Chapter 175: Returning to Grand Dominance

    Chapter 175: Returning to Grand Dominance

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    Qin Yun carefully observed the Yellow-scarved Strongman. He was dressed in silver armor and had a yellow scarf tied around his head. The scarf had runic patterns on it that exuded profound waves. His eyes looked at Qin Yun intently as though he was a real living being. However, Qin Yun knew that Yellow-scarved Strongmen were refined. They were not true living beings and because of that, they were truly immortal without the risk of suffering any tribulations. In addition, they were absolutely loyal.

    But previously, only immortals from Numinous Treasure Mountain could refine Yellow-scarved Strongmen. And from ancient times, Numinous Treasure Mountain only had a total of six Yellow-scarved Strongmen, accentuating how difficult it was to refine one.

    And now, the Divine Firmament Chapter could also refine Yellow-scarved Strongmen, done by the legendary Ancestral Master Zhang.

    "As expected of Ancestral Master Zhang. He singlehandedly led a sect to become a Daoist sacred land." Qin Yun was astounded inwardly.

    Elder Power Extraordinaire introduced, "My young friend, Qin Yun, the master of this Yellow-scarved Strongman is my family's ancestor, also our Divine Firmament Chapter's Ancestral Master Zhang. Do you know of the means available to a Yellow-scarved Strongman?"

    "I've heard a little before but I really do not know much," said Qin Yun. Yi Xiao also looked curiously at the ten-foot-tall divine warrior.

    The Yellow-scarved Strongman immediately said respectfully, "Lord Qin Yun, I have an indestructible body and can dissipate at will. In terms of strength, it is hard to meet a match at anything below immortals or fiendcelestials. However, legendary Connate Golden Core cultivators that have stepped into the Dao are stronger than me."

    "Connate Golden Core Paramount realm experts are not your match?" asked Qin Yun.

    "Lord," said the Yellow-scarved Strongman respectfully. "I'm equal when fighting Connate Golden Core Paramount realm experts in a head-on clash. However, I am indestructible and I can teleport. Therefore, I hold the advantage when facing Connate Golden Core Paramount realm experts."

    Qin Yun's eyes lit up when he heard that. "Teleport?"

    Elder Power Extraordinaire nodded and said with a smile, "He can hide in the void and instantly appear in any spot within a five-kilometer radius. Haha, even we as immortals are very envious of this ability. It is unique to Yellow-scarved Strongmen."

    Qin Yun faltered.

    To appear anywhere in a five-kilometer radius? This was more terrifying than the Length Contraction Spell of immortals.

    "Furthermore, he will be constantly on guard while protecting your Qin family. He will not lower his guard for even an instant. True living beings are not capable of doing that," said Elder Power Extraordinaire with a smile. "Even immortals and fiendcelestials have to sleep. Furthermore, with the combined powers of the three massive arrays set up in your Qin family, the Yellow-scarved Strongman's strength would be greatly enhanced due to the arrays! It will truly be impregnable."

    Qin Yun nodded. An expert that could be constantly vigilant, indestructible, teleport, and be absolutely loyal was truly a perfect guardian! Each one was worth about a transcendent-grade Dharma treasure. It was why Qin Yun only dared to request it to protect the Qin family for a hundred years. The Divine Firmament Chapter was also only willing to loan the Yellow-scarved Strongman to the Qin family for protection for a hundred years because it wanted to buy the Golden Core Cauldron.

    "Qin Yun, is there any mistake with any of the treasures?" Elder Power Extraordinaire looked at Qin Yun.

    "There's no mistake." Qin Yun immediately handed the Cosmic Bag he prepared to Elder Power Extraordinaire. "Inside this is the Golden Core Cauldron."

    Elder Power Extraordinaire took it over, opened it, and checked it before nodding with a smile. "Alright, I shall not stay here any longer with the business settled."

    Qin Yun, Yi Xiao, and Zhang Qingyou, along with the Yellow-scarved Strongman sent him off.

    Elder Power Extraordinaire immediately departed the Inspector Heavenly Alliance for the Divine Firmament Chapter with the Golden Core Cauldron in possession.

    "Haha, Daoist Qin," Zhang Qingyou said with a smile as he watched the long departed Elder Power Extraordinaire. "My Divine Firmament Chapter mobilized two immortals for you. Patriarch Yi has gone to Grand Dominance to set up an array for you. Patriarch Power Extraordinaire came personally to hand you the treasures. You should know that it is exceedingly difficult even for many of my Divine Firmament Chapter's inherited teachings disciples to see the two immortals."

    "I've never seen the Chapter's immortals in the past either," added Yi Xiao. "Even for my Yi family's patriarch, I have only seen him through transmission projections. This is the first time I've seen him in person."

    "Only the Golden Core Cauldron can cause such a stir, allowing us to see an immortal in person," said Qin Yun with a laugh. "Daoist Zhang, Xiaoxiao and I prepare to return to Grand Dominance."

    "Now?" Zhang Qingyou was astonished.

    Yi Xiao nodded with a smile. "Yea, it's not like Brother Yun and I can stay in the Inspector Heavenly Alliance forever."

    "Alright. Both of you be careful on the way." Zhang Qingyou exhorted them immediately. "There might be great fiendish demons targeting you on the way back."

    "Don't worry." Qin Yun looked at the Yellow-scarved Strongman beside him. "Yellow-scarved Strongman, I've heard that your flying arts are extremely impressive. Bring me and Xiaoxiao back to Grand Dominance. Let me have a taste of your skills."

    "Lord, rest assured."

    The Yellow-scarved Strongman immediately stirred a cloud and brought Qin Yun and Yi Xiao with him.


    The cloud transformed into a stream of light that headed straight for Grand Dominance.

    "How fast." Qin Yun and Yi Xiao were alarmed when they felt the flying art.

    "As expected of a Yellow-scarved Strongman. This flying escape art can only be matched if my Beam Transformation Art reaches the ninth level," Qin Yun said wistfully. "Compared to what I have attained, its far superior."

    "It's really fast. Perhaps my Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma has to reach the Connate Golden Core realm, allowing me to perform Lightning Manifestation would it exceed him," said Yi Xiao.

    Beside them, the Yellow-scarved Strongman said with a deep voice, "Lord, I only have this speed because I'm bringing the both of you with me. If I were traveling alone, I can teleport. The speed would be much faster than what it is now. Immortals and fiendcelestials would find it difficult to even chase up to me."

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao looked into each other's eyes and could not help but be astonished.


    Two great fiendish demons were hiding in the clouds five hundred kilometers away. One of them was a thin three-eyed elder who was leaning on a crutch. He was the infamous Triclops Ghost King. As for the other one, he was the even more famous Patriarch Wolf Mountain.

    "Oh?" Triclops Ghost King's third eye which was located at his glabella projected a faint beam of light in front of him. Suddenly, his expression changed. "Patriarch Wolf Mountain, both of them are out."

    "They are finally out of the Inspector Heavenly Alliance?" Patriarch Wolf Mountain immediately revealed an excited look.

    "But accompanying the two of them is a Yellow-scarved Strongman. Its flying art is extremely fast," Triclops Ghost King constantly observed the situation five hundred kilometers away through his third eye.

    "Yellow-scarved Strongman?"

    Patriarch Wolf Mountain frowned slightly. "This Qin Yun actually managed to borrow a Yellow-scarved Strongman?"

    "What do we do?" Triclops Ghost King looked at Patriarch Wolf Mountain.

    "Let's carry on waiting." Patriarch Wolf Mountain shook his head gently. "Although I'm not afraid of a Yellow-scarved Strongman, with his protection, I would not be able to do a thing to Qin Yun."

    Triclops Ghost King remarked, "Patriarch Yi is now with the Qin family. However, Patriarch Yi is an Essence Soul immortal so it's impossible for him to stay with the Qin family forever. Qin Yun must have borrowed the Yellow-scarved Strongman to guard the Qin family! But... Qin Yun is young. He can't hide in the Qin family all his life, right? As long as he comes out, we can take action! If he brings the Yellow-scarved Strongman out with him, the Qin family would not have experts guarding it. We can then capture the Qin family members to threaten him."

    "Alright." Patriarch Wolf Mountain nodded.

    It was also very common for powerful fiendish demons like them to kidnap family members to use as threats.



    In the form of a black stream of light, an odd-looking youth paused in midair and watched the distant Qin Yun, Yi Xiao, and the Yellow-scarved Strongman depart.

    "They are out. They are finally out." The odd-looking youth frowned slightly. "Unfortunately, they have a Yellow-scarved Strongman with them."

    "Black Snake."

    An ice-cold voice sounded beside him.

    Black Snake was alarmed as he turned his head and saw a stubby man walk over. The man still had scales on his face as he looked coldly at the youth.

    "Patriarch Crocdragon." Black Snake shuddered as he said sycophantically, "Patriarch, I never expected that even you would come."

    "Yea, that Qin Yun's treasure halo is blinding." The stubby man watched from afar before shooting a glance at the youth. "I'll be taking the treasures. From this moment forth, help me and I'll give you ten percent after obtaining it."

    "Sure thing. Patriarch, it's exactly because you think highly of me that you request my help," said Black Snake immediately.

    Patriarch Crocdragon was famous among the Four Seas' Water race. Even the Dragon race was afraid of him.

    Black Snake grimaced inwardly, "Even Patriarch Crocdragon has appeared. How many more terrifying monsters will be lured out? It's best I keep a low profile and follow Patriarch Crocdragon obediently. Perhaps, I might reap some of the rewards."


    Qin Yun and company flew back in a rush.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun's gaze swept a distance away. There was a crow flying there but Qin Yun could sense it spying on him.


    A sword beam flew out, streaking across the sky and instantly slaying the distant crow.

    "Brother Yun, what happened?" asked Yi Xiao.

    "I kept having a feeling that I was being watched along the way," said Qin Yun with a smile. "I suspect there is more than one great demon targeting me but the way that crow spied on me at such a close distance is severely amateurish."

    Yi Xiao nodded and said solemnly, "Too many treasures are at stake this time. There are probably many targeting us."

    "At least the Qin family is already impregnable," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    Amid the chatter, they saw an ancient city in the distance. It was none other than Grand Dominance County City.

    "We're home." Qin Yun felt mixed emotions. After all, he had vanished for more than three years. His parents were definitely worried about him all this while.

    Yi Xiao was also feeling somewhat nervous. After all, the both of them had married each other without any forewarning. Now, she had to meet her in-laws.


    The couple and the Yellow-scarved Strongman plummeted straight down, right into Grand Dominance City's Qin Manor.
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