Chapter 147: White Dew Flying Sword

    Chapter 147: White Dew Flying Sword

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    On the two sides of the hall's entrance were two columns.

    The left column wrote: "Receive my Scenic Mountain Sect's Treasures."

    The right column wrote: "Experience my Scenic Mountain Sect's Karma."

    Qin Yun and company walked past the massive front yard that spanned about two thousand feet and came into the grand hall in the middle. The text on the two columns by the entrance seemed to possess a mysterious power that constantly influenced the twelve people. It made Qin Yun and company involuntarily look at the text with the contents of the words drilling into their heads.

    "Heart Planting Spell." Bai Junyue frowned slightly and said, "Perfected Scenic Yang has set up a Heart Planting Spell on these columns. By planting the twelve words into our hearts, it will be impossible to forget them! As long as we enter to obtain the Scenic Mountain Sect's treasures, it would be considered as accepting and experiencing the karma that derives from it."

    "We will just help the Scenic Mountain Sect in the future if there's an opportunity," said Ji Lie with a laugh. "Besides, only immortals and fiendcelestials are afraid of karma. For us who have yet to become immortals or fiendcelestials, karma doesn't concern us much. Oh, I'm wrong. I cultivate the Godfiend lineage. The Dao hearts isn't that important. You people are Daoist cultivators, so you place a great importance on the Dao heart."

    Bai Junyue, Deacon Yuan, Qin Yun and company all placed a great importance on the matter.

    Although it was said that immortals and fiendcelestials were afraid of karma and the ensuing tribulations, the strongest ones among them were only at the Connate Golden Core realm. Logically speaking, there was no need to be afraid of karma. However, if they benefited greatly and did not repay the Scenic Mountain Sect, it would affect their Dao heart and their cultivation speed would greatly slow down. It might even end up coming to a halt.

    "I have good relations with the Scenic Mountain Sect anyway. Even without the immortal's cave abode, I would help the Scenic Mountain Sect if I can." Qin Yun was rather unperturbed.


    Ji Lie waved his hand as his arms expanded and extended into the hall.

    "Phew! Phew! Phew!" The grand hall suddenly turned blurry. An array formation began activating, preventing people from seeing the internals of the grand hall with the naked eye.

    "Sect Master Gong had previously mentioned that there are many spots fraught with danger upon entering the grand hall. The treasures are also in there. The more powerful the treasure, the more dangerous it would be. Those who are afraid of death or are unwilling to experience the karma, don't come in." Bai Junyue said coldly before leading the way in. Her sister, Bai Junyu followed as well. A star about the size of a fist was circling around them.

    "Let's go." Ji Lie smiled before leading Sixteenth Prince straight in.

    "Let's go."

    Instantly, everyone entered without any hesitation.

    Qin Yun proceeded together with Yi Xiao, Hong Lingtong, and Yi Fenggu. His sword intent domain enveloped the area and it could already span eighty feet!

    At the moment they entered the grand hall, they felt their perception influenced upon entry into the array formation. The scene before them also changed.


    It was a dark and silent space.

    There was surging lake waters beneath them. Bai Junyue, Ji Lie, Deacon Yuan and the rest were riding on a cloud as they flew carefully above the lake.

    Hong Lingtong looked down at the dark and silent lake waters. "This lake has horror within. I sense that one will lose their life upon entering it."

    "Don't touch the lake's water," said Qin Yun.

    "Wasn't it said that many of the array formations have had their strength reduced in the immortal abode? That it is only a test?" Lunatic Zhu, who was standing in front on the left, could not help but comment. The handsome youth, Eighth Zhu beside him said. "Brother, if the strength isn't reduced greatly, we would definitely die upon entry. In history, even Elder Sword that had grasped the Sword Dao had entered without coming out. The combined strength of the six parties here would die from one strike of Elder Sword if we were in front of him."

    Qin Yun nodded.

    Whoever that grasped the Sword Dao was an extremely illustrious existence in history.

    For example, in the present era... Numinous Treasure Mountain, Sword Tower, and the Yue Chapter all had sword immortals! Qin Yun was also considered an itinerant sword immortal. However, in this era, there was no sword immortal that had grasped the Sword Dao!

    "Elder Sword barged in but failed to escape alive! It's obvious how terrifying the immortal's array formations are," Eighth Zhu said. "Now, the strength has already been greatly reduced. However, it is still dangerous if you want to obtain any treasure. There's no such thing as getting treasures easily without any risk. We aren't Scenic Mountain Sect disciples so if we were to obtain the treasures, Immortal Scenic Yang would be unhappy as well."

    "Will he cause us to die if he's unhappy?" Lunatic Zhu was worried.

    "We are humans after all. Immortal Scenic Yang would not dare to be that ruthless to form grudges for his descendants," Eighth Zhu said confidently. "Since Sect Master Gong allowed us entry, it also probably illustrates how the array formations have greatly weakened."

    They flew as they spoke.

    Ji Lie suddenly sensed something.

    Phew! Phew!

    His hands expanded to hundreds of feet abruptly. His palms were like tiny hills that struck two areas. Some of the water droplets splattered.

    "Be careful." Qin Yun's psyche senses were affected; however, his sword intent domain was able to cover eighty feet of his surroundings. He could also sense that a water droplet was flying at him like a bolt of lightning. He waved his hand and a purple beam flew out, striking the water droplet.

    "Miss Yi Xiao, be careful." At that moment, Sixteenth Prince deliberately came closer to Yi Xiao. At the same time, he brandished the whip in his hand. The whip expanded rapidly and struck a spot where a flying water droplet was.

    Sixteenth Prince said with a smile, "Miss Yi Xiao, this array formation is very dangerous. Father Emperor has bestowed me with life-preservation treasures. You will be a lot safer following me."

    "There's no need." Yi Xiao leaned closer to Qin Yun.

    "It's fine. Let's just help each other." Sixteenth Prince's eyebrows ticked up but he remained very warm.

    Qin Yun frowned slightly.

    Sixteenth Prince sure was thick-skinned. Qin Yun had used his sword intent domain to discover the water droplet hidden in the darkness but Sixteenth Prince had also managed to notice it. It indicated that the treasures bestowed by Human Emperor were extraordinary. If he lacked strength, treasures could make up for it! Juniors with weak strength could destroy powerful seniors with powerful Dharma treasures. That was also something that commonly happened.

    The effect Dharma treasures had on strength became more obvious from the fourth-grade.


    The six parties moved out together and warded off the water droplets that silently assaulted them.

    The water droplets had strength at the peak Connate True Core realm but their advantage was their unpredictability and that they could not be seen with the naked eye. It was very difficult to discover them using normal methods.

    "This is only the beginning. The first array formation after entering the grand hall." Qin Yun thought to himself. "We haven't even seen a single Dharma treasure."


    Deacon Yuan, who was up ahead, suddenly transformed into a stream of light that shot forward.

    As he charged ahead, the rest discovered that at the dark end far ahead there was a Dharma treasure slowly flying over that was wrapped in a gas bubble. Inside the gas bubble was a flying sword.

    "White Dew flying sword! A first-grade Dharma treasure!" Ji Lie and Bai Junyue's eyes lit up immediately.

    In the Windsand Array in the periphery of the immortal abode, many treasures had been seen. However, there were only two second-grade Dharma treasures. Those treasures combined... were far from a first-grade Dharma treasure!

    The higher the grade of Dharma treasures, the harder it was to raise a grade. Their strength would also become increasingly powerful.

    Qin Yun had the means to cultivate an Intrinsic Flying Sword so he knew very well what materials a first-grade flying sword required. It was five times the amount of materials needed for a second-grade flying sword! Furthermore, it had to be cultivated by a senior that had grasped the Sword Dao. An existence that had grasped the Sword Dao could only produce one Intrinsic Flying Sword their entire life! Therefore, how difficult was it to produce a first-grade flying sword?

    A first-grade Dharma treasure was worth at least seven to eight times and up to ten times more than a second-grade Dharma treasure.

    The number of first-grade Dharma treasures in the world were limited!

    Furthermore, the Yue Chapter's flying swords, Azure Water and White Dew were cultivated by two of the most illustrious female sword immortals in Yue Chapter's history. The duo had an extremely close relationship and was adept at joining forces. Even the first-grade Intrinsic Flying Swords they cultivated could fuse with each other.

    The Yue Chapter only had three first-grade Dharma treasures at present! The three combined could not even match the fusion of the White and Azure swords.

    The White and Azure swords were also the most important cornerstone treasures of the Yue Chapter.

    Every generation, the Yue Chapter's sword immortals would wish for the two swords to reunite again.


    When Deacon Yuan approached it, the gas bubble burst, unleashing countless water droplets in an assault. Every droplet had the might of the peak Connate True Core realm. Such a concentrated barrage of attacks made it a lot more terrifying.

    "I think it's better that this White Dew flying sword becomes the possession of my Ji family." Ji Lie flew over as well. Simultaneously, he extended his hand and his palm expanded to several hundred feet long as he smacked out directly.


    Deacon Yuan's face was flushed red. Three flying swords around him flew out and spun around, tearing through all the water droplets in front of him. He extended his hand to grab White Dew, his eyes filled with maniacal glee.

    However, the gigantic palm behind him came striking over.

    "Out." Deacon Yuan waved his hand.

    A dazzling white beam streaked through the air as it headed for the gigantic palm.

    A first-grade Dharma treasure, White Ape flew out!

    Not including the White Dew, the Yue Chapter only had three first-grade Dharma treasures. One of them was not a flying sword! This time, they had brought an important flying sword, White Ape, along!

    The bald elder's face suffused a hideous smile as a black metallic layer appeared over his palm. With the Ji imperial family's heritage, he had naturally brought along a first-grade Dharma treasure, the Fiend Annihilation Hand.

    The divine power, Power Arms! The Dharma treasure, Fiend Annihilation Hand!

    "Seal!" Ji Lie watched everything with a hideous smile.

    Boom! Although White Ape was fast in its telekinesis, it was still sent flying backward with a loud explosion before returning to Deacon Yuan's side.

    "Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

    Stars began to fly over. Bai Junyue was watching over coldly as she said sternly, "Leave the flying sword, White Dew behind."

    As long as they obtained White Dew, they could think of means to force the Yue Chapter to hand over Azure Water. In time, they could use treasures to entice the Yue Chapter. With the carrot and stick approach, and the fact that the Yue Chapter had no hope of obtaining White Dew, it was possible that the Yue Chapter would submit! Once the flying swords, White Dew and Azure Water fused, they could match a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure.

    "Boom! Boom!" The bald elder's gargantuan palms came pressing down.

    The stars came hurtling over.

    Although Deacon Yuan controlled his flying swords to block them, his face turned increasingly red.

    "Pfft." A mouthful of blood spewed out.

    He was not Ji Lie's match to begin with, much less when Bai Junyue took action as well.

    "Even if I die, I'll send White Dew back to my Yue Chapter." Deacon Yuan suddenly controlled his sword to plummet down into the lake. He had nowhere to escape to so he could only struggle for survival in the hopeless situation. "This lake might possess great danger but Immortal Scenic Yang should have left behind a chance for survival."

    "Boom!" The lake water splashed with a quake.

    Deacon Yuan had already controlled his sword to fly into the depths of the lake.
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