Chapter 127: Immortals Cave Abode

    Chapter 127: Immortal's Cave Abode

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    On a peak of a nameless hill in Jiang Prefecture's Grand Dominance's Yangshe Province, three figures suddenly whizzed and appeared. They were the three demon monarchs from Evil Dragon Mountain that had come from Po Prefecture.

    "This is Grand Dominance County's Yangshe Province. Grand Dominance City is north of here and we are about two hundred and fifty kilometers away from it. We are more than five hundred kilometers away from Golden Qin County City." Flood Dragon King nodded slightly. "As long as we lay a trap in Yangshe Province, we will lure that Qin Yun over! Even if he discovers any danger and summons cultivators from the Inspector Heavenly Alliance to come here, it will take a while to fly here from Golden Qin County."

    "Eldest Brother, you are being overly cautious. Once he enters our trap, he wouldn't even be able to cry for help." Leopard Demon King said confidently. "If it were up to me, I'll just head into Grand Dominance City to commit crimes and kill that Qin Yun directly."

    "Second Brother, engaging in murder in human county cities could incur the wrath of the human imperial government if too many human lives are involved," said the Cat Demon Queen. "It's not something that can be compared to killing a few villages in secret. A county city has so many people living in it... If the imperial government is angered, Human Emperor might even personally send terrifying existences over."

    Leopard Demon King was taken aback as he said in a hushed tone, "Then, we have to be careful and not implicate too many human lives."

    "That Qin Yun is not to be underestimated," Flood Dragon King said. "I am confident of killing him but I'm not confident of killing him without implicating the humans around. Third Sister... I'll leave the matter of laying the trap to you."

    "Don't you worry."

    Cat Demon Queen said confidently, "All I need to do is pretend to be a powerful fiendish demon and wreak havoc in this area! Ordinary mortal soldiers will be powerless against me so Grand Dominance's county governor will eventually have to request for Qin Yun's help. Even if the imperial government's help is requested... it will eventually mobilize the Inspector Heavenly Alliance's cultivators, which is still Qin Yun. As the one watching over Grand Dominance, he will be the one responsible for wiping out fiends."

    "As long as he comes to wipe us out, the three of us can kill him." Cat Demon Queen began feeling a sense of anticipation.

    "Alright, I feel assured with you doing the job." Flood Dragon King nodded.

    "In about half a month, there should be enough of a stir. That Qin Yun will definitely come." Cat Demon Queen smiled faintly as her eyes suffused a green light.


    Grand Dominance City, Qin Manor.

    "Brother Hong, congratulations on entering the Connate realm. This is cause for a great celebration." Qin Yun smiled as he looked at Hong Lingtong beside him.

    "Thanks to Brother Qin Yun for saving me the other time or I would probably be dead under the hands of Black Demon King." Hong Lingtong's face was beaming as well. How could he not be happy from entering the Connate realm? He believed that his heritage was impressive and although his combat strength was incomparable to Qin Yun or Yi Xiao, who cultivated in Lightning Dharma, his combat strength could barely reach the level of the Connate True Core realm.

    After all, Yi Xiao cultivated in the most orthodox heritage from the Daoist sacred land, Divine Firmament Chapter. Once she entered the Connate False Core realm, she could match ordinary cultivators at the Connate True Core realm. In the future, she would also cultivate in the best Lightning Dharma, the Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma. Lightning Dharma had always been synonymous with force and aggression.

    As for sword immortals, they were deemed best at offense, being capable of using a single sword to destroy all Dharma. In terms of combat strength, it was on the same level as the Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma. However, Qin Yun had long grasped sword intent and had reached a heaven-defying realm of sword intent domain. He was naturally a lot stronger than Yi Xiao.

    Hong Lingtong, on the other hand, wasn't the most skilled at head-on combat.

    "It's trivial considering our friendship." Qin Yun did not mind at all. Back when Gongye Bing was targeting him, everyone around him was eager to shrink away from them. Yet, Hong Lingtong had helped him. Qin Yun naturally remembered this favor.

    "I actually have another matter," said Hong Lingtong.

    "Oh? You just broke through to the Connate realm but did not hold a banquet and instead, you came to me. It seems it's something serious," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    Hong Lingtong nodded solemnly. "That's right. To be honest, I happened to chance upon a treasure."

    With that said, he flipped his hand and produced an incomplete-looking token.

    "Treasure?" Qin Yun looked at the token.

    "Brother Qin Yun, you can try sensing it," said Hong Lingtong with a smile.

    Qin Yun immediately sent a wisp of his psyche into the token. Upon sensing it, there was an obstreperous voice sounding from within the token. "With six tokens gathered, Scenic Yang's Cave Abode can be opened."

    "What?" Qin Yun revealed a look of shock. "Perfected Scenic Yang?"

    Perfected Scenic Yang was a famous figure in the history of Jiang Prefecture's best cultivation sect, Scenic Mountain Sect. Back then, Scenic Mountain Sect was considered a Daoist sacred land! To be deemed a sacred land, it naturally meant that it had produced a few impressive figures. One of them was Perfected Scenic Yang. He had once led the Scenic Mountain Sect with might that oppressed the Divine Firmament Chapter. Back in the day, the Divine Firmament Chapter was not even a Daoist sacred land. It only slowly became stronger generation after generation. It had uplifted itself in the later stages of its existence. Now, it was on equal footing as Numinous Treasure Mountain and Primordial Chaos Sect.

    Perfected Scenic Yang was a senior from three millennia ago. Back when Qin Yun was still weak, he believed that Perfected Scenic Yang was a powerful Connate Golden Core expert.

    But ever since he became an Inspector Heavenly Ambassador and was made aware of several secrets, he learned that Perfected Scenic Yang was an Essence Soul immortal! Furthermore, he was the leader of the Daoist movement of that generation.

    "Perfected Scenic Yang, Wei Hong." Hong Lingtong nodded. "Before he died, he divined that Scenic Mountain Sect would eventually suffer a calamity. Therefore, he thought of means to record many of the manuals of Scenic Mountain Sect. Although the more powerful the manual, the more envy it garners from the heavens, Perfected Scenic Yang's means allowed him to record about sixty to seventy percent of the most important manuals that Scenic Mountain Sect had back then. Including the treasures he had, they were all hidden in his Scenic Yang Cave Abode.

    "Following that, he left the six tokens that could open the cave abode in Scenic Mountain Sect. Unfortunately, Scenic Mountain Sect was later overrun by fiendish demons. It lost a great deal of its strength and most of the six tokens were lost."

    Qin Yun nodded. "I know about that. The Scenic Mountain Sect has always been in search of the six tokens. However, I heard that some of the tokens are in the royal family's hands. There are tokens in the hands of huge sects and family clans. They are all scattered everywhere. However, the Scenic Mountain Sect has already confirmed the locations of five of the tokens. Is yours the sixth?"

    "Yes, the sixth token!" Hong Lingtong said confidently. "As long I bring this over, all six will be gathered and the Immortal Cave Abode can be opened."

    Qin Yun looked at Hong Lingtong in surprise. "Brother Hong, providence has shined its light on you for you to obtain such a treasure. Even I'm envious of you."

    "The light that shines from providence is only external. What matters is a person's strength," said Hong Lingtong with a smile.

    "By taking it out, aren't you afraid I'd snatch it from you?" Qin Yun looked at Hong Lingtong.

    "Then, it can only be blamed on me for having a bad judge of character." Hong Lingtong was confident before he said, "Besides, I know that I wouldn't get many treasures if I go alone. The Scenic Mountain Sect has also publicly professed... that every token would allow entry to two cultivators. I wish to invite you to join me when the time comes."

    Qin Yun was astonished. "With me?"

    "The only one I trust and is sufficiently strong is you, Brother Qin Yun," said Hong Lingtong.

    "I remember that the Scenic Mountain Sect has said before that other than the manuals left in Scenic Yang Cave Abode, it will give up all rights to the other treasures, allowing them to be vied for by others." Qin Yun said, "And it is nearly certain that the Numinous treasure, the Tuṣita Divine Fire Talisman Amulet' which Perfected Scenic Yang carried with him is also in Scenic Yang Cave Abode."

    Any Numinous treasure placed in a Daoist sacred land could be used as a cornerstone treasure of the sect! For example, the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror was a cornerstone Numinous treasure!

    "Other than the manuals, many of the treasures will be up to us to vie for." Hong Lingtong said, "But I'm weak in strength and need a powerful expert to help me. When the time comes, there will be experts from the royal family and the large family clans entering. In order to prevent evil people from snatching the treasures, Perfected Scenic Yang had established several powerful array formations in his abode. And with the Scenic Mountain Sect having lost so much of its heritage, it is probably unable to crack many of the array formations."

    "The information given by the Scenic Mountain Sect is that the Scenic Yang Cave Abode forbids entry to Essence Soul immortals," Hong Lingtong said. "And if Connate Golden Core realm experts enter, they might lose their lives in the face of the array formations set up by Perfected Scenic Yang. And every Golden Core expert is extremely important to their sect and family clan. They are not to take risks easily. I believe that very few Golden Core experts will be entering. Most of them will be at the Connate True Core realm."

    "You and me, trying to vie with the royal family, the large sects and family clans?" Qin Yun said with amusement.

    "I don't dare flaunt about anything else, but I'm most skilled at divining danger. I'm also adept at array formations." Hong Lingtong smiled. "By joining forces together, I believe we can take a few treasures out from Scenic Yang Cave Abode."

    Qin Yun nodded.

    "Just a few of the treasures left behind by the mighty Perfected Scenic Yang is enough for us to make a great profit. As for whatever we obtain, we will split it equally," Hong Lingtong said. "I'm not trying to take advantage of you, Brother Qin Yun. You will understand once we enter."

    "The token is provided by you. By splitting it equally, I think I'm the one taking advantage of you." Qin Yun nodded. "Alright, I agree with your proposal."

    Qin Yun was truly confident.

    His present strength was already comparable to ordinary Connate Golden Core experts. Besides, by the time they entered, his strength would have improved again.

    "Alright." Hong Lingtong was overjoyed. "Now, with me holding onto the sixth token, it will be up to me to decide on the date of entry! I have just made a breakthrough so there's no hurry in entering it. I need half a year's time to consolidate everything. I will also cultivate in some Connate realm methods. Next summer, we will enter together."

    "Next summer it is." Qin Yun agreed on the date.

    Qin Yun had always been curious about the methods available to Essence Soul immortals. As for Perfected Scenic Yang being so famous, he was probably one of the best Essence Soul immortals. By visiting his cave abode, he could also gain an inkling of that.

    "Unfortunately, my Sword Immortal Legacy does not have Dharma cultivation formulations that lead to the Essence Soul immortal stage." Qin Yun shook his head silently. After becoming an Inspector Heavenly Ambassador, he knew that all the sword immortal legacies in the world, including the origins of the Daoist moment, Numinous Treasure Mountain, peaked at the Connate Golden Core realm!
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