Chapter 152: Existence at the Paramount Realm?

    Chapter 152: Existence at the Paramount Realm?

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    The Bai family was the world's oldest family clan.

    The Numinous treasure, Stellar Heavenly Cycle was the cornerstone treasure of the Bai family. From ancient times, it had left numerous fiendcelestials shuddering in fear. With it, the Bai family had remained powerful to the present day.

    The Bai family had extensively researched the Stellar Heavenly Cycle, and even spent a great deal to replicate it with two Minor Stellar Heavenly Cycles. Furthermore, the Bai family naturally had Dharmic formulations that could develop the Heavenly Cycle. However, by deliberately trying to develop the Heavenly Cycle, it was impossible to gain insights into the Heavenly Dao's charms. How could they match Qin Yun's Misty Rain Sword Intent whose heart was to have defense at its very core?

    "Evolving the Heavenly Cycle." Bai Junyue looked into the distance and saw that Qin Yun and Yi Xiao were within the massive Cyclic Sword Flash's barrier.


    A slivery mist appeared in Bai Junyue's eyes.

    Her elder brother once led a charmed life in the Bai family. He had always protected her, fighting off powerful foes on her behalf. Why was the present scene so similar to the ones that happened in the past? The same development of the Heavenly Cycle to match an enemy, with the same verve and ease.

    "Brother, it has been so many years and I've already reached the Connate Golden Core realm but where are you? Where exactly are you?" At that moment, Bai Junyue missed her brother greatly. Although he was not a brother by blood, he was also from the Bai family. For an ancient family that had lasted so long, it naturally had a huge family tree but the number of people from the younger generation that could enter the Connate realm was few in number.

    The past was a century ago. Back then, Bai Junyue was only at the Connate False Core realm, while her brother was at the Connate True Core realm. He was also the most illustrious person in the Bai family. He had grasped intent and it was only a matter of time before he reached the Connate Golden Core realm.

    However, he never returned after traveling to the West Sea to deal with fiendish demons! The communication mark he left behind dissipated as well.

    The dissipation of a communication mark also represented his death.

    However, Bai Junyue refused to believe it! She refused to believe that her brother who had always protected and pampered her would die. She would never believe it without seeing a corpse. From that day forth, she turned cold like an iceberg. She also became crazier until she entered the Connate Golden Core realm. She had ventured out into the West Sea numerous times where she fought numerous fiendish demons as well as those from the West Sea's Water race. However, her investigations led to the same outcome that the Bai family had informed her. Her brother had been killed by a great fiendish demon.

    That was a great fiendish demon that Bai Junyue herself was no match for up to this very day. However, without finding a corpse, she remained adamant.

    At that moment, she looked at Qin Yun and Yi Xiao, who were enveloped in the Cyclic Sword Flash's barrier of light.

    In her stupor, she seemed to see her brother and herself fending off enemies through the development of the Heavenly Cycle.

    The dampness in Bai Junyue's eyes made the distant scene appear blurry. "I wish that the both of you will not be like Brother and me, and that the both of you can be together forever."

    She had once wished to marry her brother. The Bai family was a family clan that had descended since ancient times. As long as they were not blood relatives within three generations, it was still possible for them to get married. However, before Bai Junyue could say a thing, her brother had departed.


    "Impressive," Lunatic Zhu widened his eyes. "This Qin Yun appears to be stronger than Deacon Yuan."

    "His state is already higher than Deacon Yuan's." Eighth Zhu said, "However, his Quintessential Essence Dharmic powers are slightly weaker. Either he takes time to slowly accumulate his Quintessential Essence Dharmic powers, or he expends natural treasures to accelerate his breakthrough. As long as Qin Yun is willing to use the treasures that he obtained from the immortal abode to exchange for rare treasures that can raise his strength, he would probably break through to the Connate True Core realm in as short as a month's time. With his current state, I am even guessing that he had grasped sword intent at the Postnatal realm."

    "Grasping sword intent at the Postnatal realm?" Lunatic Zhu was astounded.

    "Yes, it's very possible. For him to have the courage to do this, it likely stems from the confidence he has in protecting himself." Eighth Zhu said, "If he had grasped sword intent at the Postnatal realm, he can use his sword intent as a soul to condense a Connate False Core. It would be extremely pure. After all, among the Connate Golden Core cultivators at present... how many of them grasped intent at the Postnatal realm? Their Connate False Core is probably inferior to Qin Yun's. Besides, he should already be at the intent domain stage. With that, he can condense a Connate True Core."

    "Every foundation he has is extremely robust. His Connate True Core will probably be as good as some Connate Golden Cores in terms of Dharmic powers." Eighth Zhu deduced. "When the time comes, his strength would be a lot more terrifying than it is now. Ji Lie might not even dare to withstand Qin Yun's flying sword with his physique. That battle would probably pan out completely differently."

    "Most importantly..."

    Eighth Zhu looked at Qin Yun. "He's only twenty-three this year! Dharmic powers are easy to raise but intent is difficult to grasp. I can imagine that he has a chance of reaching the Sword Intent Paramount realm in the future!"

    "Another existence at the Paramount realm is about to be born." Eighth Zhu's eyes lit up. "I'm truly envious."

    "Existence at the Paramount realm? A sword immortal that grasps the Sword Intent Paramount realm?" Lunatic Zhu felt terrified.

    The entire world did not have a sword immortal that had grasped Sword Dao at present.

    Only a particular era would produce one who had grasped Sword Dao. From ancient times, the sword immortals that grasped Sword Dao could be easily counted. Each one of them was illustrious in their era!

    Even the strongest living sword immortal was the one from Sword Tower! He was a sword immortal at the Sword Intent Paramount realm and had long left everyone in awe.

    "Are you kidding me? Him entering the Sword Intent Paramount realm?" Lunatic Zhu did not dare think further. "I heard that reaching the Paramount realm is very, very difficult."

    "Yea," Eighth Zhu nodded. "It's very difficult. Many Connate Golden Core cultivators that have attained intent domain would never reach the Intent Paramount realm their entire lives. But if Qin Yun had really grasped sword intent at the Postnatal realm, then it's very likely due to Expertise Nearing Dao. His heart points towards the essence of Sword Dao so it is destined that once he has sufficient accumulations, it is very likely he would reach the Paramount realm."

    "Oh, from the looks of it. Ji Lie is going to stop." The handsome youth smiled. "This old fellow does know how to give and take after all."


    Qin Yun protected his surroundings through Cyclic Sword Flash with his Intrinsic Flying Sword. He controlled his fifth-grade flying sword to attempt attacking and when he discovered that it did not pose a threat to Ji Lie, he withdrew the fifth-grade flying sword.

    After a round of attacks in his anger, Ji Lie realized that he was helpless against the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier. Gradually, he calmed down. He even felt a lingering fear.

    "This Qin Yun is only slightly weaker in his Quintessential Essence Dharmic powers! By protecting a first-grade Dharma treasure for the Yi family, as long as the Yi family's patriarch wants face, he would bestow Qin Yun with a sizable amount of treasures. Through those treasures, Qin Yun would be able to rapidly increase his Quintessential Essence Dharmic powers. And as long as he isn't killed, with his young age..." Ji Lie secretly dreaded.

    He was an old man that had lived for three centuries after all. He knew when to yield and when not to. Previously, he had a mindset of disparaging everyone else and felt that it was ridiculous that Qin Yun dared provoke him. Now, by treating Qin Yun as a Connate Golden Core with astounding potential, to the point of being able to foresee how his Quintessential Essence Dharmic powers could be raised in a short period of time, he naturally did not feel vexed any longer.

    "Phew." He retracted his arms.

    In front of him, Qin Yun dispersed his Cyclic Sword Flash barrier as the Intrinsic Flying Sword floated in midair.

    "Impressive, Qin Yun." Ji Lie said coldly and forcefully. "It's true I underestimated you. Your flying sword developed the Heavenly Cycle and your defense is formidable. It's no wonder you dare take action. I said before that the vying of treasures is dependent on one's capabilities. Since you have the capability to protect it for the Yi family, I'll naturally not vie for it any longer. Let's go."

    As he spoke, he looked at Sixteenth Prince. Sixteenth Prince immediately flew over and headed into the distance with Ji Lie on the same cloud.

    Sixteenth Prince could not help but turn to look at Yi Xiao. However, when he saw Yi Xiao and Qin Yun together, he did not say a word although he wished to say something.

    Prince? So what if he was a prince?

    The only perk was his privileged status. Everyone looked at him in a different light and did not dare kill him. That was all. But true status in the royal family depended on strength! Connate Golden Cores... held extremely high positions in the royal family. It was not something a prince like him could match.

    "Fellow Daoist Qin," Yi Fenggu said immediately. "Thank you for your help. You helped my Yi family secure a first-grade Capital Heaven Talisman Amulet. I will definitely report this matter to the patriarch. Our Yi family will definitely not treat fellow Daoist Qin shabbily."

    If the Yi family benefited without reciprocating, it would only be mocked.

    "Yea, I will tell the patriarch as well," said Yi Xiao. Following that, she said worriedly through a voice transmission, "How is your expenditure of Quintessential Essence Dharmic powers? You mentioned before that the Cyclic Sword Flash is a move that drains you the most."

    When Qin Yun saw Yi Xiao worry over him, he said smilingly through a voice transmission, "That was back in the Postnatal realm. After entering the Connate realm, with my insights in sword intent going deeper, the burden of the Cyclic Sword Flash has been reduced relatively. I estimate it to be about ten times the expenditure of ordinary moves. The battle up to now has expended twenty percent of my Dharmic powers."

    "Twenty percent?" Yi Xiao said with a voice transmission immediately. "We haven't even seen any transcendent-grade Dharma treasure or Numinous treasure, and you have already expended so much of your Dharmic powers?"

    "It's fine. I naturally made preparations before entering the immortal abode. Although I do not have very powerful treasures, I prepared three numinous pills. They can replenish a portion of my Quintessential Essence Dharmic powers," Qin Yun assured her through a voice transmission. "Besides, if I notice that things are going south, I can escape through Sword Kinesis Flight."

    Yi Xiao was enlightened.

    That's right, he had naturally made the preparations needed for entering the immortal abode.

    "Fellow Daoist Qin, impressive!" Eighth Zhu shouted from afar as he flew over with Lunatic Zhu.

    "I was only forced to defend," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    "Being able to defend is a showcase of ability as well," said Eighth Zhu immediately.

    However, Lunatic Zhu said quickly, "Let's leave quickly. They have already flown far away."

    Indeed, Ji Lie and Sixteenth Prince were flying ahead. Although the Bai sisters were looking over, they had also begun flying forward.

    "Let's leave quickly," said Qin Yun as well.

    Immediately, Qin Yun, Yi Xiao, Hong Lingtong, Yi Fenggu, Eighth Zhu, Lunatic Zhu, as well as Fang Yu flew behind the group.

    At the end of the lightning world, a white fog appeared.

    Ji Lie, Sixteenth Prince, Bai Junyue, and Bai Junyu flew straight into the white fog one after another.

    "Another array formation," Hong Lingtong frowned slightly. "I find this array formation abnormal."

    "Yea," Eighth Zhu said with a smile. "The treasures from before were the three first-grade Dharma treasures. What follows next might very well be the transcendent-grade Dharma treasure or even a Numinous treasure! The danger will naturally increase. But if one doesn't enter it, there's no way to know the truth of the array formation."

    "Let's enter."

    No one from the group shrank back. Even the weakest Fang Yu had his ambitions. "I do not dare covet thoughts of a first-grade Dharma treasure or higher. However, Immortal Scenic Yang is an immortal. He was the leader of the Daoist movement of the past. Other than those powerful Dharma treasures, I believe he should have some ordinary Dharma treasures. Just picking up a few would be worth it."

    The group flew into the white fog together.

    The moment Qin Yun entered the white fog, he felt as though the world was spinning.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun looked at his surroundings which were a filled with white fog. Despite his sword intent domain being capable of perceiving a region of eighty feet, Yi Xiao, Hong Lingtong, Eighth Zhu, and company had all vanished; he could not find them within an eighty-feet radius.

    "Where are they?" Qin Yun's expression changed slightly. "We were separated the moment we entered the array formation? From the looks of it, this array formation is a lot more dangerous than the three array formations from before."

    The treasures that were hidden nearer to the end were more powerful, but it also meant greater danger.
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