Chapter 131: Flood Dragon King, How Ruthless You Are

    Chapter 131: Flood Dragon King, How Ruthless You Are

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    Qin Yun's words brimmed with killing intent, and they were like a basin of cold water being thrown at the three demon monarchs' hearts, leaving them chilled to their cores.

    Flood Dragon King might have escaped from the hands of a Connate Golden Core expert in the past, but that was because his opponent was not particularly quick. If they had been fast and continued the pursuit, then Flood Dragon King and company would have eventually died! As for Qin Yun? Ignoring the fact that sword immortals' Sword Kinesis Flight was famous for its speed, just a flying sword alone could pursue an enemy for fifteen kilometers.

    Flood Dragon King and company were cognizant of the fact that they were unable to get more than fifteen kilometers away.

    Besides, Qin Yun would definitely be chasing after them!

    "Do you really want to fight it out, leading the to internecine outcome of both fish dead and nets torn?" Flood Dragon King roared as his voice boomed. Cat Demon Queen and Leopard Demon King's eyes were frenzied as well.

    "Leaving both fish dead and nets torn? Do you think three fishes like yourself can tear my nets?" Qin Yun scanned them with a glance.

    Flood Dragon King clenched his teeth. He sent out a hasty voice transmission to the other two.

    "Brother, Sister. This sword immortal's flying sword is extremely fast. He can probably control the sword for several kilometers. The chances of us being able to escape are minute. We can only give it our all and try our luck! Sword immortals are weak at close combat. In this hopeless situation, let's at least struggle for survival. As long as we can get close to him, we will have a chance of killing him."

    "We'll fight it out with him! If we have to die, let's at least try to take him with us!" Leopard Demon King replied with a voice transmission.

    "The only way is to do our best to get a chance at survival." Cat Demon Queen also understood. Although she had two lives, it was only enough to let Qin Yun's flying sword bore through her a few times.

    As they transmitted their voices, Flood Dragon King, Cat Demon Queen, and Leopard Demon King's bodies suffused a dark greenish halo amid booms. Countless runes appeared between the three of them, forming a gigantic array formation. As the three demon monarchs of Evil Dragon Mountain, they also had a formation that allowed for joint assaults! However, Flood Dragon King was a lot stronger than the other two. As a result, the formation did not increase Flood Dragon King's strength much. There was no need for them to use such a formation except for a desperate final assault.

    "One strong and two weak? Yet, you are trying to use a formation to conduct a joint attack?" Qin Yun shook his head gently. "The weakness is too obvious."


    Flood Dragon King and company transformed into phantom images as they hurtled forward from three different directions in a joint assault.

    "Only through close combat will there be a chance to kill him!" Flood Dragon King was nearing a deranged state. While flying, his body had transformed into a black flood dragon. Leopard Demon King charged bravely with his spear in hand, while Cat Demon Queen brandished her blood-colored curved blade to do her utmost while being augmented by the formation's might.

    "They want to use their use their advantage in numbers and fight you in close quarters." Yi Xiao stood by the side and readied a Dao talisman in her hand. She was prepared to act at any time.

    "Advantage in numbers? Although I'm alone, I have many flying swords!" Qin Yun waved his hand.

    Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

    The purple and black flying swords hurled straight for Cat Demon Queen and Flood Dragon King! The two eighth-grade flying swords were not Intrinsic Flying Swords. While using them, Qin Yun could only produce about forty percent of his usual strength. However, just forty percent alone allowed the black flying sword to hold Flood Dragon King back. After all, the formation only gave him a minuscule increase in strength.

    The other purple flying sword repressed Cat Demon Queen completely. She struggled to fend against it.

    "My strength has been greatly enhanced by the formation but I still can't withstand it." Cat Demon Queen panicked.

    "Darn it. I can't shirk this flying sword off." Flood Dragon King was anxious and furious. The black flying sword enacted an impregnable defense. Flood Dragon King was unable to gain any ground, much less get close to Qin Yun!

    "Brother, Sister, help me!" Leopard Demon King was feeling the most horrified because Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword was heading straight for him!

    "Your strength is more limited than Cat Demon Queen and you only have one life. So I'll take care of you first." Qin Yun had already made his plans. "Although a formation can increase one's strength, how strong can you get considering your own body's foundations?"

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    The Intrinsic Flying Sword surged over like a tumultuous tidal current. Or perhaps it was more like bolts of lightning that struck down incessantly. Thankfully, Leopard Demon King still had his Dharma treasure, Wispy Thousand Miasma, protecting him. He used all his strength with his spear again to continue blocking several strikes.

    "I can't hold out any longer. Brother, Sister, I can't hold on any longer!" Leopard Demon King desperately withstood the attacks. He didn't even dare to attempt an escape. If he did, a flaw in his defense would be exposed. The flying sword would likely penetrate his body.

    "Brother, I'll save you!" Flood Dragon King intended to charge to him, but the black flying sword obstructed him completely. He waved his hand, hurling the seal out but, with a loud clang, the seal was intercepted by the black flying sword.

    Attempting to break through Qin Yun's intercepting defense proved too difficult.

    "No! No! No!" Leopard Demon King revealed a look of despair.

    The rift between them was just too huge!


    With Qin Yun's angry blow, not only did the flying sword possess terrifying might, the surging tidal wave made it difficult to discern the flying sword's true body. After the eighth attack, a chink in Leopard Demon King's defense finally appeared. He failed to deflect the force properly! But due to the great difference in strength, this tiny chink allowed the whistling flying sword to bore through his body. It cleaved off an arm and gashed a huge wound into his body.

    "Spare me! I'm willing to submit. I'll listen to your every order." Leopard Demon King pleaded urgently with a voice transmission. At the same time, he sent a voice transmission to his siblings.

    Cat Demon Queen also said with a clear and eager voice transmission, "We are willing to submit. Spare us!"


    But the flying sword curved around and continued its assault. The heavily injured Leopard Demon King finally failed to keep up. With a boom, his chest was penetrated as his heart was impaled.

    The spear that Leopard Demon King was brandishing came to a halt as well. He looked at the distant Qin Yun in a daze and then at Flood Dragon King, who was fighting the black flying sword with all his might. Next, he saw Cat Demon Queen, who was similarly in a dire predicament. "I'm... I'm dying..."

    He once stood aloof over the woods.

    He once dominated many lesser demons before becoming sworn siblings with Cat Demon Queen and Flood Dragon King.

    They feasted on humans and led unbridled and joyous lives.

    "Phew." His body plummeted as he began to return to his true form. It was a gigantic black panther.

    Leopard Demon King of Evil Dragon Mountain, was dead!

    "Brother..." Cat Demon Queen felt heart-stricken as she could not help but say, "Qin Yun, we are willing to submit. Why are you so bent on destroying us?"

    "Brother!" Flood Dragon King was crushed. Leopard Demon King's death made him feel that death was coming for him next.

    Qin Yun said coldly, "Submit? Death even upon submission!"

    "Qin Yun would not dare to collude with demons like you." Yi Xiao sneered by the side as she said, "Even if you did obediently submit now, there might come a time when you suddenly backstab Qin Yun."

    "Leopard Demon King is already dead. It's your turn now." Qin Yun bellowed. With a thought, his Intrinsic Flying Sword whizzed straight at Cat Demon Queen.

    "No!" Cat Demon Queen panicked.


    In Cat Demon Queen's panic, she forgot that the formation had been broken upon Leopard Demon King's death. The purple flying sword that had been completely repressing her swiftly penetrated her skull.


    Cat Demon Queen's corpse instantly reduced to countless fur that scattered in the wind.

    Her body appeared beside the distant Flood Dragon King. At that moment, she only had one tail left.

    "Brother, we can't survive against him. Let's escape, escape with all we got," said Cat Demon Queen with a voice transmission.


    The black flood dragon's massive body transformed into a partially humanoid form and stood beside her.

    "Sister, we won't be able to escape." Flood Dragon King looked at Cat Demon Queen. "His flying sword is too fast."

    "Then, let's offer a sacrifice and summon the fiendcelestial," said Cat Demon Queen. "Let's make it our final stand."


    However, Flood Dragon King's claw pierced through Cat Demon Queen's chest. Her heart literally shattered.

    Cat Demon Queen's eyes widened as she looked down at her penetrated chest before looking back up at the Flood Dragon King in front of her. She said in disbelief, "Brother, you..."

    "The amount of flesh and blood that has been offered to the fiendcelestial has just crossed the halfway mark. If you join in the summoning, the fiendcelestial will bestow powers to the both of us. Now, I will be the only one bestowed by the fiendcelestial since the both of you are dead," Flood Dragon King said with a gentle voice transmission. "If the bestowed power is divided, we might not be able to live. As the only recipient, my strength will be greatly enhanced. That way, I can avenge you and Brother. That way, the both of you won't die in vain."

    Cat Demon Queen's eyes looked deranged as she glared at Flood Dragon King. "Flood Dragon King, how ruthless you are. You are really ruthless. Second Brother and I will be waiting for you to join us in death."

    "You won't." Just as Flood Dragon King's words faded, Cat Demon Queen's body transformed into her true form. She was a large cat.

    "You were always of some use. But now, with your deaths, you will provide me with the greatest help." Flood Dragon King wrung his claw and threw Cat Demon Queen's corpse aside.

    Flood Dragon King turned to look into the distance.

    The distant Qin Yun and Yi Xiao witnessed this. The silver flying sword in midair also came to a halt. It was in no hurry to launch further attacks.

    "Fratricide?" Qin Yun said. "Don't your ties run deep? Aren't you great siblings?"

    "Haha... Demons have always abided by the law of the jungle." Flood Dragon King scoffed. "If killing me allowed them to live, do you believe that the both of them would hesitate to kill me?"


    Just as his voice faded, a huge rift opened up in the void behind him. It revealed a humongous figure's head that appeared far away! This unknown biological creature was massive in size. Through the spatial rift, one could only see the figure's head. A pair of ruby-red eyes were watching the area filled with cruelty and killing intent as though it was watching a bunch of ants.

    Flood Dragon King took out a Fiendcelestial figurine that emitted a red glow. However, in the spatial rift behind, the terrifying head's ruby-red eyes were glowing out-of-phase with it.

    "Hum!" The gigantic head in the spatial rift emitted tumultuous power that landed on Flood Dragon King.

    "Other Realm Fiendcelestial!" Yi Xiao was alarmed.

    "So it's true that they massacred villages in order to offer sacrifices to a fiendcelestial." Qin Yun suddenly took the situation a lot more seriously.
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