Chapter 148: No one is to snatch it from me!

    Chapter 148: No one is to snatch it from me!

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    Qin Yun and company watched the lake. The battle between the two parties was just too fast.

    The moment Deacon Yuan grabbed the White Dew, he was besieged by Ji Lie and Bai Junyue. The imposing might they exuded was something that made even Qin Yun refrain from taking part. Ji Lie's advantage was his domineering power. With his Godfiend lineage physique, coupled with his Divine Powers, the might of his palms was astonishing. Even Deacon Yuan's first-grade flying sword at full strength was sent flying! Qin Yun knew that even if he were to use all his strength, it was unlikely that there would be much of a difference between his strength and Deacon Yuan's.

    If Ji Lie's advantage was his pure physical dominance, then Bai Junyue's advantage was her odd ruthlessness. Sixteen of the stars she controlled could be launched in a ballistic attack, forcing one to put all their focus on defending against each and every one of the stars.

    With the two of them joining forces, Deacon Yuan instantly realized that he was outmatched. He knew he would likely lose his life in a few moves so he decided to escape into the lake waters.

    "Boom!" The lake's waters surged violently. After an explosive hum was emitted, blood began to permeate the surface of the lake.

    "Sister, is he dead?" Bai Junyu asked.

    Bai Junyue remained very cold as she looked down. "He managed to escape quickly. However, he's only injured. This bit of blood was probably a result of him deliberately spitting some out to confuse us. But from what I can sense with my Dharma treasure, I can tell that he is still alive and escaping rapidly."

    "He sure has some guts," said Ji Lie with a scoff.

    They did not pursue him as there were still many treasures in the immortal abode that were more important than White Dew.


    Everyone continued flying.

    However, Qin Yun and company were beginning to feel the pressure.

    "Trouble. This is going to be trouble." Eighth Zhu conversed with his elder brother, Zhu Feng, who was standing beside him. "Brother, Ji Lie and the Bai family are too ruthless. Even Deacon Yuan failed to resist them. Even if we align ourselves with the Yi family and Qin Yun, we might still not be Ji Lie's match. Ji Lie's Divine Powers are too ridiculous and his realm is extremely high. How are we to fight him? Any treasure we obtain will be snatched away. How infuriating."

    "Ji Lie won't be able to kill me," Lunatic Zhu said with a voice transmission. "Eighth Brother, I'll be able to withstand him."

    "You can withstand him but can you fight back? Can you pose a threat to him?" Eighth Zhu replied with a voice transmission.

    Lunatic Zhu was immediately silenced.

    "When we obtain treasures, Brother, just escape immediately with whatever you have it in hand. It's not like Ji Lie can kill you," said Eighth Zhu with a voice transmission. "Of course, I estimate that if it's only a first-grade Dharma treasure, Ji Lie will not bother to kill us even if he takes action."

    "Yea," Lunatic Zhu nodded as well. "Our Zhu family isn't one to be messed with."

    Eighth Zhu and Lunatic Zhu, as well as Yi Fenggu, might have been feeling some pressure, but the entities backing them were extremely powerful.

    If it was only a first-grade Dharma treasure, the royal Ji family might not dare to kill them over it. However, if it were a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure or Numinous treasure, the royal Ji family was definitely capable of abandoning decorum. After all, it was only the killing of two juniors.

    In the whole group, only Qin Yun and Deacon Yuan were the ones with insignificant backgrounds!

    To be precise, Qin Yun's background was the most meaningless!

    There was also one person, the array formation expert, Fang Yu, who had come with Deacon Yuan. After Deacon Yuan escaped, Fang Yu did not dare jump into the lake. He could only follow the group obediently, silently staying right in the back while keeping a low profile.

    "I wouldn't dare to snatch powerful Dharma treasures but if it's something weaker, such as third or fourth-grade Dharma treasures, I should be fine getting one or two, right? They wouldn't kill me to snatch that kind of treasure, right?" Fang Yu thought to himself.


    The group rode on a cloud and quickly flew out of the dark lake's vicinity.

    The surroundings gradually turned cold.

    Beneath them was a vast expanse of snow. There were snowflakes fluttering in the sky and the temperature was so cold that even cultivators like Qin Yun could not endure it. They immediately manipulated their Quintessential Essence to insulate themselves from the biting cold.

    Clearly, they had entered the field of another array formation.

    "We have already passed through the previous array formation?" Zhu Feng said immediately. "It didn't feel that dangerous."

    "It's fine if you do not attempt to seize the treasures, but it will become dangerous if you attempt to do so," Eighth Zhu said. "Deacon Yuan was forced to escape into the lake. What happened to him is still a mystery."

    "Take good care of yourselves first," said Sixteenth Prince with a scoff.

    Next, Sixteenth Prince smiled and said to Yi Xiao, "Miss Yi Xiao, with me and Elder Lie here, you can feel at ease."

    Yi Xiao did not say a word.

    Qin Yun shot a glance at Sixteenth Prince, and Sixteenth Prince looked right back at him. He said with a faint smile, "Qin Yun, we have just entered and we haven't even seen any transcendent-grade Dharma treasures or Numinous treasures. Are you already afraid? If you are afraid, it's best you return now."

    "You cannot return," Eighth Zhu said immediately. "We entered by following the array formations. They make it so it's fine to enter, but make exiting very difficult! The safest way is to follow Immortal Scenic Yang's arrangements and follow the path. Do not go against the array formations and try to walk about randomly."

    "Oh," Sixteenth Prince said with a smile. "So it's already too late even if you did want to leave now."

    "Your Highness, there's no need for you worry about me," said Qin Yun.

    "I'll definitely protect Miss Yi Xiao. As for you, I won't help you at all." Sixteenth Prince scoffed.

    "I do not need Your Highness's help either. My family's patriarch has given me enough treasures to fend for myself." Yi Xiao retorted. Sixteenth Prince faltered slightly but smiled through his thick skin.

    Suddenly, sixteen of the stars that were revolving around Bai Junyue flew out and struck a snow layer a distance away. Immediately, a gargantuan snow giant stood up from the layer of snow and rushed forward.

    The snow giant was as huge and mighty as a mountain.

    "Hmph," Bai Junyue grunted coldly.

    "Bam! Bam! Bam!" The sixteen stars circled around the snow giant and unleashed a barrage of attacks on it, eventually dissipating it. It melted, leaving behind a palm-sized ice block. The ice block was crystalline with countless runic patterns on it.

    "First-grade Ice Talisman Amulet?" When Ji Lie saw this and the twenty stars revolving around Bai Junyue, he frowned slightly. "As a Dharma treasure, this Minor Stellar Heavenly Cycle is indeed powerful. Its perception of the world... is much more powerful than my intent domain range. I didn't even sense the danger lurking under the snow but she discovered and destroyed it ahead of me. Furthermore, the Minor Stellar Heavenly Cycle is famous for its defense. It can create a perfect defense, not to mention she probably has other life-preservation items on her."

    The only person present that left Ji Lie vexed was Bai Junyue.

    Without her treasures, Bai Junyue was probably on Deacon Yuan's level.

    However, Bai Junyue's Dharma treasure, Minor Stellar Heavenly Cycle, was too perfect. Although it was first-grade as well, the Minor Stellar Heavenly Cycle was much more valuable than the White Dew and the Ice Talisman Amulet.


    Bai Junyue extended her hand and held the Ice Talisman Amulet. Her cold expression finally revealed a hint of a smile.

    Suddenly, the blob of light in the sky expanded.

    It emitted beams of light that scattered through the fluttering snowflakes. They brought with it frosty blasts of wind that blew at extremely fast speeds and bombarded Qin Yun and company.

    "Clang! Clang! Clang!" Qin Yun released a flying sword to circle his surroundings, protecting himself, Hong Lingtong, as well as Yi Xiao and Yi Fenggu.

    "Young Master Qin, your flying sword arts are truly powerful," said Yi Fenggu thankfully with a voice transmission.

    "Let's go. The array formation is about to trigger," said Eighth Zhu immediately.

    "Let's leave quickly." Hong Lingtong's countenance changed slightly as he sent a voice transmission to Qin Yun. "This array formation's might will only keep growing stronger."

    "Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!"

    The group quickly flew off.

    More and more of the beams of light that the blob of light in the sky released were scattered by the snowflakes, increasing the frosty beams of light exponentially.

    Qin Yun also faced them seriously.


    The group finally rushed out of the snow land and came to a vast plain. Occasionally, the sky would send a bolt of lightning crashing down.

    "Boom!" "Boom!"

    In between the heaven and earth, there would be occasional bolts of lightning that appeared like dendritic lightning branches.

    "The Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma is currently the world's best Lightning Dharma." Ji Lie smiled when he saw the scene as he said, "But a long time ago, when Scenic Mountain Sect was still a Daoist sacred land, the best Lightning Dharma in the world was the Capital Heaven Divine Lightning. Back then, the Divine Firmament Chapter was only a top cultivation sect. If I'm not wrong, hidden within this array formation is the first-grade Capital Heaven Talisman Amulet."

    "With the Capital Heaven Talisman Amulet, Connate Golden Core cultivators that are skilled in the Lightning Dharma can use it to produce Capital Heaven Divine Lightning." Bai Junyue nodded as well. "Unfortunately, the Scenic Mountain Sect's cultivation formulations are incomplete. It has been a long time since this world has truly seen the Capital Heaven Divine Lightning. It's unknown if Sect Master Gong will be able to find the cultivation formulations of the Capital Heaven Divine Lightning in the Dao Repository."

    Qin Yun, Yi Xiao, and company were secretly alarmed.

    Capital Heaven Divine Lightning?

    It was extremely domineering, with it being able to vanquish gods, immortals, and fiends!

    Unfortunately, the Capital Heaven Divine Lightning and Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma had never appeared in the same era before. It was unknown which was the better of the two.

    "According to what I know, Immortal Scenic Yang only left behind three first-grade treasures. The White Dew has already been snatched by Deacon Yuan. As for the first-grade Ice Talisman Amulet, Fairy Bai has taken it. Now, this first-grade talisman amulet...shall be mine." Ji Lie scanned his surroundings intently. "No one is to snatch it from me! If you try, don't blame me for being ruthless!"

    As the strongest person present, Ji Lie was fuming that he had not received a single powerful Dharma treasure.

    "Who gets the treasure depends on each person's capabilities," said Bai Junyue softly.

    Ji Lie turned to look at Bai Junyue as his face sank.

    Bai Junyue's expression remained cold. She couldn't be bothered to look at him.

    Everyone rode the cloud and flew carefully into the lightning world...

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    Suddenly, a lightning bolt appeared above Qin Yun and company. Dozens of lightning bolts then gathered together before collectively striking at them.

    "Oh no."

    "Be careful!"

    "Block it."

    The lightning came too fast. Everyone quickly used all their might to withstand it.

    Qin Yun released his flying sword to defend his surroundings. He protected himself, Yi Xiao, Hong Lingtong, and Yi Fenggu.

    "Scatter." Yi Xiao held up a fourth-grade Divine Firmament talisman amulet. She directed the surrounding lightning and diverted it elsewhere. She was the only one present that was adept at the Lightning Dharma. Furthermore, she was already in the beginning stages of the Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma.


    Accompanied by the violent and surging lightning, a stream of light flashed and shot toward Yi Xiao's bosom directly.

    Yi Xiao extended her hand to grab it. A green color talisman amulet that resembled a jade talisman appeared in her hand. It had countless profound runic patterns engraved on it and there were lightning bolts crackling around it.

    "The Capital Heaven Talisman Amulet? The first-grade Capital Heaven Talisman Amulet?" Yi Xiao found it unbelievable as well. "It-it actually came straight into my hand?"

    At that moment, Qin Yun, Sixteenth Prince, Hong Lingtong, Eighth Zhu, and everyone else turned to look at Yi Xiao. They were all somewhat dumbfounded. The first-grade Capital Heaven Talisman Amulet had taken the initiative to enter Yi Xiao's hand?

    Bai Junyue and Ji Lie also looked at the dark green talisman amulet that was crackling with lightning bolts in Yi Xiao's hand.

    "Give it to me!" Ji Lie glared at Yi Xiao. His eyes were filled with bloodlust as he bellowed coldly.
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