Chapter 130: Begging for Mercy

    Chapter 130: Begging for Mercy

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    Leopard Demon King panicked greatly when he saw the flying sword coming at him like a surging tidal wave. "Isn't this Qin Yun supposed to be at the Connate False Core realm? Why is he so powerful? How is he so powerful?"

    He was puzzled, stunned, and horrified.

    At that moment, Leopard Demon King immediately imbued all his strength into his spear as formless miasma mists burst out around him. When the flying sword came into contact with the mists, it experienced layer after layer of resistance that impeded its flight. This was Leopard Demon King's most important Dharma treasure-fifth-grade Dharma treasure, Wispy Thousand Miasma! Its wispy threads came together to form a blockade that was a much greater resistive force than it appeared to be.

    Phew! Phew! As for Leopard Demon King's spear strikes, the Wispy Thousand Miasma did not hinder them in any way. Its defense appeared impregnable.


    The horrifying flying sword tore through the Wispy Thousand Miasma's obstruction and clashed with Leopard Demon King's spear. He put all of his might into his spear, trying his best to deflect the sword. However, the spear received a force so great that the pole flew back and struck his body, leaving a dent in him. A mouthful of blood spewed out as he could not help but fly back.

    "Boom!" The large seal finally arrived, colliding with the flying sword that had lost some of its momenta.

    When the two collided, the large seal shook violently in midair as the flying sword came to a halt.

    "I lived. I managed to survive." Leopard Demon King, whose body had crashed into boulders, was feeling both horrified and delighted. He frantically flew into the distance. "That Qin Yun is too terrifying. Even though I managed to barely fend off one strike, without the assistance of Brother and his Dharma treasure, I would definitely have died when the second and third strikes came for me."

    This feeling of being suppressed so much that it felt like the other party could easily take his life terrified Leopard Demon King.

    The last time he had such a feeling... was when the Connate Golden Core realm expert appeared. Back then, his brother, Flood Dragon King, had blocked the strike meant for him and led their escape.

    "A Connate False Core realm sword immortal can match a Connate Golden Core realm expert?" Leopard Demon King was in disbelief.


    Above the valley.

    The seal that was as large as a mountain clashed with the flying sword. Under the powerful might of the flying sword that resembled a surging torrent, the seal was sent flying away, crashing into the valley's cliffs. Countless rocks burst everywhere, scaring the demons that were hiding under the cliffs. They scampered around while trying to dodge falling boulders. Although they wanted to escape, the array formation had sealed the entire valley, preventing them from doing so.

    "How terrifying."

    "We have to escape. If not, the shockwaves from these terrifying bouts will be our doom."

    "How do we escape? There are all these black Dharmic powers surrounding us." The demons were standing at the boundary of the array formation as they touched the black energy that isolated them from the outside world. There was no way for them to escape.


    "Qin Yun, don't celebrate too soon." Flood Dragon King roared as the seal returned to him. He transformed into his true form, a massive black flood dragon. He was about three hundred feet long and his body spiraled in midair while emitting fiendish demonic gases. With sizzling sounds, the surrounding trees were corroded and quickly withered to their deaths. Some tree branches turned to powder directly. Even the vegetation that was strong enough to survive in winter rapidly withered and died.


    The humans hiding in the wooden dungeons clustered together as they watched everything in horror, especially when they saw the black fiendish demonic gases emanate and cause the very vegetation to whither wherever it passed.

    "Oh?" When Qin Yun saw this, he whizzed in front of them with Yi Xiao.

    Yi Xiao used a Dharma treasure.


    A gigantic protective barrier of light protected her and the people behind her.

    "Don't worry. You will be fine." Yi Xiao smiled at them.

    When these people saw that the immortal couple was blocking all the darkness by standing in front of them, they could not help but feel at ease.

    Qin Yun looked at the distant black flood dragon. "From the looks of it, his fiendish body is very powerful. It's much stronger than Gongye Bing."

    "He is a flood dragon after all," commented Yi Xiao.

    "Qin Yun, die!" The black flood dragon flew with his wound body and swept towards Qin Yun before striking out with his massive black claws. As a black flood dragon that was about three hundred feet long, a single claw was as large as the entire water ape great demon from before. The dragon's talons were sharp and contained immense strength. He made them even more deadly by pushing his natural talents to the limit.


    Qin Yun directed with his mind.

    The sword art used by the Intrinsic Flying Sword changed.

    It went from the Misty Rain Sword Art's Lightning Tide to Blood Runs Cold.

    "Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

    The silver flying sword instantly transformed into a blood-colored sword beam that even exuded an acute intent. The black flood dragon seemed to hear the slaying sounds of a battlefield and smelled blood. He could see blood drops spraying around the blood-colored sword beam. It was faster and more powerful. Although the raw strength from its purest form was gone, it was now like an assassin, a zealot who was willing to sacrifice himself to die with his enemy on the battlefield.

    "Block it." Flood Dragon King used both his claws and all of his strength to fend off the sword. His claws were huge and, rather miraculously, he succeeded in defending against Qin Yun's flying sword.


    When the flying sword and the dragon claws clashed, Flood Dragon King found it extremely demanding on him. Even his dragon claws felt a faint hint of pain and numbness.

    "That's bad. His flying sword is too fast and too mighty. I might fail to withstand it the next time." Flood Dragon King immediately came to a realization.


    Immediately following that, the dragon claw fell through empty space as the flying sword tore open a gaping wound in his abdomen. Drops of dragon blood dripped down, corroding the ground beneath due to the fiendish demonic aura that the blood effused. The ground sizzled as the blood sunk through and made large holes.

    "His body is quite strong to be able to withstand one of my strikes. But can your body last against ten or a hundred strikes?" Qin Yun's eyes were cold.

    And far away, beside the boundary of the array formation, Cat Demon Queen and Leopard Demon King, who were ready to flee from the array formation, still felt a sense of anticipation, hoping to see how their brother would deal with Qin Yun!

    "Eldest Brother is from the dragon race. The fiendish body he has cultivated has reached an extremely high level. Yet, he can't withstand the flying sword?" Leopard Demon King's eyes widened.

    "Is this Qin Yun really only at the Connate False Core realm?" Cat Demon Queen was in greater disbelief. "Second Brother, Qin Yun shouldn't be this strong even if he has grasped sword intent."


    When Yi Xiao, who was standing in front of the people, saw this scene, she turned to look at Qin Yun beside her and felt proud. She thought to herself, "How could you know that Qin Yun had grasped sword intent at the Postnatal realm. The Connate False Core that he condensed has reached an apex. In terms of purity, his Dharmic powers are just as potent as many people at the Connate True Core realm. Compared to the Connate Golden Core realm, he is only one full realm apart from them. But in terms of concepts, he is a full realm above many at the Connate Golden Core realm. Even if a true Connate Golden Core expert were here, it is hard to tell who would win."

    In the sky.

    Flood Dragon King used all his strength, defending with his claws and tail. But with a boom, the flying sword struck him, sending the massive flood dragon's body flying back. The flood dragon crashed into a cliff, staining it completely with blood.

    "Eldest Brother, this Qin Yun is too powerful. We are no match for him." Leopard Demon King sent an anxious voice transmission.

    "Eldest Brother, if we try to carry on this fight, one or two of us three will perish. Let's admit defeat." Cat Demon Queen sent a voice transmission as well. Both of them were truly afraid!

    "Stop! Stop! Stop!!!"

    Flood Dragon King shouted suddenly as his voice reverberated through the valley.

    Qin Yun was slightly startled.

    The silver flying sword paused in midair.

    "What do you have to say?" Qin Yun looked at the hovering Flood Dragon King.

    The lesser demons that were hiding along the boundary of the array formation looked up at the massive black flood dragon.

    As Flood Dragon King descended, he transformed into a partial humanoid form and cupped his hands. "Fellow Daoist Qin Yun, it was our fault for offending you. The three of us admit defeat!"

    "Yes, yes. We admit defeat." Leopard Demon King shouted from afar as well.

    "Sword Immortal Qin Yun, please be magnanimous and spare us." Cat Demon Queen yelled at the top of her voice.

    Instantly, the humans and lesser demons that were watching this scene turned agape.

    "They are actually begging for mercy?" Even Yi Xiao was astonished.

    "The three of us no longer wish to continue this fight." Flood Dragon King said immediately, "We admit defeat and are willing to compensate you. May fellow Daoist Qin Yun be tolerant and generous enough to let us off."

    "We are willing to compensate you!" Cat Demon Queen and Leopard Demon King echoed immediately.

    The three demon monarchs lowered their stances greatly.

    "Begging for mercy? You are begging for mercy?" asked Qin Yun.

    Flood Dragon King felt a little embarrassed as he said with a chuckle, "If we really go for broke, one or two of us might die here, but the villagers around here might also die from the resulting shockwaves. It might even be possible that the beauty beside fellow Daoist Qin Yun would be harmed as well. That wouldn't be nice, would it?"

    Flood Dragon King words were veiled threats.

    He was hinting to Qin Yun that if they truly went for broke, they would still be able to hurt the surrounding people even if they couldn't kill him.

    "We are willing to compensate you. Can you let us off?" Flood Dragon King said with a smile.

    "Fellow Daoist Qin Yun, please spare us." Leopard Demon King said immediately. Cat Demon Queen was also looking pleadingly at Qin Yun.

    The three demon monarchs begged sycophantically.

    "You want me to spare you? Then who is to spare the countless villagers that were slaughtered by you?" Qin Yun looked at the trio. "Back when they were crying and begging for mercy, did you ever show mercy?"

    "No. Hear this... the three of you shall all die today! Not one of you will escape!" Qin Yun's cold voice echoed throughout the valley.
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