Chapter 154: Immortal Pill!!!

    Chapter 154: Immortal Pill!!!

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    Qin Yun extended his hand and grabbed the jade bottle. The green jade bottle's surface was rather ordinary but there were two words: Multicolored Pill.

    Qin Yun and Hong Lingtong looked each other in the eye.

    "Spirit Pills?" The duo effused delighted looks.

    "That's right. The Scenic Mountain Sect's alchemy is only considered ordinary and is far inferior to Numinous Treasure Mountain." Hong Lingtong said with a smile, "However, Immortal Scenic Yang is a historically famous alchemical grandmaster. In order to refine pills, he had gone through great effort and received the help of many of his friends before he could refine a cauldron he wanted the most, a cauldron at the transcendent-grade Dharma treasure level-Golden Core Cauldron. As a result, he refined many famous pills and there were some that no one else but him could refine."

    Qin Yun nodded.

    Consider the thousand-year-old Ice Jade Fruit which County Governor Wen had previously commissioned Qin Yun and company to pluck, it was a marvel born naturally from the heaven and earth. However, pills were the amalgamation of cultivators gathering all sort of worldly ingredients and refined in a cauldron. The final products were pills that far exceeded the quality of the ingredients.

    One pill could allow a mortal to enter the Connate realm immediately.

    One pill could bring a recently deceased back to life.

    Legend even said that back when the Dao Ancestor taught the Dao on Numinous Treasure Mountain, he had once said that the Dao of Alchemy could produce powerful pills that could even make mortals become immortals directly! Of course, those were only legends... No one had ever refined such heaven-defying pills before.

    However, the development of such a powerful alchemical grandmaster was too difficult. There was an extremely demanding requirement of an alchemical grandmaster's realm. And the second most important characteristic was to have deep knowledge of the countless ingredients available. Only through countless experiments with pills would one have the accumulated experience to refine more and more powerful pills. The great experts in alchemy were few and far between in the world.

    Immortal Scenic Yang was one of the few who stood at the pinnacle of alchemy against the backdrop of history. Those that were of equal rank to him were immortals from different eras.

    Qin Yun said with a smile, "Multicolored Pills are fifth-grade pills. It allows mortals to undergo marrow cleansing when cultivating, improving their natural endowments. Even when elderly mortals eat it, they would become a lot healthier."

    He was now an Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador after all. Besides, he could buy all sorts of treasures from Myriad Temple and he had also seen their entire catalog before. Therefore, he knew of all the famous pills in the world.

    "There are twenty pills in here." Qin Yun opened the stopper to take a look but he frowned slightly. "Too much time has passed. Although it has been preserved very well, it has only fifty percent of its medicinal power left."

    "Fifty percent is already very good," said Hong Lingtong immediately. "Let's quickly search for more."


    Qin Yun nodded. Under Hong Lingtong's lead, they quickly headed for the next spot to seek the treasures that were sensed.


    The second spot where the treasure was hidden had more than a hundred flames dancing in midair. When Qin Yun and Hong Lingtong approached them, the hundred plus flames quickly merged together, forming the shape of a wolf in midair. Its body was made up of flames as it stepped across the void and leaped over. Qin Yun continued releasing his purple flying sword.


    The sword beam flashed and like a surge of lightning, it had irrepressible might. The Inferno Wolf dodged agilely in midair but how agile was a flying sword? Just a simple flash and it eventually struck the Inferno Wolf.


    The purple flying sword struck out fiercely, but only a portion of the Inferno Wolf's flames was dispersed.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" The purple flying sword attacked in succession, preventing the Inferno Wolf from dodging. Eventually, it dispersed completely.

    "This Inferno Wolf's strength is already at the level of an Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador," said Qin Yun. As he spoke, he went forward with Hong Lingtong. On a boulder, there was a green jade bottle. It looked almost identical to the one from before.

    He released a sword beam that wrapped the jade bottle towards him. Qin Yun stretched out his hand and took it. The three words, "Dao Heart Pills" were engraved on the green jade bottle.

    "Dao Heart Pills?" Hong Lingtong said immediately. "These are third-grade Spirit Pills. It's said that if one suffers a deviation, loses one's Dao heart, or suffers mental perturbations, just eating a single pill will allow one's mind to freeze. Within half a year, one's mind would not be perturbed at all."

    Dao Heart Pills were extremely valuable.

    A single pill could match that of a fifth-grade Dharma treasure. Dharma treasures could be slowly used and if they were not used, they could be sold. Pills were gone once they were used!

    "Cultivators who refine pills or artifacts, or those that need to draw talismans, or even powerful talisman amulets, would typically want a Dao Heart Pill," elaborated Qin Yun. After eating one Dao Heart Pill, one would attain absolute calmness, preventing any careless mistakes from happening.

    Hong Lingtong said with a smile, "It is not only limited to cultivators, even fiendish demons, especially those that cultivate in Dharmic formulations that seek quick success and instant benefits, covet Dao Heart Pills greatly. After all, those Dharmic formulations make it easy for one to go astray."

    "Yea." Qin Yun nodded.

    Dao Heart Pills were always popular! Whoever refined them could quickly have them snatched up once they put it up for sale.

    Even ordinarily powerful cultivators would have one or two Dao Heart Pills in store, so as to prevent themselves from losing their Dao heart and going astray. After all once the Dao heart experienced problems, simply consuming the pill would allow for one to recover within half a year.


    Qin Yun and Hong Lingtong walked in the endless white fog. Under Hong Lingtong's guidance and Qin Yun's management of danger, they easily obtained pills from various spots.

    The lowest grade of the pills was at the sixth-grade and the highest was a bottle of first-grade pills.

    Marrow cleansing, illness treatment, enhancement of Dharmic powers, recovery of Dharmic powers, antitoxins... The pills provided a myriad of effects.

    The first-grade pills were even stored in a Fire Cloud Calabash. The Fire Cloud Calabash was naturally grown and was best for preserving pills. Typically, only the best pills were stored in Fire Cloud Calabashes. Even after three thousand years, the first-grade pills still had eighty percent of their medicinal effects. That first-grade pills were called Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills. They were extremely famous Spirit Pills in the cultivation world.

    Typically, only the best Connate Golden Core cultivators or Essence Soul immortals used them.

    For example, a top Connate Golden Core cultivator that believed that they had made sufficient preparations to attempt a breakthrough to the Essence Soul realm would have their Golden Core damaged upon failure! They could then consume the Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills to mend the damage. It was best at recovering one's life roots.

    Even Essence Soul immortals could use it for treatment.

    Mortals with missing limbs or weak constitutions or weak from age... had all sorts of damage to their life roots. Mortals all the way to immortals could consume Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills as they were extremely mild. Even a baby could withstand it. It was an excellent Spirit Pill.

    However, it was too expensive!

    Even the top Golden Core cultivator would not bear to use it without good reason. Even Essence Soul immortals would only have a few for standby.

    A Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill was equivalent to a second-grade Dharma treasure!

    "A total of six pills." Qin Yun and Hong Lingtong were extremely delighted as well.

    The calabash contained six Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills. It was the most valuable item they had received so far. Six Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills added up matched a first-grade Dharma treasure. For a first-grade Dharma treasure, Ji Lie had directly rebuked Sixteenth Prince! Even typical Connate Golden Core cultivators would not dare to bring a first-grade Dharma treasure out into the open as they were afraid of being robbed.

    Before the Yue Chapter came to the Scenic Yang Cave Abode, they only had three first-grade Dharma treasures.

    Therefore, how valuable was a calabash-worth of Spirit Pills?

    The bunch of Spirit Pills that Qin Yun and Hong Lingtong found were far inferior to the calabash of Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills, even when added together. By splitting it equally, it was equivalent to them receiving half a first-grade Dharma treasure!

    "It's only in an immortal abode that this can happen. It it were the outer world, when would we have the chance of obtaining so many treasures?" Qin Yun sighed.

    "We didn't make a mistake coming!" Hong Lingtong was feeling excited as well.

    "It's all thanks to you, Brother Hong. If not for you leading the way, I'll only be walking around in circles. I would be considered lucky if I can find a bottle of Spirit Pills, much less the Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills," said Qin Yun.

    "Brother Qin Yun, if it were me alone, I would not be able to resolve the danger to obtain the Spirit Pills even if I found it," said Hong Lingtong with a smile.


    Finally, the duo came to another spot.

    There was faint lustrous light coming up ahead. It made Qin Yun and Hong Lingtong reveal looks of pleasant surprise. When they looked carefully, the white fog up ahead was thin. There was a jade platform and a fiery-red calabash stood atop it.

    "A Fire Cloud Calabash. It's another Fire Cloud Calabash," Hong Lingtong said excitedly. "Among all the Spirit Pills we discovered previously, a Fire Cloud Calabash was only used once as a vessel. It was the Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills. Besides, this Fire Cloud Calabash is placed on a jade platform which has an active array that is emitting a lustrous light."

    "Yea," Qin Yun's heart raced. "That jade platform has an active array formation. It must be used to protect that calabash of Spirit Pills. With Immortal Scenic Yang's wealth, even the first-grade Nine Revolutions Spirit Pills were only placed inside a Fire Cloud Calabash which was placed on a boulder. But he has used a jade platform to protect it with an array formation? Also, it is stored in a Fire Cloud Calabash. Perhaps, the pills stored in it are more valuable than first-grade pills."

    "More valuable than first-grade pills?" Hong Lingtong gulped. "Could it be... an Immortal Pill?"


    There was a resonating hum that could be faintly heard from the surroundings. Flames began to coalesce out of thin air as endless flames gathered. Instantly, they manifested a massive Inferno Divine Dragon. It had a majestic aura as it coiled itself above the jade platform. The dragon's head looked down at Qin Yun and Hong Lingtong.

    "After seeing this behemoth, I'm more convinced that what lies in it is an Immortal Pill." Qin Yun stared intently at the massive Inferno Divine Dragon.

    "Brother Qin Yun, I'm counting on you." Hong Lingtong did not dare go forward. He could sense immense danger from the Inferno Divine Dragon. If he went forward, he would probably be destroyed easily.

    "Leave it to me."

    Qin Yun's eyes were filled with fighting spirit.
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