Chapter 178: Fear from all sides

    Chapter 178: Fear from all sides

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    Inside a tavern with an open window that faced the mirror-like lake, a thin man, whose eyes had a faint azure light flowing through them, was looking at Qin Manor from afar.

    "Qin Yun's brother, Qin An is about to depart. He has six companions following him." The man observed.


    River water appeared out of thin air as the thin man was completely enveloped by the water that suffused astral light. He could not help but be lifted up.

    "No, no. Spare me!" The man yelled but he could not produce a sound. He flailed his limbs but he could not get out of the astral water.


    The astral river water seeped into his body and shattered his heart. His eyes widened as he reverted back to his true form, a dhole.

    The astral river water swept across the dhole's corpse and wrapped up all his treasured remains. As for the corpse, it was pulverized to dust.


    A flying bug in midair was suddenly enveloped by astral river water. The flying bug instantly transformed into the form of a woman. Despite trying her best to struggle, she was pulverized. Only the items on her were taken away.


    About seven kilometers from Qin Manor, there was a commoner's residence. A fat elder was sitting cross-legged and watching a water mirror that had been condensed. The mirror showed Qin Manor and he could see everyone that entered and exited Qin Manor.

    "Hehehe, so what if you are a sword immortal? All those treasures are not something you can guard." The fat elder chuckled to himself with a laughter that was ear-piercing sharp.

    Suddenly, a blob of astral river water appeared out of nowhere and enveloped him. The fat elder was immediately alarmed.


    A scimitar appeared in his hand as he cleaved forcibly in the astral river water but just halfway through his cleave, his expression changed drastically. The astral river water was seeping into his body through his nostrils and mouth. He could not stop it at all.

    "No, no, no! Spare me!" The fat elder exclaimed in horror but he could not produce a sound while trapped in the astral river water.

    Following that, he died instantly with his heart shattered. He transformed into a fat black rat. The rat's corpse floated within the astral river water as the astral water took the items away without any hurry. Following that, the rat's corpse turned to dust.


    Throughout Grand Dominance City, demons, including those spying outside the city, were killed by the sudden appearance of the astral river water as long as they were within fifteen kilometers of Qin Manor! Not a single one escaped.

    The main reason was that after the Nine Heavens Galactic Array fused with the Astral River Swimming Dragon Array and the Grand Astral Sea Array, its strength became overwhelming! Ordinary Connate True Cores would be sending themselves to their deaths in the array formation and probably a little more work was needed for those at the Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador level. Only those at the Connate Golden Core realm demanded Qin Yun or the Yellow-scarved Strongman to take action.

    "Hu! Hu! Hu!"

    Items began flying from every corner of Grand Dominance City to Qin Yun's compound in Qin Manor.

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao looked at the huge pile of items in front of them.

    "How many demons were killed?" asked Yi Xiao.

    "Five Connate False Core great demons and nineteen demon leaders," replied Qin Yun. "Grand Dominance City had been purged of demons by Brother Hong previously. No demons were left behind so these Connate great demons and demon leaders must have recently arrived. Perhaps, the great fiendish demons backing them had instructed them to do so."

    As Qin Yun spoke, he carefully observed the items, hoping to find any clues.

    "There are a total of eight transmission treasures," said Qin Yun with a smile. "It looks like quite a number of great fiendish demons are targeting me but none of them have the guts to enter Grand Dominance."

    "The older they are, the more cowardly they become." Yi Xiao nodded in agreement.


    "What?" In a bamboo forest dozens of kilometers outside the city, Temple Lord Ruyi was looking in the direction of Grand Dominance City inside a bamboo hut.

    He saw a massive astral light cover Grand Dominance in its entirety. The barrier's range was even bigger than Grand Dominance City. Following that, the blurry astral light faded into the void, preventing anyone from seeing it with their naked eyes.

    "An array formation that covers about thirty kilometers?" Temple Lord Ruyi frowned. "And even I feel threatened by it."


    A stream of light landed. It was a blind elder with his eyes covered by black cloth and he was dressed in a bright red Daoist robe. He said with a chuckle, "Old Centipede, have you witnessed the means available to Qin Yun? The array formation can protect all of Grand Dominance City. The lesser demons that were trapped in there were all killed. None of them survived."

    "They are all dead?" Temple Lord Ruyi was alarmed.

    "You know what I'm capable of. I can sense that all the demonic auras in Grand Dominance City have been wiped out," said the blind elder. "He is telling us that anyone who dares eye his Qin Manor or enter Grand Dominance City would be killed without question. Furthermore, I can sense two terrifying auras in the vicinity. One of them is the one from Wolf Mountain and the other is the Crocdragon from the South Sea."

    "What? The two of them are here too?" Temple Lord Ruyi was alarmed. "With their strength, why aren't they storming into the city right away?"

    "Perhaps they are afraid too," said the blind elder. "Qin Yun must have something backing him for him to dare return to Grand Dominance."

    "Something which makes the two of them afraid to enter?" Temple Lord Ruyi was secretly alarmed.


    Patriarch Wolf Mountain stood on a distant mountain peak and looked in Grand Dominance City's direction. He sensed the massive array formation that covered all of Grand Dominance City.

    "According to Myriad Temple's intelligence, the Qin Manor currently has the Nine Heavens Galactic Array, the Astral River Swimming Dragon Array, and the Grand Astral Sea Array. All three arrays combine to cover fifteen kilometers in radius! Furthermore, it has a Yellow-scarved Strongman presiding over it," said a three-eyed elder beside him.

    "Divine Firmament Chapter's array formations? These three grand array formations combined can match a defensive array of top cultivation sects." Patriarch Wolf Mountain sighed in shock. Just the materials of the three grand arrays were worth a first-grade Dharma treasure. Typical top cultivation sects with weaker roots would deplete more than half their wealth if they attempted to establish something equivalent to the three massive arrays.

    Therefore, such array formations were comparable to most top cultivation sects' defensive arrays.

    "When it comes to the three grand arrays and the Yellow-scarved Strongman," said Patriarch Wolf Mountain as he shook his head. "I wouldn't be afraid of a Yellow-scarved Strongman outside but if I enter the array formation, the Yellow-scarved Strongman's strength would increase exponentially while my strength will be weakened. Even I would lose my life in there."

    "Yea, entry isn't wise." The triclops elder nodded as well.


    "I refuse to believe that he would hide in Grand Dominance City forever." A yellow-robed Daoist sat cross-legged on a mountain peak as he watched Grand Dominance City from afar.


    Many great fiendish demons were watching Grand Dominance City.

    With time, they obtained detailed intelligence. They knew that Qin Manor had three powerful arrays and a Yellow-scarved Strongman presiding over it! Even many top cultivation sects might have array formations that could match Qin Manor but they lacked a Yellow-scarved Strongman to defend them! The heavy security made all the great fiendish demons take some pause although they greatly coveted the treasures that lay within.

    "He's only twenty-six this year. He's a young cultivator with limitless potential. How could he hide in Grand Dominance City forever?"

    "You want to compete in patience? I have cultivated for twelve hundred years. I have plenty of patience."

    These great fiendish demons were waiting for an opportunity.

    If typical Connate Golden Core cultivators had one first-grade Dharma treasure, they would attract fatal trouble. It was obvious for Qin Yun. He had treasures that were no lesser than a transcendent-grade Golden Core Cauldron. If the fiendcelestials were not afraid of the tribulations or karma, they would probably have taken action themselves.


    Qin Manor also underwent changes. Many of the critical spots of the array formations were set within the lake; therefore, Qin Manor began buying the manors, restaurants, and shops around the lake. They were bought at premium prices! Although there were some restaurant and shop owners that were unwilling to part with their premises, two reasons compelled them to do so. Firstly, they did not wish to offend the Qin family and secondly, the price offered by the Qin family was indeed high. Some were even given Dao talismans that secured their residences. Naturally, the families were willing to sell them to the Qin family.

    After those were bought, the mirror-like lake's circumference was perennially covered in a thin fog. Even those with divine powers like All-Seeing Eyes would find it difficult to spy on the Qin family.

    "Brother Liehu, My Wang family's three manors add up to about seventy thousand square meters. It's also neighboring the lake. Why don't I sell it to your Qin family?" Vice Minister Wang said warmly.

    "Qin Manor already has enough," replied Qin Liehu with a smile.

    "Come on, do some charity. In a few hundred years, your Qin family would want even more land. This bit of land would not even be enough," said Vice Minister Wang warmly. "All I wish is that my third son can be Young Master Qin's disciple. Just an in-name disciple would do. Of course, the three manors are just a welcoming gift. If Young Master Qin were to take my son in as a disciple, there will naturally be gifts appropriate for honoring a new master."

    "Old Brother Wang, that's not something I can agree on my son's behalf. You will need Yun'er to approve it himself," said Qin Liehu.

    "Alright. I'll be troubling you then, Brother Liehu. These are the title deeds for the three manors," said Vice Minister Wang voluntarily.

    "No way. I can't accept something for nothing." Qin Liehu rejected it. He was a person that adamantly refused to take advantage of others.

    It was impossible to even give away treasures to Qin Manor!

    Ever since Qin Yun returned alive, many people wanted to befriend Qin Yun. Vice Minister Wang was a businessman that was only second to the Hong family in Grand Dominance City. He was very well-informed and naturally came to curry favor.

    There were many that came to deliver gifts.

    It was fine if they were ordinary gifts but Qin Liehu refused to accept anything of serious worth.


    Qin Yun ignored the great fiendish demons that were secretly watching, nor did he deal with the people that came from everywhere to make his acquaintance. He only focused on spending time with Yi Xiao. The two discussed the Dao and cultivated. Occasionally, they would enjoy the delicacies of Grand Dominance City. It was quite a happy life.

    A month passed since they returned from the immortal abode and it was almost the eve of the new year.

    That day, the morning sun rose. The temperature remained extremely cold and the mirror-like lake had frozen.

    Qin Yun stood on the frozen lake as his sword intent domain covered a hundred and eighty feet around him. He held the three-foot-long Intrinsic Flying Sword and focused to calm his mind. Immediately, he began practicing his swordplay.

    In recent days, his morning practice was not done on the training grounds but on the frozen lake.

    The lake was now his training ground and it was wide. He could use any strike he wished.


    Instantly, dimly discernible sword flashes appeared like a misty rain.

    Yi Xiao sat cross-legged by the lakeside on a mat. She had prepared hot tea and was watching Qin Yun practice his swordplay while drinking the tea. Without realizing it, Qin Yun had practiced his swordplay for more than two hours.

    "Odd? Brother Yun usually spends an hour practicing his swordplay at dawn. Why is he taking so long today?" Yi Xiao felt that something was amiss. She looked at the distant sword flashes. "Furthermore, the sword flashes produced by Brother Yun seems somewhat different."
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