Chapter 151: Engaging in Combat (Part 2/2)

    Chapter 151: Engaging in Combat (Part 2/2)

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    "What are you afraid of? Do you think that Qin Yun will dare to kill you? You are a prince! The son of His Majesty! Besides, don't you underestimate the life-preservation item His Majesty gave you," bellowed Ji Lie through a voice transmission. He did not believe that the item given by Human Emperor would not be able to withstand the attacks of a junior weaker than he was!

    He had been fending off the flying sword previously with his arms. One reason was that he did not want to deal with Qin Yun at risk of being injured. It would be too pathetic. The second reason was that he had Sixteenth Prince in his charge. He was responsible for protecting him. He felt ashamed that he had to force Sixteenth Prince to use the life-preservation item bestowed by Human Emperor.

    But now, he couldn't afford to be bothered about that!

    If he kept defending, how long would he be in that state?

    "Die!" Ji Lie's eyes were red as all his skin suffused a metallic luster. His arms expanded rapidly as he pounced toward Qin Yun. Since he did not defend against Qin Yun's flying sword, the moon-like sword beam instantly stabbed into his chest.


    Ji Lie's face twitched slightly.

    The clothes draping over his chest was instantly torn open. His chest which suffused a metallic luster had been penetrated as well. With the might of a second-grade Dharma treasure, the flying sword was too fast and sharp. The move, Bright Moon Over River, was also too powerful. It instantly tore through his skin and stabbed into his flesh and bone. However, his body was akin to a powerful Dharma treasure and it was extremely robust. The sword failed to penetrate any deeper after stabbing a few inches deep.

    The flying sword plunged in, streaked down and pulled before rapidly retreating. It left behind a tiny wound in Ji Lie's chest, which bled dark golden blood. Following that, the wound rapidly healed and the flesh within rapidly recovered.


    Against the whistling arms, the Intrinsic Flying Sword transformed into a moon-like sword beam and flew back. Simultaneously, Qin Yun released a purple flying sword.

    The purple flying sword came forward and in midair, formed a gigantic hemisphere-shaped barrier of light made of sword beams. It was the Cyclic Sword Flash. This was a move that was at the heart of Qin Yun's Misty Rain Sword Intent! The Misty Rain Sword Intent was best at defense, so with Cyclic Sword Flash, even if it were powered by a fifth-grade flying sword, it was still able to produce a portion of the Intrinsic Flying Sword's strength.

    "You dare to use an ordinary Dharma treasure to block? Shatter!" Ji Lie was further incensed after his chest was carved open. Furthermore, Qin Yun was only an itinerant cultivator and only his Intrinsic Flying Sword was a little more powerful. How could he think anything of the other flying swords?

    "Bam." A pair of humongous palms smacked down.

    Following that, Ji Lie was slightly alarmed. He felt that the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier that he struck was extremely smooth. His strength from his palms was instantly diverted away for the barrier was constantly moving to dissipate any energy. The entire light barrier could withstand strikes in any spot.

    However, even though every spot bore the burden of his attacks, Ji Lie's angry blows from his palms remained extremely terrifying. It was much stronger than Qin Yun's Bright Moon Over River.

    The Cyclic Sword Flash lasted for an instant before disintegrating!


    The purple flying sword was sent flying backward.

    "It's true that I won't be able to defend through the use of a fifth-grade flying sword, even though defense is what I'm most confident of," thought Qin Yun. At that moment, his Intrinsic Flying Sword had long returned.

    In fact, with the speed of Bright Moon Over River, it could injure Ji Lie and return to defend against the two palm strikes in time.

    One reason was that the flying sword was fast, to begin with.

    The second reason was that Bright Moon Over River was an alarmingly fast flying sword art.

    However, Qin Yun wanted to attempt the might of a defensive move produced by a fifth-grade flying sword.

    "A fifth-grade flying sword can't fend off Ji Lie but it wouldn't be a problem blocking typical Connate Golden Cores." Qin Yun thought to himself. The only person that could match Ji Lie in the Jiang Prefecture was the Scenic Mountain Sect's sect master.


    The Intrinsic Flying Sword did not fight offense with offense.

    Instead, it exhibited Cyclic Sword Flash.

    The gigantic Cyclic Sword Flash's barrier protected Qin Yun, Yi Xiao, Hong Lingtong, and Yi Fenggu.

    "See me annihilate this!" Ji Lie had a hideous expression as his arms expanded vigorously before the gigantic palms struck down.


    When it struck the massive Cyclic Sword Flash barrier, its might was dispersed across the barrier. It managed to fully defend against the attack and done so in a rather easy manner.

    "My Misty Rain Sword Intent is best at defense," thought Qin Yun.

    "Impossible!" A strike that was powered by his full strength had been withstood. Ji Lie somewhat refused to accept the fact as his expression turned more hideous. "It has to be that my might was reduced after being blocked by his flying sword from before."

    Indeed, when the fifth-grade flying sword obstructed him with Cyclic Sword Flash, the strength of his palms had been partially reduced.


    Ji Lie struck with all his strength once again.

    His palms came smiting over with obstreperous might. Even the air was compressed and distorted as it surged in every direction. This might made the people standing afar alarmed. The only one that could dare claim to withstand that attack was Bai Junyue alone! Even Lunatic Zhu would only dare claim that he would not be beaten to death by Ji Lie. He could rely on his physique to escape but had no means to withstand Ji Lie's blows. All he could do was receive blows without being able to counterattack.

    As for Qin Yun, he was able to completely defend against him. Not a single hair of his fell.

    "Boom!" The palm strikes at full force hit the Cyclic Sword Flash that was produced by the Intrinsic Flying Sword but the barrier was able to completely withstand the blows.

    "What?" Ji Lie was alarmed.

    "No, break apart! You have to break apart!"

    Ji Lie struck out maniacally in anger.

    The pair of palms would at times turn into fists, hand chops, or scrunch up like a claw. It inundated the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier but no matter how much he attacked, the barrier remained impenetrable. Ji Lie only felt that it was like a massive slippery sphere! It was unaffected by force and no matter how he attacked it, he could not crack it. However, he knew from the experience of cracking the Cyclic Sword Flash from the fifth-grade flying sword that as long as he had enough strength, the barrier will eventually disintegrate.

    But! The limit the Cyclic Sword Flash could withstand when produced with the Intrinsic Flying Sword clearly exceeded Ji Lie's level by a mile.

    "Qin Yun," When Yi Xiao saw this, she heaved a sigh of relief and said smilingly through a voice transmission. "I recall that back when you dealt with the water ape, the difference in strength was huge but you still managed to make a perfect defense."

    "I'm most adept at defense. There is indeed quite a difference between my offensive and defensive arts." Qin Yun said with a voice transmission as well. "Thankfully, I created the Bright Moon Over River that night. With this move, I also have a move that's considered powerful when it comes to offense."

    Under the enemy's maniacal attacks, Qin Yun and Yi Xiao chatted through a voice transmission. At that moment, Yi Xiao felt sweet delight.

    "Brother Qin Yun, you, you are way too powerful." Hong Lingtong was dumbstruck. He looked up at the gigantic Cyclic Sword Flash barrier. Outside it, a huge pair of palms were unleashing various attacks in a crazy barrage at the barrier. However, it failed to break it. "Even Ji Lie can't do a thing to you."

    "I can only defend.' Qin Yun thought to himself. He waved his hand and released the purple flying sword.

    The purple flying sword easily flew out of the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier and whistled straight for Ji Lie.

    As Ji Lie's palms were attacking, he did not have the time to stop the fifth-grade flying sword.

    "He has released a flying sword again!" Sixteenth Prince, who had opened up a gap from Ji Lie, felt his heart skip a beat. "He wouldn't be trying to attack me, right?"

    The purple flying sword transformed into a moon-like sword beam and shot straight at Ji Lie.

    "Let's see if Ji Lie has any weaknesses," thought Qin Yun.

    "Damn it." Ji Lie saw the flying sword thrusting toward his head and was infuriated.


    When the sword beam arrived, he lowered his head and used his bald scalp to block the sword! He did not dare allow the flying sword to stab his eyes.

    "Clang! Clang! Clang!"

    The moon-like sword beams continued its relentless assault.

    Fortunately, the attack came from a fifth-grade flying sword. It was weaker in strength and slower. Ji Lie's adjustment of his body and the lowering of his head was sufficient to prevent the flying sword from hurting his vital spots. But even though his head was extremely hard, his scalp was still lacerated, causing blood stains to cover his head.

    "Thankfully, he didn't attack me. Even Elder Lie's skin has been torn apart. How can I defend against that?" Sixteenth Prince shuddered as he watched from afar.

    But in fact, Sixteenth Prince had not taken any action against him despite his verbal provocations. So from Qin Yun's point of view, there was no need for him to attack Sixteenth Prince.

    Furthermore, he was the son of Human Emperor!

    Unless he was forced into a corner, or the other party didn't go too far, Qin Yun would not take the initiative to kill a prince. He had to ensure that it would not be exposed forever before he would kill a prince. If not, he would lose decorum with the imperial government! The repercussions were worse than killing a county governor. Even Human Emperor would pay attention to the matter. Although he had many children, a prince was still his son. If his children were taught a lesson and severely injured, Human Emperor would treat it as though they were inferior to others. He would not mind that his children received some setbacks.

    However, once a prince was killed, that was equivalent to challenging Human Emperor.

    Sixteenth Prince had not done anything besides being verbally provocative. As for threatening Ji Lie by attacking Sixteenth Prince? Qin Yun couldn't be bothered to do so.

    "Sister, look. Qin Yun's flying sword can transform into a gigantic barrier of light. It feels somewhat similar to our Bai family's Minor Stellar Heavenly Cycle." Bai Junyu sent a voice transmission when she saw the situation. "It similarly creates an all-round defense and does a great job defending."

    "It does resemble the Minor Stellar Heavenly Cycle somewhat," said Bai Junyue. "However, the Minor Stellar Heavenly Cycle uses the thirty-six stars as its foundation. The defense is even more perfect. It is still somewhat lacking to use only one flying sword to produce the Heavenly Cycle. But it's not bad. After all, he has managed to do it at such a young age. Now that Ji Lie can't do a thing to him, he will probably have to stop."
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