Chapter 141: Touching Pitch

    Chapter 141: Touching Pitch

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    Yi Xiao was somewhat astounded. "Patriarch, I can enter the Scenic Yang Cave Abode as well? I'm afraid I..."

    "It's just a little challenge for you. Whatever treasures you obtain will be up to fate." Patriarch Yi instructed with a faint smile.

    "Yes." Yi Xiao immediately accepted the order.

    "This is some of the information regarding Scenic Yang Cave Abode." The Divine Firmament token in Yi Xiao's hand suffused dense lines of text before the communication was severed.

    Yi Xiao looked down and read the text and felt somewhat hesitant. "We'll be entering on 12th June? And this month, my seniors still need to teach me the Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma and I'll have to gradually cultivate my Lightning Dharma. I might not have the time to go to Grand Dominance."

    Following that, she had a thought.


    A phantom projection floated in midair. It was Qin Yun's figure.

    "Yi Xiao." Qin Yun looked delighted. "You are out of your seclusion?"

    "Yes." Yi Xiao nodded slightly as she gave a faint smile.

    On the other side.

    In Qin Manor's compound, Qin Yun was looking at Yi Xiao's figure that appeared beside the Inspect Heavenly Token. He felt his heart turn warm from seeing her smile.

    "How was the seclusion in the Lightning Pool?" asked Qin Yun.

    "There was really some minor trouble." Yi Xiao could not help but say, "The Lightning Pool triggers lightning from the heaven and earth after all. The heaven and earth lightning are at times powerful and at times weak. It's impossible to control the intensity like how cultivators do it. While I was cultivating... there was a boom from spring lightning. It was extremely terrifying in might, a rare sight that is seen once in many years. Furthermore, the spring lightning happened to be in the vicinity of the Lightning Pool. It was pulled in and there were four juniors cultivating inside. I was the weakest and was unable to insulate myself from the divine lightning's effects, causing the divine lightning to surge through my body."

    Qin Yun's heart tightened.

    Despite knowing that Yi Xiao was completely fine, he still felt worried when he heard her recount.

    "Thankfully, the Lightning Pool itself has many array formations directing it. Even if I failed to resist it, I would at most be heavily injured and have my foundations damaged. I wouldn't have lost my life," said Yi Xiao with a smile. "I refused to back down and since the divine lightning was in me, I decided to risk it and lead the divine lightning into my Five Organs, hoping to absorb it. It was indeed a perilous situation... I also personally experienced the horror of the heaven and earth lightning. But it also gave me inspiration towards the Lightning Concept. I also successfully absorbed the divine lightning and now, my Divine Lightning of Connate Breath is perfected. The sect will soon teach me the Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma."

    After he heard that, Qin Yun heaved a sigh of relief and beamed. "It was truly a silver lining. You are already cultivating the Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma. That is the best Lightning Dharma in the world."

    In terms of her cultivation, Yi Xiao's path was a lot wider.

    The Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma was considered the best Lightning Dharma. The cultivation path was clear and with that, she could eventually condense her Essence Soul and become an immortal, having everlasting youth.

    As for the sword immortal lineage, they were capable of destroying all Dharma with a single sword. It might seem powerful but they would peak at the Connate Golden Core realm.

    "There is something I have to tell you," whispered Yi Xiao. "I won't be able to go to Grand Dominance in the near future."

    "Why?" Qin Yun was puzzled. "Is there something?"

    They had previously agreed to reunite in Grand Dominance after she came out of seclusion.

    "In the short term, I'll have to cultivate the Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma. Furthermore, I'll be going to the Scenic Yang Cave Abode a month later," whispered Yi Xiao. "It's an order from my Yi family's patriarch. I cannot disobey the order."

    "Scenic Yang Cave Abode?" Qin Yun was astonished as he blinked his eyes.

    "What's that look of yours?" Yi Xiao could not help but ask. "You aren't worried about me or puzzled. Instead, you look silly."

    "I was about to tell you something too." Qin Yun could not help but laugh. "A month later, Hong Lingtong and I will be entering Scenic Yang Cave Abode."

    "Ah..." Yi Xiao was also a little dumbfounded.

    "This is what happened." Qin Yun explained in detail. There was also no need to conceal the matter from her.

    After chatting for a while.

    "I never imagined such a coincidence." Yi Xiao smiled.

    "I heard that the six tokens belong to different parties, and three of them belong to thousand-year-old family clans," said Qin Yun. "Thankfully it's the Yi family and not the Zhongli family. If not, there will be some trouble."

    Yi Xiao smiled and said immediately, "You have to be careful. From what I've heard, out of the six parties, your side is the weakest."

    "What do you mean weak? In actual fact, I can match a Connate Golden Core realm," said Qin Yun.

    "At least on the surface, your side appears the weakest," Yi Xiao said with a smile. Following that, she warned him. "You still have to be careful. It has to be kept a secret before entering the Scenic Yang Cave Abode. Even if you obtain any treasures inside, make sure no one notices it and that you do not make it public. According to what I know, there are many treasures in there...that Essence Soul immortals covet greatly. Not only is it us humans. Fiendish demons might not be able to enter but after we are out, there is a chance for them to rob us."

    "Yea." Qin Yun nodded. He was very happy that Yi Xiao showed him concern. "Then, cultivate well. Increase your strength more so that it will be safer when you enter the Scenic Yang Cave Abode."

    "Great! By the way, tell me what you have been doing for the past few months while I wasn't in Grand Dominance."

    "Me? Alright, I'll tell you one by one..."

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao looked at each other's projections as they chatted through their communication treasures.


    Southbright County, the Guihai family's only Connate realm cultivator, Guihai Jing, had returned from the South Sea. He was sitting in a hall's seat of honor with a gloomy expression. All of the other elders of the Guihai family were standing and none dared to make a sound.

    "Fools! A bunch of fools!" Guihai Jing scanned the elders in front of him.

    The elders' expressions changed slightly.

    "Third Brother..." One of the elders could not help but mutter.

    "Shut up." Guihai Jing bellowed. "I gave all of you face in the past, but you have disappointed me just too much."

    The elders immediately shut their mouths as they could sense Guihai Jing's fury.

    "I have been dedicating myself to cultivating in the South Sea. The entire Guihai family was left to all of you to manage. How did you manage it? All you did was cause such a huge problem for me! Also, the officials sent a letter to our Guihai family. And you know it involves Inspector Heavenly Ambassador Qin Yun, yet you did not try your very best to find me quickly? It dragged all the way till today?" Guihai Jing was infuriated.

    "Third Brother, we searched for you. You were in the South Sea so it took us some time to find you," said an elder.

    "Fools! All of you are truly fools. I was cultivating arduously in the South Sea, so if you can't find me, just go straight to my fellow disciples or find my master. Let them send a message to me. Wouldn't that have worked?" Guihai Jing was incensed. "I only learned of it eleven days after the letter from the officials reached us! And that Guihai Cheng... there are so many women in this world but he actually targeted his sister-in-law? Ah? Wouldn't it be a disgrace to our Guihai family if it spreads out?"

    A fat old man said, "Third Brother, Cheng'er is one of the few children of our Guihai family that has managed to knock open the gate of immortality. Besides, that Li Yuqing is only a woman. We thought nothing of it."

    "Thought nothing of it!? But she's a good friend of Inspector Heavenly Ambassador Qin Yun!" Guihai Jing was flaring with anger. "Do you know that the three demon monarchs of Evil Dragon Mountain died under his hand? Not a single one of them escaped. A puny person like me will not even be able to survive one strike from Inspector Heavenly Ambassador Qin Yun. Thankfully, he is not a merciless person. If we were to truly meet the people that show no mercy, our Guihai family will be doomed. Doomed, do you understand?"

    None of the Guihai family elders dared to make a sound.

    "Take that fool, Guihai Cheng, for example. There are only a handful of people who have knocked open the gate of immortality in our Guihai family; yet, he did not focus on his cultivation? Instead, he is promiscuous and even targeted his sister-in-law. How do you teach the juniors? It looks like it was also my fault for not handling these affairs. This time, I'll be ensuring that the family is run properly." Guihai Jing was indeed hopping mad with anger.

    "What about the Li family?" shouted Guihai Jing.

    "We have invited the members of the Li family to our residence. They have been settled in and we have already made compensation." An elder answered immediately.

    "Alright, I'll meet them now." Guihai Jing stood up.


    On the day Guihai Jing returned to his family clan, he visited the Li family personally and sent many generous gifts.

    At noon, he brought the Li family along with him and departed Southbright County. As he had to bring a group of people while engaging in long-distance flight, his speed wasn't fast. It was only late at night before he arrived in Grand Dominance County!

    The next day at noon.

    He brought the Li family members with him to pay Qin Manor a visit.

    "Mother! Brother!" Li Yuqing rushed to the entrance of Qin Manor and saw her mother and brother. Immediately, she leaped into her mother's embrace and began crying. She had not been able to confide in the hardship she had gone through all this time. Her tears could not help but flow when she saw her family.

    "Yuqing," Guihai Jing, who was standing by the side, said with a sigh, "It's all because of my lack of discipline. Actually, among the young generation of my Guihai family, Xiaogong was the most intelligent one. Unfortunately, he had a poor fate. He passed away early from his illness. Regardless, you are a daughter-in-law of my Guihai family. On this matter, the Guihai family has done you wrong. I will naturally answer to you and wish that you will not bear a grudge."

    Li Yuqing did not say a word.

    "My master has been waiting for you. Please." A cultivator, Chu Yuan, came personally to escort them.

    Guihai Jing led his subordinates with a solemn expression.


    Qin Manor. A grand hall for welcoming guests.

    Qin Yun was sitting in the seat of honor.

    Beneath him knelt Guihai Cheng and the azure-robed guard. They were both terrified.

    "Master, the Guihai family is here." Chu Yuan led the people to the hall and immediately stood aside to await orders.

    Guihai Jing instantly saw a youth sitting in the hall. Following that, he walked straight in and sensed an invisible pressure bearing down on him. His skin felt like it was being pricked by needles as he bowed immediately. "Greetings Inspector Heavenly Ambassador Qin, I'm Guihai Jing, a disciple of the South Sea's Illumination Sect."

    "Third Uncle, save me! Save me!" Guihai Cheng pleaded softly.

    However, Guihai Jing glared at Guihai Cheng angrily.

    "Fellow Daoist Guihai," Qin Yun said casually. "If I had not passed by Vessel Altar County, my Sis Yuqing and her daughter might have perished."

    "Yes, the officials have sent me a letter and I already know the situation." Guihai Jing nodded. "It's all because I have been out cultivating and did not tend to the internal affairs of my family clan. It allowed the young ones of the family clan to act in such an unbridled manner."

    Guihai Jing walked toward Guihai Cheng and said coldly, "Cheng'er, I was happy for you when you knocked open the gate of immortality. However, I never imagined that you did not focus your mind on cultivation. Instead, you were a curse on women. You even extended your curse onto your own sister-in-law. It hasn't been long since Xiaogong passed away, so how can you be this ruthless? Fiendish thoughts have plagued your mind. The stronger you are, the more you will be a scourge. Forget it. I'll send you myself. Don't blame your third uncle, me, for being ruthless while in the netherworld."

    Guihai Cheng widened his eyes. "Third Uncle, you want to kill me?"

    Qin Yun simply watched by the side.

    "Touch pitch and you shall be defiled," Guihai Jing said. "You have touched too much pitch!"

    "Don't kill me! Third Uncle, don't kill me!" Guihai Cheng pleaded. "I'll change. I'll change!"

    "The wages of sin is death." Guihai Jing shook his head and smacked down with his palm. Invisible Quintessential Essence struck Guihai Cheng's forehead as his body quivered. Blood flowed out his nose before he slumped to the ground.

    "As for you." Guihai Jing looked at the azure-robed guard who was seized with terror and anxiety. Even a son of the Guihai family was killed, so what would happen to him?

    "You are Cheng'er's guard. You have not done anything evil but you did not advise Cheng'er. You shall experience the pain of having your meridians sealed for three years. I'll unlock them three years later." Guihai Jing tapped in the air as a charmed rune flew out and entered the azure-robed guard's body. Instantly, his face turned red from pain but he immediately kowtowed respectfully, "Thank you for sparing me, Lord."

    Just experiencing three years of pain, without the maiming of his dantian was enough to delight the azure-robed guard. However, there was no way he could escape from the three years of torment.

    "Inspector Heavenly Ambassador Qin, I have been spending all my time cultivating in the South Sea. I did not know any of this. In the future, I will definitely make it up to the Li family and to Li Yuqing," said Guihai Jing.

    Qin Yun looked at Guihai Jing and nodded. "In the cultivation world, your reputation isn't bad. What follows will depend on how your Guihai family treats Sis Yuqing."

    "Inspector Heavenly Ambassador Qin, feel free to watch over the matter," Guihai Jing said with a smile. "By the way, this is my first time meeting Inspector Heavenly Ambassador Qin. I prepared some simple gifts that I hope you would not look at with disdain."

    "If there's nothing else, I'll bid you farewell," said Guihai Jing.

    "I won't send you off," said Qin Yun.

    Guihai Jing bowed slightly as his subordinates standing beside him immediately carried Guihai Cheng's corpse and left with him.

    Qin Yun watched him leave.

    "Master, are we letting Guihai Jing go just like that? Will he bear a grudge?" By the side, Chu Yuan asked under his breath.

    "I have done my investigations over the past few days. Guihai Jing's character is still alright. He focuses on cultivation and doesn't like to deal with mortal matters." Qin Yun nodded. "This matter is settled."

    If Guihai Jing had a bad reputation and was a lowlife as well, Qin Yun would not have easily spared him.


    In a blink of an eye, it was 12th of June.

    Qin Yun sat cross-legged on the grass as his flying sword circled around him in flight above his palm.

    "Second Young Master Qin. Young Master Hong is here." Ah Gui's voice was heard from outside. Only some of the older members of Qin Manor were accustomed to addressing Qin Yun as Second Young Master.

    With a thought, Qin Yun sent the flying sword into his sleeve.

    The wooden door opened.

    Hong Lingtong, who was holding a wooden stave, looked extraordinary in bearing. He walked over with a smile and looked at Qin Yun. "Brother Qin Yun, it's time we set off."

    Qin Yun nodded and got up. "Right, it's time to set off."

    He had already made arrangements for the manor.

    "Let's go. Onwards to Scenic Mountain Sect." Qin Yun led Hong Lingtong and with a whoosh, they transformed into a beam of light that tore through the air.
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