Chapter 153: Hong Lingtong Leads the Way

    Chapter 153: Hong Lingtong Leads the Way

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    "I don't know anything about array formations." Qin Yun looked at the surrounding white fog and frowned. "It would be nothing for Brother Hong. He's most skilled in array formations and I believe he will have means to deal with it. Whereas, Yi Xiao is different from me. She's a disciple of a large family clan and Patriarch Yi must have given her some life-preservation items. Furthermore, she has already grasped the Lightning Concept. With Divine Firmament talisman amulets in hand, she should be able to withstand most dangers."

    Qin Yun could only console himself.


    He released the purple flying sword and allowed it to float in front of him. As for his Intrinsic Flying Sword, he kept it in his sleeve to release it at any time.

    He could only perceive his surroundings with his sword intent domain while inside the white fog. He could only barely see a little more than ten feet with his naked eyes! As for psyche perception? It did not sense a thing at all.

    Qin Yun carefully walked through the blurry white fog.

    "I don't understand array formations but to crack one, there are two methods. One is to forcibly crack it and the other is to pin one's hopes on Immortal Scenic Yang's benevolence." Qin Yun thought to himself. "As for forcibly cracking it? None of those who entered is capable of that! We opened the immortal abode with six tokens, causing the array formations left behind by Immortal Scenic Yang to be greatly reduced in strength. If he really wants us dead, the strongest among us is only at the Connate Golden Core realm. How would we be able to escape?

    "According to the experience gleaned from the first three array formations, just continuing on would result in me exiting the array formation."

    "As long as I don't touch any treasures, the danger would be reduced to its lowest."

    Qin Yun walked on when he suddenly sensed something.

    "Shoo!" A plume of scorching fire shot out from the fog.

    The purple flying sword flashed to receive it, instantly blocking it.

    The red plume of fire dissipated.

    "There is indeed danger. The might of this fire plume is already at the peak Connate True Core realm." Qin Yun thought to himself. "With Yi Xiao's present strength, she could already become an Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador. She should be fine."

    She was different from how he was back when he lacked powerful Dharma treasures. Yi Xiao had just attained the Lightning Concept and had learned the Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma. She was also bestowed with a fourth-grade Divine Firmament talisman amulet, so she was indeed at the level of an Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador.

    Qin Yun continued proceeding through the blurry white fog.


    And at that moment.

    "We have been completely separated." Yi Xiao was extremely cautious as ripples emanated out from her, spanning sixty feet of her surroundings. Every generation, the number of disciples that cultivated in the Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma could be counted in one hand. The Divine Firmament Chapter would also bestow powerful life-preservation Dharma treasures to them!

    She held a fourth-grade Divine Firmament talisman amulet in preparation to cast lightning spells at any moment. If lightning was blasted out, its speed was much faster than a flying sword.


    Deep in the white fog, a red fiery beam shot out. However, the green ripples that spread out a distance of sixty feet from her obstructed the red flame. Only the outermost ripple was damaged.

    "Strength at the peak Connate True Core realm? That's still alright. My Dharma treasure can still withstand it." Yi Xiao continued proceeding further.


    The moment Hong Lingtong found himself in the white fog, he revealed a smile.

    With wood stave in hand, he began calculating with his fingers.

    At the same time, the floating ancient turtle shell that was filled with cracks in his dantian also aided him in his inference.

    "The treasures within this array formation is a lot more valuable than the three treasures from before, combined." Hong Lingtong smiled. "However, it's a lot more dangerous."


    "The treasures are split into so many different spots?"

    Hong Lingtong quickly inferred that there were treasures in many areas in the array formation.

    "The three array formations from before only had one Dharma treasure. But here, the treasures are separated." Hong Lingtong revealed a look of delight. "Looks like I'll be able to pick a few."

    "Well, what I should do now the most is..."

    Hong Lingtong did a rudimentary prediction and affirmed, "To find Qin Yun!"

    "From the looks of it, I would not be able to obtain the powerful treasures with just me alone." As Hong Lingtong inferred, he continued proceeding ahead with a wooden stave in hand. As he walked, he tapped the wooden stave gently, sending very light disturbances out. There were six Dharma treasures hidden around him within the void that protected him.

    "Qin Yun is in this direction."

    As Hong Lingtong inferred, he began to speed up his pace but he did not even encounter a single fire plume throughout his entire journey! He had very naturally avoided any hint of danger.


    Qin Yun kept walking forward. Although he was surrounded by white fog, he continued pondering over the matter.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!"

    Three red fire plumes attacked. The purple flying sword flashed in midair and blocked the three fire plumes.

    "It seems the number of assaulting flames increase if I head this way?" Qin Yun thought to himself. "As long as it's more dangerous, it's very likely a spot that hides treasure."

    Although he did not understand array formations, he remembered what Sect Master Gong had said. Places with treasures were more dangerous.

    On the other hand, although it was not necessary that a dangerous spot would have treasures, the likelihood of there being treasures was higher! Qin Yun was not bothered by the trivial flames.

    "Brother Qin Yun." A voice came out of the white fog.


    A red flame came attacking but he saw six tokens appear out of the void. Thy formed an array formation among each other, and the moment the red flame entered the vicinity of the six tokens, it very naturally got deflected.

    "Plop." Hong Lingtong walked out of the white fog as he tapped the ground gently with the wooden stave in his hand. Immediately, the red flame shot out into the distance.

    "Brother Hong?" Qin Yun was astonished. "I've never seen this ability of yours. This is also the first time I'm seeing you use this six Dharma treasure set."

    When Hong Lingtong walked toward Qin Yun, the six tokens rapidly flew into his sleeve. Hong Lingtong said with a smile, "With Brother Qin Yun here, why would I need to use these tricks of mine? Just a single fire plume from here is already too powerful for me. Taking it head on is extremely demanding too. I had to think of ways to deflect it."

    "The flames produced by an array formation set up by an Essence Soul immortal can be deflected by you?" Qin Yun was astonished.

    "That's because Immortal Scenic Yang is long dead. This array formation has no one controlling it and it's being run automatically. That's how I can resort to trickery," explained Hong Lingtong. "If an owner is controlling it, the strength of the array formation will be at its greatest extent. When against an enemy, it would be terrifying."

    "Alright, let's not talk further. Let's quickly go," urged Hong Lingtong. "There are lots of treasures here. I came looking for you immediately without even getting one."

    "Can you find Yi Xiao?" Qin Yun asked immediately.

    Hong Lingtong frowned slightly. He shook his head and said, "I came with you, causing our karma to be intricately linked. That's how I could find you. However, the karma between she and me is extremely thin. The array formation here can jumble one's perception, and its goal is to deliberately separate us. For example, you won't be able to sense a Dharmic power mark you left on someone else. The inference difficulty is also a lot more difficult than in the outside world. Under the influence of the array formation, I would not be able to infer her position. However, if we are sufficiently close to her, I should be able to sense her."

    "Alright." Qin Yun nodded. He also understood that Hong Lingtong was very impressive to be able to regroup with him despite the influence of the array formation.

    "Then, let's go," said Hong Lingtong. "We can search for treasures as we search for Miss Yi. Perhaps, there will be a time when we are very close to Miss Yi."

    "You said that there are a lot of treasures?" Qin Yun was perplexed.

    "Yea, I can infer that there are many spots with treasures." Hong Lingtong smiled.

    "Looks like it's different from the three array formations from before." Qin Yun nodded.

    "Follow me," said Hong Lingtong. "However, Brother Qin Yun, I'll leave the danger to you."

    "Leave it to me. All you need to do is lead the way." Qin Yun was filled with confidence.


    The two joined hands in proceeding forward.

    Hong Lingtong appeared very leisurely and confidently within the white fog as he easily determined the direction in which to proceed.

    After walking for a few seconds.

    "Phew! Phew! Phew..." Instantly, eight flames surged over, giving Qin Yun a fright. Back when he was walking randomly around, he had only encountered a maximum of three flames. This time, there were a total of eight?

    "Bam! Bam! Bam!"

    The purple flying sword flew out and instantly formed a gigantic barrier of sword beams. The eight flames struck the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier and dissipated.

    "There is treasure up ahead," said Hong Lingtong with a smile.

    The duo continued forward. After walking a few steps, they noticed that the fog in front of them had thinned greatly. They could even see more than a hundred feet out. There was only a thin fog along the ground with a huge boulder there. On the boulder was a green jade bottle that looked ordinary as though it was an ordinary item.

    "This is a treasure?" Qin Yun looked bafflingly at the jade bottle. He could not see how it was precious from the knowledge he had.

    "Just take it so that we can take a look," said Hong Lingtong.

    Qin Yun waved his hand.

    A sword beam flew out, sweeping up the green bottle before flying back to him.
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