Chapter 133: Stop!

    Chapter 133: Stop!

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    Flood Dragon King's body was extremely tough. If it were any other Connate Golden Core realm opponent, he might have been able to fight them easily. However, sword immortals were known to be best when it came to attacking with their flying sword arts. They were also extremely fast. Just flying alone was inadequate for him to escape, so the only thing he could do was face Qin Yun head-on. If he could not fend against the flying sword, he would be at risk of perishing... If Qin Yun had just broken through to the second realm of sword intent recently or had just comprehended Lightning Tide, he would not have been capable of killing Flood Dragon King in his present state.

    However, that was all a what if. His Intrinsic Flying Sword had reached the fifth-grade, allowing him to produce strength at the third-grade.

    Most importantly, Qin Yun had created the pinnacle sword move from his Misty Rain Sword Art-Bright Moon Over River!

    When sword immortals attained sword intent, they would work hard at creating sword formulations that best suited them. The more perfect the sword formulation, the better the delivery of the sword intent's power. And the move, Bright Moon Over River, was infused with Misty Rain Sword Intent and Qin Yun's own emotions. It was a pinnacle sword move that truly contained rich emotions.

    This move's speed far exceeded any of Qin Yun's previous sword moves, but it did not possess any mist or flames.

    When the sword move reached a certain state of perfection, it created a picturesque scene that stirred the heart with its beauty.

    "Bam! Bam! Bam!"

    Like a bright moon, the sword flash broke through Flood Dragon King's defenses time after time. It lacerated his body as the gashes on his armor expanded. His flesh and bones that rivaled Dharma treasures were cracking. Flood Dragon King felt despair. "I have already sacrificed all of my flesh and blood powers to the Fiendcelestial and gained a huge increase in strength, but I'm still not his match? How is he this strong? It feels like he's on the same level as a true Connate Golden Core sword immortal. But he's only at the Connate False Core."

    Sword immortals were capable of wielding a single sword to destroy all Dharma. They were best at offense.

    Connate Golden Core sword immortals... had quite a reverential strength among Connate Golden Core experts. They left the hearts of fiendish demons trembling. After all, the particular skills of a given Connate Golden Core expert were varied. Those from the Godfiend lineage would have robust bodies at the Connate Golden Core realm. They were terrifying in close combat and could even master divine powers. But if one was fast enough to escape... they would be safe. But how many fiendish demons could claim that they were able to successfully flee from a Connate Golden Core realm sword immortal's flying sword?

    Connate Golden Core experts that were well-versed with talisman arts were limited by the usage radius of their talismans.

    But what about flying swords?

    Connate Golden Core realm sword immortals could easily send their flying swords out a distance of fifty kilometers! Legends speak of some that could even reach five hundred kilometers! How terrifying would it be if a flying sword pursued you for five hundred kilometers?

    Another scary aspect was that Qin Yun was still very young. Although his soul was constantly strengthening because of his extremely high realm, it was akin to human growth. The strengthening of the soul needed time. Currently, his flying sword could fly out fifteen kilometers! In a few more years, it would be easy for him to release his flying sword to a distance of fifty kilometers to slay his enemies. Even if he was limited by his young soul and the flying sword's range, its strength was in no way inferior to true Connate Golden Core realm sword immortals.

    "Phew." The Intrinsic Flying Sword flew back into Qin Yun's sleeve.

    In midair, Flood Dragon King glared intently at the distant Qin Yun. There were grotesque wounds streaking across his body and his heart had finally been penetrated! Qin Yun had struck him dozens of times before succeeding at breaking through the numerous protections his body provided him, stabbing right through the heart that was securely protected. The heart was the vital spot of nearly every fiendish demon.

    "You have attained intent domain, right?" Flood Dragon King looked at Qin Yun. "I never expected that you, who is at the Connate False Core realm, grasped a realm that most Connate Golden Core realm experts can't reach. Impressive. Truly impressive."

    His voice reverberated but Qin Yun controlled the Heaven and Earth powers to isolate his voice, preventing the lesser demons and humans from hearing him.

    And after Flood Dragon King finished his statement, the glow in his eyes dimmed.

    The massive figure plummeted from midair in a listless manner. As he plummeted, his body underwent rapid changes. The sorry armor that had dark green patterns crumbled directly as a green aura dispersed and diffused back into the world. Since he was dead, the powers bestowed upon him by the Other Realm Fiendcelestial naturally dissipated. His body returned to its true form-a black flood dragon! Finally, his corpse crashed to the bottom of the valley with a loud boom.

    Qin Yun turned to look at the lesser demons far away.

    The few lesser demons that survived the effects of the battle immediately knelt down and begged for mercy. "Immortal, spare us! Please spare us!"

    Some of the lesser demons immediately began their escape. Some spread their feathery wings and took to the sky while others burrowed into the ground! With the death of Flood Dragon King, the operation of the array formation surrounding the area came to a halt. They were no longer isolated from the outside world.

    "Do you think you will live after killing and eating humans?" Qin Yun waved his hand.

    Hu! Hu! Hu!

    Three sword beams flew out, each fully expressing strength at the Connate True Core realm. They went one round and, be it those kneeling on the ground begging for mercy, those flying in the sky, or burrowing in the ground, they were all penetrated by the sword beams! In a blink of an eye, the demons died one after another. They widened their eyes upon death. Some were indignant, others cursing furiously but every one eventually returned to their true forms.

    "Well killed!"

    "Well killed!"

    "Kill!" The villagers that were being protected behind shouted. Many of them had tears streaming down their cheeks.

    Qin Yun waved his hand again.

    The sword beams circled in the valley. The treasures left behind by the Flood Dragon King, Leopard Demon King, and Cat Demon Queen's corpses were carried towards Qin Yun. Even the array formation that was set up was carefully extracted by Qin Yun. After all, the three demon monarchs of Evil Dragon Mountain were infamous. They must have spent quite a substantial amount to obtain an array formation that could insulate them from the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror's probes.

    Qin Yun was planning to set it up in Qin Manor. After all, he did not want the Heaven-Inspecting Mirror to detect him when he was practicing his flying sword arts.

    Who didn't want to have their own tiny secrets?

    "So much treasure," said Yi Xiao with a smile. "Treasures found after spending years hunting around the world can't beat the treasures obtained from slaying fiendish demons."

    "But to slay fiends, you must ensure that you are stronger than the fiend you mean to slay," said Qin Yun.

    As he spoke, he took out a Cosmic Bag. The treasures flew over and entered his Cosmic Bag before he hung it by his waist.

    Qin Yun picked up one of the items that flew to his side.

    It was a Fiendcelestial figurine.

    At that moment, the Fiendcelestial figurine's eyes glowed red as it emitted a voice. "My servant, the more you sacrifice, the more you will obtain! Even if you want to reach the Connate Golden Core, or become an Essence Soul immortal... as long as your sacrifice is sufficient, I can satisfy your every whim. I-"

    Before it finished its statement, Qin Yun tightly squeezed the figurine.

    Ka Ka Ka!

    The Fiendcelestial figurine began to crack.

    "Stop! Stop!" The Fiendcelestial figurine emitted a voice. "Don't you want Dharma treasures? Third-grade, second-grade, first-grade, transcendent-grade Dharma treasures, and even Numinous treasures! I can grant you all of that."

    "Oh? Then give it to me. Give me a first-grade Dharma treasure, then I won't destroy this figurine," Qin Yun said deliberately.

    "You need to sacrifice enough- Wait! Stop!" The Fiendcelestial figurine bellowed.

    As Qin Yun continued squeezing it, the number of cracks in the figurine increased.

    "I don't have anything to sacrifice to you," Qin Yun was still continuing.

    "Don't you want to have everlasting youth? As a sword immortal, don't you want Dharma formulations for becoming an Essence Soul immortal?" said the Fiendcelestial figurine immediately. "I can satisfy your every wish."

    Qin Yun's heart stirred.

    In this world, sword immortals reached their apex at the Connate Golden Core. There were no Dharma formulations to cultivate beyond that.

    "There are no Dharma formulations for that in the entire world, but you can give it to me?" Qin Yun sneered. "Numinous Treasure Mountain, Divine Firmament Chapter, Primordial Chaos Sect, the three Daoist sacred lands! And all the senior experts in history, immortals in every generation have yet to find Dharma formulations that allow sword immortals to enter the Essence Soul realm. And you are saying you can give it to me? Who are you trying to fool?"

    "You must believe me. If you believe me, you can get anything- Stop!"


    Qin Yun completely shattered the Fiendcelestial figurine. The figurine shattered into seven or eight pieces as the red glow from its eyes dissipated. The special energy entrenched in it also disappeared.

    "Believe you? Flood Dragon King believed you, and look how he turned out. Besides, I'm human. You want me to believe an Other Realm Fiendcelestial?" Qin Yun looked at the cracked figurine in his hand. To be honest, the Other Realm Fiendcelestial's claims were enticing, but Qin Yun knew better. Despite the changes of times, there had been numerous legends but no actual Dharma formulations that allowed sword immortals to enter the Essence Soul realm. Why should he believe he could obtain them from an Other Realm Fiendcelestial?

    Even if there was a sliver of chance to obtain them, he would probably degenerate into a fiendish demon as a result.

    "Qin Yun, every one of these Fiendcelestial figurines are extremely precious to fiendish demons. It is a treasure that allows them to communicate with an Other Realm Fiendcelestial. Destroying one itself is a meritorious deed," said Yi Xiao.

    "Yes. Destroying this Fiendcelestial figurine and killing the three demon monarchs that have a warrant on them are both meritorious deeds," agreed Qin Yun. "I'll inform the Inspector Heavenly Alliance now."

    "The Inspector Heavenly Alliance will detect your strength. The Zhongli family will also learn about your strength," said Yi Xiao worriedly.

    "Don't you worry," Qin Yun said. "Those villagers could not make out the battle at all. The wounds that Leopard Demon King and Cat Demon Queen's corpses have are rather ordinary. As for Flood Dragon King? He eventually returned to his true form... and it can't be discerned that his strength had once surged! Killing a Flood Dragon King might surprise the Zhongli family, but they will only be able to figure out a portion of my strength."

    Yi Xiao nodded gently.

    After Flood Dragon King's sacrifice, his strength had increased tremendously; yet, Qin Yun managed to slay him! If this scene was seen by the Zhongli family, they would be utterly confounded. After that, it was very likely that they would cease their schemes but there was a very slim chance of them preparing even more sinister means.

    "Phew." Qin Yun flipped his hand and took out the Inspect Heavenly Token and began informing the Inspector Heavenly Alliance.


    In midair.

    The six-tailed fox demoness was flying while overlooking the world beneath her. At the same time, she was holding onto a jade token that allowed her to contact friends from everywhere.

    "Thirteenth Sister, is there any information from Qian Prefecture?"

    "Seventh Sister, there's temporarily no news of any village being massacred in Qian Prefecture. As for demons wreaking havoc and the abduction of humans, there are some reports of that."

    "None were massacred? Alright, gather the information about demons wreaking havoc."

    Six-tailed fox demon, Seventh Madam Yan, contacted friends from every area. Heavenly Demon Palace was the most powerful faction among demons. Seventh Madam Yan's fellow disciples were scattered across the world and the Heavenly Demon Palace was stronger than any of the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons's lineages. Many demons that were unwilling to get involved with humans would choose to enter the Heavenly Demon Palace. Of course, if the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons combined forces... they were much stronger than the Heavenly Demon Palace. That was something only the joint forces of humans, the Four Seas' Water race, and the Heavenly Demon Palace could withstand.

    Seventh Madam Yan was drained and exhausted.

    "Darling, I will avenge you. As long as I find them again and the Inspector Heavenly Alliance comes quickly enough, there is a chance of me killing the three demon monarchs," Seventh Madam Yan murmured.

    The beautiful memories of her love, and the hatred for the three demon monarchs, motivated Seventh Madam Yan in her unceasing search for the trio over the past year.


    "Miss Seventh, the three demon monarchs of Evil Dragon Mountain are at Iron Hawk Mountain in Grand Dominance County's Yangshe Province. They have been killed by Qin Yun." A cultivator from the Inspector Heavenly Alliance contacted Seventh Madam Yan.
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