Chapter 118: 20% Strength

    Chapter 118: 20% Strength

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    Princess Martial Maple began feeling fear creep into her heart. She wanted to speak but the grip around her neck prevented her from doing so. She instinctively wanted to struggle but Qin Yun injected a wisp of Quintessential Essence into her body, sealing her of her Dharmic powers.


    "Qin Yun, put down the princess."

    "Everything can be discussed." The white-haired elder and the guardians stood up one after another as they shouted anxiously.

    "Young Master Qin, please let Princess Martial Maple off." Yi Caishi panicked as well. Noticing how Qin Yun did not react, he said immediately, "I'm Yi Xiao's father."

    Qin Yun took a glance at him before turning to look back at Yi Xiao.

    Yi Xiao only stared at Yi Caishi without saying a word.

    "You are Yi Xiao's father?" Qin Yun continued grabbing Princess Martial Maple's neck as he looked at Yi Caishi.

    Yi Caishi looked rather handsome and had a scholarly bearing. He immediately said, "Young Master Qin, let Third Madam off. She wouldn't dare take action again."

    "Were you watching your daughter being sliced in the face without doing a thing?" Qin Yun's voice was filled with anger.

    "I spoke out. I pleaded with her," said Yi Caishi instantly.

    "You said a few words in passing?" Qin Yun lost his temper.

    "I can't stop her. She doesn't listen to me," Yi Caishi said in a panic.

    "And now, you can't stop me." Qin Yun coldly looked into Yi Caishi's eyes.

    "Young Master Qin, please show mercy. Please." Yi Caishi said anxiously, "I owed her in the past. I owe Xiao'er too. It's all my fault."

    Qin Yun shook his head.

    What a loser.

    "You are wrong. What does this have to do with me? She injured Yi Xiao so you have no right to plead on her behalf." Qin Yun sneered as he looked at Princess Martial Maple. Her face was flushed red from the right grip around her neck. Without being able to say a word, her eyes were filled with plea.

    "You now know fear? Won't you very ruthless while dealing with Yi Xiao?" Qin Yun threw her to the side.


    Princess Martial Maple flew out and fell in front of Yi Xiao. The fall left her head bloody as she looked up at Yi Xiao.

    "Yi Xiao, requite like for like," said Qin Yun.

    "Miss Yi Xiao," shouted the white-haired elder and the other five.

    "Xiao'er, it's my fault," Yi Caishi said immediately.

    Princess Martial Maple crawled up but her eyes were still staring at Yi Xiao with resentment.

    Yi Xiao suddenly struck out.

    "Pa!" Princess Martial Maple was slapped in the face as she flew backward. Yi Xiao released her Quintessential Essence and grabbed her back in front of her.

    "Pa! Pa! Pa!"

    Yi Xiao's Quintessential Essence held Princess Martial Maple as she slapped her in the face with her right hand. Instantly, Yi Xiao's palms manifested themselves as shadows as the successive slaps struck Princess Martial Maple. It left her face covered in blood.

    "You had slashed at my face twelve times and I returned you with twelve slaps," said Yi Xiao.

    "You slapped me thirty times," said Princess Martial Maple in a hoarse voice as she struggled to speak.

    "The remaining eighteen slaps were for my mother. You kept using the word slut! You have no right to say that of my mother." Yi Xiao withdrew her Quintessential Essence and said coldly, "Leave and don't you appear in front of me ever again. I will still beat you if you appear."

    Princess Martial Maple clenched her teeth.

    Being slapped thirty times by the slut's daughter was a huge ridicule.

    "You wait and see. Wait and see." Princess Martial Maple thought to herself as she turned to leave.

    The white-haired elder, guardians, and Yi Caishi heaved a sigh of relief. The outcome was better than they expected.

    "Hold it."

    Qin Yun commanded coldly from the side.

    Princess Martial Maple, who had walked a few steps, came to a quivering halt. She looked at Qin Yun and said, "She... she has let me go."

    However, Qin Yun queried with a voice transmission. "Yi Xiao, she had slashed your face with a knife. If I had not come in time, her next acts would be even more ruthless. Are you just giving a few slaps? Letting her off just like that?"

    "Forget it, Qin Yun. She is a princess after all. Let's put this matter to rest."

    "It has already come this far. She will definitely bear a grudge," replied Qin Yun with a voice transmission.

    "I can't implicate you." Yi Xiao said with a voice transmission as she looked at him.

    Qin Yun's heart warmed as he smiled.

    He understood Yi Xiao's considerations.

    "How silly. Alright, leave it to me." Qin Yun beckoned with his hand as the knife that Princess Martial Maple had been thrown on the ground flew into his hand.

    "Qin Yun, don't you be foolish. She didn't have any intent to kill. Punishing her would do." Yi Xiao said hurriedly with a voice transmission.

    "Qin Yun!"

    "Stop!" exclaimed the white-haired elder, Yi Caishi and the rest.

    As for Reverend Immense Sea, he frowned slightly when he saw the situation play out. He said with a voice transmission, "Fellow Daoist Qin, the Zhongli's family patriarch is a human immortal, one of the supporting pillars of humanity. You should show some mercy."

    "I respect Zhongli's family patriarch as well." Qin Yun said with a voice transmission. "Him having merit doesn't mean his daughter can do anything as she pleases. Don't worry. I won't kill her."

    Immense Sea heaved a sigh of relief.

    Qin Yun walked over with the bloodstained knife in hand. Princess Martial Maple's face turned pale. "What are you doing? I... I only slashed with the knife. I didn't pour any poison powder. The wounds would recover very quickly. That Yi Xiao has hit me too. Why are you still..."

    "Poison powder?" Qin Yun's expression changed. "You were even planning to use poison powder?"

    Princess Martial Maple became even more panic-stricken.

    The white-haired elder and company beside were seized with anxiety. Princess, why did you mention the poison powder?

    "Where's the poison powder?" Qin Yun bellowed coldly.

    "No, I don't have it." Princess Martial Maple said immediately.

    "By pouring poison powder on the wounds, even cultivators will not be able to rid it once the toxins permeate the wounds. They will be scarred for life." Qin Yun was very aware of the tactics that were employed by scoundrels. He turned and swept his glance across the white-haired elders and the others. "Speak, where's the poison powder."

    The six shook their heads.

    "Are you trying to deceive me?" Qin Yun said curtly. "The six of you are accomplices regarding this matter. I'm only taking action against Princess Martial Maple now and haven't gotten to the six of you."

    "Deal with us?"

    "We were only obeying orders."

    "We..." The six panicked.

    Qin Yun swept the six with a glance. "How I deal with you will depend on your honesty. Hand over the poison powder obediently and I will be lenient. If not, I will not kill you, but cripple the dantians of you six. What do you think of that?"

    The six were horrified.

    Crippling their dantians?

    Ending of their cultivation path? It was worse than death.

    "Where's the poison powder? Hand it over. If you don't, there will not be any chances. This is my last warning." Qin Yun said indifferently.

    "It's with me." The white-haired elder took out a red bottle from the Cosmic Bag by his waist. He looked at Princess Martial Maple apologetically. "Junior Sister Martial Maple, we have no other choice either."

    Qin Yun took the red bottle and turned to walk towards Princess Martial Maple.

    "There's no way you would..." Princess Martial Maple was about to retreat when formless Heaven and Earth powers left her immobile.

    "Paying one back in her own coin!" Qin Yun said, "When you do what you do unto others, why didn't you think of the suffering they have to endure? Have a taste of that suffering."

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!"

    The knife slashed over. Yi Caishi was panicking by the side but it was useless. Qin Yun ignored him completely.

    "Twelve slashes." Qin Yun stopped and pulled the red bottle's stopper and scattered it suddenly.


    The poison powder hit Princess Martial Maple's face as she immediately held her face in pain.

    "Can I leave now?" Although Princess Martial Maple was in pain, she continued clenching her teeth and speaking hoarsely.

    "No rush." Qin Yun looked at the six and said, "Since you have handed over the poison powder, I'll not cripple you of your dantians. Hand over all your Dharma treasures and other valuable items. Consider it as a tiny punishment."

    "All valuable items?"

    "The Dharma treasures we obtained from decades of cultivation..." The white-haired elder and company panicked.

    The purple flying sword hovering in midair approached them.

    "We'll do it! We'll hand them over." The six immediately responded.

    "And you." Qin Yun pointed at Princess Martial Maple. "Hand over all your Dharma treasures and valuable items."



    A huge number of treasures piled in front of Qin Yun as they emanated waves.

    Qin Yun looked at the seven. At that moment, Princess Martial Maple covered her face with a veil. She looked at Qin Yun with a cold glare. "Can we leave now?"

    "The clothes on you is also a Dharma treasure. Hand it over." Qin Yun said indifferently.

    "You-" Princess Martial Maple's eyes were filled with harshness. But against Qin Yun, who was looking at her calmly, her Dharma treasure robe flew out and landed on the pile of Dharma treasures in front of Qin Yun. At that moment, all Princess Martial Maple was left with were white body-hugging clothes.

    "You can leave." Qin Yun waved his hand.

    "Let's go." The white-haired elder immediately cast his flying art and brought everyone, including Yi Caishi away. Yi Caishi gave Yi Xiao a conflicted look. He then came close to Princess Martial Maple and looked at her with a pained heart.


    Princess Martial Maple and company left quickly on a cloud.

    After flying out of Grand Dominance City, the silent Princess Martial Maple turned and looked down at the blurring city. She said hoarsely, "I'll definitely have my revenge."

    "Third Madam." Yi Caishi looked at Princess Martial Maple with a pained heart.

    "That daughter of yours has only seduced an Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador. If he were a Purple-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador, I would not be able to do a thing. But an Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador?" Princess Martial Maple sneered. "She and that Qin Yun will not remain complacent for long."

    Then, Princess Martial Maple looked meekly at Yi Caishi. "Caishi, don't worry. She's your daughter after all. I won't kill her."


    Qin Yun kept the treasures.

    "Young Master Qin, you have truly offended that princess." County Governor Song could not help but comment.

    "You even took all their Dharma treasures." Immense Sea said with a smile as well.

    "Since I'm offending her, I might as well offend her fully." Qin Yun said with a smile. "Besides, Reverend Immense Sea, you know that I haven't cultivated for long either. I'm very poor. Alright, I won't be entertaining the both of you. We'll be leaving first."

    Qin Yun held Yi Xiao's hand. Yi Xiao allowed him to hold it as they left on a cloud.

    While flying in midair, Yi Xiao looked at Qin Yun who was holding her hand. She felt her heart warm but she was worried as well. She felt remorse. "Qin Yun, you have truly offended Princess Martial Maple. She will definitely think of a way to seek revenge."

    "Don't worry. It will be fine." Qin Yun said with a smile. "Let me tell you a secret."

    Yi Xiao was taken aback.

    "In the battle just now, everything was within my grasps. Besides, I only used twenty percent of my strength," said Qin Yun.

    "Twenty percent?" Yi Xiao was astounded. "You defeated the group of guardians and repressed Reverend Immense Sea..."

    Qin Yun smiled. "Since I know Princess Martial Maple will seek revenge, how can I display all my strength?"

    Yi Xiao was surprised and delighted, as well as astounded.

    The strength that he demonstrated was a little stronger than when he defeated Black Demon King. Yet, it was only twenty percent of Qin Yun's strength?

    Could he already match someone at the Connate Golden Core realm already?

    "I'm only telling this to you. No one else knows." Qin Yun chuckled in a hushed tone. "Remember, keep it a secret."

    Yi Xiao nodded and immediately felt relieved.
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