."

    Qin Yun turned to take a look. He got up and said with a smile, "Oh, it's fellow Daoist Cheng."

    Yi Xiao stood up as well.

    "Yi Xiao, let me introduce you. This is Scenic Mountain Sect's fellow Daoist Cheng Guang." Qin Yun said with a smile. He had good relations with the Scenic Mountain Sect. Palatial Lord Essence Charm had brought a delegation to his Qin Manor and likewise, he had been to Scenic Mountain Sect before.

    After all, it was Jiang Prefecture's greatest sect. In the past, it was once a Daoist sacred land. Although it had waned, it was still a top cultivation sect.

    There were two cultivators at the Connate Golden Core realm and as many as eight at the Connate True Core realm. There were even more at the Connate False Core realm! Even the imperial government would use the Scenic Mountain Sect's help in the Jiang Prefecture.

    "Fellow Daoist Cheng, this is Yi Xiao, a Divine Firmament Chapter disciple. Back then, she had joined forces to kill that water ape with me," Qin Yun introduced.

    "I know about that. You really rid a huge scourge of our Jiang Prefecture." Cheng Guang said with a laugh.

    Yi Xiao smiled faintly as well.

    "Uncle Cheng, your fellow Daoist Brother Qin is my brother-in-law... My elder brother. My elder brother!" Long Xiaolian walked over and changed her words when she saw Yi Xiao stare at her. "He's my brother. Since we are all one big family, how can your Scenic Mountain Sect be so demanding on us?"

    Qin Yun was puzzled.

    By the side, Daoist Cheng smiled when he saw the way things played out. "Well, I never expected Miss Xiaolian to have such a relationship with fellow Daoist Qin. You should have said so early. Then, I'll give you a discount. Five percent!"

    When Long Xiaolian heard that, she smiled. "Uncle Cheng is the best!"

    Cheng Guang smiled at Qin Yun and said, "Just some trade deals with the Water race. There's naturally a need to square the accounts. However, since we are all one big family, we can let it pass."

    Giving a little discount during the price negotiation process was nothing, to begin with. They naturally needed to be more calculating when dealing with the Water race but since Qin Yun was here, he took the opportunity to give Qin Yun face.

    Friendship, friendship...

    This was how it was formed over long periods of time!

    "Then, thank you fellow Daoist Cheng." Qin Yun said with a smile.

    "It's nothing." Cheng Guang looked at Long Xiaolian. "Miss Xiaolian, everything is settled. Let's go according to what we proposed. In the future, your Myriad Serpent Valley will trade with our Scenic Mountain Sect in accordance with what was discussed today."

    "Alright." Long Xiaolian nodded.

    "Fellow Daoist Qin, I'll bid you farewell." Cheng Guang cupped his hands. The partner beside him said similar things.

    "I won't be sending the both of you off." Qin Yun cupped his hands together with Yi Xiao.

    "Have a pleasant journey." Long Xiaolian said immediately.

    Cheng Guan smiled as he waved his sleeves.


    A cloud rose as the duo left on a cloud, returning to Vessel Altar County's Scenic Mountain Sect.

    After they watched them leave, Long Xiaolian looked over to Qin Yun and exclaimed, "Brother Qin, you are pretty impressive. The Scenic Mountain Sect actually takes you into account! I was planning on negotiating with them for two weeks. It would have been pretty good if I got a two percent discount but I never expect to get five percent immediately. This is the biggest discount the Scenic Mountain Sect has given the Water race from what I know."

    "We are all from the Jiang Prefecture so it's naturally easier to negotiate." Qin Yun did not elaborate.

    However, Long Xiaolian thought to herself,"A large sect like the Scenic Mountain Sect thinks nothing of ordinary cultivators. From the looks of it, this brother-in-law of mine has an extraordinary background. I should cling on to this powerhouse!"

    "Sister, my work is done. I have lots of time to have fun. I want to go to Golden Qin to see the beauties and to Grand Dominance to eat the delicacies. Accompany me." Long Xiaolian said immediately.

    Yi Xiao smiled as she said, "Alright. However, I'll be spending another two to three days in Wusu."

    "Then, I'll accompany you. When the time comes, we as sisters can have fun together." Long Xiaolian's eyes lit up. "The human world is so much more interesting than our East Sea."

    "When the time comes, I'll bring you around. I'm a Jiang Prefecture local." Qin Yun said with a smile.

    "Of course you have to go! I even want you to treat me. It's not easy for me to earn some silver." Long Xiaolian said.

    Qin Yun laughed.

    Yi Xiao was feeling slightly better. If she was only fifteen or sixteen, it was unlikely she would even smile while waiting for her father at Windblast Pavilion.

    It was a thing of the past now and Yi Xiao was able to ascertain the situation calmly. However, she continued feeling a little disheartened over the matter. She looked up slightly and it was already dark. It was a star-studded night and unfortunately, she failed to meet her father. It was her twentieth birthday so she intended to wait another two or three days before leaving.


    Daoist sacred land, Divine Firmament Chapter, Three Yang Peak.

    The eldest senior brother of Divine Firmament Chapter's present generation, Xue Yong, sat cross-legged on the peak. He watched as the distant morning sun rose as lightning bolts swirled across his body.

    "Eldest Senior Brother, Eldest Senior Brother!" A girl ran over.

    "Oh? Junior Sister Shangong." Xue Yong looked at the girl as the lightning on his body converged.

    The girl blushed slightly and handed an envelope over. "This letter, it's from Jiang Prefecture."


    Xue Yong received the envelope and took out the letter inside.

    Then, his brows furrowed slightly.

    "Junior Sister Shangong, go busy yourself," said Xue Yong.

    "Oh, okay." The girl answered immediately and walked down the mountain peak. But before she left, she could not help but turn back. The figure at the top of the mountain peak which was bathed in sunlight was like a god or immortal. After stealing a glance, she turned and left, afraid that she would be discovered by her Eldest Senior Brother.

    Xue Yong glanced at the girl that had descended the mountain.

    He had released his psyche so he long knew that the girl was peeping.

    "Junior Sister Yi Xiao and that Qin Yun are close?" Xue Yong put down the letter. "Everything should be left up to fate. If we are not fated, that's fine. Love is not to be forced."

    Xue Yong zapped the letter with a lightning bolt, turning it to ash.

    Following that, he closed his eyes and continued cultivating.
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