Chapter 128: Young Master Qin Lends a Hand

    Chapter 128: Young Master Qin Lends a Hand

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    In Grand Dominance's Yangshe Province, a village was in a chaos.

    Avian demons swooped down, grabbing men and women, especially the beautiful women, and even some children.

    "Demons, stop!"

    "Kill them!"

    "Kill these demons!" The village watch looked on in anger as they aimed their crossbows.

    "Hahaha..." The avian demons flew down wantonly and easily killed the village watchmen. Some were even caught alive.


    The large group of avian demons flew off with some of the humans, leaving the villagers feeling devastated. Nearly a hundred villagers had died in the attack, and more than a hundred villagers had been abducted. People lost their friends and family!

    "My child! Child!"

    "Mother! Mother!"


    There were sobs coming from every corner of the village.


    Early in the morning. Grand Dominance County Governor Manor.

    County Governor Song was holding a huge spear as he practiced his spear arts on the training grounds. It was the last month of the year and it was very cold. After some practice, County Governor Song's body warmed up greatly.

    "Phew." He exhaled a breath of air that turned into a white mist.

    "This year is much colder than usual." County Governor Song placed his spear to the side, and was immediately handed a fox fur coat by a nearby servant. County Governor Song felt a lot warmer after putting it on.

    The commander standing beside him said with a smile, "Lord County Governor, it's best you focus on cultivation. If your Qi Refinement realm attains a higher stage, you might even be able to endure a little cold."

    "Sigh, I really lack the talent. I'm helpless," said County Governor Song with a laugh.

    "Lord! Lord!" A guard dashed over from afar as County Governor Song turned around.

    The guard respectfully handed him an envelope. "A letter from Yangshe Province."


    County Governor Song took it calmly, but his expression changed when he opened it and read its contents.

    "What happened?" The commander walked over.

    "Old Ceng, take a look." County Governor Song handed the letter to the commander. After a careful read, the commander could not help but exclaim, "Ever since Water God was killed, Grand Dominance County no longer has any powerful great demons. Furthermore, the imperial government had sent manpower to kill the demons. Now, throughout all of Grand Dominance County... the demons are all very careful. If they attack humans, they do so covertly and would never dare to do it so blatantly. From the looks of it, another new great demon has appeared in Grand Dominance."


    County Governor Song grunted coldly. "This new great demon led a large group of demons, and most of them were avian demons! They wreaked havoc in Yangshe Province in such an unbridled fashion. Old Ceng, think of a way to send men to storm the area and vanquish that group of demons. My Grand Dominance County will not allow demons to establish themselves again!"

    "Lord County Governor," The commander shook his head and said. "It's written in the letter that the new great demon can control the wind and fly. As long as it can fly, the troops we send will not even be able to touch it. Besides, great demons are not stupid. Since it dares to act so arrogantly, it probably has something backing it. Our only option is to implore truly powerful cultivators to deal with it."

    "Yes, he can fly." County Governor Song whispered, "Old Ceng, do you think I should report the matter to the higher-ups, or should I get Young Master Qin to lend a hand?"

    "Young Master Qin is an Inspector Heavenly Ambassador. It is their job to slay fiendish demons," said the commander. "Besides, Young Master Qin reviles fiends. He killed the water ape great demon. He is also a citizen of our Grand Dominance. If we ask for his help, I believe he will take action."

    "Okay. This is the first time I'm seeking his help ever since I took this job." County Governor Song nodded. "Let's go to Qin Manor."


    Qin Manor.

    Qin Liehu led County Governor Song and Commander Ceng to Qin Yun's compound.

    "County Governor Song." Qin Yun and Yi Xiao were playing chess before the county governor arrived. They immediately rose to greet him.

    "Young Master, Miss Yi," County Governor Song immediately bowed. "I'm here to seek Young Master Qin's help."

    "There is no need for such formalities." Qin Yun immediately extended his hand and held County Governor Song up with Heaven and Earth powers, preventing him from kneeling. "County Governor, please speak your mind."

    County Governor Song sighed and said, "When I became county governor of Grand Dominance, I had a thought that my job should be rather relaxed and simple, considering how Water God had been recently killed. But it turns out that with Water God gone from Grand Dominance County... a new great demon has appeared to take his place."

    "What? Another great demon has appeared?" Qin Yun's eyes flashed with a cold glimmer. "Where? Which great demon?"

    "This great demon is currently wreaking havoc in the Yangshe Province of our Grand Dominance County," County Governor Song elaborated. "The great demon is adept at controlling the wind, allowing it to fly. It comes and goes without leaving a trace. As for what great demon it is, no one knows since it's new. Perhaps, some demon leader has recently broken through to the Connate realm. At the moment, I have no means to deal with it. I can only implore Young Master Qin to lend a hand and save the local citizens from the misery."

    Qin Yun had grown up in a village from a young age, and so had witnessed his fair share of demons abducting villagers. The period when Water God wreaked havoc in Grand Dominance County was the darkest two centuries in Grand Dominance County's history.

    "As an Inspector Heavenly Ambassador, slaying fiendish demons is my responsibility," said Qin Yun. "County Governor Song, do you have more detailed information?"

    County Governor Song was delighted upon hearing that. "Young Master Qin, you are truly righteous. This is a letter sent from Yangshe Province. The information you seek is written in it."

    Qin Yun took the letter and gave it a look.

    "More than ten villages have been attacked? More than a thousand abducted and hundreds of villagers killed?" Qin Yun was acutely aware that there was little chance that those who had been abducted were still alive.

    "Leave this matter to me," Qin Yun said with a nod. "County Governor Song, rest assured."

    "Then, I shall thank Young Master Qin on behalf of the citizens of Yangshe Province," said County Governor Song immediately.

    "I shall not delay any further. I will set off now," said Qin Yun. "County Governor Song, sorry for not being able to entertain you. If I don't act now, more humans might suffer."

    "Definitely. Slaying the demons is of utmost importance," said County Governor Song immediately.

    "Qin Yun, I'll accompany you," Yi Xiao instantly chimed in.

    "Okay. Let's go." Immediately, a beautiful silver flying sword appeared beneath Qin Yun and Yi Xiao. They rapidly took off, tearing through the sky and leaving County Governor Song and company nodding slightly.

    County Governor Song, Commander Ceng, and Qin Liehu watched with their heads up.

    "Young Master Qin is truly righteous," complimented Commander Ceng.

    "Yea, he immediately went to slay the demon the moment he heard the news." County Governor Song looked at Qin Liehu wistfully. "Old Qin, with an Inspector Heavenly Ambassador watching over our Grand Dominance County, its citizens will enjoy a better life."

    Qin Liehu nodded slightly as well as he watched Qin Yun and Yi Xiao disappear into the horizon.

    Qin Liehu still remembered very clearly...

    The young Qin Yun had practiced diligently with his sword. At the age of fifteen, he insisted on roaming the world alone so as to knock open the gate of immortality.

    "In a blink of an eye, Yun'er is already able to protect the entire Grand Dominance County," Qin Liehu said to himself.



    As Qin Yun wanted to reach Yangshe Province as soon as possible, he traveled using Sword Kinesis Flight. As his cultivation realm kept increasing, his speed via Sword Kinesis Flight became even faster.

    "We have entered Yangshe Province."

    When they arrived in the first village they encountered in Yangshe Province, they scanned the area from above. Many of the villagers were dressed in white funeral garb. There was white paper money flying and many looking disconsolate. Qin Yun noticed at a glance that a woman was hugging a child's cotton jacket while sobbing softly. It was as though she had fallen into a daze.

    Qin Yun looked down silently.

    "There are immortals!"

    "Immortals!" The villagers in the village saw Qin Yun and Yi Xiao standing on a gigantic flying sword high in the sky.

    "Immortals, save my wife."

    "Immortals, save my child."


    Immediately, many villagers knelt down, kowtowing and wailing at floating Qin Yun and Yi Xiao.

    Qin Yun watched and whispered, "If they are still alive, I'll bring them back. Unfortunately... many of them are probably..."

    "Let's go." Qin Yun nodded at Yi Xiao and continued their flight.

    "Qin Yun, you are now an Inspector Heavenly Ambassador. Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors are meant to slay fiendish demons, and I believe the great demon that recently appeared in Grand Dominance County will know that as well. Yet, it wreaks havoc without restraint. Perhaps, it has something backing it. Maybe an extremely powerful life-preservation ability," said Yi Xiao.

    "We shall know when we see. Let's see if the thing it's relying on can match my flying sword!" said Qin Yun.

    "It wreaks havoc around Yangshe Province, and mainly in the south. That means that the demon's lair must be in this region. Perhaps, it's in the mountains or the lakes," suggested Yi Xiao.

    Qin Yun nodded. "Since it's their lair, there will definitely be many demons that have settled there. We should search the area carefully."


    Qin Yun's ability to sense the area through the Heaven and Earth powers allowed him to cover the surrounding fifteen kilometers.

    In the enveloped region, the aura of living beings was concentrated in spots. Qin Yun would visit each area, finding more villages or even the remains of destroyed villages, where villagers were in pain from losing their loved ones. Qin Yun gradually turned silent.


    In the deep valley of a huge mountain, there were many demons lurking in an area where few humans tread.

    Cat Demon Queen was dressed in purple robes as she sat on a stone throne. Her fair legs were crossed as she leisurely looked into the sky as the demons around her waited upon her.

    "Third Sister, I sense two lifeforms rapidly heading for us. Their speed is extraordinarily fast so they have to be cultivators! It's very likely Qin Yun." Flood Dragon King, who was hiding, sent a voice transmission.

    "Haha, it looks like our prey is here." Leopard Demon King joined in the voice transmission excitedly.

    The corners of Cat Demon Queen's mouth curled up as she said with a voice transmission, "Brothers, don't worry. Hold it in. Don't scare away our prey. Once they are trapped, we can slaughter that Qin Yun."
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