Chapter 172: Band of Fiendish Demons

    Chapter 172: Band of Fiendish Demons

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    There was a mountain range that stretched out a hundred and fifty kilometers named Wolf Mountain in Qian Prefecture. The countless demons in the mountains made cultivators afraid to enter. Even Connate Golden Core cultivators would avoid the place.

    Deep in the mountains.

    A gargantuan silver wolf lay prone on the ground. It overlooked its children and grandchildren in the mountain's vicinity. It was about a thousand feet long and it was massive in size. If it stood up, it would be as tall as the mountain beside it! The gargantuan silver wolf was an infamous and horrifying great demon, Patriarch Wolf Mountain. Its name alone was enough to make the imperial government's troops avoid it like the plague. It struck horror into the hearts of numerous cultivators.

    Logically speaking, there were many great demons in the world, with a few great demons wreaking havoc in each prefecture. However, there were few that could be labeled as infamous. Patriarch Wolf Mountain was one of them.

    He was also part of the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons' Cloudfiend Mountain line, one of the most terrifying great demons at the Connate Golden Core realm.

    "Oh?" The gargantuan silver wolf's eyes flashed a look of surprise as it said, "Grand Dominance County's Qin Yun has exited the immortal abode?"

    Its deep voice echoed everywhere.

    "Yes," replied the other voice. "He had obtained the transcendent-grade Dharma treasure, Golden Core Cauldron. It is believed that many great fiendish demons would covet it. Even the fiendish demons of the Four Seas' Water race might take action! The Jiang and Qian Prefectures are our Cloudfiend Mountain's territories. If Qin Yun's treasures are ultimately snatched away by the other fiendish demons, it would be a smack in our Cloudfiend Mountain's face. Furthermore, a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure Golden Core Cauldron... Haha, Junior Brother, I believe you would be moved by it too."

    The gargantuan silver wolf stood up. Its massive body was as tall as the mountain peak beside it.

    It made many wolf demons a distance away look at the Patriarch in awe.


    As its body phased away, the gargantuan silver wolf transformed into a silver-haired elder.

    "Just me alone?" Patriarch Wolf Mountain asked.

    "You are permitted to use six great demons of my Cloudfiend Mountain. Upon completion, fifty percent of the treasures will be handed to Cloudfiend Mountain. Thirty percent will be yours and the remaining twenty percent will be given to the six." The voice continued with a voice transmission.

    "Alright." Patriarch Wolf Mountain nodded.

    Patriarch Wolf Mountain knew that it was very rare that Cloudfiend Mountain permitted him to use six great demons.

    The imperial government was considered the strongest human faction. It arranged for every prefecture to have at least two Connate Golden Cores presiding over it! The northern borders and other strongholds also had mighty figures presiding over them but the imperial capital had even more mighty figures. The imperial government's Connate Golden Core experts numbered about eighty! It was also the faction with the most number of Connate Golden Cores.

    As for the three great Daoist sacred lands like Numinous Treasure Mountain, Divine Firmament Chapter, Primordial Chaos Sect, each one of them failed to match the imperial government but the three added could easily overshadow the imperial government.

    There were the Buddhist movement and the nineteen top sects in the world! Furthermore, there were itinerant cultivators, etc.

    The human forces were still very powerful.

    As for Cloudfiend Mountain of the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons, it was greatly inferior to the imperial government but it also had more than twenty Connate Golden Core great demons.


    Patriarch Wolf Mountain stood in his spot as phantom images appeared in front of him. There were a total of six phantom images, and each one displayed a great fiendish demon.

    "Patriarch Wolf Mountain?" The six great demons were somewhat astonished.

    "Six factions entered the Scenic Yang Immortal Abode. The treasures the royal family, the Bai and Zhu families received are already in the hands of Essence Soul immortals. It is said that Yue Chapter's Deacon Yuan has obtained a first-grade flying sword, White Dew. However, the Yue Chapter invited an Essence Soul immortal to escort them back to Yue Chapter. The Yue Chapter has lasted since ancient times to present day and the array formations that defend it is not something we can destroy," said Patriarch Wolf Mountain. "There is only one faction, Qin Yun's party. Their party was lucky enough to obtain the transcendent-grade Dharma treasure Golden Core Cauldron! Qin Yun had entered an array formation with it to save a particular Miss Yi Xiao and were trapped in the immortal abode for three years until today. They have just come out."


    "He's out?"

    The six great demons had long desired the treasures involved.

    "It is very likely he will sell the Golden Core Cauldron to the imperial government or the Daoist or Buddhist sacred lands. However, even if he sells it, he will still receive large amounts of treasures in return," Patriarch Wolf Mountain chortled. "As a junior, he lucked out and received so many treasures. Even after living for so long, I haven't even obtained that many treasures. This fiendish body of mine still requires more treasures for cultivation. This time, all of you are to aid me to kill that Qin Yun together and snatch the treasures... Naturally, it will be split according to our Cloudfiend Mountain's rules. The more you contribute, the more you will be given. Of course, half of the treasures have to be given to the fiendcelestials."


    "It still has to be handed over to the fiendcelestials." These Connate Golden Core great demons were somewhat displeased but it was still acceptable.

    At their level, they could put on airs and negotiate with Cloudfiend Mountain but most of the time, they would still defer to it.

    "Triclops, you are responsible for investigating every action taken by Qin Yun. You can also study the treasure halo on him," instructed Patriarch Wolf Mountain.


    Out of the six great demons, a thin three-eyed old man, who held a wooden crutch, said.

    "Nine Mountain. Grand Dominance is under your jurisdiction. I heard that you have had some conflict with Qin Yun," continued Patriarch Wolf Mountain. "You will have to do more of the work when it comes to gathering Qin Yun's detailed information and strategy against him. After all, he's from your territory."

    "Don't worry. I am most aware of Qin Yun's background." Nine Mountain Island Lord was dressed in a black robe. He had cold and austere eyes under his blood-colored brows. "I have almost investigated everything from the moment he was born up to now. With all of us joining forces this time, killing him is no different from killing a chicken."

    "Great!" Patriarch Wolf Mountain laughed loudly.

    "Nine Mountain, we will be depending on you when the time comes."

    "Nine Mountain had suffered quite a bit under the hands of Qin Yun." The other great demons added.

    Nine Mountain Island Lord was very strong. In the Jiang Prefecture, he was definitely one of the best among the great fiendish demons.

    Even among the great demons of Cloudfiend Mountain, there was only one who would dare claim superiority over Nine Mountain Island Lord-Patriarch Wolf Mountain!

    "Qin Yun? Hmph. You are dead for acquiring so many treasures without strength." Under Nine Mountain Island's blood-colored brows, his eyes were filled with cold intent.

    He was very aware that among the seven great demons present, each one of them was skilled in a particular domain. As for Patriarch Wolf Mountain, he was even more horrifying! Nine Mountain Island Lord knew that even if the six of them joined forces to fight Patriarch Wolf Mountain, all they could muster was scampering for their lives. Therefore, the six of them would only receive twenty percent share of the treasures! Patriarch Wolf Mountain himself would take thirty percent.


    "According to the information provided by Myriad Temple, this Qin Yun has no master or sect. He has no backers."

    "The treasures he obtained should all be his."

    "Hehe, Transcendent-grade Dharma treasure Golden Core Cauldron? I do not need all of it. Just getting ten or twenty percent of his treasures would be sufficient to further improve my strength.

    In the distant northern Nether Prefecture.

    A black cloud was flying rapidly but it was made out of a dense flock of crows. Countless crows were flying and hidden within, a gigantic phantom head appeared. It looked at the distant southern Jiang Prefecture and gave an odd cackle. "The Jiang and Qian Prefecture is Cloudfiend Mountain's territory so it will definitely send powerful great demons. The other great demons would also be tempted. When the time comes, I'll fish in troubled waters. Hehehe, when it comes to fishing in troubled waters, who can match me, Monarch Black Crow?"

    Monarch Black Crow was infamous with his foul reputation.

    In terms of strength, he was a great fiendish demon considered average at the Connate Golden Core realm. However, his flying escape arts were extremely fast. His body could disintegrate into countless crows and almost impossible to kill. He was the hardest to deal with and he would usually partake in anything that had great perks awaiting.


    "Qin Yun? Transcendent-grade Dharma treasure Golden Core Cauldron?"

    Deep in the South Sea.

    Inside a huge undersea cavern, there was a massive black snake swimming. It quickly reached the sea's surface and transformed into an odd-looking youth with a tattooed face. The youth stroked his little mustache and chuckled. "How can a young cultivator like you have the right to monopolize such a powerful treasure? I think it's best you let me bear some of the burdens."

    Following that, his body suddenly transformed into a black flash of light that whizzed into the sky as he rapidly headed for the north where the human continent was.


    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao were riding a cloud towards the Inspector Heavenly Alliance while being escorted by Patriarch Yi.

    While en route, many great demons in the world were tempted by his purported treasures. They began to rush over from all corners of the world.

    "We have arrived at the Inspector Heavenly Alliance," said Patriarch Yi.

    "It took less than an hour." Qin Yun looked at the Inspector Heavenly Alliance sitting above the clouds and said wistfully.

    "Kiddo Qin Yun, although I flew rather fast, I believe that many factions in the world know that you have exited the immortal abode." Patriarch Yi looked at Qin Yun. "It's not easy acquiring treasures but harder it is defending them."

    "Senior, I understand," replied Qin Yun.
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