Chapter 156: Golden Core Outer Pill (Part 2/2)

    Chapter 156: Golden Core Outer Pill (Part 2/2)

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    Golden Core Outer Pills were universally accepted as a type of Immortal Pill.

    It was a creation of Immortal Scenic Yang, an illustrious figure in history! Back then, Immortal Scenic Yang had gone to great effort to invite experts from various disciplines to eventually refine the transcendent-grade Dharma treasure, Golden Core Cauldron. With the cauldron, he refined many potent pills. One of the most famous and most impressive pills was the Golden Core Outer Pill. This was also why the cauldron was eventually given its name. And after Immortal Scenic Yang's death, no one else could refine Golden Core Outer Pills. As such, these pills became a legend.

    Although there were some Golden Core Outer Pills that circulated through the world, they were long consumed over the span of three thousand years, becoming a legend as well.

    The Golden Core Outer Pill would enter the dantian on consumption! It was as though one had cultivated to form a Golden Core.

    In one step, they could directly reach the Connate Golden Core realm!

    Of course, the premise was that one had to be a Connate realm cultivator to use it or their body would not be able to withstand it.

    The Golden Core Outer Pill contained extremely pure Dharmic powers. By tapping its power, one would possess Dharmic powers at the Connate Golden Core realm! The only flaw was... on one hand, the Golden Core Outer Pill was ultimately external. Every expenditure of the Dharmic powers reduced it! It was gone once it was completely drained. On the other hand, the comprehension of the Heavenly Dao's charms or insights into Dharma spells or the cultivation of talisman amulets needed to follow a slow prescribed order.

    For example, a sword immortal's Intrinsic Flying Sword needed a sword immortal's Dharmic powers to nurture it. Some special intrinsic talisman amulets, such as the Divine Firmament Talisman Amulet needed one to have a Lightning Dharmic powers that came from having the foundation of the Five-elemental Lightning Dharma. Another example would be the Physical Establishing Sage Dharmic formulation that nurtured one's body. All of these needed special Dharmic formulations in order to nurture them.

    Therefore, typical Connate realms that were aided by a Golden Core Outer Pill would only line the bottom of the Connate Golden Core realm.

    However, the Golden Core Outer Pill had another reason why it was highly sought after by many cultivators.

    The moment the Golden Core Outer Pill entered the body, it could nourish one's body and soul! It allowed one's body and soul to reach the Connate Golden Core realm. Even after the Golden Core Outer Pill was expended, the enhanced body and soul would not weaken. Therefore, one could possess the five hundred year lifespan that was the hallmark of the Golden Core realm.


    It was something could make cultivators go mad over.

    At the Connate False Core realm, one typically had a lifespan of two hundred years. Those at the Connate True Core realm had three hundred years of lifespan!

    With the Golden Core Outer Pill, one could have three hundred or two hundred more years of lifespan respectively. Naturally, many people coveted it. Furthermore, one's cultivation could improve at an easier and faster pace with a stronger soul.

    Of course-

    If it were the Physical Establishing Sage or the Godfiend lineages that purely cultivated the physical body, it was different. Firstly, the more demanding the Dharmic formulation, the more special Dharmic powers was needed in cultivating their bodies. Secondly, their bodies were extremely powerful, allowing them to match Dharma treasures. However, the strengthening of their bodies demanded a huge amount of energy. If a Golden Core Outer Pill were used to nourish their bodies, it would be completely insufficient. Their bodies could exist for centuries, if not a thousand years, to begin with. However, through the Golden Core Outer core, they could nourish their souls, allowing them to live for five centuries.


    In the hazy white mist, Qin Yun and Hong Lingtong each consumed a Golden Core Outer Pill while standing beside the jade platform that emitted a lustrous light.

    When the Golden Core Outer Pill reached their mouths, their soul and psyche attempted to fuse with it. It was easily accomplished, allowing them to perfectly use all the powers of the Golden Core Outer core.

    Following that, the powers reached the stomach and finally, into the dantian.

    Inside the obstreperous dantian, there was originally a Connate False Core that was the amalgamation of years of cultivation. And at that moment, a Golden Core Outer core that was a lot larger floated beside it. It was round and effused golden light.

    "Golden Core Outer core." Qin Yun sensed that at the moment his soul and psyche fused with the Golden Core Outer core, he could also sense the nourishment the Golden Core Outer core brought them. His soul was transforming and perceivably becoming stronger rapidly.

    Every barrier crossed on the cultivation path would result in a transformation of the body and soul.

    Sword immortals were adept at using their Dharmic powers to control their flying swords and were capable of cultivating an Intrinsic Flying Sword. However, in terms of nurturing the soul, there was no advantage when compared to the Golden Core Outer Pill from the Scenic Mountain Sect's lineage.

    "Phew." The moment he used the Golden Core Outer Pill's Dharmic powers, immensely pure and majestic Dharmic powers immediately caused the entire dantian to experience pressure upon exiting the Golden Core Outer core. This was also the reason why the Golden Core Outer Pill could only be used by Connate realm cultivators. Even though it was mild, the Dharmic powers were still at the Golden Core realm. It was impossible for anyone's physical body to withstand it.

    "Chi! Chi! Chi!"

    The Golden Core Dharmic powers transmitted out of the dantian, into the meridians and then spread throughout his body. It felt a little harsh on his body.

    And this was only because Qin Yun himself was powerful enough.

    However, as the Dharmic powers circulated through his body, they naturally nourished every spot in his body. He felt a slight itch throughout his body as it constantly transformed. But at the same time as his body underwent a transformation, the Dharmic powers were also gradually depleting. Qin Yun sensed that his ears were turning sharper and his vision turned clearer. Even his brain could react faster.


    A wisp of Golden Core Dharmic powers was injected directly into his Intrinsic Flying Sword.


    The Intrinsic Flying Sword floated beside him and emitted a low sword hum.

    "It's truly different. This Golden Core Dharmic powers might not be pure Sword Immortal Dharmic Power but it is a much higher grade after all. Although I can only produce seventy percent of its effects when using it to control the flying sword, it still marks a huge difference from my Connate False Core." Qin Yun felt excited.

    His Connate False Core might have been condensed through having sword intent as its soul, allowing it to match typical Connate True Cores but compared to Connate Golden Cores, it was still far inferior.

    Back in his battle with Ji Lie, he was forced into defending! Even Ji Lie dared to use his body to withstand his attacks. If Ji Lie had met a sword immortal at a similar realm as he was, would Ji Lie dare to use his body to withstand strikes from a sword immortal when it was known that sword immortals were best at the offensive? The Godfiend lineage might result in powerful physiques but it was still inferior to the Physical Establishing Sage Dharmic formulations. Typically, those from the Godfiend lineage would focus on cultivating various divine powers. Ji Lie had focused on the divine power, Power Arms. Him being able to withstand Qin Yun's flying sword with his body was clearly because Qin Yun's flying sword lacked strength.

    "This Golden Core Outer core comes the Scenic Mountain Sect's lineage but its Dharmic powers are extremely pure." Qin Yun thought to himself. "By using it to control a flying sword, I'll only have seventy percent effectiveness but it's enough to greatly increase my strength. Unfortunately, there's no way for it to nurture my Intrinsic Flying Sword."

    The nurturing of an Intrinsic Flying Sword needed Sword Immortal Dharmic Power. It was best at controlling flying swords.


    The feeling of having his soul constantly nourished by the Golden Core Dharmic powers and transforming left Qin Yun somewhat intoxicated.


    After Qin Yun and Hong Lingtong each consumed a Golden Core Outer Pill, they felt their bodies changing and the transformation of themselves as lifeforms.

    Hong Lingtong closed his eyes for a long time before he opened them to look at Qin Yun. He said with a smile, "Consuming a Golden Core Outer Pill allows one to have five hundred years of longevity. Brother Qin Yun, it's quite a waste for you. It's pretty much a certainty that you will reach the Connate Golden Core realm in the future."

    "That's also in the future! Even if I were to cultivate to the Connate True Core realm, and control my Intrinsic Flying Sword with Sword Immortal Dharmic Powers, I might only come close to the Golden Core Outer core's strength at the moment. However, in the nourishment of the soul, I guess that even when I form my Connate True Core, it would not match the soul nourishment that the Golden Core Outer Pill brings," said Qin Yun. "After the soul becomes stronger, my cultivating speed would also greatly increase."

    "My realm will also grow higher."

    "That way, the Connate True Core that I eventually condense will be even more powerful. The Connate Golden Core I obtain would be the same," Qin Yun explained.

    By taking the lead once, he would forever be in the lead.

    Now, his soul could match a Connate Golden Core cultivator ahead of time. It would also benefit Qin Yun for life.

    Qin Yun had made up his mind.

    During times of normal combat, he would use the Connate False Core's Sword Immortal Dharmic Powers! He would use the Golden Core Dharmic powers only when necessary. Now, the Golden Core Dharmic powers were constantly nourishing his soul and body. According to legend, the enhancement of his soul and body to the level of the Connate Golden Core only needed to expend about half of the Golden Core Outer core's Dharmic powers. The remaining had to be used sparingly for it would be completely depleted eventually.

    "Let's split these pills simply," said Qin Yun. With that said, he threw eight bottles of Spirit Pills at him. "As agreed upon, I'll hand you thirty percent of your share. The remaining seventy percent will be given to you when you are at the Connate True Core realm. By the way, how do you plan on storing this Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill?"

    "Give it to me." Hong Lingtong immediately stored it away. He had taken out a wooden box from the Cosmic Bag to store the Nine Revolutions Spirit Pill.

    "Do you want this jade platform?" Hong Lingtong pointed at the lustrous jade platform. "It has a value of a fourth-grade Dharma treasure."

    "Keep it then." Qin Yun was at a loss whether to laugh or cry. "You sure have wicked eyes."

    Hong Lingtong immediately stored the jade platform into his Cosmic Bag.

    "Oh? Someone is approaching. It's... it's Ji Lie." The cracked turtle shell in Hong Lingtong's body trembled slightly. It caused Hong Lingtong's expression to change slightly as he said hurriedly, "Let's leave quickly. Their ability to find treasure is inferior to mine. If we get embroiled with them, they would snatch every treasure we encounter."

    "Let's go." Qin Yun nodded as well.

    The two immediately left.

    About thirty seconds later, Ji Lie and Sixteenth Prince arrived at the spot, with Ji Lie holding onto an eight trigram disk.

    "That's not right." Ji Lie frowned. "Why is it gone?"

    "Elder Lie, the treasure is gone?" asked Sixteenth Prince.

    "The 'Treasure Seeking Disk' that His Majesty bestowed us did sense treasures here but now, the signal is gone." Ji Lie shook his head. "Forget it. The array formation in here should have had pills stored in here. We have already discovered twelve Spirit Pills and I believe a particular pill has been taken away by someone else."

    "Let's continue searching," Ji Lie said solemnly. "The pills that Immortal Scenic Yang is most famous for is his Golden Core Outer Pills. Even if he has passed away, he should have left behind two or three Golden Core Outer Pills. Two of them can match a first-grade Dharma treasure. If he leaves behind eight or nine of them, it will be quite a bountiful harvest."

    "Yea." Sixteenth Prince's eyes lit up.

    The both of them continued searching.


    Qin Yun and Hong Lingtong later managed to find two other Spirit Pills.

    "Oh?" Hong Lingtong did some calculations with his fingers as he held his wooden stave. Now, with the Golden Core Dharmic powers, he was a lot better at inference. He suddenly gave a look of pleasant surprise and came to a halt.

    "What happened?" Qin Yun asked curiously.

    Hong Lingtong smiled at Qin Yun. "I just sensed Miss Yi. Thankfully, I have the Golden Core Outer core or I wouldn't have found her so quickly. Furthermore, I have inferred where the exit to the array formation is. Brother Qin Yun, do you plan on meeting up with Miss Yi before leaving this array formation? Or do you want to continue searching for treasures in the array formation?"

    "I want to meet Yi Xiao first." Qin Yun did not wish for any further delays.

    "Alright, alright. I'll lead the way." Hong Lingtong was rendered helpless. At the same time, he said, "I suggest that we leave the array formation after we regroup. I guess the most precious treasure within this array formation is the Golden Core Outer Pills. We should make full use of our time and head for the next array formation! The further ahead, the more we can come into contact with Immortal Scenic Yang's most important treasures."
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