Chapter 149: Sixteenth Princes Clout

    Chapter 149: Sixteenth Prince's Clout

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    There were still lightning sparks crackling around but Ji Lie, with his Godfiend lineage, was not bothered by the lightning bolts. They only felt like an itch even if they struck him. At that moment, his eyes were staring at Yi Xiao with bloodlust. "Young lady, I've already said that the Capital Heaven Talisman Amulet is mine. Hand it over to me now, do you hear me?"

    Ji Lie believed that such a weak junior had no means to resist him.

    "Senior Ji Lie," Yi Xiao looked up at Ji Lie as she felt her heart tighten. She said softly, "This Capital Heaven Talisman Amulet had taken the initiative to fly toward me. It..."

    "That's right, Elder Lie." Sixteenth Prince said under his breath, "That Capital Heaven Talisman Amulet had indeed flown toward Miss Yi Xiao on its own accord. That's truly strange. Perhaps, it's truly fated with Miss Yi Xiao."

    As he spoke, Sixteenth Prince continued smiling at Yi Xiao.

    Yi Xiao also felt the pressure on her alleviate slightly.

    In addition, Sixteenth Prince even sent a voice transmission, "Elder Lie, our goal here is for the transcendent-grade Dharma treasure, Golden Core Cauldron, and the Numinous treasure, Tuṣita Divine Fire Talisman Amulet. Compared to a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure and a Numinous treasure...this Capital Heaven Talisman Amulet is comparatively unimportant. Besides, Yi Xiao comes from the Yi family after all. There is no need for us to lose decorum with the Yi family over a first-grade Dharma treasure, isn't that so?"

    Ji Lie frowned and turned to look at Sixteenth Prince. With a deep voice, he shouted, "Shut up!"

    Sixteenth Prince's expression stiffened.

    Shut up?

    Was he asked to shut up?

    Furthermore, he was berated openly? There was Yi Xiao around, as well as experts from various parties. Sixteenth Prince could not help but feel pangs of fury rise up in him.

    "Elder Lie," Sixteenth Prince gritted his teeth and said with a voice transmission. "I didn't say anything wrong. It's only a first-grade Dharma treasure, not a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure or Numinous treasure! Why do you need to be so angry that you aren't even giving me face?"

    When Ji Lie heard the voice transmission, he turned even more infuriated.


    There were a total of three first-grade Dharma treasures. Deacon Yuan and Bai Junyue had both obtained one. He was bent on obtaining the final one. He had even said so in advance! The treasure was his and he had demanded Yi Xiao directly for it... If anyone dared to obstruct him, he was prepared to strike out with a slap! Who knew that the person that objected to it was his partner, the Sixteenth Prince. It wasn't appropriate to beat him so it only made Ji Lie turn increasingly vexed.

    He could ignore it if others came forward to stop him. You, a member of my party, actually came to smack me in the face?

    The way Ji Lie looked at Sixteenth Prince turned a lot colder and harsher. "Ji Hongyi, do you think so little of a first-grade Dharma treasure?"

    Sixteenth Prince was taken aback.

    Ji Lie added coldly, "I have already reached the intent domain realm. I have fought in wars for His Majesty, and all I use is a second-grade Dharma treasure! If not for this trip to the immortal abode and to vie for the Numinous treasure, I'll probably not have a chance to use the first-grade Dharma treasure, Fiend Annihilation Hand. Besides, most Connate Golden Core cultivators in this world only use a third-grade Dharma treasure. It's already very rare to use a second-grade Dharma treasure. Fairy Bai... Your Minor Stellar Heavenly Cycle was also bestowed upon you only for this trip to the immortal abode, right?"

    Bai Junyue frowned slightly. She grunted and spoke no further.

    However, it was the truth.

    The first-grade Dharma treasure, Minor Stellar Heavenly Cycle, was something Bai Junyue was unqualified to use most of the time!

    Due to a lack of strength, bringing along overly powerful Dharma treasures out could result in powerful fiendish demons murdering and robbing them away! Bai Junyue could fight Ji Lie in a battle with the help of her Dharma treasure but in this world... there were many people that were stronger than Ji Lie at the Connate Golden Core realm.

    "It's something I'm not even qualified to use. As for you, you will probably not use a first-grade Dharma treasure your entire life." Ji Lie looked at Sixteenth Prince. "For a mere woman, you are actually giving her a first-grade Dharma treasure?"

    "Elder Lie." Sixteenth Prince's expression was ugly.

    "Remember His Majesty's instructions. Keep your mind clear." Ji Lie said coldly. He was still somewhat courteous with the Sixteenth Prince on account of His Majesty. But did he truly think anything of a prince in his heart?

    Human Emperor was a terrifying expert that stood atop at the pinnacle of the world. He had established an empire and ruled the world! He had reigned for three centuries and there were a bunch of princes and princesses. Even if Sixteenth Prince died of old age, Human Emperor would probably remain extremely young as he continued reigning from his throne.

    Although the royal family nurtured Sixteenth Prince as best as they could due to his above-average talent, even so, his growth was inferior to true geniuses like Zhu Feng, Eighth Zhu, and Yi Xiao. He was not even comparable to the heaven-defying Qin Yun who was only an itinerant cultivator. The chances of him reaching the Connate Golden Core realm were low and even if he truly entered the Connate Golden Core realm, that would only give him a lifespan of five hundred years! Five centuries later, Human Emperor would still remain alive and well, but Sixteenth Prince would have been reduced to dust.

    It was the same with the Yi family, the Bai family, the Zhu family, the Zhongli family, and many other ancient families.

    Their patriarchs became immortals or gods with extremely long lifespans. They would remain alive as their descendants grew older and died.

    Why would Ji Lie bother about a junior that would forever be a prince?

    He reprimanded the Sixteenth Prince directly, making him know his place so that he would not give him any further trouble.

    Failure was not an option for the mission. If Ji Lie rendered meritorious service, Human Emperor might reward him heavily in his joy. Therefore, Ji Lie naturally wanted to obtain as much as possible from the immortal's cave abode.


    After being reprimanded by Ji Lie, Sixteenth Prince fell silent. He did not even look at Yi Xiao again.

    "This Sixteenth Prince sure is dumb." Eighth Zhu said to Zhu Feng with a voice transmission. "There are so many princes and princesses in the imperial government. And with time, there will only be more. So what if they are princes and princesses? Their statuses are inferior to Connate Golden Core realm cultivators."

    Zhu Feng nodded and said with a voice transmission. "When this Sixteenth Prince dies from old age, his father would still be sitting on the throne. Do you think Ji Lie will be afraid of him?"

    "Sixteenth Prince got rebuked from speaking out. From the looks of it, this old fellow is bent on obtaining that first-grade Capital Heaven Talisman Amulet. That's right. The transcendent-grade Dharma treasure and Numinous treasure are too valuable, so they will likely be delivered to higher powers. As for this first-grade Capital Heaven Talisman Amulet, it might be possible that Human Emperor might bestow it to the old fellow in his joy," said Eighth Zhu with a voice transmission. "The Yi family's name is not enough to scare him."


    After rebuking the Sixteenth Prince, Ji Lie looked at Yi Xiao with a sunken expression. "Quick, hand it over. Don't force my hand."

    Yi Fenggu, who was standing beside Yi Xiao, bellowed immediately, "Ji Lie, all of us entered with the tokens. The vying of treasure by the six parties depends on our capabilities and luck. Now that the treasure has landed in Yi Xiao's hand, you still want to rob it from her? Isn't that going overboard? Does my Yi family not have the right to take even a first-grade Dharma treasure? If we go according to your wishes, we might as well have a sparring contest outside the immortal abode. And all the treasure will simply be given to whoever is strongest."

    "Yi Fenggu," Ji Lie scoffed. "Didn't Fairy Bai obtain the Ice Talisman Amulet while Deacon Yuan obtain the flying sword, White Dew? As long as one is strong and ruthless enough to escape from me, you can completely take it for your own."

    "If you cannot withstand it, then there's no other way." Ji Lie shook his head. "Fairy Bai was right. The snatching of treasures depends on each person's capabilities. If you lack the capability, hand the Dharma treasure over."

    Yi Fenggu had a grim expression. "If it were a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure or Numinous treasure, we wouldn't even think of vying over it. With our patriarch only sending Yi Xiao and me here, it is equivalent to us giving up the transcendent-grade Dharma treasure and the Numinous treasure! Are you not even leaving a first-grade Dharma treasure for our Yi family?"


    Ji Lie scoffed. "You sure made it sound good. Isn't it only because your Yi family has one person at the Connate Golden Core realm in this generation!? And that person fears to take the risk?"

    Yi Fenggu clenched his teeth.

    Ji Lie's expression turned cold as he looked at Yi Xiao. "Miss Yi Xiao, it's on account of your patriarch that I have not directly taken action! If you do not obediently hand it over, it looks like I'll have to take action personally."

    Yi Fenggu and Yi Xiao looked at each other.

    Ji Lie thought nothing of the Yi family! So what if he bullied them? Him obtaining the first-grade Dharma treasure was a true and salient benefit. Consider the Yue Chapter, a top cultivation sect that had existed since ancient times to present day, if not for them obtaining White Dew, the sect only had three first-grade Dharma treasures! When Deacon Yuan and company traveled the world, they typically did not bring first-grade Dharma treasures with them. Without the strength to protect it, they would rather place it in the sect.

    Sects had array formations set up over generations. Unless immortals or fiendcelestials came storming the sect, it was extremely difficult to be overrun.

    "What do we do, Second Uncle?" Yi Xiao asked Yi Fenggu. Yi Fenggu was the decision maker in the Yi family's expedition. "Second Uncle, we are no match for Ji Lie."

    "I have no patience to-" Ji Lie extended his hand as his arm expanded rapidly while whizzing over.


    A flying sword that resembled mist or rain clashed directly with Ji Lie's palm. A loud boom was produced as a shockwave blasted outward. It even left the clouds beneath their feet vibrating in response.

    "Oh?" Ji Lie retracted his palm as his expression sank.

    Everyone around looked over.

    Qin Yun had taken a step forward to stand in front of Yi Xiao. As he protected Yi Xiao behind him, he looked at Ji Lie and said, "With me here, you won't touch her."

    Yi Xiao turned anxious when she saw this. "Qin Yun, don't clash with him. At most, I'll give him the Capital Heaven Talisman Amulet."

    The competition for Dharma treasures was done for their family clans.

    Yi Xiao would rather give it up then see Qin Yun risk himself.

    "Yi Xiao," Qin Yun turned to look at her and said with a smile. "Since this Ji Lie disparages your Yi family, it probably shows how little he thinks of an itinerant cultivator like me. If I were to obtain any powerful Dharma treasure, he will still take action. In that case, it's better to settle it now. I want to let him know that he doesn't have the right to be presumptuous."

    "Hahahaha..." Ji Lie could not help but laugh when he heard that. "What an audacious tone. You? A junior at the Connate False Core realm? An Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador?"
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