Chapter 139: The Day of the Immortal Abodes Opening

    Chapter 139: The Day of the Immortal Abode's Opening

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    "Inspector Heavenly Ambassador?" Guihai Cheng and the azured-clothed guard, who were both kneeling on the ground, turned pale in the face.

    "He's actually an Inspector Heavenly Ambassador. That... That..." The two of them were cultivators, so they naturally knew what it meant to be an Inspector Heavenly Ambassador! The patriarchs of many second-tier cultivators sects were unqualified to be Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors. Very few could become one in the Jiang Prefecture.

    As for Li Yuqing, who was carrying her daughter on her back, she was looking at Qin Yun in a daze.

    She was once the daughter of an official's family. She naturally knew of Inspector Heavenly Ambassadors.

    "It's only been eight years and Brother Yun has become an Inspector Heavenly Ambassador?" Li Yuqing found it unbelievable.

    The youth that was obsessed with practicing his swordplay at Western Mountain Sword Garden was already an Inspector Heavenly Ambassador?

    "Inspector Heavenly Ambassador, if there are any instructions for a lowly official like me, I will definitely do my utmost best." The silver-badge constable added politely. The constables behind him also bent their backs.

    Qin Yun nodded. "The people here are from the Guihai family of Southbright County. I'll be taking five of them with me. Send the rest of them back to Six Fans Gate and question them properly. After the investigations are done, send a letter to inform the Southbright County's Guihai family, as well as a letter to Grand Dominance's Qin Manor."

    "Grand Dominance's Qin Manor?" The silver-badge constable immediately understood. He bowed again, "Yes, I understand."

    "Alright." Qin Yun nodded.

    "Grand Dominance's Qin Manor? He's Qin Yun?" Guihai Cheng's lips were already trembling.

    "I heard he killed the three demon monarchs from Evil Dragon Mountain last year. The leader of the trio, Flood Dragon King, had once fought a Connate Golden Core expert head on but eventually escaped with his life. Yet, he eventually died under Qin Yun's hand. Not one of the three demon monarchs survived." The azure-robed guard sent a voice transmission. "My master mentioned that this Inspector Heavenly Ambassador Qin Yun is unfathomable in strength. He's probably the strongest Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador in Jiang Prefecture."

    "Cut it out. Do you think I'm not aware of that? Now, we need to think of a way to survive." Guihai Cheng said anxiously with a voice transmission.

    "The Guihai family is nothing worth mentioning in front of Inspector Heavenly Ambassador Qin Yun. To survive, it will depend on that young widow," said the azure-robed guard with a voice transmission. "If that young widow were to put in a few good words for us, we might be able to live on."

    "She? Helping us?" Guihai Cheng anxiously thought of solutions.

    At that moment, Qin Yun said to Li Yuqing, "Sis Yuqing. If you don't have a place to call home, why don't you follow me to Grand Dominance? There are many of your friends in Grand Dominance."

    Li Yuqing nodded with brimming tears. "Yes, to Grand Dominance. I've been on the run, hoping to escape back to Grand Dominance. Only in Grand Dominance do I have the most friends I can deem as sisters and brothers."

    "Haha. Alright." Qin Yun nodded.

    Qin Yun swept his gaze past the duo as well as the three guards that Li Yuqing had pointed out.


    Qin Yun said softly.

    The Heaven and Earth powers instantly surged into the five people's bodies under the Dharmic powers guidance. Like invisible chains, they were completely trapped. None of the five could move.

    The Dharma spell-Immobilizing Spell!

    One had to reach the Connate realm and attain Heaven Man Unity before one could cast it.

    "Phew." Qin Yun immediately used his flying art and a cloud rose. The five were also thrown onto the clouds.

    "Sis Yuqing, let's go." Qin Yun led Li Yuqing and the five as they departed rapidly on the cloud.


    "There is an immortal!"

    The passers-by from afar were excited as they looked up to see Qin Yun and company leaving on a cloud.

    Only then did the silver-badge constable stand up. He immediately shouted clearly. "Quick, apprehend all these people from the Guihai family and throw them into the dungeons. All of them will be interrogated."

    "Yes!" The constables immediately went forward to apprehend them.

    None of the guards dared to resist.

    If this were any other time, a silver-badge constable would let the matter rest considering the Southbright County's Guihai family's reputation. However, since Qin Yun had spoken, the silver-badge constable naturally had to be impartial!

    "I'll report this to Lord County Governor immediately," thought the silver-badge constable.


    After leaving Vessel Altar County City, they headed straight for Grand Dominance.

    On the cloud.

    The five men were shuddering with fear. However, with an Immobilizing Spell on them, none of them could move.

    Li Yuqing carried her daughter and looked somewhat nervously down the clouds. She commented, "Brother Yun, you were the best among our group at Western Mountain Sword Garden. You attained one with the sword at thirteen and you were the best in Grand Dominance County's youngest generation at fifteen. After eight years, you are already an Inspector Heavenly Ambassador, a legend among cultivators."

    "You didn't hear of me becoming an Inspector Heavenly Ambassador?" Qin Yun asked. "The Guihai family is also a large family clan."

    "Never heard of it."

    Li Yuqing shook her head gently. "After I married into the Guihai family, I never left the manor or even step out of the compounds. I spent nearly all my time in the inner compound! Furthermore, my husband was not feeling well and he seldom left the manor. As such, I spent all my time accompanying my husband in the inner compound. Sometimes, I might converse with Sister Xing'er and a few old and young maids. How would I know anything about what was happening outside, much less know about someone becoming Inspector Heavenly Ambassador?"

    "What about your father?" asked Qin Yun. "He just watched you get bullied by the Guihai family?"

    "My father had led the troops to fight demons and was killed by them." Li Yuqing's eyes were brimming with tears.

    Qin Yun sighed lightly.

    The government's troops dealt with demons but they similarly could perish.

    "My father had passed away. And when my husband died of his illness, I no longer had anyone to rely on. Perhaps I gave birth to a daughter, so the Guihai family didn't care about me at all." Li Yuqing looked at her daughter in her arms. "If not for Lianlian, I'd would have long committed suicide to accompany my husband in death."

    "What's the matter with the five of them?" asked Qin Yun.

    Guihai Cheng and company looked at Li Yuqing with pleading expressions.

    However, she clenched her teeth as she glared at the five with tears welling up in her eyes. "After my husband died, this Guihai Cheng showed me great concern and took rather good care of me. I thought he was a kind person since he was my husband's elder brother! Who knew that he was a wolf with a savage heart. He machinated against me time and time again. Sister Xing'er that joined the family with my marriage was raped by them and eventually killed. If I had not been accomplished in Qi Refinement, I would have probably been raped by them. After they drugged me, I escaped with great difficulty using my sword arts. I knew that if I continued staying in the manor, I would definitely not be able to escape their evil claws. Therefore, I escaped with my daughter. We headed north all the way, hoping to escape back to Grand Dominance."

    Qin Yun nodded. "The three guards you pointed out?"

    "Yes, the three of them. They are the underlings of Guihai Cheng. The three of them have committed the most atrocities. Sister Xing'er was raped to her death by the three of them," said Li Yuqing.

    "I see." Qin Yun nodded.

    The three guards revealed a pleading expression of horror.

    Qin Yun glanced at them.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!"

    The trio immediately turned to dust and vanished from the world.

    The sword intent domain was excellent at destroying a corpse completely.

    The youth with the triangular eyes, Guihai Cheng, and the azure-clothed guard were frightened out of their wits.

    "The three of them turned to dust and just vanished?"

    "Would he deal with us like that as well?" The two of them were horrified with unease.

    Li Yuqing was somewhat astonished as she said solemnly, "Sister Xing'er, if you can see this in heaven, I hope you rest in peace. These three vile men have gotten their retribution." She was also considered quite a tolerant person. The three guards were Guihai Cheng's underlings she hated the most.

    "For the three underlings to be this ruthless, Guihai Cheng must be the mastermind behind this, right?" asked Qin Yun.

    "Brother Yun, he... He is, after all, a cultivator from the Guihai family." Li Yuqing could not help but say.

    "It's because you are too tolerant." Qin Yun shook his head. "However, there's no rush in killing the two of them. When the people from the Guihai family comes, we'll have a good chat with them. Is this how they bully a daughter-in-law of the Guihai family?"

    Li Yuqing whispered, "The Guihai family might not think too much of me either."

    "Regardless, the Guihai family still needs to give an explanation," said Qin Yun.


    Back in Grand Dominance County City, they entered Qin Manor.

    "Men, throw these two into the dungeons." Qin Yun ordered his servants. The both of them had been sealed off their strength.


    There were already a lot of servants and guards in Qin Manor. Guihai Cheng and his guard were quickly escorted to the dungeons.

    "Sis Yuqing, be at ease and live here," said Qin Yun.

    "Alright." Li Yuqing hugged her daughter and only felt at ease. She had been living the past few days in horror. Now, she could finally calm her mind.


    Changlan walked over from a distant corridor. When she saw Li Yuqing, she said with a smile, "Is this your friend?"

    "Mother, do you not know her? She's Sis Yuqing from Lord Li's family," said Qin Yun.

    "Miss Yuqing?" Changlan was astonished as well. The woman in commoner garb was carrying a daughter and that stood in stark contrast to the heroic young girl from her memories. However, she could still identify her from her looks.

    Li Yuqing immediately said softly, "Madam, greetings. I'm Yuqing."

    "How's your father now?" Changlan asked out of curiosity.

    "My father was killed by demons while leading troops to deal with them," said Li Yuqing softly.

    Changlan was taken aback.

    "Mother, help her settle down. Let Sis Yuqing stay in my Qin Manor for now," said Qin Yun.

    "Alright. I'll settle it." Changlan looked at Yuqing with a pained heart. Immediately, she accompanied Yuqing in conversation.


    After understanding the situation, be it Qin Liehu, who had ties with Lord Li, or the kindhearted Changlan, they were furious over the actions of the Guihai family. They also pitied Li Yuqing greatly.

    Early the next morning.

    Qin Yun was practicing his flying sword arts in his compound.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun was a little astonished as he flipped his hand to produce the Inspect Heavenly Token.


    A phantom projection appeared beside it in midair. It was Palatial Lord Essence Charm.

    "Senior Essence Charm," greeted Qin Yun.

    "Qin Yun, my friend," Palatial Lord Essence Charm said with a smile. "After returning to the Scenic Mountain Sect yesterday, we quickly discussed the matter internally and communicated with the other five parties that possess a token. The date for entering the Scenic Yang Cave Abode has been decided."

    "It only took a day to determine it? That sure is fast." Qin Yun's eyes lit up as he said with a smile.

    "My Scenic Mountain Sect has been waiting for this day for too long." Palatial Lord Essence Charm smiled. "The date is fixed to be 12th June. Gather at my Scenic Mountain Sect before noon, alright?"

    Qin Yun smiled and nodded. "Alright, I'll definitely be there before noon on the 12th of June."
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