Chapter 107: Qin Yun and Black Demon King

    Chapter 107: Qin Yun and Black Demon King

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    Qin Yun's voice wasn't loud but every demon in a three-kilometer radius heard it clearly. It sounded like it came from beside them.

    The ox demon seemed to gag as he widened his mouth but did not speak another word.

    "Do you think I'm dumb enough to send myself to my death voluntarily? This Qin Yun clearly has intense killing intent." The ox demon overlooked the area beneath him and at a glance, saw the demon corpses of those that had been killed a while ago. "Against such a terrifying cultivator, I should wait for His Majesty to come first. I expect His Majesty to be arriving soon."


    Elsewhere in midair.

    Black Demon King was thin and he wore black armor. The black goat horns on his head seemed eager to pierce through the firmament as his purple pupils were cold and sinister. There were black gases swirling around him as numerous subordinates followed beside him. The rest of his subordinates had scattered in search for the cultivator, Hong Lingtong, who had killed his only son.

    "Phew." A golden beam of light flashed from a distance. A great demon with dark golden wings and dark golden fur on his face arrived. He was none other than Great Demon Golden Firmament.

    "Brother Golden Firmament." Black Demon King spoke.

    "Brother Goat, he's found! Your subordinates have discovered the cultivator." Golden Firmament said immediately. He was Nine Mountain Island Lord's personal disciple and was also of Cloudfiend Mountain descent! Although his strength in the Connate True Core realm was only considered ordinary, his escape arts were unparalleled. In order to find Hong Lingtong, Black Demon King had sought Golden Firmament's help.

    Golden Firmament was adept at flying so he traveled everywhere and got to know many powerful great demons. In terms of strength, he was probably the weakest among the great demons at the Connate True Core realm in Jiang Prefecture but in terms of the number of friends, no one would dare challenge him.

    "He's finally been found!" A cold glint flashed in Black Demon King's eyes. "Brother Golden Firmament, please lead the way."



    Golden Firmament immediately controlled the wind and swept Black Demon King and the demons around in a tempestuous storm as they tore through the air.

    In a few seconds, Golden Firmament had brought the demons to arrive in the place where the demons were gathered.

    "Your Majesty."

    Instantly, the ox demon and other demons bowed respectfully.

    The black gases around Black Demon King stirred as he looked down coldly. Golden Firmament stood by the side. The other great demons at the Connate False Core realm stood behind him while the avian lesser demons were spread across the sky. There were already more than a hundred! Of course, with Black Demon King's influence, the demons under him numbered in the tens of thousands. However, the number of flying demons were fewer in number. Besides, many of them had not rushed over in time.

    "Where's he? Has he been captured?" Black Demon King glanced at the ox demon.

    "Your Majesty, the cultivator that killed the young lord is on that boat." The ox demon said in a hushed tone, "We also wanted to attack but there is an extremely powerful cultivator onboard that boat. He's also an Inspector Heavenly Ambassador."

    Black Demon King knitted his brows.

    However, Golden Firmament felt his heart tighten as he converged his aura greatly. He was only of ordinary strength among those at the Connate True Core. He was not the match of any Inspector Heavenly Ambassador and he was bent on escaping the moment he saw things go south! Of course, he was extremely confident in escaping!

    "It's fine. With Black Demon King here, no matter which Inspector Heavenly Ambassador it is, it will be Black Demon King spearheading the matter. I'm only here to help him find the murderer and not to risk my life for him." Golden Firmament thought to himself.

    Black Demon King frowned as the bloodlust in his eyes turned richer. He said coldly, "Did you say that the cultivator had killed my only son?"

    "I said so," said the ox demon immediately. "But it was useless."

    "He doesn't give me face?" Black Demon King said coldly, "Which Inspector Heavenly Ambassador is he?"

    "Grand Dominance, Qin Yun!" The ox demon whispered immediately.

    "It's him? I've heard of him. A young human fellow who thinks that he has the qualifications to challenge me because he killed some Connate True Core fiendish demon of some unknown origin?" Black Demon King sneered. By the side, Golden Firmament's eyelids twitched. Qin Yun? He did not know that the Connate True Core fiendish demon, Gongye Bing, was his Uncle-Master as his identity was always kept a secret. However, ever since he knew that Qin Yun was the one who killed Gongye Bing, he suspected that the aggressor at Qin Manor that night was Qin Yun himself. Qin Yun might have been controlling the flying sword and he might have already broken through to the Connate False Core realm back then.


    On the boat, Qin Yun looked up and saw Black Demon King appear at a distance.

    "He's here." Yi Xiao's expression was heavy as she said, "Black Demon King is a goat demon. He has cultivated for more than five centuries and is excellent at melee combat. Even more powerful is his 'Five-fire White Bone Beads'. It is an entire set of Dharma treasures and has been refined by him into an unfathomable state. He can even form his own domain! Qin Yun, you have to be careful."

    "I'm from the Jiang Prefecture so I naturally know all the fiendish demons in it at the back of my hand. I have also heard from other cultivators about Black Demon King's Five-fire White Bone Beads several times. Besides, the Inspector Heavenly Alliance has intelligence that counters his methods, so I'm confident." Qin Yun said with a smile. "However, these demons sure are one of a kind. That water ape dared to call himself a god at the Connate False Core realm. This goat demon might be a rather famous old demon at the Connate True Core realm but he dares to call himself a demon king."

    Yi Xiao smiled as well and nodded. "We humans naturally have our rules. Conferment of nobility or royalty is done by the imperial government. Cultivators would not dare wantonly claim to be gods or kings. Correspondingly, demons are rather lax in this aspect."

    "You humans just have too many rules." Long Xiaolian grumbled from the side.


    The horde of demons flew over once again. As they approached, even the mortal boatsman and his daughter could see the black goat-horned fiendish demon in the billowing black clouds. Just the sight alone made their hearts tremble and their legs go limp.

    "The one below, are you Grand Dominance's Qin Yun?" Black Demon King's voice echoed.

    "Black Demon King." Qin Yun spoke as well.

    Black Demon King looked downwards and carefully studied Qin Yun's looks. He said coldly and sinisterly, " I truly envy you humans. Just a few decades is enough to match centuries or a millennium of our cultivation! You must already know that the cultivator you saved killed my only son today! Regardless, I have to kill that cultivator to avenge my son. Whoever stops me will be my blood enemy!"

    "Release him now and I'll forget this matter. After this, I'll send subordinates to present you with great gifts at Qin Manor. How about that?" offered Black Demon King.

    Truly powerful great fiendish demons had fought with cultivators since time immemorial.

    The stronger they were, they more fearful they became.

    Because in a truly desperate fight... the great fiendish demon might be killed but so could the cultivator! Therefore, without confidence, the more unlikely it was for top existences to clash. Especially on the human side, as long as they could ensure that the fiendish demons showed some restraint, allowing human commoners to lead a relatively normal life, human cultivators would not risk their lives in a desperate fight without absolute confidence.

    In a desperate fight what was being risked was one's life! Even the most powerful cultivator or great fiendish demon only had one!

    On the ship, Hong Lingtong saw the horde of demons in the sky and his heart tightened from seeing the fiendish gases billowing around Black Demon King.

    "Hand him over? Impossible!" Qin Yun said coldly.

    Black Demon King was immediately incensed as his eyes turned green with rich killing intent. He bellowed angrily, "He killed my son! Is there any wrong with me wanting to kill him? Qin Yun, depart quickly or I'll kill you as well! I'll kill anyone that stops me today!"

    The other humans and demons remained silent.

    "Haha... Fiendish demons eat and kill humans. Is there any fault killing one of you fiendish demons?" Qin Yun bellowed furiously.

    Black Demon King turned even more vexed. He was already infuriated having his only son killed. However, having cultivated for more than five centuries, he was not one to easily pick a fight with an expert at the same level even though he found Qin Yun young and lacking in experience. He roared once again, "Qin Yun, it was not easy for you to cultivate to this stage. Are you really going to risk your life to fight me for a weak cultivator?"

    "Attack if you want to attack. Cut the nonsensical crap! Watch your front!" Qin Yun suddenly waved his hand as a silver sword beam instantly flew out. A rush of air that spontaneously tore through the sky transformed into a dazzling rainbow beam that shot at the distant Black Demon King.
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