Chapter 160: Capital Heaven Divine Wraith Flags

    Chapter 160: Capital Heaven Divine Wraith Flags

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    Patriarch Yi's treasures might not have been inferior to Immortal Scenic Yang's, but all Immortal Scenic Yang needed was the Tuṣita Divine Fire Talisman Amulet to dominate the world! The Golden Core Cauldron was precious for his alchemy. It was impossible for him to sell it! If Immortal Scenic Yang wanted to amass treasures to buy something similar to the Golden Core Cauldron, he would have found it very tough to do. It was the same with Patriarch Yi. It was truly quite unaffordable.

    However, they had the Divine Firmament Chapter backing them!

    "Second Uncle." Yi Xiao felt a little helpless.

    "Did I say something wrong? Your relationship with Qin Yun is not bad," said Yi Fenggu immediately.

    Qin Yun smiled as he looked at Yi Xiao.

    "Qin Yun," said Yi Xiao through a voice transmission. "If the Divine Firmament Chapter can offer something that satisfies you, feel free to sell it to the Yi family or the Divine Firmament Chapter. But if you are dissatisfied with our offers, it's better you sell it to the imperial government or Numinous Treasure Mountain."

    In this world, the wealthiest faction was the imperial government followed by the origins of the Daoist movement, Numinous Treasure Mountain.

    After all, the imperial government was in control of the world. In terms of strength, it was more powerful than any sacred land! Furthermore, the imperial government followed the Godfiend lineage. There were many experts of the Godfiend lineage in its ranks.

    Numinous Treasure Mountain was the oldest faction! Its roots ran the deepest!

    As the place where the Dao Ancestor himself had taught the Dao, Numinous Treasure Mountain had never been stirred despite all the calamities the world experienced.

    "Don't worry," replied Qin Yun with a voice transmission. "I know that very well."

    "Brother Qin Yun," Although Hong Lingtong was attempting to crack the array, he had heard Yi Fenggu's words. He said with a voice transmission, "I'll let you determine who the Golden Core Cauldron should be sold to. I don't want any of the treasures you would exchange it for anyway. The treasures I've already obtained in this immortal abode are more than enough."

    "We agreed on splitting it evenly!"

    "The one who withstood the Earth fire was you. I'd feel bad taking any reward for that."

    "Without your help, would I have been able to obtain the Golden Core Outer Pill? And without that, how could I have withstood the Earth fire? Furthermore, the one cracking the array at this moment is you," Qin Yun said with a voice transmission. "But alright, there's no need to continue discussing this matter."

    Hong Lingtong was secretly sighing.

    Thankfully, he had invited Qin Yun to help him.

    "Brother Qin Yun, I won't protest any further. We shall follow the original rule. After you sell the Golden Core Cauldron, just give me thirty percent of my share! When I enter the Connate True Core realm, you can hand me the remaining seventy percent," said Hong Lingtong through a voice transmission. "If I carry so many treasures now, I'm afraid I won't be able to conceal the treasure halos. It will only bring me trouble."

    "Alright," replied Qin Yun through a voice transmission.

    "I also have something I need to request of you," said Hong Lingtong through a voice transmission.

    "If it's between us, speak freely," said Qin Yun smilingly through a voice transmission.

    "Let's keep the way we split the treasures between us. No one else should know of it," continued Hong Lingtong with a voice transmission. "Look at my limp arms and legs. Even with the Golden Core Outer core, I have yet to grasp the concepts of the Heavenly Dao! Any Connate Golden Core cultivator will send me scurrying for my life."

    "Alright," Qin Yun answered immediately.

    "Of course, by doing it this way, the rest of the world will think that you took all the treasures and trouble would befall you," said Hong Lingtong with a voice transmission. "I'm ashamed of that. I'll definitely repay you when we return to Grand Dominance."

    Qin Yun could not help but chuckle to himself but he did not speak any further.

    To him, having the transcendent-grade Dharma treasure in hand meant that there was basically no difference between full danger and half danger. Furthermore, he had immensely good karma on him. Immortals and fiendcelestials would not dare touch him for fear of dying. Even if he were to obtain a Numinous treasure, immortals and fiendcelestials would still not dare to make a move. It would be less making a move and more committing suicide! As for enemies at the Connate Golden Core realm? Qin Yun was confident enough. With the treasures obtained from exchanging the Golden Core Cauldron, he was even more confident!


    On the other side of the fiery inferno.

    Ji Lie was watching them with burning eyes. "This Qin Yun's flying sword art can really withstand the Earth fire? But I saw his ability clearly when I crossed swords with him. Could it be that he was feigning? Or that he has suddenly broken through to the Connate True Core realm? Or, perhaps, could it be that he has obtained the Golden Core Outer Pills?"

    At that moment, Ji Lie had too many guesses.

    But no matter what he guessed, it didn't change the fact that the Golden Core Cauldron would definitely land in Qin Yun's hands.

    "Sister, Qin Yun is about to obtain the Golden Core Cauldron," said Bai Junyu immediately.


    Bai Junyue was watching. "As long as we are in the immortal abode, there's no chance of robbing him of the Golden Core Cauldron. And the moment he exits the immortal abode, he can just easily sell it off! Even now, there are many immortals secretly watching the immortal abode from outside."

    "Many immortals?" Bai Junyu asked in astonishment. They had insulated their voices while conversing.

    "Immortals from the imperial government, Numinous Treasure Mountain, Divine Firmament Chapter, and Primordial Chaos Sect are watching the abode's entrance. The only Essence Soul immortal of Scenic Mountain Sect is also watching closely," Bai Junyue said with a smirk. "After all, once rare items like Numinous treasures or transcendent-grade Dharma treasures come out in bulk, they will probably want to escort the holders of those treasures away immediately. They would want to prevent powerful fiendish demons from snatching the treasures away."

    With immortals escorting them off, Golden Core realm great demons had no way of chasing after them.


    More than an hour later, Hong Lingtong struck a spot on the ground with his wooden stave. Six tokens flew out from his body and struck six other spots at the same time.

    "Boom!" The array formation quivered.

    The Golden Core Cauldron also let out a faint hum.

    "It's done. The Golden Core Cauldron's seals have been removed. You can take it away," said Hong Lingtong.

    "Alright." Qin Yun nodded. He waved his hand, shooting out sword beams. As one sword beam after another wrapped around the Golden Core Cauldron, it was directly lifted up. Following that, Qin Yun opened a Cosmic Bag, its mouth expanding to a huge size. While in the periphery of the immortal abode, he had found some treasures that were left behind. Many of them were left behind by Connate Golden Core realm seniors. Among them, Qin Yun discovered a huge Cosmic Bag that could store about a hundred feet worth of items.

    The Golden Core Cauldron was only about ten feet tall so it was easily put away.

    Following that, he fastened the Cosmic Bag and tied it around his waist.

    Yi Xiao, Yi Fenggu, and Hong Lingtong could not help but stare at the Cosmic Bag by Qin Yun's waist. In it was the transcendent-grade Dharma treasure, Golden Core Cauldron!

    "Rumble!" When Qin Yun stored the Golden Core Cauldron, a door opened from afar.

    "A door has opened outside." Everyone looked into the distance. Through the soaring Earth fire, they could vaguely see the opened door.

    "Ji Lie and the rest have not left." Yi Xiao immediately said, "Qin Yun, you have to be wary of them."

    "Previously, Ji Lie wanted to take action against Yi Xiao, so it's very likely he will attack you," Yi Fenggu warned him. "There's also Bai Junyue. For a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure, she might join forces with Ji Lie."

    "Let's go out first," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    He had been able to fend off Ji Lie without the Golden Core Outer Pill.

    Now, with the Golden Core Outer Pill, Ji Lie would probably be scampering off for his life if they fought head on! Even if everyone present joined forces, they would not even be able to withstand his Cyclic Sword Flash at all. Furthermore, he now had an additional second-grade flying sword, Heavy Sand Sword. Once used, its might would be no different from his Intrinsic Flying Sword. In addition, his soul was being nourished by the Golden Core Outer Pill and was constantly becoming stronger.

    "Phew." Qin Yun cast the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier which protected the four of them before they rapidly headed out.

    Ji Lie stared intently at Qin Yun and company.

    Just as Qin Yun and company landed, huge flags with a sanguine aura flew out when Ji Lie beckoned his hand. A total of twelve large flags floated around them, with each one of them having a Godfiend portrait. Ji Lie stared at Qin Yun and bellowed, "Qin Yun, this is the Capital Heaven Divine Wraith flags that His Majesty bestowed upon me. If you hand over the Golden Core Cauldron now, you can still live. If you refuse, don't blame me for being heartless."

    "He's really taking action." Hong Lingtong's expression changed slightly.

    "Capital Heaven Divine Wraith flags?" Yi Xiao turned worried as well. She immediately sent Qin Yun a voice transmission. "This is a treasure of the Godfiend lineage. It expends lifeblood and can produce manifestations of twelve celestial Godfiends."

    However, Qin Yun showed no fear.

    "Fairy Bai!" Ji Lie spoke out. "Since your Bai family has sent you here, it's impossible that they only gave you the Minor Stellar Heavenly Cycle. Please provide as much assistance as you can. Now's the time to fight it out. There's no need to hold back. When the time comes, we will split the profits from the Golden Core Cauldron evenly. How about that?"

    Bai Junyue shot a glance at Ji Lie and said nonchalantly, "Ji Lie, if you want to take action, go ahead. Don't drag me into this."

    Ji Lie was immediately taken aback.


    "You are not fighting for a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure?" Ji Lie asked anxiously.

    "I know I'll be helpless against Qin Yun's flying sword arts," said Bai Junyue. "If you want to fight for it, go ahead. Why must you drag me into this? Or is it that you lack the confidence to deal with Qin Yun with only the twelve Godfiend manifestations?"

    Ji Lie's expression turned ugly.

    Qin Yun looked at Bai Junyue. "Thank you, Fairy Bai."

    Bai Junyue looked at Qin Yun and Yi Xiao as she suddenly curved her lips up. It was a rare smile.

    "She smiled. Sis, you, you actually smiled?" Bai Junyu was astonished.

    With a faint smile, Bai Junyue looked at Qin Yun and Yi Xiao. "The two of you make a perfect match. It truly makes me envious."

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao were slightly taken aback.

    "Fairy Bai, what are you..." Ji Lie turned anxious.

    "Qin Yun, if you are selling this Golden Core Cauldron, please sell it to my Numinous Treasure Mountain," said Bai Junyue with a smile. "The imperial government might have deep pockets, but it follows the Godfiend lineage in the end. The Daoist treasures they have stored are definitely inferior to those of my Numinous Treasure Mountain. Sister, let's go."

    As she spoke, Bai Junyue led her sister towards the door that had just opened.

    "Sister, did you smile?" Bai Junyu was still asking. As she asked, she walked out the door.

    "Let's quickly follow," Eighth Zhu tugged at Lunatic Zhu and quickly followed.

    Qin Yun looked at Ji Lie. "Do you still want to continue your attack?"

    Ji Lie looked at the twelve Capital Heaven Divine Wraith flags that were floating around Qin Yun. After some hesitation, he withdrew one flag after another and walked out directly with his tail between his legs. "Let's go."
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