Chapter 110: Nine Mountain Island Lords Old Friend

    Chapter 110: Nine Mountain Island Lord's Old Friend

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    Sou! Sou!

    The purple and black sword beams flew back, carrying a bunch of items. There were rare and valuable treasures, banknotes and even one ninth-grade Dharma treasure! Qin Yun took out his Cosmic Bag and with a whoosh, all the items flew into it. Then he placed the Cosmic Bag by his waist.

    "Wow." Long Xiaolian widened her eyes as she looked at the treasures that were entering the Cosmic Bag. "Brother Qin Yun..." As she spoke, she stole a glance at Yi Xiao beside her.

    "Brother Qin Yun, that's a lot of treasures." Long Xiaolian coveted them.

    "This bit isn't even enough to raise my Intrinsic Flying Sword by even half a grade." Qin Yun shook his head and smiled. He had only collected the treasures of the ox demon and other seemingly powerful demon leaders. He was eager to amass more treasures as early as possible to quickly allow his Intrinsic Flying Sword to attain the fifth grade.

    "I came all this way to discuss business but my mother only rewards me with little. Killing and robbing are indeed faster." Long Xiaolian said excitedly. However, the turtle demon beside her said, "Killing the enemy to snatch their treasures might eventually lead to your death. If you were to wantonly murder, that makes you a fiend! On the land, human cultivators will hunt down fiendish demons. In the sea, the East Sea Dragon Palace will also hunt down fiends. As for truly powerful fiendish demons? Which one of them can you beat?"

    "Okay." Long Xiaolian twitched her mouth.

    Yi Xiao glanced at Long Xiaolian with a laugh.

    "Hong Lingtong's injuries are rather heavy. He needs to return and recuperate." Qin Yun looked at the pale Hong Lingtong and said, "In that case, shall we fly back to Grand Dominance first? I'll send him back and everyone else can tour Grand Dominance for a few days. As for Golden Qin County, we can return to it after finishing touring Grand Dominance... The journey back would also make it easier for Xiaolian to enter the sea through East Sea County."

    "Alright. It's a common saying to visit Grand Dominance in March. Now that it's almost March, it's the same going to Grand Dominance first." Long Xiaolian did not mind it at all.

    Yi Xiao nodded as well.

    Hong Lingtong said immediately, "Sorry for troubling all of you."

    "Hey, hey. Come on, tell me what did you do. How did you kill that only son of Black Demon King?" Long Xiaolian asked curiously.

    "Boatsman," Qin Yun said as he looked at the old boatsman and his daughter. "We will return straight away. Do you want me to bring the both of you to the nearby provincial city or do you have other plans? That is up to you. As for this boat, I will compensate you with silver. Treat it as though I bought it."

    "There's no need, no need at all. It's our good fortune for immortals to ride our boat." The boatsman immediately bowed and said with an obsequious smile. "Besides, the nearest Golden Martial Provincial City is only a couple of kilometers away. It wouldn't take long to reach it."

    Qin Yun nodded.

    "Alright then, let's go." Qin Yun waved his hand, lifting everyone into the air. The Intrinsic Flying Sword flew out and expanded to dozens of feet long as it held up the group of people. With a whoosh, it flew into the sky and headed north.

    The boatsman and the boat maiden looked up.

    "Father, the immortal said that he would compensate us with silver. He would even send us to the nearest county city. This boat of ours is only worth fifty taels of silver. The immortal might have easily produced a hundred taels," said the daughter.

    "What do you know?" The boatsman's wrinkled face was filled with excitement as he looked at the distant demon corpses on the shore. "I saw it clearly. The immortal only took away the treasures of a few powerful demons. There are many demons that the immortal couldn't be bothered with! This is the luck immortals have bestowed on our Zhang family! Whether our Zhang family strikes it rich will all depend on this. Quickly head for the bank."

    "Okay." The boat maiden nodded immediately as they did their best to steer the boat towards the bank.

    "Father, with so many demons dead, would other demons come? Would immortals come? Will they kill us?" The boat maiden was still a little afraid.

    "That whatever demon king has fled! No demon will rush here temporarily. The other immortals will take time to rush here too. Let's be quick. Gather some of the loot and leave. Furthermore, the powerful immortal did not think much of the treasures that some of the ordinary demons left behind." As he spoke, the old man jumped onto the bank and immediately began running. Although he was old, he was still at the fourth level of the Qi Refinement realm from his years of work.

    After all, Qi Refinement formulations had proliferated the world. Typical villages would also have people at the third or fourth level of the Qi Refinement realm.

    The old boatsman burst forward at an unprecedented speed and arrived beside the demon corpses. Quickly, he scooped up items from the corpses.

    "Banknotes, gold, golden leaves!" The boatsman rapidly grabbed whatever he could see.

    He searched nearly twenty demon corpses successively.

    "Quick, let's go." The boatsman ran back to the ship.

    "Why, Father?" the boat maiden asked immediately.

    "I got a big one!" The boatsman widened his eyes as he said hurriedly, "The other demons are very poor. I only got a thousand taels of silver after collecting from more than twenty of them."

    "A thousand?" The boat maiden turned excited.

    "I just got a big one. It has more than twenty thousand in banknotes! Also, there are some treasures. The immortal must have missed out on this powerful demon." The boatsman was extremely excited. "Let's leave quickly, the faster the better. Our Zhang family is going to be rich! Rich, I tell you!"

    "Alright." The boat maiden nodded immediately.

    "My dear daughter, you will be a daughter of a rich family in the future. I'll definitely get you a fine man as a husband." The boatsman said with a chuckle.

    The boat maiden's tanned face that had been weathered by the elements blushed. She began shaking the oars with even greater strength.

    Indeed, Qin Yun's two flying swords had killed all the demons in the air! He only collected the treasures of demons he considered powerful. In fact, there were two demon leaders that performed poorly when facing the flying sword... They were killed instantly, causing Qin Yun to mistake them for ordinary lesser demons. The old boatsman had looted one of the demon leader's body, earning a windfall in the process!


    Goat Horn Mountain.


    Black Demon King returned to his lair with the trident in hand and the Five-fire White Bone Beads revolving around him. Only then did he keep his Dharma treasures.

    "Your Majesty! Your Majesty!"

    "His Majesty is back."

    Immediately, demons came forward to welcome him back.

    "Your Majesty, did you catch that cultivator?"


    The demon leader that spoke was sent flying backward, slamming into a distant mountain wall. The fall nearly took his life.

    Black Demon King scanned his surroundings coldly. The demons fell silent in fear because it was apparent that their king was in a bad mood.

    "Grand Dominance County's Qin Yun? How is he that powerful? He's only twenty-two and he can suppress me. In another few years, wouldn't I fail to preserve my life in a one-on-one battle with him?" Black Demon King thought to himself. "Forget it! I'll stay away from that Qin Yun in the future! Furthermore, I was the one that suffered this time and I didn't kill anyone of his. He probably will not constantly target me."

    Black Demon King was truly a little afraid.

    A twenty-two-year-old was already this terrifying.

    What if he was thirty?

    "Hmph! Goat Horn Mountain is my territory. I have long established powerful array formations so I am definitely safe in Goat Horn Mountain." Black Demon King felt assured in his lair.

    "Brother Goat." Golden Firmament landed beside him with a flash of golden light.

    "Brother Golden Firmament, you sure escaped quickly. You probably reached here earlier than me." Black Demon King shot Golden Firmament a glance.

    "You also know that I'm too weak. I wouldn't be of much help by the side. If I had charged ahead, what if that Qin Yun attacked with his flying sword? Wouldn't I be dead?" Golden Qin said immediately with a chuckle.

    Black Demon King nodded slightly and did not speak further. Golden Firmament's strength was indeed rather weak when it came to head-on clashes.

    "Having suffered so badly, what do you plan on doing, Brother Goat?" Golden Firmament asked.

    Black Demon King frowned slightly and said, "I'll give it further thought!"

    "That's right. We demons have long lives. We shouldn't be too concerned about those short-lived humans." Golden Firmament nodded in agreement.

    "Brother Golden Firmament, I'm not in a good mood so I won't be entertaining you further," said Black Demon King.

    "Alright. I'll make a move first." Golden Firmament smiled as he left immediately.


    Palatial Lord Essence Charm and company had received news of the battle from the Inspector Heavenly Alliance. They were at the Connate Golden Core realm and were also the leaders among the Jiang Prefecture's cultivators. They were immediately informed of any serious matters that happened in Jiang Prefecture by the Inspector Heavenly Alliance.

    "Oh?" In Scenic Mountain Sect at Vessel Altar County, Palatial Lord Essence Charm was holding on to his purple token. He perceived the news coming from it and the purple Inspect Heavenly Token even projected a series of images of Qin Yun's battle with Black Demon King.

    "How impressive of Qin Yun. He is improving at a tremendous speed. The last time, he was barely able to use Rainbow Blooming Sword Beam and his moves were relatively simple. Now, his flying sword arts are a lot more brilliant. He can even beat Black Demon King and cause him to flee so pathetically." Palatial Lord Essence Charm nodded slightly. "In my Jiang Prefecture, he is probably ranked in the top five of all the Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors."

    Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors in the Jiang Prefecture were categorized into three groups.

    They were the Scenic Mountain Sect, the imperial government, and everyone else. Among the remaining cultivators, there were experts from Daoist or Buddhist sacred lands that were stationed in the Jiang Prefecture! As Jiang Prefecture's East Sea County was an important area which traded with the East Sea's Water race, there was no lack of experts being stationed there. Finally, there were the other factions like the Grass Magus Sect, First Great Sect, and the Lunar Magus Temple.

    It was naturally impressive to be ranked in the top five among the Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors in the Jiang Prefecture.

    "I have to make this known to the other juniors of the Scenic Mountain Sect and make them strive for improvement. If we can produce a junior that is hard on Qin Yun's heels, I would probably laugh myself awake." Palatial Lord Essence Charm shook his head gently. "Sigh, I wonder when my Scenic Mountain Sect will be able to be restored to a sacred land of yesteryear."


    Cloud Lake. On Nine Mountain Island.

    In the opulent palace in the depths of Nine Mountain Island.

    On the throne at the top of the grand hall, countless black mist rose and coagulated into a black-robed man. Under his blood-colored brows, his eyes effused a look of puzzlement. "Why would that tiger suddenly look for me? It can't be for a good reason."

    Although he had such a thought, he gently waved his hand.

    "Buzz." A phantom project appeared in front of him in midair. It was an old demon with a tiger's head atop a human's body. He was smiling, eyes filled with good will.

    "Nine Mountain." The old demon said with a smile.

    "Why is a tiger like you suddenly looking for me?" Nine Mountain Island Lord asked.

    The old tiger demon widened its gaping jaws as it grinned. "I just heard of a piece of news. The goat demon at Goat Horn Mountain had fought with a cultivator and had to escape in panic. He even abandoned his subordinates."

    "Oh? There are about ten cultivators in Jiang Prefecture that can accomplish such a feat, aren't there?" Nine Mountain Island Lord asked. "That goat demon is cautious and crafty. He would hide away if he encounters someone he can't beat. He can't have overestimated his strength, right?"

    "But he did take action." The tiger demon chuckled. "The cultivator he fought with is even an old friend of yours."

    "Old friend?" Nine Mountain Island Lord frowned.

    The old demon nodded. "That cultivator comes from Grand Dominance County and is named Qin Yun!"

    Nine Mountain Island Lord's expression immediately stiffened.

    His disciple, Water God, had been killed by Qin Yun! In order to help him obtain the blood of the children's heart, his junior brother, Gongye Bing, perished! It made Nine Mountain Island Lord's master somewhat displeased. As for the tiger demon... his standing in Cloudfiend Mountain was in no way inferior to Nine Mountain Island Lord's. The only difference was that they did not share the same lineage. He had gotten wind that Nine Mountain Island Lord had suffered quite terribly under Qin Yun.

    "This Qin Yun is considered an old friend of yours, right? Fate lies deep for the both of you!" The tiger demon grinned as he laughed joyfully. "By the way, that goat demon had to flee in a panic after being beaten. Your disciple, Golden Firmament, was also present. Why? Didn't your disciple tell-"

    Before he even finished the statement, the projection in front of him dissipated. Nine Mountain Island Lord had directly cut off their connection.

    "I knew that tiger was up to no good." Nine Mountain Island Lord grunted coldly. "However, that Qin Yun has truly grown too quickly."
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