Chapter 129: Calling for Help Would Be Useless Too

    Chapter 129: Calling for Help Would Be Useless Too

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    Engaging in Sword Kinesis Flight, Qin Yun and Yi Xiao streaked across the sky as a beam of light and rapidly reached another area.


    When Qin Yun saw the distant mountain, he said immediately, "There are more than a thousand living beings gathered in the depths of the mountain. How could villages of that size hide deep in the mountains? It's very likely that we have found the demons' nest."

    "With so many demons gathered, they probably have a great demon leading them," said Yi Xiao immediately. "Qin Yun, for that great demon to dare run rampant in Grand Dominance, you have to be careful."

    "Don't worry." Qin Yun was emboldened by his talent and was filled with confidence.


    They rapidly flew to the tall mountain, where they overlooked the area beneath them and saw demons gathered in the valley. Now, with the aid of his Intrinsic Flying Sword, Qin Yun could sense a region spanning three thousand feet. Immediately, he sensed that there was an array formation set up in the valley. Many places also insulated his psyche probes. Qin Yun did not think too much of it. After all, it was a place where a great demon had settled in. It would be strange if there were no array formations.

    "How is it?" asked Yi Xiao. "Are there any survivors?"

    "About two hundred people are alive." Qin Yun's voice was cold. "They had abducted more than a thousand people. The rest are probably dead. There is a huge trench filled with bones by the side."

    Yi Xiao's expression changed slightly as well.

    "Let's go down." Qin Yun led Yi Xiao and flew down.

    "Cultivators are here!"

    "They are cultivators! Quick tell the Queen!"

    The demons around the valley were on the alert as well. These demons had seen a man and woman rapidly descend on a flying sword and were in a panic. After all, humans were not flying beasts... Any cultivator that could fly would typically be in the Connate realm, entities the ordinary lesser demons were absolutely no match against.


    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao landed on a pile of rubble in the valley. They saw at a glance large numbers of people being held imprisoned in the distance. They also saw humans that had been tied up while the demons while grinding their knives to slaughter them. These humans were wallowing in despair but when they saw the man and woman descend from the heavens, they shouted excitedly, "Immortals, save us!"

    "Immortals, save us!" The people shouted with all their might as some of their voices were already hoarse.


    Qin Yun's eyes suffused coldness. With a wave of his hand, a sword beam flashed.

    The flying sword was like an agile fish as it instantly circled the area and bored through the bodies of two hundred demons before returning to Qin Yun.

    The demons that were watching, tying or preparing to kill the humans were seized with horror. Following that, they collapsed to the ground and revealed their true forms. As for the humans that had been hung up, they fell to the ground when the ropes were slit. All of them quickly escaped from their bondage as they hurriedly ran to a wooden prison beside them. The locks on the prison cells had all been destroyed as well.

    And when the demons in the other parts of the valley saw this, they fled far away. It was too terrifying. In a blink of an eye, nearly two hundred demons were killed.

    "Your Majesty! Your Majesty! This cultivator is too powerful."

    "It should be the sword immortal, Qin Yun."

    The local Grand Dominance demons yelled.


    The flying sword flew back into Qin Yun's sleeve.

    Qin Yun's expression changed slightly.

    "Hum!" The surrounding scenery changed as a layer of black energy enveloped the entire valley, isolating it from the external world.

    Instantly, be it Qin Yun's ability to sense the Heaven and Earth powers or through the release of his psyche, he was unable to penetrate the obstruction created by the black energy.

    "What a powerful array formation." Qin Yun thought to himself.


    Accompanied by complacent laughter, three figures appeared in the valley. They were the purple-robed Cat Demon Queen, as well as the black-robed Leopard Demon King and Flood Dragon King. The three of them had revealed a portion of their demon characteristics. Cat Demon Queen had grown cat ears and she had whiskers on her face. Her eyes had green vertical pupils.

    Leopard Demon King and Flood Dragon King had also revealed some of their characteristic features. They were partially humanoid and were able to produce the powers of demons but had many of the advantages a human body had.

    In terms of combat... most demons' true forms were inferior to partial humanoid forms. Only dragons and a few races were able to exploit the greater advantages of their actual forms.

    "You three?" Qin Yun swept his gaze over them. "Evil Dragon Mountain's three demon monarchs?"

    "Qin Yun." Yi Xiao was alarmed as she immediately said with a voice transmission, "Two of Evil Dragon Mountain's three demon monarchs are nearly the level of an Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador. As for Flood Dragon King, his strength is approaching that of the Connate Golden Core realm. With the three of them joining forces, they are extremely terrifying. Besides, they have been slaughtering villages frequently in all the prefectures in the recent year. They are extremely cruel and the imperial government has put up a warrant for them. The Inspector Heavenly Alliance must also be trying to capture them. Should we inform the Inspector Heavenly Alliance first?"

    "Haha...Qin Yun, you were the one who chose to barge into hell. Don't blame us when you die at our hands." Leopard Demon King held a black spear as he guffawed.

    Cat Demon Queen gently played with her fingers and said with a chuckle, "Outside the array formation, even the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror will not sense any fluctuations in here! Even voice transmission treasures are insulated. No one can save you."

    Flood Dragon King said with a majestic voice as he guffawed. "That's why kid, don't waste your strength. Calling for help would be useless."

    "Waste of strength? Call for help?"

    Qin Yun looked at the three confident demon monarchs in front of him. Why would he call for help? Because of the three of them?

    "The three of you would immediately flee after destroying a village. You were extremely careful, preventing the Inspector Heavenly Alliance from capturing you. But this time, you came to my Grand Dominance County and deliberately abducted some humans and even purposely gathered the demons here. This is nothing like your usual modus operandi," said Qin Yun. "You have also set up such a powerful array that insulates the area from voice transmission treasures and even the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror. It looks like you have deliberately lain here in ambush to deal with me."

    Being able to hide from the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror was very rare.

    However, it was common among typical Connate Golden Core great demons. Their lairs were especially enshrouded by array formations permanently. As such, the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror was unable to monitor the ongoings in those great fiendish demons' lairs.

    The three demon monarchs of Evil Dragon Mountain were extraordinary in strength. They similarly had such array formations which needed to be set up ahead of time.

    "It looks like you aren't dumb." Leopard Demon King scoffed.

    "Who is behind this?" asked Qin Yun.

    "Brother and Sister, don't bother talking to him. Attack. Let's kill him together." Flood Dragon King was feeling impatient. He thought nothing of a newly-promoted Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador. He waved his hand and a large azure-colored seal flew out from his hand. As it flew, it rapidly expanded in size to that of a tiny mountain!

    As for Cat Demon Queen, she instantly pounced on Qin Yun like an apparition. Leopard Demon King had also bravely charged forward with a spear in hand.

    Most fiendish demons had extremely strong physical bodies, making them skilled at close combat.

    On the other hand, humans were bad at close combat!

    "I was thinking of asking about the mastermind but since all of you have a death wish, I'll fulfill it for you." Qin Yun waved his hand.


    The Intrinsic Flying Sword flew out once again.

    The shot this time was fiercer than ever. It brought with it rumbling thunder as the sword beam had the intense surging might akin to the Grand Dominance Tidal Current's! When it struck, it would render the world asunder.

    "What?" Cat Demon Queen only felt that the sword beam was extremely terrifying. Instantly, it was in front of her. The overwhelming might made her realize that she was powerless against it. A rope flew out and coiled around her body as protection as she held a blood-colored curved blade to try her best at defending against the strike.


    The sword beam was immensely powerful and extremely fast. Her blade ended up blocking nothing for all she blocked was a phantom. Although the ropes coiled around her managed to block the flying sword, the flying sword's might remained domineering as it pressed through the ropes and slashed through her body.


    Cat Demon Queen's body tore apart immediately as the flying sword followed a curved trajectory and its mighty momentum reach its peak again. It flew straight at Leopard Demon King in return.

    "Rip!" Cat Demon Queen's body reduced to smithereens after her body shattered. All that was left was fluttering fur.

    Thousands of feet away, in the periphery of the array formation that isolated the valley.

    A figure appeared out of thin air. It was none other than Cat Demon Queen. Two tails were flailing behind her buttocks.

    "I... I was killed? I lost one life?" Cat Demon Queen looked at her tail. "Three hundred years of hard work gone in an instant?"

    She had undergone a long period of cultivation, attaining the 'Two Tail' realm at the Connate realm. She only had her third tail when she reached the Connate True Core realm. As adding another tail was very difficult, it represented her life. This was a talent only cat demons had.


    At the moment when Cat Demon Queen lost one life, Leopard Demon King, who had charged ahead, abruptly retreated with a drastic change of expression when he saw the scene.

    "Third Sister was killed upon contact? Third Sister has three lives but I only have one." Leopard Demon King could not help but panic when he saw the horrifying flying sword streaking at him like a lightning bolt.

    "Brother, I'm here to save you." Flood Dragon King immediately controlled a large seal that was the size of a tiny mountain in a bid to protect Leopard Demon King.

    However, Qin Yun's flying sword was too fast!

    Like a bolt of lightning, it rendered the world asunder!

    As the seal was flying over with all its might, the flying sword had already arrived in front of Leopard Demon King.
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