Chapter 126: Bright Moon Over River

    Chapter 126: Bright Moon Over River

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    The enhancement of the flying sword going from sixth-grade to fifth-grade was done by nurturing it constantly with sword intent. And in the recent few months, his Misty Rain Sword Intent had reached the realm of sword intent domain. It added several characteristics of sword intent to the flying sword after its breakthrough. Even a nonchalant wave of it would result in sword flashes that manifested a blurry misty rain that had a faint sense of exuberence and sentience.

    The demonstration of the Misty Rain Sword Art was naturally done easily.

    Unknowingly, the mid-autumn scene surfaced in Qin Yun's mind. The gentle sounds of the river's waters, the blurry moonlight and his uncontrollable kiss with Yi Xiao above the clouds.

    That gentle river water...

    The blurry moon hanging high in the sky...

    The fairy under the moon was even more unforgettable.

    "Phew!" Qin Yun put away his sword and stood there. He lightly exhaled a sword breath.


    He spewed out a white sword beam from his mouth that instantly tore through the skies, streaking across Grand Dominance City's skyline. It was like the rising of a blurry moon over the river. Instantly, the sword beam instantly flew out ten kilometers and went beyond Grand Dominance City's vicinity. Finally, it went beyond Qin Yun's perceivable range of the Heaven and Earth powers. It finally flew dozens of kilometers through the clouds before it gradually dissipated.

    The sword beam traveled for dozens of kilometers but it was not a flying sword Dharma treasure but purely a sword beam! It was truly terrifying!

    "I've finally created this move." Qin Yun revealed a smile. "I shall call it Bright Moon Over River."

    A figure flew over and landed in Qin Yun's yard. It was none other than Yi Xiao.

    "What happened? I sensed a very power shockwave," Yi Xiao said immediately. "I felt that it was at the peak Connate True Core realm."

    "I just comprehended a sword move. It is also the strongest attack in my Misty Rain Sword Art," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    "Qin Yun, your strongest sword move? Its strength is only that?" Yi Xiao was puzzled. She knew very well what Qin Yun's strength was.

    Qin Yun smiled. "In order to not be detected by the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror, I have produced that strike with a sword breath. I didn't even use my flying sword but the strength is already much greater than I expected."

    "Just a sword breath?" Yi Xiao as astonished. "Just one sword beam?"

    "Just one." Qin Yun nodded.

    "If you were to release ten or even a hundred sword beams, that might..." exclaimed Yi Xiao.

    Qin Yun shook his head. "It is currently my strongest move. Using it is quite difficult. Being able to release three sword beams with such a move is already remarkable."

    Yi Xiao observed Qin Yun's look and could not help but say, "Look at that smug look of yours. Just a sword breath alone already has such might. If you were to use it with your Intrinsic Flying Sword, how terrifying would it be!? How is this move so powerful? What is its name?"

    "I just gave it a name. Bright Moon Over River." Qin Yun looked at Yi Xiao.

    Yi Xiao immediately understood the underlying meaning behind the move. She immediately thought of the night over the river during mid-autumn. She could not help but blush slightly as she stole a glance at him.

    "That night, my sword intent finally reached a climax, and I stepped into the realm of the sword intent domain," explained Qin Yun. "Over the past few months, I have been constantly trying to improve my Misty Rain Sword Art by perfectly converting my Misty Rain Sword Intent into powerful attacks. And the one I wished to create the most was a sword art that signified the feeling we enjoyed the moon over the river that night."

    "Today, my Intrinsic Flying Sword reached the fifth-grade. When I engaged in swordplay, I gained new insights and naturally created this move."

    "This move represents a new pinnacle in my Misty Rain Sword Intent."

    Qin Yun looked at Yi Xiao. "Of course, it is only the present pinnacle. As I continue cultivating, I will constantly improve this move."

    As Qin Yun spoke, he walked towards Yi Xiao and extended his hand to hold hers.

    Yi Xiao did not dodge. Only her face blushed slightly.

    "The path of cultivation is long. Will you walk it together with me?" Qin Yun looked at Yi Xiao.

    Yi Xiao held Qin Yun's hand and looked up at him. "I only wish to hold your hand, and grow old with you, never abandoning you in life and in death."

    "Never abandoning you in life and in death!" Qin Yun nodded.

    The couple looked at each other.

    Qin Yun hugged Yi Xiao as she leaned into his embrace.

    The night was silent. The two could hear each other's heartbeats.

    "Qin Yun," Yi Xiao whispered while in Qin Yun's embrace. "Next February, I'll have to return to the Divine Firmament Chapter."

    "Return to the Divine Firmament Chapter? Is there something?" asked Qin Yun.

    "The Spring Lightning ushers in the Lightning Pool. That is the best opportunity to enter the Lightning Pool," explained Yi Xiao. "I'm currently cultivating the Divine Lightning of Connate Breath. Once I attain perfection, I can cultivate the strongest Lightning Dharma of the Divine Firmament Chapter-Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma. The Yi family has been nurturing me also because they wish I am able to master the Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma. My master taught me also because she hopes I will eventually grasp it. It will take three months of seclusion cultivation inside the Lightning Pool. When I'm done cultivating, I'll immediately return to Grand Dominance to meet you again."

    "Alright. Cultivation is important as well." Qin Yun nodded with a smile. "It's only three months. It will pass quickly."

    Yi Xiao nodded gently.


    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao led lives like an immortal couple in Grand Dominance County.

    And in a rural village in Po Prefecture, the entire mountain village's inhabitants were dead. There was a massive battle happening above the village in the sky.

    "Flood Dragon King, don't the lot of you think of escaping today." A white piece of silk flew across the sky as countless white threads reinforced it. An absolutely beautiful woman had six furry snow-white tails behind her. Her body was like a mirage and she appeared everywhere.


    The gigantic black dragon claw resembled a tiny mountain as it peeked beneath the clouds. It ripped lines through the clouds that tore apart a number of the beauty's figures. However, her other figures continued to be sparsely scattered everywhere.

    "Brother, this fox demoness's movement techniques are too powerful. We can't kill her. Let's leave immediately." The leopard demon said hastily.

    "Yes, let's go." The angry Flood Dragon King had attempted several moves. Despite his strength taking the absolute advantage, he was still unable to touch his opponent. "As expected of someone with the nine-tailed fox bloodline. When I enter the Connate Golden Core realm, I'll definitely come for you and torture you to vent the anger in my heart."


    Flood Dragon King led the leopard and cat demons away as they fled immediately.


    They fled with all their might. As a dragon that swam through the clouds, he was extremely fast. Although the six-tailed fox demoness was chasing with all her might behind them, they eventually escaped her perception of the Heaven and Earth powers. Soon, she lost all traces of them.

    Moments later.

    "Miss Seventh." A golden airship rushed over. There were three human cultivators onboard and the leader, a white-robed man, said immediately, "Where are the three demon monarchs of Evil Dragon Mountain?"

    "You people were too slow!" The six-tailed fox demoness's beautiful face showed anger. "I have been chasing them for months and after finally finding them, I immediately informed you. They escaped by the time you come!"

    "Rushing here takes time. We have already rushed here as fast as we could," explained the white-robed leader.

    "You people from the Inspector Heavenly Alliance are truly useless. It looks like I'll have to rely on my Heavenly Demon Palace." The six-tailed fox demoness, Seventh Madam Yan, was burning with anger.

    "In terms of manpower in the world, no one can match us, humans," consoled the white-robed man. "The evil dragon is just too crafty and he escapes too quickly."

    Seventh Madam Yan's eyes were brimming with tears.

    She was angry and disgruntled but she also knew that they were right! The Inspector Heavenly Alliance had truly rushed here as fast as they could.

    How many powerful cultivators would be like her? She had searched for them all over the world without rest. Upon coming across the tiniest clue, she would constantly fly to every region to investigate. It was hatred that made her act in such a crazy manner. After months of investigations, she was finally lucky to find them. Yet, they had escaped. When would be the next time she could find them again?

    "So what if we can find them?"

    "I can't kill them, not a single one of them. If not for me using my movement techniques, I am far from that Flood Dragon King's match." Seventh Madam Yan felt bitter. Following that, she thought of the vow she had made in front of a grave. Thinking back to the wonderful days of the past, Seventh Madam Yan's heart surged with endless hatred. "Darling, regardless of anything, I will pursue them to the ends of the world to kill them to avenge you."

    With that, Seventh Madam Yan vanished into a cloud and departed.


    The three cultivators on the golden ship shook their heads secretly.

    "Seventh Madam Yan has nearly gone mad chasing the three demon monarchs of Evil Dragon Mountain." The white-robed man shook his head. "So what if she chases up to them? Flood Dragon King is too powerful. He cultivates in the Fiendcelestial heritage and has long reached the peak Connate True Core realm! His true form is also a flood dragon... His combat strength is so strong that he can fight a Connate Golden Core realm expert. Previously, Flood Dragon King was able to escape even when my Uncle-Master found him. To be able to escape from the hands of a Connate Golden Core realm expert, such a great demon is just too difficult to kill."

    "Besides, every prefecture only has that many Connate Golden Core realm experts. Either they have to watch over an important area, or they have to stay in their own sects or family clans. The three demon monarchs from Evil Dragon Mountain are aware of the locations of these Connate Golden Core realm experts and avoid those places. Even if Seventh Madam Yan were to discover the three demon monarchs, the Golden Core realm cultivators will not be able to rush there in time due to the great distance."

    "There are too many fiendish demons in the world. Although the three demon monarchs are powerful, they are more crafty. The confirmed crimes that they are charged with aren't too exaggerated either. The imperial government needs to deal with too many fiendish demons in the world. So they are unwilling to waste too much effort on three demon monarchs that are constantly on the run."

    "Forget it, we can't do much to the three demon monarchs. Even if we encounter them, the combined efforts of the three of us can barely hold them back."

    As the three cultivators conversed, they left while riding the golden ship.

    Humans and fiendish demons had been fighting since time immemorial. Although humans had the upper hand, fiendish demons were not that easily dealt with.



    Flood Dragon King and company were flying in the clouds.

    "That fox demoness is practically haunting us. We have been scurrying everywhere in the world but still, she has managed to find us." Leopard Demon King said hatefully.

    "A male human mortal is enough to make her go this crazy?" Flood Dragon King said angrily as well.

    "She might have caught us this time, but we will lie low for a period of time. It's best we leave Po Prefecture," said Cat Demon Queen.

    Flood Dragon King nodded slightly. "Alright then. We might as well head for Jiang Prefecture! Let's go there and slaughter that Qin Yun!"

    "Alright." Leopard Demon King nodded. "Onward to Jiang Prefecture."

    "When we kill Qin Yun and obtain the Immortal Crystals, that Qin Yun will probably have quite a bit of treasure. When the time comes, you can attempt another breakthrough, Brother." Cat Demon Queen said.

    "Haha... Who knows, I might break through to the Connate Golden Core in one fell swoop. Let's go! Onwards to Grand Dominance County!" Floor Dragon King guffawed and immediately changed their direction.


    The three demon monarchs flew among the clouds and headed for Jiang Prefecture.
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