Chapter 121: Entering a Sect

    Chapter 121: Entering a Sect

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    "Grand Dominance County, Qin Yun?" A man with handsome looks that bordered on seductiveness was looking at a mirror in front of him. It displayed a blood-colored flood dragon.

    "Multiform Poison Codger, are you willing to do it?" The blood-colored flood dragon asked. "If you kill Qin Yun, you can obtain one Immortal Crystal."

    The man chuckled softly and said, "I have assassinated people at the Connate True Core realm before but I have really never killed an Inspector Heavenly Ambassador. Your Myriad Temple knows that I'm close to the end of my life and is in dire need for treasures to break through... Alright, I'll accept it. I'll kill Qin Yun in a month."

    A wall of text appeared in the mirror.

    "This is the detailed information regarding Qin Yun." The dragon cut off the communication once it was done.

    "Hmph, only twenty-two years old." The man said in a deep voice. "I'm almost two hundred years old and I'm only at the Connate False Core realm."

    "However, with regards to killing people... I have a variety of means." The man got up and left the house.

    There were female servants waiting on him outside the house.

    "Young Master," said a servant politely.

    However, he did not say a word. As he walked past the servant, her eyes widened as she collapsed to the ground, dead. She had black blood flowing out her nostrils.

    As he walked, wherever he passed, the servants and maidservants would die one after another.

    "Husband, why did you kill all of them." In a garden, a woman was alarmed when she saw the servants fall to the ground dead. "Didn't you say that you wouldn't kill people after I marry you?"

    The man smiled and said, "Back when I came to your Wang family, I killed three hundred guards as well as members of your Wang family. None of you dared to say a word and didn't you end up marrying me still?"

    "But our Wang family has not slighted you in any way over the past year or so." The woman was seized by panic.

    "It's true, but I'm leaving," said the man.

    "Leave?" The woman's heart was filled with anticipation and fear.

    This terrifying fiend was finally leaving.

    "Before I leave, any woman that I encounter shall die," commented the man.

    "You want to kill me?" The woman trembled.

    "I have killed everyone along the way. Treat it as if they will be accompanying you in death." The man smiled and said, "Finally, I have one thing to tell you. I'm, in fact, already one hundred and ninety-two years old. Haha."

    The woman widened her eyes.

    The man waved his hand as the woman fell to the ground dead with blood flowing out her nose.

    Following that, the man's appearance changed into a thin and tiny old man. His eyes flickered with a gold glimmer. "What a good risk. As long as I succeed in killing an Inspector Heavenly Ambassador, I can obtain an Immortal Crystal! This is more than all the treasures I have obtained in the past. Perhaps, I might be able to use it to break through to the Connate True Core realm, extending my lifespan."

    "Qin Yun? A sword immortal? Sword immortals are proficient at their flying swords but their weaknesses are obvious as well." Multiform Poison Codger snickered and left with the wind.

    The compound he was in belonged to the Wang family.

    The Wang family had already discovered that a large number of servants had died; therefore, they hid far away. Even some of the guards fled and returned only at night.

    A probe was made.

    "He's gone. That fiend is finally gone."

    The Wang family heaved a sigh of relief.

    "That cultivator didn't focus on his cultivation and kill fiends but ended up harming us mortals." The Wang family's patriarch looked at the corpses in front of him as his eyes filled with tears. Other than a daughter, there were other servants and members of the Wang family among the corpses. They had all been killed by Multiform Poison Codger in passing.

    The Wang family was quite a powerful faction, so they understood that Multiform Poison Codger was a terrifying cultivator. No one in their county was probably Multiform Poison Codger's match; therefore, they could only tolerate and pander him.

    The Wang family did not even know Multiform Poison Codger's true identity even to the very end.


    Grand Dominance. Qin Manor.

    The Qin Manor had been refurbished with array formations. Every night, Qin Yun would cultivate his Intrinsic Flying Sword, hoping to push it to the fifth-grade as soon as possible.

    "Yun'er. Yun'er." Qin Liehu came to Qin Yun's cultivation yard.

    Before Qin Liehu could knock on the door, the door opened automatically.

    Qin Liehu instantly saw Qin Yun sitting cross-legged inside. With a whoosh, the flying sword flew back to Qin Yun and vanished.

    "Father, why are you here?" Qin Yun got up and smiled.

    "I have something I need to trouble you with." Qin Liehu stammered in hesitation.

    "Father, just speak your mind if there's something for me to do," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    Qin Liehu said, "You also know that I have a good friend, your Uncle Xu. Back when I was a constable, your Uncle Xu shared a great relationship with me. Although he has moved to Golden Qin County, he is recently back in Grand Dominance. He came to me... hoping to get some help in sending his youngest son into the Scenic Mountain Sect for cultivation."

    "Scenic Mountain Sect?" Qin Yun frowned. That is the only top cultivation sect in our Jiang Prefecture. Such a large sect would not easily accept disciples.

    "His son is twelve years old and is at the seventh level of the Qi Refinement realm. He's quite talented." Qin Liehu said, "If he lacks the talent, I wouldn't dare to seek your help. You also know that I've rejected those that come to seek our help in order to not make things difficult for you. But for my relationship with your Uncle Xu... it's really..."

    Qin Yun asked, "Did he fail to enter the Scenic Mountain Sect's normal recruitment?"

    "He failed to even become an in-name disciple," said Qin Liehu immediately.

    "Father," Qin Yun said. "Get Uncle Xu to bring his son to me. I'll take a look myself! Although Scenic Mountain Sect was once a Daoist sacred land, it is still extraordinary at present. The requirements for it to take in a disciple is stringent. Although my relationship with the Scenic Mountain Sect is pretty good, I can't send any person in."

    Even second or third-tier sects were very careful with taking in disciples, much less top cultivation sects!

    "By the way, Father, what is your relationship like with Uncle Xu?" asked Qin Yun. "If I made the request, it is definite that the Scenic Mountain Sect would accept him as an in-name disciple without elaboration. However, there is a limit to the goodwill between people. I can't keep sending people in."

    "Help him! I have rejected everyone else but your Uncle Xu and his friendship with me was tested by life-and-death," replied Qin Liehu.

    "Alright, get his son over here first." Qin Yun nodded.


    Two hours later.

    A man as fat as a bear brought a plump youth to see Qin Yun. Qin Liehu accompanied them by the side.

    "Young Master Qin." The man spoke with restraint as he said immediately, "This is my kid. His name is Xu Lie. Lie'er, quickly greet Young Master Qin."

    The plump youth knelt down immediately with eyes that were filled with idolation. Without further ado, he said, "Greetings Young Master Qin, I am Xu Lie."

    "Dispense with the formalities," said Qin Yun instantly. Then, a formless Heaven and Earth powers lifted up the youth.

    When Xu Lie felt the formless energy, his reverence for Qin Yun grew.

    "Uncle Xu, back when I first met you, I think I was even younger than he was." Qin Yun smiled. "In a blink of an eye, it's been twelve years."

    "That's right. But Young Master Qin, your talent in sword arts is a lot better than my kid." The man rushed to flatter Qin Yun. Although he was also a silver-badge constable in Golden Qin County, there were golden-badge constables in such large counties. He had also seen experts in Golden Qin County so he was acutely aware of how much power an Inspector Heavenly Ambassador wielded. He naturally did not dare to act as an elder.

    After all, they had only met a few times before.

    "Here, come over to me." Qin Yun looked at Xu Lie.

    Xu Lie ran over immediately.

    Qin Yun extended his arm and grabbed Xu Lie's wrist and immediately Xu Lie stiffened up.

    "Yea," Qin Yun nodded slightly. "Seventh level of the Qi Refinement realm and a good physical constitution! You are rather suitable for cultivating the Godfiend arts, or methods such as the Physical Establishing Sage."

    "Only the imperial government possesses the formulations of the Godfiend lineage and it's very hard to reach a deep mastery." The man said immediately. "As for Physical Establishing Sage, it's even harder."

    Qin Yun nodded. "Our Jiang Prefecture's First Great Sect does have Physical Establishing Sage formulations but it's overly ordinary. Reaching the Connate True Core realm is its limit."

    Out of the three Daoist sacred lands, the Primordial Chaos Sect was a sect with Physical Establishing Sage formulations!

    However, the Primordial Chaos Sect was extremely stringent in its recruitment conditions. It was the toughest out of the three sacred lands! Xu Lie's talent was far inferior to the youths that came from top family clans that nurtured them with all sorts of herbal treasures. All of them had great physical constitutions.

    "What are you good at?" asked Qin Yun.

    "Pole arts." Xu Lie said immediately, "Also, I'm good at calligraphy."


    Xu Lie did his best to demonstrate his pole arts! By the side, Xu Dahan was feeling especially nervous.

    After a while, Xu Dahan placed a piece of calligraphy paper that had been prepared ahead of time on a stone table. Xu Lie began writing his calligraphy. Calligraphy was the basics of talisman arts.

    "That's not bad." Qin Yun nodded.

    Xu Lie barely qualified to be an in-name disciple of Scenic Mountain Sect. However, Scenic Mountain Sect naturally chose the cream of the crop! In addition to personal ties and influence from one's family clans, it was natural that Xu Lie, who lacked any background, wasn't recruited.

    Xu Dahan looked nervously at Qin Yun as Xu Lie did not even dare to breathe.

    The moment that determined his fate came.

    "Uncle Xu," Qin Yun said with a nod. "Your child is still alright. However, after entering the Scenic Mountain Sect, Xu Lie, you will have to put in a lot of effort."

    Xu Lie immediately revealed a grateful look.

    By the side, Xu Dahan's body trembled as he said immediately, "Lie'er will be able to enter the Scenic Mountain Sect?"

    "Bring him to the Scenic Mountain Sect. Remember, being an in-name disciple is just the beginning. To become an inner-sect disciple or inherited teachings disciple... will depend on his diligence," said Qin Yun.

    "Sure. Sure." Xu Dahan nodded immediately but he could not help but ask, "Is there no need for a letter?"

    "There's no need. You may leave," said Qin Yun.

    Xu Dahan nodded immediately.

    "Yun'er, I'll walk your Uncle Xu out and stop disturbing you." Qin Liehu said with a smile. With that, he led the excited Xu Lie and his father out.

    Qin Yun watched as they left before flipping his hand to reveal the Inspect Heavenly Token.


    A phantom image appeared beside the Inspect Heavenly Token. It was none other than Daoist Yan.

    "Fellow Daoist Qin, why are you suddenly looking for me?" Daoist Yan chuckled. "I heard that you taught that young princess of the Zhongli family a lesson."

    "It's just a trivial problem," said Qin Yun. "Fellow Daoist Yan, I do have something to trouble you with."

    "What is it?" asked Daoist Yan.

    Qin Yun said, "There's a young kid named Xu Lie. He's twelve years old and at the seventh level of the Qi Refinement realm. His foundations aren't bad. I'm wondering if you can admit him into the Scenic Mountain Sect as an in-name disciple?"

    "An in-name disciple?" Daoist Yan nodded. "That would be simple. It will be troublesome if it was an inner-sect disciple. If it's just an in-name disciple, all I need to do is just pass the message. Oh, by the way, the child's name is Xu Lie?"

    "Yes, Xu Lie from the Golden Qin County! His father is also a silver-badge constable and was once a constable in my Grand Dominance County," elaborated Qin Yun.

    "Looks like it's a family friend." Daoist Yan nodded. "Alright, I'll give the instructions immediately."

    "Thanks," said Qin Yun.

    "It's nothing," said Daoist Yan forthrightly.
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