Chapter 109: The Great Battles Curtain Call

    Chapter 109: The Great Battle's Curtain Call

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    Like the sixth level of the Gossamer Setting Sun Sword Art, the Wispy Thousand-knotted Heart from before, it was also a move that attacked en masse. However, it did not contain sword intent, while Qin Yun's Spring Rain was much better.

    "You want to beat me with this bit of strength?" Black Demon King was enraged. There was naturally a reason why he was infamous throughout the Jiang Prefecture.

    Sou! Sou!

    Two White Bone Beads flew back quickly and circled Black Demon King's surroundings. It constantly revolved around him, blocking Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword! Furthermore, Black Demon King held a trident in hand and together with the two White Bone Beads, his defense was impenetrable.

    "Infinite Fire Hell!" Black Demon King's expression was hideous.

    The White Bone Beads suddenly spewed black flames that surged outwards, enveloping Black Demon King within. At the same time, more flames flared towards the ship beneath!

    "So much fire. Black fire!" The boatsman and his daughter watched as the massive black flames descended down from the sky in a boundless manner. It was as though a black cloud was pressing down. Their faces were white and they were trembling. They also wanted to muster their courage to not tremble since their survival depended on the outcome of the battle between the immortal god and the fiendish demon! However, they could not control their bodies!

    "Be careful. This is the toxic flames that have been stored within the Five-fire White Bone Beads for a long time." Yi Xiao warned immediately.

    "Releasing the flames? Simply trivial." With a thought from Qin Yun, the entire ship floated up and escaped the water surface. The purple flying sword by his waist flew out and rapidly formed a massive Cyclic Sword Flash that wrapped the ship within.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    The black flames descended like a cloud and although the flames were toxic, they failed to penetrate Qin Yun's enhanced Cyclic Sword Flash. This was Qin Yun's best defensive move. Casting it with an eighth-grade Dharma treasure was in no way weak either. After the roaring flames were the three White Bone Beads that blazed down like meteors.

    However, they were similarly blocked by the Cyclic Sword Flash.

    "The White Bone Beads' might is only average. It can't break through my Cyclic Sword Flash." Qin Yun flipped his hand. There was a bangle originally wrapped around his wrist. It was formed from two thin layers of metal but now, one layer of the bangle flew up and flattened. It was the black flying sword.

    Back when Qin Yun killed Gongye Bing, he had received the treasures Gongye Bing had accumulated for years.

    Gongye Bing was, after all, a rather powerful Connate True Core realm fiendish demon. He was also a county governor but because he had not cultivated for long and he was only promoted to a county governor for a short period of time, the treasures he left behind were not enough to exchange for materials to raise Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword to the fifth-grade. One had to know that at the level of Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors, the Dharma treasures they had were typically at the fifth-grade.

    It could only be explained that Gongye Bing was somewhat poor, poorer than Daoist Red Jade, Daoist Yan, and company.

    Of course, Qin Yun still exchanged for materials at the Inspector Heavenly Alliance headquarter's Treasure Repository, raising his Intrinsic Flying Sword to the sixth-grade.

    But compared to the other Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors, Qin Yun was still a little deficient!

    He only raised his Intrinsic Flying Sword to the sixth grade, with about thirty to forty percent of the treasures left behind by Gongye Bing remaining. As for making it reach the fifth grade? The treasures needed would be sufficient to make three or four sixth-grade Dharma treasures! Therefore, Qin Yun used Gongye Bing's treasures and exchanged them for array formations to set up in Qin Manor. Now, Qin Manor was pretty much impregnable. It was only slightly inferior to County Governor Manor. He had also exchanged for three eighth-grade Dharma treasure flying swords to supplement him. For example, the eighth-grade clasp he gave Yi Xiao was also exchanged from Treasure Repository.

    "Another flying sword?" Long Xiaolian saw as the blazing sea of black fire was being warded off by the massive sword beam shield. Then, she looked at the floating black sword in front of Qin Yun and could not help but pat her chest and heaved a sigh of relief.

    Qin Yun glanced at Long Xiaolian and said with a smile, "I don't dare to make absolute statements about other aspects such as my flying sword art's offenses but in terms of defense, it's what I'm most confident of."

    "I believe you, Brother-in-law." Long Xiaolian said immediately.

    "Long Xiaolian! Enough!" Yi Xiao could not help but yell through a voice transmission.

    Long Xiaolian widened her eyes as she rolled her eyes wittily and acted dumb.

    As for the boatsman and his daughter, they were in a trance as they watched the ship float off the water surface and saw the black inferno being fended off by the sword beams above them.

    "Father, our ship is flying." The boat maiden said immediately, "Our ship can fly too? Has it become an immortal's Dharma treasure?"

    "I do not know, but these Dharma spells are truly pretty." The boatsman looked at the Cyclic Sword Flash that enveloped them. "It's more beautiful than the fireworks I've seen in the city."


    Qin Yun looked up and frowned. "He does have a bit of strength to be that renowned. This bit of area-of-effect move is still too weak."

    "Misty Rain Sword Art's Blood Runs Cold!

    A glimmer flashed in Qin Yun's eyes as he immediately struck out with another deathblow.

    The wind and the rain vanished.

    The raindrops that were pelting the surroundings of Black Demon King dissipated. It left Black Demon King slightly taken aback. However, the two White Bone Beads continue to revolve around him warily. His trident was on constant alert. As for the silver flying sword, it appeared a distance away. Following that, the silver flying sword rapidly expanded, transforming into a glaring sword beam, colored by a biting hint of blood.

    "Kill!" Black Demon King heard the battle cry faintly in his ears.

    He seemed to see the blood drifting through the battlefield and could smell the blood lingering.

    "No good!" Black Demon King was experienced and knew that things weren't going well. He tried his best to ward off the influence the flying sword had on him. Some moves that powerful Connate Golden Core realm experts employed could even influence the senses of others. They would lose their lives without realizing it. This was because the moves contained a portion of the implications of the Heavenly Dao.

    Bam! Bam!

    The two White Bones Beads were indeed powerful. They were able to defend against 'Blood Runs Cold' that was less variable than 'Spring Rain'. However, 'Blood Runs Cold' seemed like a relentless general on the battlefield. It would hunt its enemy down without any regard. Its might was a lot greater than Spring Rain! The two White Bone Beads were sent flying after being struck and although they circled around to fly back, there was a momentary gap in the defense.

    Black Demon King immediately brandished his trident to fend off the attack.

    "Bam." Black Demon King blocked the flying sword but the collision left him in a staggering retreat. The flying sword flashed and resumed its assault.

    The sharp blood-colored beam grazed past Black Demon King's abdomen just as the two White Bone Beads returned, boring a huge wound in him.

    "Return!" Black Demon King felt the danger of death and immediately controlled the other three White Bone Beads that remained far away.

    "Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

    Realizing that he could not spare the effort to deal with Qin Yun, Black Demon King rapidly withdrew the three White Bone Beads that flew back like meteors. After all, he was only about a kilometer away. As the formidable blood-colored flying sword beam repressed the two White Bone Beads and his trident, another blood hole tore through his shoulder when finally, the other three White Bones Beads returned.

    Despite the five White Bone Beads revolving around his body, the Black Demon King could barely block the menacing sanguine beam with his trident.

    "Oh?" When Qin Yun saw the turn of events, he commanded, "Go! Go!"

    Pew! Pew!

    The black flying sword that was floating in front of him and the purple flying sword in midair immediately transformed into two streams of light that shot towards the distant Black Demon King.

    Now, the Black Demon King had retracted the Five-fire White Bone Beads for an all-out defense. Even the black toxic flames had been withdrawn. As such, there was no need for Qin Yun to continue using Cyclic Sword Flash.

    "What, another two flying swords?" Black Demon King's expression changed when he saw that. "Escape!"

    He ignored everything else.

    As the Five-fire White Bone Beads circled around his body while he held the trident, Black Demon King immediately fled.

    As for Golden Firmament, who was a distance away, he immediately flapped his dark golden wings when he saw the situation go awry. With a whoosh, he vanished into the horizon. And in another blink of an eye, he vanished completely from Qin Yun's vision. In terms of escaping capabilities, Golden Firmament was indeed excellent.

    "He escaped?" When Qin Yun saw the situation unfold, he did not pursue him even though he could control the flying sword at a distance of more than five kilometers. "I was planning on testing out my sword array art from my Misty Rain Sword Art. However, I'll pass on it since he has escaped. These two flying swords are only at the eighth-grade and not an Intrinsic Flying Sword. It's much less formidable than my Intrinsic Flying Sword. Even if I use a sword array art, it is unlikely to do much harm to him with his fortified defense with the Five-fire White Bone Beads."

    "There are still so many fiendish demons around." Qin Yun cast his gaze onto the demons that were fleeing across the sky. They were much slower, completely incomparable to Black Demon King.

    "Goat Horn Mountain is a famous land of fiendish demons. Countless humans have died under their talons and eaten by them. I'm powerless if they hide in their lairs, but now?" A cold glimmer flashed in Qin Yun's eyes.

    The Intrinsic Flying Sword flew back.

    The purple and black flying swords transformed into two beams of light as they swiftly pierced through the demons around.

    "Your Majesty, save me!"

    "Your Majesty."


    These demons were horrified but it was useless.

    Previously, they would feel joyous excitement seeing weak humans being terrified in front of them. Now, they could no longer be excited when in the same situation. There was only despair.

    "No, Your Majesty, save me!" The ox demon was anxious as well. He was a Connate False Core realm great demon after all.


    The purple and black beams of light crossed each other instantly, drilling through the ox demon's body.

    Even while controlling two eighth-grade flying swords, Qin Yun was still able to showcase strength at the peak Connate True Core realm. Killing a Connate False Core realm great demon was trivial.


    Demon corpses began plummeting from the sky with only Black Demon King and Golden Firmament managing to escape! Before Black Demon King took action, he had never expected for such an outcome.

    "Victory? Black Demon King has escaped?" Yi Xiao looked up in astonishment.

    Black Demon King himself had the strength of an Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador so it was considered fairly impressive to take the upper hand. But to cause the Black Demon King to escape for his life without regard for his subordinates? It was truly rare!

    As for killing him?

    The difference in strength between both parties was even greater.

    "If he fights me head on, his strength is weaker than mine. But his life-preservation methods are rather powerful. With the Five-fire White Bone Beads revolving around his body, it's like a turtle shell." Qin Yun said.

    "For these old demons to settle in and strike fear to a region, they must have extremely capable life-preserving methods even if we ignore the other aspects." Yi Xiao said.

    Bam! The boat landed in the river at the same time, causing the river's surface to splash upwards.

    And this battle similarly reached the lower threshold of the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror. After learning of this matter, the information would be recorded in Black Demon King and Qin Yun's dossiers. At the same time, the cultivators on duty immediately informed the local Jiang Prefecture's Connate Golden Core experts, Palatial Lord Essence Charm and Peng Yue.
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