Chapter 108: Misty Rain Sword Art

    Chapter 108: Misty Rain Sword Art

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    "What, we are fighting just like that?" Black Demon King's heart trembled. Although he was enraged previously and made fierce threats, fighting with Qin Yun was the worst of his plans! For him to be able to cultivate for more than five centuries, it was because he seldom risked his life in battle. Every time he risked his life, it was like traversing the borders of life and death! Therefore, unless cultivators and great demons had the confidence or had reasons that forced them to risk their lives, they would not easily come to blows.

    "A recently promoted junior sure has an exaggerated opinion of his abilities. It appears that I've not fought for a long while that even a junior doesn't think much of me." Rich killing intent burned in Black Demon King's eyes. Although such great demons would not easily risk their lives, they would naturally not go easy once they decided to take action.

    Black Demon King looked down at the boat as his voice rumbled with his shout. "Qin Yun! Since you insist on death, I'll fulfill your desire!"

    He waved his hand.

    A string of white bones on his wrist flew out, separating into five White Bone Beads. Each of them burned with black flames and from the size of a fingertip, they rapidly expanded to the size of a human head. There were dense runes engraved on them. With the black flames that accompanied it, they were like five meteors that streaked across the sky.

    "They are clashing."

    "A clash just like that?"

    On the boat, everyone looked up anxiously. The boatsman and his daughter watched in a daze. Be it the fiendish demon or the Five-fire White Bone Beads, both of them moved too quickly. As humans, they could not discern it at all but they were extremely excited. "Immortals and fiendish demons are fighting using the Dharma! Fighting using the Dharma! Look, there's light everywhere!"

    Qin Yun looked up as well, his eyes burning with ardor.

    His Intrinsic Flying Sword transformed into a rainbow beam of light and clashed with the Five-fire White Bone Beads in midair. In an unparalleled and mysterious manner, the Five-fire White Bone Beads blocked the sword beam and resulted in a boom. The Intrinsic Flying Sword was sent flying backward from the shock but like a fish, it circled around and shot high into the sky at his opponent. Black Demon King stood in midair with black demonic gases billowing around him. He sneered as he overlooked the area in contempt.

    "Woosh!" The Five-fire White Bone Beads attacked the flying sword from every angle and black ripples emanated from it, which unmistakably affected the Intrinsic Flying Sword.

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

    In midair, the Intrinsic Flying Sword transformed into a sword rainbow with majestic might as it constantly darted around like a fish.

    However, the Five-fire White Bone Beads formed its own domain, affecting the flying sword with its black ripples. While being assaulted by the Five-fire White Bone Bead's barrage of attacks, the silver flying sword was completely trapped like a fish in a net; it was unable to escape.

    "It doesn't look good. This brother-in-law of mine doesn't seem like he is Black Demon King's match. He's going to lose." Long Xiaolian turned nervous.

    "The Five-fire White Bone Beads are famous. The Black Demon King is not to be provoked." The turtle demon elder panicked as well. If Qin Yun were to lose, they would likely be implicated. "I wish that Qin Yun is able to lead us in an escape if he loses."

    "Sister, can Brother-in-law win?" Long Xiaolian grabbed Yi Xiao and asked softly.

    Yi Xiao glanced at her exasperatedly, "Don't worry. Qin Yun's flying sword only appears to be at a disadvantage but sword immortals are not only good at the offensive, their Sword Kinesis Flight is also extremely famous! Even if he's not Black Demon King's match, he can easily escape with us using Sword Kinesis Flight. In terms of flying arts, that Black Demon King is absolutely inferior to Qin Yun."

    "That relieves me." Long Xiaolian patted her chest.

    When Yi Xiao saw this, she shook her head and turned to look high into the sky. She was also worried. "Did Qin Yun miscalculate Black Demon King's strength?"

    She looked at Qin Yun beside her and saw that he was clearly immersed in battle.

    And at that moment, the demon horde in the sky was turning excited because they could tell that their Black Demon King was having the upper hand.

    The ox demon added, "To think that a recently promoted Inspector Heavenly Ambassador dares to challenge His Majesty. He truly

    has a suicidal wish."

    "He's too young and he lacks experience." Golden Firmament laughed and said as well. "Who wantonly take action without sufficient experience and confidence when engaging in combat at this level? In a true battle between cultivators and fiendish demons, it would truly mean life and death."

    "Sword immortals are adept at Sword Kinesis Flight." Beside Golden Firmament, Black Demon King sneered and said, "For this flying sword to have such might, it's likely his Intrinsic Flying Sword. I'll trap his Intrinsic Flying Sword before killing him! If he tries to escape, he will have to give his Intrinsic Flying Sword up."

    "Brother Goat, great strategy." Golden Firmament heaped praises on him.

    Black Demon King commanded with his mind.

    The Five-fire White Bone Beads that had trapped the flying sword suddenly separated, allowing for a White Bone Bead to hurtle at Qin Yun like a meteor! The other four White Bone Beads continued to trap the silver flying sword. After the clash from before, Black Demon King had an understanding of Qin Yun's flying sword arts. "From the prior clash, four White Bone Beads should be sufficient to trap his Intrinsic Flying Sword. The other beads can be used to kill him!"

    Even one White Bone Bead could produce the peak strength at the Connate True Core realm.

    "I've been underestimated." Standing at the bow, Qin Yun grinned. "Have a taste of my Misty Rain Sword Art."


    The flying sword in the air suddenly experienced changes.

    "Hu! Hu! Hu!"

    "There's wind?" Black Demon King watched his surroundings in a daze. There was a sudden gust of wind that was extremely gentle. "My demonic gases fill the area and any wind should be blocked by the demonic gases, why would it reach me?"

    The boatsman and his daughter, Long Xiaolian, the turtle demon, and Yi Xiao could sense a special wind stirring in the surroundings. It was no ordinary wind but one that faintly contained special energies, one that left one's heart palpitating.

    Accompanied by the gentle wind was... rain!

    A gentle spring rain wafted everywhere.

    Yet, the flying sword vanished.

    The flying sword that was in the form of a rainbow beam had fused into the rain. The misty rain naturally enveloped the five White Bone Beads and surrounded the distant Black Demon King.


    A wisp of the drifting rain struck a White Bone Bead that was burning fiercely with black flames before revealing its true nature-a silver flying sword! The silver flying sword sent the White Bone Bead flying after the collision.

    Peng! Peng! Peng... The Five-fire White Bone Beads received a bombardment of attacks.

    "No good, domain suppression!" Black Demon King's expression changed as he flipped his hand to take out a trident. At the same time, he tried his best to control the Five-fire White Bone Bead's domain. Circular black ripples pulsed outwards, sweeping across the drifting raindrops. Finally, the raindrops were affected to reveal their true form. They were trajectories of the flying sword.

    These flying sword trajectories seemed like a huge net that enveloped a region. Every flying sword trajectory contained great might and had about ten percent of the flying sword's strength! The strength the flying sword possessed was even more terrifying!

    In fact, attacks like the Cyclic Sword Flash could not make the flying sword truly be everywhere within a huge sphere. Instead, they were remnant sword beams, each containing rather powerful sword intent. That was also why the flying sword's strength decreased.


    The Five-fire White Bone Bead were affected after being obstructed by countless flying sword trajectories. Furthermore, the flying sword was shooting straight at Black Demon King himself.

    "What sort of move is that? A sword is able to parry my Five-fire White Bone Bead and still attack me?" Black Demon King waved his trident and fended himself in melee combat. With a clank, he parried the flying sword. However, under the countless wispy rain and the constantly changing flying sword trajectories, a flying sword beam slashed across his chest. Thankfully, he had chest armor that shielded him, resulting in sparks as the beam streaked across.

    Another sword beam fluttered to his arm, lacerating a bloody wound.

    As for Golden Firmament, the ox demon and the other demons, they had long retreated frantically! Due to the aftershock from the sword beams, quite a number of lesser demons had their bodies penetrated directly. They died on the spot, reverting to their true forms as they plummeted into the sea.

    Golden Firmament retreated far away and shouted immediately, "Brother Goat, be careful. Legends speak of Connate Golden Core sword immortals that can divide their swords beams. A sword can be split into thousands of sword beams! This strike of Qin Yun's feels like it can divide into swords beams."

    "Sword beam division?" Black Demon King's pupils constricted as his heart skipped a beat.

    That ridiculous?

    How could a newly promoted Inspector Heavenly Ambassador have such a flying sword art?

    "Qin Yun, what flying sword art is this?" Yi Xiao could not help but ask. She too could tell the mightiness of the flying sword art. It was great at attacking en masse! Furthermore, it was extremely powerful! Previously, Qin Yun was already adept at attacking en masse before he broke through to the Connate realm. However, he was now completely different from before.

    "A flying sword art I created myself called Misty Rain Sword Art." Qin Yun said, "This strike is the Misty Rain Sword Art's Spring Rain."

    Among sword immortals, if they could grasp an inkling of the Heavenly Dao's charms and gain insights into their own sword intent, they could gradually begin to create flying sword arts for themselves.

    Like several of the sword arts like the Gossamer Setting Sun Sword Art from before, the sword intent contained within them belonged to the ancients and not his! Only by creating a sword art that was based on his sword intent could he produce the strongest power. Back when he was dealing with Gongye Bing, Qin Yun did not have the time to slowly create a new sword art. Naturally, he first found the Gossamer Setting Sun Sword Art that matched his Misty Rain Sword Intent for cultivation to enhance his strength as fast as possible.

    After becoming an Inspector Heavenly Ambassador, Qin Yun had the time. He calmed his mind and began researching the flying sword arts from the Sword Immortal Legacy he had obtained. After amalgamating some of the techniques within the flying sword arts, he fused them with his Misty Rain Sword Intent and began creating a new flying sword art.

    Qin Yu named this flying sword the Misty Rain Sword Art.

    And this strike that he used was a move that attacked en masse-Spring Rain!
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