Chapter 145: Treasures Everywhere

    Chapter 145: Treasures Everywhere

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    Qin Yun looked back at the Rosy Dawn Door and scanned it carefully with his perception. He could vaguely sense that the Rosy Dawn Door had a subtle layer that isolated them from the outside world! As a result, his senses could no longer reach the outside world.

    "The array formation set up by Immortal Scenic Yang is truly powerful," thought Qin Yun.

    However, Sixteenth Prince was shooting a glance at Qin Yun as he said with a voice transmission. "Since you have the guts to enter, you better be careful. The array formations that Senior Scenic Yang left behind will show no mercy. It would be such a pity if you die in the immortal abode at such a young age!"

    "Your Highness, you have to be careful too. Immortal Scenic Yang's array formations cannot identify you as a prince. Just like with me, it will show no mercy," said Qin Yun laughingly with a voice transmission.

    "Hmph." Sixteenth Prince did not speak any further.

    The seven factions present, including the Scenic Mountain Sect, made for a total of fifteen experts. They proceeded down a granite path.

    At the end of it, Qin Yun and company saw an immortal mansion about a kilometer away.

    "That is?" Qin Yun cast his gaze and saw that, on the desolate lands far away, there were remnant clothes with Dharma treasures strewn around them. A huge seal was emanating colorful light and there was a black stone pole stabbed into the mud. Although the pole seemed simplistic, Qin Yun and company could sense the runic fluctuations coming from the stone pole's surface. It was an extremely powerful Dharma treasure.

    "There are Dharma treasures."

    "There too!"

    The experts from the royal family, the Bai family, and the Yi family discovered the treasures one after another. They were just barely beginning their journey, and already the desolate lands outside the mansion were randomly filled with clothes and Dharma treasures.

    Due to the immortal cave abode, one was unable to release one's psyche to sense the area. But just the naked eye alone could see about twelve spots with remnant clothes and black blood stains in the vicinity around them. There were scattered Dharma treasures as well as fragments of gold and silver.

    Although the Dharma treasures were discovered, no one moved immediately. They were in an immortal cave abode after all! If they stupidly made a rash move, it was likely that they would throw their lives away.

    "Everyone," Sect Master Gong scanned his surroundings and said with a smile. "In the periphery of Ancestral Master Scenic Yang's mansion, there is a Windsand Array set up. Once any living entity enters the array's confines or even has a fluctuation of Dharmic powers, the Windsand will be triggered. Even Connate Golden Core cultivators would be ground to mush."

    Qin Yun and company drew a cold gasp.

    "Just the outer array formations are that powerful?" thought Qin Yun.

    "My Scenic Mountain Sect has only been protecting the mountain door all these years. Over the past three millennia, there have been many cultivators that forcibly barged into the immortal abode from other spots on the island. Perhaps they were trying to obtain treasures to increase their strength or to extend their lifespans. Either way, for the past three thousand years, there have been quite a number of cultivators that have entered to risk it all for treasure! Nearly all of them have died in the periphery array formation. Only a few extremely strong ones have managed to continue into the depths of the abode!" explained Sect Master Gong.

    "Of course, now the six tokens have opened the mountain door properly. Many of the array formations in the immortal abode are mainly a test and are not there to ruthlessly kill! But even if they are tests, those that get killed by a weakened array formation because they are too weak... can't blame anyone but themselves," said Sect Master Gong with a smile.

    "Sect Master Gong."

    The handsome youth from the Primordial Chaos Sect's Zhu family, Eighth Zhu, had his eyes lit up. "Do you mean that the various array formations in the immortal abode have greatly decreased in strength? This Windsand Array is also drastically weakened?"

    Sect Master Gong smiled and nodded. "That's right. Its strength has been drastically reduced. Once the mountain door is opened, entry into the Windsand Array only triggers a Wind Blade Array and not the compounded Windsand Array. Its strength is about ten to twenty percent of the true Windsand Array."

    Just as his voice faded, the stocky young man, Zhu Feng, standing beside Eighth Zhu charged out abruptly with a whoosh. His steps were like lightning and, in a flash, he traversed a great distance. The air above the desolate land began to gently distort into a wind blade that came slashing at him.

    "There's no hurry." Eighth Zhu shouted immediately but it was too late.

    Puah! Puah! Puah!

    The wind blades struck Zhu Feng's body. With grinding sounds, the blades slashed his clothes to no avail. Some struck his neck but not a single mark was left behind. This left Qin Yun, Yi Xiao, Hong Lingtong, Deacon Yuan, and company somewhat astonished.

    "As expected of Primordial Chaos Sect's Lunatic Zhu. His physique has been cultivated to such an immense state. According to the intelligence, be it the humans, demons, Four Seas' Water race, out of any being in the entire world, the Primordial Chaos Sect's Lunatic Zhu's body is the cream of the crop at the Connate True Core realm," thought Qin Yun.

    In terms of physical cultivation, the Daoist sacred land, Primordial Chaos Sect, was the undisputed number one.

    As for Lunatic Zhu, he was also the strongest person at the Connate True Core realm in Primordial Chaos Sect!

    As the wind blades came hurling at him, Zhu Feng chuckled. He extended his hand and grabbed the Dharma treasures on the ground and threw them into his Cosmic Bag.

    "Sigh, what's the rush." The handsome youth, Eighth Zhu, held his palm to his face and looked somewhat helpless.

    As for the rest, they finally ascertained the strength of the array formation.

    "They are indeed only wind blades!"

    "They're not particularly strong. Every wave of the wind blades contains about as much strength as a peak Connate True Core realm."


    Qin Yun moved as well. Stepping on a purple flying sword, he flew straight to a distant spot that had numerous Dharma treasures.

    More quickly took action: Ji Lie, Bai Junyue, Deacon Yuan, and Yi Fenggu.

    After all, despite the Windsand Array only being able to produce a Wind Blade Array, it was not something a typical Connate True Core realm cultivator would just barge into! Ji Lie, Bai Junyue, Deacon Yuan were naturally unafraid. They were at the Connate Golden Core realm! As for Lunatic Zhu... he was the person with the most terrifying physique in the Connate True Core realm of the present generation. He could even match some people at the Connate Golden Core realm who cultivated in physical formulations.

    Qin Yun had recently slain the three demon monarchs of Evil Dragon Mountain so he was naturally confident.

    Yi Fenggu was also an experienced person at the Connate True Core realm who had been personally selected by the Yi family. He too could exchange ten to twenty blows with a Connate Golden Core.

    As for the rest?

    Sixteenth Prince had recently broken through to the Connate True Core and was unwilling to take the risk! Yi Xiao had also just grasped the Lightning Concept. She was strong on the offensive but rather weak at life preservation! Fang Yu, Bai Junyu, Hong Lingtong, and Eighth Zhu were adept at array formations so they were also unwilling to risk themselves.

    "Even if the Windsand Array is operating at a mere portion of its full strength, it's not that easy to withstand. A Connate False Core realm sword immortal wants to charge in?" Sixteenth Prince scoffed lightly.

    Many people simply stood by and watched.

    The people from the Scenic Mountain Sect only watched without taking action. They had made it clear that they only wanted the manuals and not treasures!

    "Hu! Hu! Hu!"

    At the moment Qin Yun charged forward, wind blades roused together as one in midair before the huge wind blade came whizzing at him. It was extremely fast and mighty.

    However, a red flying sword flew out from Qin Yun's hand.

    The purple and red flying swords were two brand new fifth-grade Dharma treasures that he had exchanged for! Typically, one's Intrinsic Flying Sword stayed with them throughout their cultivation while the other flying swords would be constantly changed as one's strength increased!

    "Puah! Puah! Puah!"

    The red flying sword flew in the vicinity, leaving behind trajectories that easily blocked the wind blades! Qin Yun was most skilled at defense, so the trifling wind blades... gave him no pressure at all. Furthermore, Qin Yun still had his Intrinsic Flying Sword in his sleeve that he could release at any time. In the immortal's cave abode, Qin Yun did not plan on relaxing even for a single moment.

    "Treasures." Qin Yun flew to a spot and released his Quintessential Essence to sweep up the Dharma treasures on the ground. The Dharma treasures whooshed into his opened Cosmic Bag.

    "This is a fourth-grade Dharma treasure. A fourth-grade Dharma treasure. This... This is a second-grade Dharma treasure?" Qin Yun's eyes lit up as he looked at the huge seal that emitted colorful light in his hand.

    "I've no idea who the deceased is but I'd guess it to be some Connate Golden Core cultivator. If he was going to risk entering this place, he should have left some treasures behind for his descendants and only brought in the most common Dharma treasures. But even so, the yields from this spot are already a lot more than what I received from killing the three demon monarchs of Evil Dragon Mountain." Qin Yun felt a little excited.

    What a joke.

    A second-grade Dharma treasure!

    "He withstood the wind blades that easily?" Sixteenth Prince frowned secretly a distance away. "He's not that weak after all."

    And at that moment, Qin Yun was visibly excited by the second-grade Dharma treasure.

    "Quick, quick, quick! Snatch it, snatch it, snatch it all! I'll get a lot if I'm fast, but nothing if I'm slow!" Qin Yun suddenly waved his hand.

    Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Woosh!

    Instantly, four flying swords flew out. They were the eighth-grade flying swords he had been using for a long time. They paired off and each pair headed for a different spot.

    "Phew! Phew! Phew!" The flying swords contained immense Dharmic powers that emanated as fluctuations. They also stirred the wind blades to gather and lash down onto the flying swords.

    But under Qin Yun's control, even the eighth-grade flying swords were enough to withstand the wind blades!

    A flying sword fended off the blade wind and the other flying sword would begin sweeping up the Dharma treasures of that area. With such cooperation, they rapidly brought the treasures back to Qin Yun.

    Qin Yun was controlling four flying swords at the same time! There was also the sword he was riding, flying him towards another corner.

    It was equivalent to executing three simultaneous operations!

    This scene was witnessed by the people standing afar. People like the Scenic Mountain Sect group, Yi Xiao, Hong Lingtong, Sixteenth Prince, Eighth Zhu, and company were all astounded.
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