Chapter 111: Dharma Treasure Robe

    Chapter 111: Dharma Treasure Robe

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    Having returned to Grand Dominance City, it was only natural for a local like Qin Yun to warmly entertain Long Xiaolian.

    March in Grand Dominance was truly beautiful. During the times Qin Yun and Yi Xiao accompanied Long Xiaolian, they would tour the lake on a boat or at times listen to the local tunes of Grand Dominance. At times, they would eat delicacies that had a long history. Naturally, Qin Yun and Yi Xiao became closer while accompanying Long Xiaolian.

    "My mother has urgently summoned me back. I can't continue having fun. Sister, Brother Qin Yun, there's no need to send me off." Long Xiaolian rubbed her belly. "I think I've grown fatter after eating so much in my two weeks in Grand Dominance."

    "Grand Dominance is pretty close to the East Sea. You can come at any time," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    "That's a deal." Long Xiaolian's eyes lit up.

    Long Xiaolian suddenly chuckled. "Brother Qin Yun, when will I be able to call you Brother-in-law without being scolded by my sister?"

    "I'm leaving!" Long Xiaolian ran off the moment she said that. With the turtle elder leading the way, they left on a cloud.

    "She's finally gone. All I've heard these few days are of her chattering," said Qin Yun with a laugh.

    Yi Xiao shot a glance at him and nodded. "Yea, I also think I've been slacking too much over the past few days. I haven't managed to cultivate my Dharmic Dao properly. I'll return to my residence and cultivate peacefully for a period of time."

    "The cultivation of Dharmic Dao shouldn't be done alone. It's best to discuss and exchange ideas on the Dao to achieve greater improvements." Qin Yun said immediately. He could not let Yi Xiao enter seclusive cultivation. Who knew how long her seclusion would be?

    Yi Xiao smiled and nodded gently. "Alright, in three days, we can have a sparring of our Dharmic Dao."

    "I'm actually really interested in seeing the Divine Firmament Chapter's methods," said Qin Yun immediately.

    With that, Yi Xiao turned and left.

    Regardless, she did not stay in Qin Yun's house. However, her residence was located near the tiny mirrorlike lake, slightly more than half a kilometer from Qin Manor.

    Qin Yun watched Yi Xiao's back and felt a sense of anticipation.

    Ever since he escaped into the East Sea, Qin Yun realized his true feelings when he reflected how there was no more hope between him and Yi Xiao. However, he did not plan on being overly eager, afraid that he would scare her away.


    In the following days, Qin Yun and Yi Xiao resumed their normal cultivation. However, they also discussed the Dao every three days and sparred in the Dharma every five days. Apart from those activities, they would tour Grand Dominance to enjoy its delicacies.

    Perhaps it was a tiny inconspicuous tavern around the corner or a lavish restaurant. They might even mount the clouds, traveling to the river banks, where they ate fresh catches from the river. At times, they would even get cooks to prepare fish that they had personally caught in the river...

    "Uncle Tian."

    In a chamber one day, Yi Xiao contacted her good friend through a communication Dharma treasure. A projection appeared in midair. It was a fat old man with a little gray in his hair. Beside him was a gigantic fire cauldron.

    "Yi Xiao?" The fat elder said with a laugh, "Why are you suddenly looking for me?"

    "I would like a set of eighth-grade Dharma treasure robes," said Yi Xiao.

    "Are there any requests?" asked the elder. "Does it need any Lightning Dharma methods imbued?"

    "No, it's not for me." Yi Xiao hesitated. "It's a male Dharma treasure robe."

    "Male?" The elder was astonished.

    "Yea, the robe is for a sword immortal. I wish it's stronger in the defense aspect. That's all," said Yi Xiao.

    The elder said in shock, "My dear girl, you want to buy a Dharma treasure robe for a male sword immortal? Furthermore, at my Divine Artisan Lane? Tell me, what's your relationship with that male sword immortal?"

    Divine Artisan Lane was the best artifact refinement sect in the world.

    The Dharma treasure they produced were all absolutely exquisite items.

    "Don't delve further. Finish it as soon as possible and send it to Grand Dominance," said Yi Xiao.

    "Grand Dominance? Male sword immortal?" The elder widened his eyes as his mouth curved into a circular smile. "I think I know who it is."

    Yi Xiao's face blushed slightly as she cut the communication.


    The 15th of June was Qin Yun's birthday.

    Early that morning, Changlan cooked a portion of longevity noodles personally. She had placed eggs in it as well. It was a birthday custom they had since they were young. Qin Yun finished the large bowl of noodles together with the soup clean.

    After finishing his meal, Qin Yun returned to his own compound.

    Qin Manor was a lot bigger than when it was first given to him by County Governor Wen. With Qin Yun becoming stronger, he needed dedicated chambers for seclusion, practice, as well as ground to meet friends and visitors. Therefore, after paying premium prices, he purchased the surrounding manors in the vicinity and interconnected them. Now, about half of Qin Manor belonged to Qin Yun. He had also set up powerful array formations in the entire Qin Manor.

    "Oh?" When Qin Yun came to a back garden, he saw Yi Xiao, dressed in a pale red robe, sitting on a rock not far from him. She was watching the lake.

    "Yi Xiao," Qin Yun was a little surprised. "Why didn't you tell me you were coming?"

    Yi Xiao carried the robe that she had placed to her side and handed it to Qin Yun. "I know it's your birthday today. This is for you."

    Qin Yun's eyes lit up when he saw the gift.

    The patterns on the robes were exquisite and they contained runic arrays within. Furthermore, there was a label that could be seen inside the robe. It stunned Qin Yun. "Divine Artisan Lane?"

    Qin Yun looked at Yi Xiao, who was offering the robe up to him. At that moment, she was carrying it with a tiny blush on her face, making Qin Yun find her exceedingly beautiful...

    "What are you looking at? Can't you take it? Do you want me to keep holding on to it?" Yi Xiao said with a blush.

    "Oh!" Qin Yun immediately took it. However, he immediately confirmed that it was an eighth-grade Dharma treasure robe when he sensed it upon receipt.

    "It's too expensive. This... This..." Qin Yun said immediately. "This is an eighth-grade Dharma treasure robe and it's from Divine Artisan Lane."

    "Didn't you give me a hair clasp previously? That was an eighth-grade Dharma treasure as well," said Yi Xiao.

    "But that was a hair clasp. This is an entire robe. It's more precious than ordinary seventh-grade Dharma treasures." Qin Yun said immediately. He was not even willing to splurge it on himself. The treasures left behind by Gongye Bing had been used to raise his Intrinsic Flying Sword to the sixth-grade. The remaining was used to buy the numerous items needed to set up Qin Manor with array formations. Therefore, the remaining Dharma treasure flying swords he bought were at the eighth-grade.

    The robe set was double the cost of the three eighth-grade Dharma treasure flying swords he had.

    "Why didn't you mention the sixth-grade Dharma treasure, the Blackwater Oxhorn Trident, that was left behind by Water God?" countered Yi Xiao. "Besides... if you really do not want it, I'll take it back."

    "I want it!" Qin Yun said immediately.

    It was a robe Yi Xiao gave him.

    How could he not want a robe given to him by a woman? At that very moment, Qin Yun truly sensed Yi Xiao's intentions. It left him delighted.

    "Phew!" He quickly refined the Dharma treasure robe and wore it. Indeed, clothes make the man. Qin Yun immediately turned more handsome.

    Of course, as a Dharma treasure, the robe could increase and decrease in size. The color could change as well. There were varying styles to select from too.

    When Qin Yun sensed the robe, it was indeed suitable for sword immortals. After a sword immortal's sharp and pure Dharmic powers were produced, it could be converted by the Dharma treasure robe into countless threads twined together that formed a protective layer to envelop his body.

    "Impressive." Qin Yun revealed a look of glee.

    Yi Xiao watched by the side and saw the new look after Qin Yun changed into the Dharma treasure robe. Upon seeing the beams circulating on the robe's surface, she could not help but say, "Stop showing off. You can slowly figure it out in the future by yourself."

    "Alright." Qin Yun said immediately. The robe returned to normal, making it no different from an ordinary robe.
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