Chapter 115: Save Me!

    Chapter 115: Save Me!

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    Inside the manor, Yi Xiao looked at the purple-dressed woman that had an air of aristocracy in her eyes. When she saw her face, Yi Xiao could not help but say, "You are the Zhongli family's Princess Martial Maple?"

    "You actually recognize me." The purple-dressed woman smiled.

    Yi Xiao knew very well.

    The Kong Prefecture's Zhongli family and the Kunlun Prefecture's Yi family were the few thousand-year-old families in the world. They were all conferred royal titles by the imperial government.

    To be conferred the title of 'Princess Martial Maple', the reason was none other than her being the daughter of the Zhongli family's patriarch. Common women from the Zhongli family had no right to call themselves princesses.

    "What relationship do you have with my father?" Yi Xiao looked at Yi Caishi before looking back at the purple-dressed woman in front of her.

    "Leave quickly. Stop asking any further." Yi Caishi shouted anxiously.

    Princess Martial Maple said, "Young lady, don't you worry. I won't be able to give birth to a daughter like you. Only a slut like your mother can bear such a child."

    Yi Xiao's expression changed immediately.

    "Third Madam," Yi Caishi said hurriedly, "Let Xiao'er go. I promised you never to meet her again. I will do it. It was her who came here herself."

    "That's none of my business. You have met her and right in front of me." Princess Martial Maple said with a smile, "Do it, take her down!"


    Voices sounded from around the inner compound.

    Boom! The array formation within the compound triggered. During Princess Martial Maple's tour of the world, every place she stayed at would naturally have array formations set up. The defenses were not inferior to those at County Governor Manor.

    Princess Martial Maple retreated as she watched everything unfold with a smile.

    "Whoosh! Whoosh Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh..." Five Connate False Core realm cultivators, including the hunchbacked elder, controlled an array formation together in a collective assault! Instantly, golden ropes flew within the compound, with one of them binding Yi Caishi. He could not put up any resistance as he was hurled to the side of Princess Martial Maple.

    Following that, golden ropes began to encroach towards Yi Xiao.

    However, Yi Xiao flipped her hand.

    "I summon the lightning!"

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

    Five gray and blurry lightning bolts flew out from her palm, hurtling in five separate directions. It was also the five spots that Yi Xiao vaguely figured were the operation nexus of the array formation. She also found it troubling. "There's a very powerful array formation inside this manor. It can isolate the Heaven and Earth powers! I can only use a portion of the Heaven and Earth powers within the manor."

    This was the main Lightning Dharma that Yi Xiao was presently cultivating in-Divine Lightning of Connate Breath!

    It was much more powerful compared to her fight with Water God when she used the False Core Pill and Dao talismans to cast Divine Lightning of Connate Breath. If she cultivated it to perfection, she would be qualified to cultivate the strongest Lightning Dharma in the Divine Firmament Chapter-Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma.

    "It's the Divine Lightning of Connate Breath."

    "Five Revolutions Array Formation."

    The five Connate False Core cultivators remained calm and confident.

    They were in-name disciples of the Zhongli Patriarch. They cultivated extraordinary heritage and the collective strength of the quintet was no weaker than that of a Connate True Core realm cultivator. What's more, they had the array formation that accentuated their combined strength!

    Golden ropes began to spiral over as Divine Lightning of Connate Breath struck them. The golden ropes took the initiative to parry them and could completely withstand the bolts. Furthermore, there was a golden rope barrier that was rapidly bearing down on her.

    "Oh?" As she cast a Dao talisman in one hand, she conjured lightning in the other!

    Her entire being felt like a ghost.

    Unfortunately, with her trapped in an array formation, there was no way she could step out of the inner compound! The golden ropes completely filled the tiny area, making it worse for Yi Xiao, who was not adept at combat in close quarters.

    "She sure can struggle." Princess Martial Maple smiled as she watched. "In terms of strength, she can match a Connate True Core realm cultivator. Unfortunately, she's trapped in the array formation and there's no way for her to escape."

    "Yes. She will eventually be taken down no matter how much she struggles." A white-haired elder said with a smile from the side.

    "Third Madam, let her go," Yi Caishi pleaded.

    "I won't do much to her on your account. Just a little torment." Princess Martial Maple glanced at Yi Caishi. "If you disappoint me, don't blame me for being heartless."

    Yi Caishi felt anxious and helpless.

    The white-haired elder beside said with a smile, "Junior Sister Martial Maple, do you need me to take action? This Yi Xiao seems to have many means of life-preservation. She is quite a tenacious one."

    "It's fine." Princess Martial Maple chuckled. "Isn't it rather interesting to watch? By the way, the battle in here cannot be sensed from outside, right? Silver Peak Monastery's Reverend Immense Sea is now a guest at County Governor Manor. We have even visited him previously. It wouldn't be good if he were to intervene."

    "Don't worry. Many array formations isolate themselves from perception, cutting off all fluctuations. One will not sense any fluctuation even by standing outside our compound." The white-haired elder said confidently.

    "That's good." Princess Martial Maple nodded.

    As they spoke, Yi Xiao tried every means she had. She even used her Dharma treasures but as she was trapped inside an array formation, she was finally bound by a golden rope. Soon, she was tied to a pillar.

    "Seal off her Dharmic powers." Princess Martial Maple instructed.

    And at that moment, Yi Xiao knew that things were going south.

    She finally could not ward the menacing golden ropes off. Just before she was tied up, she immediately used her communication treasure she carried with her and sent a message to Qin Yun, "East of the city, Jadebelt River. Inside a compound. Save me!"


    After sending her plea for help, immense Dharmic powers began sealing her Dharmic powers through the golden ropes!


    Outside the inner compound of Yi Xiao's residence.

    Qin Yun was still waiting.

    "Why isn't she here yet?" Qin Yun was feeling anxious and puzzled. "It doesn't make sense for Yi Xiao to do this with no reason."

    "Young Master Qin, wait a little while longer. Missus might have been delayed by something," said a maidservant.

    Qin Yun's expression suddenly changed as he flipped his hand to reveal the Inspect Heavenly Token.

    Powerful cultivators typically had communication treasures. For example, Gongye Bing had one back then. After entering the Connate realm, Yi Xiao was bestowed one by the Divine Firmament Chapter. Qin Yun's Inspect Heavenly Token could also exchange messages. With his present relationship with Yi Xiao, they had long left behind their mark on the communication treasures, allowing them to communicate with each other.

    "East of the city, Jadebelt River. Inside a compound. Save me!"

    A line of text surfaced within the azure-colored Inspect Heavenly Token.

    Qin Yun's expression changed the moment he saw it.

    "Save me?"

    Yi Xiao needed saving!

    She was calling for help!

    "Who dares attack Yi Xiao!?" Qin Yun's eyes went red as his silver flying sword instantly grew to a length of three feet as he stepped onto it.


    Instantly, he transformed into a beam of light that tore through the sky, heading straight for the east.

    Although the western part of the city was rather far from the eastern part of the city, Qin Yun was very fast. In a few seconds, he had arrived at Jadebelt River.


    Standing on the flying sword in midair, he surveyed his surroundings.

    Surrounding the area that resembled the wealthy residences around the mirror-like lake. The manors neatly lined the Jadebelt River and there were many pedestrians on the street. Everything was peaceful and quiet. Qin Yun overlooked the surroundings and failed to find any battles in the vicinity or any special commotion.

    Heaven Man Unity could not sense any fluctuations at all!

    "Where is it? Where is Yi Xiao?" Qin Yun panicked.

    "Right, search the area." Qin Yun instantly reacted. "Now, the release of my psyche through my Intrinsic Flying Sword can reach two thousand feet! The Jadebelt River area isn't that big either!"

    Qin Yun immediately conducted a carpet search.

    The area around Jadebelt River was only a few kilometers long.

    The Intrinsic Flying Sword's perception could envelop an area of about a kilometer but Jadebelt River was a meandering river so as Qin Yun flew along the river, he checked everywhere. About ten seconds passed.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun suddenly turned his head to look at a manor beneath him. "My perception is unable to penetrate that manor! There must be an array formation sealing it!"

    Powerful array formations such as the array formation at County Governor Manor could typically isolate its ward from external perception.

    "In all of Grand Dominance City, other than County Governor Manor and my Qin family, there is another place that is impervious to my senses? Yi Xiao must be there!"


    Qin Yun instantly controlled his flying sword.

    Accompanied by a loud rumble, the Intrinsic Flying Sword brought with it a terrifying might that pressed down from the heavens. It crashed straight down into the manor as he plunged down behind it while atop a black flying sword.


    Inside the manor.

    Yi Xiao had been tied to a pillar and Princess Martial Maple walked over with a smile. When she stood in front of her, she raised Yi Xiao's chin. "What a beautiful woman. Your beauty is enough to make me envious. Back then, that slut must have been very pretty as well, allowing her to seduce Caishi and making him leave me." With that said, she looked sideways at Yi Caishi.

    Yi Caishi had a complicated expression as he said hurriedly, "Third Madam, let Xiao'er go. Everything that happened between us has nothing to do with Xiao'er."

    "I can't find that slut and there's nowhere to vent my anger all this time." Princess Martial Maple looked at Yi Xiao. "Besides, it's only right for a daughter to pay for her mother's crimes."

    "I want to let her experience everything I endured in the past." Princess Martial Maple's eyes were cold and maniacal. "Such beauty. There must be many people pursuing you. Perhaps, you already have a beau?"

    Yi Xiao glared at her.


    This was the first time she knew so much about her mother.

    "Tell me, will those that pursue you or are even intimate with you still be mesmerized by you after they discover that you have turned ugly?" Princess Martial Maple flipped her hand and produced a knife. Simultaneously, she said, "Senior Brother, prepare some poison powder. In a while, I'll pour it onto her wounds, preventing her scars from ever healing."

    As she spoke, the blade slashed across Yi Xiao's face.

    Yi Xiao glared at her with reddened eyes as well as her father, Yi Caishi.

    "Third Madam." Yi Caishi rushed over to stop her.

    Princess Martial Maple waved her hand.


    She threw Yi Caishi far away. When he fell to the ground, he looked up into the distance and a golden rope flew over to bind him. As he watched Princess Martial Maple slash at his daughter's face, he immediately felt his heart wince as he shouted angrily, "Third Madam, Xiao'er is innocent!'

    "That's why I'm only making her ugly." Princess Martial Maple had already slashed down once. Immediately, blood gushed out Yi Xiao's face but she remained silent. All she did was look at the distant Yi Caishi.

    Her father had truly disappointed her.

    "Will Qin Yun still like me after I become ugly?" At that moment, Yi Xiao felt an upheaval of emotions. She looked at her distant father again. Disappointment and her mixed emotions caused her to tear.

    "She's crying! Crying! A beauty's tears sure winces the heart. However, you won't be a beauty in the future." Princess Martial Maple slashed at Yi Xiao's face again and again. "Cultivators can easily recover from such superficial wounds; however, if some rare and special poison powder is smeared into the wounds, the scars would turn ugly and gruesome. It will be a lot harder to treat it. Oh right, your Yi family's patriarch is formidable. If he were to pay the price, he will likely be able to treat you but do you think the patriarch will spend the effort to save a junior like you?"

    As she said that, Princess Martial Maple lowered the knife that was dripping with blood. She instructed, "Send her to my room. I will not only slash her face, I want her entire body to be ugly. Then, I'll smear some poison powder... Let's see if the young men courting you would continue their endeavors? You should taste the feeling of abandonment!"

    "Quick, send her into my room! I want to rip off her clothes and pepper her body with wounds." Princess Martial Maple's eyes were maniacal. "I'm very benevolent. I'm not getting the men to rip your clothes. Your chastity will not be sullied. Look at how good I am to you."

    Immediately, a cultivator came forward with a sneer. He grabbed Yi Xiao and was about to escort her into a room.


    "No good!" The expressions of the five Connate False Core realm cultivators that were presiding over the array formation changed.


    A terrifying force descended!

    The array formation flared with layers of barriers but under the terrifying force, it was completely torn apart easily. A horrifying flying sword had forcefully torn through everything as Qin Yun swooped down from a high altitude. At the moment, the array formation was cracked apart, allowing him to perceive everything inside the manor. He saw Yi Xiao's injured face that was covered in blood.

    "Yi Xiao!" Qin Yun's eyes turned red immediately.


    The Intrinsic Flying Sword revealed its unfathomable might the moment it reached ground level. Boom! The cultivator that was escorting Yi Xiao instantly blasted to smithereens.

    "No good! Retreat!" The white-haired elder grabbed Princess Martial Maple as a shield made up of layers of fish scales appeared in front of him. However, he was still sent retreating dozens of feet because of the wanton and terrifying might of the flying sword.


    Qin Yun swooped down and instantly hugged Yi Xiao.

    "Qin Yun, you are here." Yi Xiao looked at Qin Yun.

    "Yi Xiao, I'm here." Qin Yun could not even hold back his tears as his eyes turned red.
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