Chapter 146: Dao Repository

    Chapter 146: Dao Repository

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    "Our young friend Qin sure has impressive flying sword arts," said Scenic Mountain Sect's Sect Master Gong as he stroked his beard. "Despite controlling so many flying swords simultaneously, he is still able to withstand the Wind Blade Array."

    "He simply lucked out, getting so many treasures," Sixteenth Prince was feeling irked.

    Yi Xiao watched with a smile. She knew Qin Yun's strength pretty well.


    "Qin Yun, slow down!" Primordial Chaos Sect's Lunatic Zhu ran like a bolt of lightning. He was originally grinning, but when he saw that Qin Yun was able to collect treasure from three different spots simultaneously, he could not help but anxiously shout. However, he soon discovered that Deacon Yuan and Bai Junyue had begun deploying their resources. Deacon Yuan had also released his flying swords.

    After all, as the incumbent Deacon Yuan, he carried quite a number of seventh and eighth-grade flying swords. However, to be able to withstand Wind Blade Array's attacks while controlling flying swords, Deacon Yuan could only collect treasures from three spots at the same time just like Qin Yun.

    Meanwhile, there were stellar streams flowing across the surface of Bai Junyue's body. Suddenly, the stellar flows split into three and shot off in various directions. She was capable of collecting treasures from four different spots!


    The bald elder, Ji Lie, who was the strongest person present, was a cultivator in the Godfiend lineage. He was only powerful in close combat and not adept at controlling Dharma treasures from a distance. He yelled deeply while flying maniacally, his arms rapidly expanded. Each arm expanded to the size of hundreds of feet as his palms became massive. This was the divine power, Power Arms. It was also the divine power that Ji Lie was most skilled in.

    With his arms expanding abruptly, each massive palm was bigger than a house. As they enveloped the area, he grabbed the Dharma treasures a distance away and rapidly rushed to another spot! All he could do was rely on his speed to vie for the treasure.

    The periphery of the immortal mansion was wiped clean in seconds due to the insane speed the cultivators were working at.

    Qin Yun opened a Cosmic Bag and the flying swords came back from afar and swept the Dharma treasures into it.

    "Cultivation requires Dharmic methods, money, companionship, and land. I already have my Dharmic methods. Money is important too. Yi Xiao's cultivation of charms requires a lot of materials. I cultivate my Intrinsic Flying Sword, so other than the requirement of my sword intent becoming higher, I also need all sorts of rare treasures. Also, my Qin family has many dependent cultivators. When the younger generation of the Qin family cultivates, each one of them will need large amounts of treasure. Only by entering an immortal abode will I be able to harvest treasures so easily. Chances like this don't come too often!" Qin Yun was overjoyed.

    "I took treasures from six spots. I even got one second-grade Dharma treasure! There are two third-grade Dharma treasures and eight fourth-grade Dharma treasures, as well as some miscellaneous treasures," thought Qin Yun.

    Connate Golden Core cultivators would typically only use fourth-grade intrinsic Dharma treasures!

    That was because an intrinsic Dharma treasure could only be enhanced slowly through one's own hard work. The requirements for one's realm and various other aspects were extremely stringent. People like Qin Yun and Deacon Yuan only had fourth-grade Intrinsic Flying Swords!

    When it came to non-intrinsic Dharma treasures, they would typically use third-grade Dharma treasures! To be able to use a second or first-grade Dharma treasure, one would need to have the accumulated heritage of a sect or family clan backing them. Sects and family clans would not permit a cornerstone Dharma treasure at the first or second-grade to be brought on risky expeditions such as the one to Scenic Yang Cave Abode! Therefore, Qin Yun was pleasantly surprised to discover a second-grade Dharma in his harvest.

    Then again, it depended on the situation.

    With the six tokens gathered, the mountain door had been opened! Compared to those that had forcibly barged into Scenic Yang Cave Abode, Qin Yun and company were magnitudes safer. Therefore, Deacon Yuan, Bai Junyue, and Ji Lie had brought some powerful Dharma treasures with them! If they were entering with a higher chance of death, Deacon Yuan might have only brought his Intrinsic Flying Sword and one or two life-preservation Dharma treasures.

    "They sure made a killing out there."

    "So many treasures."

    The two Connate True Core realm cultivators from the Scenic Mountain Sect were envious.

    Yi Xiao looked at Qin Yun, who was flying back on a sword, with a smile. There was a flying sword circling Qin Yun too, easily blocking the wind blades.

    "Phew." Qin Yun landed on the granite path.

    "You made quite a killing this time," Yi Xiao smilingly said with a voice transmission. "From what I saw, Fairy Bai should have obtained the most. She harvested eight spots. You and Deacon Yuan harvested six spots! Ji Lie took four, while Zhu Feng and my second uncle did three."

    Qin Yun glanced at Fairy Junyue who had landed beside him, but she still had a cold expression on her face.

    "This Fairy Bai appears to have used the legendary Minor Stellar Heavenly Cycle of the Bai family," said Qin Yun with a voice transmission.

    "Yea. It's extremely powerful." Yi Xiao nodded.

    The Numinous Treasure Mountain's Bai family had a cornerstone Numinous treasure known as the Stellar Heavenly Cycle. It had shone greatly in ancient times, as well as through many historical transitions!

    Over the ages, the Bai family succeeded in refining two Minor Stellar Heavenly Cycles. While not entirely equal to the original Stellar Heavenly cycle, they were still first-grade Dharma treasures! A set of the Minor Stellar Heavenly Cycle was comprised of thirty-six stars. Each star alone was a fourth-grade Dharma treasure! Combined together, they became a first-grade Dharma treasure. The Minor Stellar Heavenly Cycle was deemed to be a perfect Dharma treasure that was good for both offense and defense. With Bai Junyue bringing it in, it showed how serious the Bai family was about the expedition.

    "Minor Stellar Heavenly Cycle." Ji Lie flew back and shot a glance at Bai Junyue as his pupils contracted.

    "Even first-grade Dharma treasures have their pros and cons," said Yi Xiao with a voice transmission. "But the Minor Stellar Heavenly Cycle is one of those that is nearly perfect."

    The slowest ones, Yi Fenggu and Lunatic Zhu, returned as well.

    "The treasures that were left behind by the cultivators who died from the Windsand Array over the past three millennia have been taken by the six parties," Sect Master Gong said with a smile. "Of course, those who died at the outer periphery to the Windsand Array could not be considered very strong. The truly powerful ones would have been able to resist the full brunt of the Windsand Array. They would have continued venturing deeper and died in a particular spot of the abode."

    The eyes of everyone present lit up.

    Of course, those that died at the periphery were the weaker ones.

    "Let's make haste and enter," said Sect Master Gong with a smile. He was extremely calm and composed, not thinking much of the treasures. The Scenic Mountain Sect might have been weak, but it also had an Essence Soul immortal presiding over it! It was also a Daoist sacred land once. Some of the treasures that were handed down had been lost but some were still with them. In terms of foundational heritage, they were a lot stronger than top sects like the Yue Chapter.

    Everyone proceeded forward.

    "This is for you," said Qin Yun with a voice transmission to Hong Lingtong.

    Hong Lingtong looked at the Cosmic Bag Qin Yun was handing him. He immediately received it and was given a fright when he sensed it. He sent a voice transmission back to Qin Yun. "That's too many. This is way too much. There are two third-grade Dharma treasures and six fourth-grade Dharma treasures in here. That's way too much."

    "I happened to obtain a second-grade Dharma treasure. If we measured it, I'm sure the prices would be equivalent." Qin Yun said with a voice transmission. "We agreed on splitting everything evenly. Without your token, I wouldn't even be here."

    "Even so, the amount you just harvested is way too much. We only passed through the mountain door and haven't even gone into the mansion, yet we already have so much..." Hong Lingtong said with a voice transmission. "Although I'm ambitious as well, I'm already satisfied with having this much. After all, I'm currently weak. I'll be afraid if I have too many treasures. Why don't we do this, if there are any treasures that really catch my eye, just hand me those. The rest are no longer important."

    "We agreed on an even split. Besides, you might even obtain a powerful treasure. Would you really just give it to me?" Qin Yun said with a voice transmission. "Also, if I go back on my promises now, it will mar my Dao heart."

    "Alright." Hong Lingtong said with a voice transmission. "However, let's do the splitting after we leave this immortal abode. You have given me too much. I'm afraid that they will target me. Look at my tiny arms and legs. I won't be able to hold them back."

    Qin Yun laughed.

    "Alright then. Since it's only the treasures from the periphery, they won't think too much of them. Besides, I only gave you a Cosmic Bag. They probably think that there aren't a lot of treasures in it," said Qin Yun with a voice transmission. "We shall split them after we exit later."

    The two chatted.

    Soon, the group of people covered about half a kilometer and arrived in front of the massive mansion's door.

    Sect Master Gong examined it for a moment before pushing the door open.


    The mansion's door rumbled open.

    Everyone carefully passed through the door, and were met by a massive yard upon entry. The front yard was huge, probably spanning two thousand feet across.

    To the left of the front yard was a building. Inscribed on it were the words, 'Dao Repository.'

    "Dao Repository?" The eyes of Sect Master Gong and the other two from his sect lit up.

    "Everyone, it was agreed upon that all manuals belong to my Scenic Mountain Sect. The rest will be up for grabs." Sect Master Gong pointed to the hall ahead. "After entering the grand hall, there will be many dangerous spots. There will also be treasures hidden inside. My Scenic Mountain Sect will not accompany you further! I can only tell everyone... that the more powerful the treasure, the more powerful the array formation guarding it. Treasures are great but life is equally important. Act as you see fit."

    "Let's go!"

    With that said, Sect Master Gong and company rushed for the Dao Repository.

    Qin Yun and the other cultivators looked at the repository. Ji Lie's eyes lit up as he said with a smile, "That Dao Repository is where the most core manuals of the Scenic Mountain Sect were placed during Perfected Scenic Yang's time. If they obtain those, the various Dharmic formulations of the Scenic Mountain Sect would probably close the gap between them and the Divine Firmament Chapter and Primordial Chaos Sect."

    As he spoke, Ji Lie shot a glance at the cultivators from the Yi and Zhu family. "It seems the Divine Firmament Chapter and Primordial Chaos Sect do not have any thoughts on the matter."

    Yi Fenggu said with a smile, "All Daoist formulations in the world stem from the same source. Cultivating our own Dharmic formulations to their peak is already extremely difficult, so why should we covet the manuals of other sects?"

    "Our Primordial Chaos Sect is about the Physical Establishing Sage. We do not care about these manuals," The handsome youth, Eighth Zhu said as he curled his mouth.

    "You two itinerant cultivators aren't interested in those manuals?" Ji Lie shot a glance at Qin Yun and Hong Lingtong.

    "I'm a sword immortal, so there's no way to convert my cultivation. What would I use those manuals for?" Qin Yun said with a smile.

    Hong Lingtong also said immediately, "We might be able to obtain some Dharma treasures through great difficulty. As for those manuals, I'd probably lose my life before I could even touch them if I enter after the Scenic Mountain Sect disciples entered."

    When it came to a sect's heritage, manuals were the most important things.

    "Alright, then let's continue venturing deeper." Ji Lie smiled faintly for he was in a good mood.

    Since Sect Master Gong and company had entered the Dao Repository, he was the strongest among the remaining six parties.

    "Now, I'm the strongest one here again. The Numinous treasure and other items that Perfected Scenic Yang left behind will naturally be mine," thought Ji Lie.

    Qin Yun and Hong Lingtong kept a low profile and followed the group, heading for the central hall.
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