Chapter 180: Coercion, Persuasion

    Chapter 180: Coercion, Persuasion

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    New year's in Grand Dominance City was extremely lively. There were fireworks and all sorts of acrobatic performances. The taverns and restaurants enjoyed a boom in business while the commoners wore their newest and most beautiful clothes. Qin Yun and Yi Xiao went everywhere in the city to enjoy the street-side snacks.

    "I loved eating candied fruit when I was young." Qin Yun said with a smile as he held a stick of candied fruit. "Back in the village, I could eat a stick of it from new year's eve all the way to the fifth or sixth day of the new year. I would pluck one bead out, lick it greedily, and would fail to resist taking a tiny nibble. I would then wrap it back up! Back then, my younger sister would frequently finish the candied fruit early on. She would also request one bead from me, saying that she only wanted to eat one."

    Yi Xiao stayed by his side and heard Qin Yun narrate the past.

    "Unfortunately, my little sister isn't able to see this day." Qin Yun looked at the candied fruit.

    "That water ape has been killed. You have avenged her," consoled Yi Xiao.

    Qin Yun nodded. "Fiendish demons have wreaked havoc causing suffering throughout the world. I wonder when will the demon scourge be eliminated."

    Since time immemorial, there had been no end to the unending struggle between humans and fiendish demons.

    "It's the new year. Let's not talk about this. So many years have passed but I still think that candied fruit is delicious." Qin Yun smiled as he continued eating.

    "Do you hear that? The music coming from the tea shop up ahead sounds good." Yi Xiao dragged Qin Yun. "Let's go and have a listen."

    "Let's go."

    The couple immediately headed for the nearby tea shop.


    The couple enjoyed the new year greatly. Outside Grand Dominance City, great fiendish demons entrenched themselves in the forests and in the wild. Of course, they had many subordinates under them that built a residence for them. After all, these great fiendish demons were prepared. It was unlikely that Qin Yun would come out of Grand Dominance City at any time soon.

    Inside a large hall by the mountainside, Patriarch Wolf Mountain and six great fiendish demons had gathered. They represented the Cloudfiend Mountain's lineage.

    They took their seats with Patriarch Wolf Mountain sitting in the highest spot. Beside him sat Nine Mountain Island Lord, Metallic-armed Ape Fiend, and Triclops Ghost King.


    Patriarch Wolf Mountain scanned the six fiendish demons beneath him. "Now, other than our Cloudfiend Mountain, there are many great fiendish demons targeting Qin Yun as well! With such a great commotion, it's impossible that Qin Yun doesn't know. His Qin Manor has three powerful array formations and a Yellow-scarved Strongman presiding over it. Clearly, he intends to make his stand in Grand Dominance City. Does anyone have any suggestions?"

    "We obviously have to smoke him out."

    "That's right, we can't just keep waiting here foolishly. We have to think of a way to force him out."

    The great fiendish demons echoed.

    "He's enjoying the new year in the city but here we are, suffering from the cold." The brawny Metallic-armed Ape Fiend had a ferocious look in his eyes. He held a high status among the fiends present as he said loudly, "If you want my opinion, we should just kill! Kill those humans!"

    "I have no means of entering the city. It's too dangerous in there," said a great fiendish demon.

    "No one is a fool. We know that there are many arrays inside the city, so who would send themselves to their deaths?" said the ape fiend with a scoff. "We shall kill humans outside the city! I heard that Qin Yun abhors evil. He has previously killed your disciple, right? Nine Mountain? That little water ape?"

    Nine Mountain Island Lord was seated in his black robe. He spoke very infrequently but at that moment, he nodded. "That disciple of mine had an ancient water ape bloodline. If he entered the river, even we would find it difficult to slay him. However, he was too careless and thought little of Qin Yun. As a result, he lost his life."

    "He killed Water Ape and the three demon monarchs of Evil Dragon Mountain!" Metallic-armed Ape Fiend said disdainfully. "Since he abhors evil and he would protect those weak commoners, that's good. When dealing with such cultivators, it's best to use the lives of commoners as a threat. Let's kill a thousand commoners first and let Qin Yun see. At the same time, we will announce it publicly! The entire Grand Dominance City will hear it. With each additional day he hides in Grand Dominance City, ten thousand humans will be killed. Haha... Let's see if he can tolerate it!"

    "It's hard to tell. At his young age, that Qin Yun might really not tolerate it."

    "That's right. With so many human lives, he will probably charge out with his eyes red," said a great fiendish demon.

    "It's also possible that he will continue tolerating it! He would watch coldly as we kill." Triclops Ghost King suggested.

    "Then we will continue killing. We will stop only when we hit a hundred thousand." Metallic-armed Ape Fiend said, "If killing a hundred thousand doesn't work, it means it's a pointless endeavor! Furthermore, after killing too many, it's almost the limit to which the imperial government can tolerate. Any more and the imperial government might no longer tolerate us."

    "The human's imperial government? What's there to be afraid of? We have so many great fiendish demons here, so what's there to be afraid of them? Are they going to send ten or twenty Connate Golden Cores here to fight it out with us? Haha..."

    "The imperial government is probably pissing their pants when they hear that Patriarch Crocdragon is here. They wouldn't dare participate in this. It will only happen unless the imperial government does its preparations before it comes to deal a massacre!"

    The great fiendish demons did not seem afraid in any way.

    Fiendish demons had been fighting the humans, Four Seas' Water race, Heavenly Demon Palace for years. Why would they need to be afraid?

    Essence Soul immortals did not dare partake in the foray. And if Connate Golden Cores came, it would be a huge bout.

    "We have to inform the fiendcelestials if we are killing ordinary humans," said Patriarch Wolf Mountain. "After all, if too many are killed, it will easily anger the imperial government."

    "Don't worry," said the ape fiend. "With the way the human imperial government works, they would first threaten. Only after two or three threats would they send large forces out."

    "I'm just afraid that Qin Yun can tolerate it and refuse to come out."

    "Then I'll be impressed at his ruthlessness."


    While the various great fiendish demons were watching outside the city, there were other great fiendish demons making plans, hoping to force Qin Yun out.

    On the seventh day of the new year.

    Two people headed straight for Jiang Prefecture's Grand Dominance on a cloud.

    "After the new year celebrations, it's time to visit Young Master Qin," said a purple-robed youth.

    An azure-robed middle-aged man beside him nodded and said, "Many great fiendish demons are lurking. Just from what we know, there are Patriarch Wolf Mountain and Patriarch Crocdragon. These two are enough to cause chaos in the world. Besides, there's no way for us to know if there are more terrifying great fiendish demons lurking. That Qin Yun is probably extremely pressured."

    "As long as he pledges allegiance, we will naturally protect him," said the purple-robed youth with a smile.

    The duo flew and quickly arrived in Grand Dominance City. They headed straight down and flew towards Qin Manor.

    When they landed in front of Qin Manor, a servant was waiting for them at the entrance.

    "Seniors, my master invites you in," said the servant with a smile.

    "Lead the way," said the azure-robed middle-aged man.

    Soon, the both of them were escorted into Qin Manor and after walking a long while, they arrived at Qin Yun's residence.

    After all, Qin Manor was huge now. It encompassed the entire lake.

    "Gentlemen, please have a seat." Qin Yun sat there with Yi Xiao before he said casually with a smile.

    The middle-aged man frowned slightly. Qin Yun did not stand up to welcome him? He was after all at the Connate Golden Core realm.

    The two men sat down.

    "Daoist Kun, and this must be Your Highness, Eighth Prince," said Qin Yun with a smile. "Why did the both of you suddenly come to my Qin Manor?"

    There were only that many Connate Golden Core realm cultivators in the world. Other than those reclusive few who seldom showed themselves, Qin Yun knew of most of them. Daoist Kun's name was Kun Chen. He was a powerful subject of the imperial government and was a Connate Golden Core realm cultivator. Apart from his impressive flying escape arts, he was only considered ordinary among Connate Golden Cores.

    "I'm here to help you, Young Master Qin," said Kun Chen warmly. Eighth Prince only smiled and did not interject.

    "Help me?" Qin Yun and Yi Xiao exchanged looks.

    "Yes," Kun Chen said with a nod. "Young Master Qin, you should know that there are great fiendish demons watching Qin Manor outside of this city. I already know of more than ten. Among them are Patriarch Wolf Mountain and Patriarch Crocdragon."

    Qin Yun nodded. "There are indeed great fiendish demons targeting me."

    Patriarch Wolf Mountain and Patriarch Cloudfiend Mountain had strength equivalent to entities at the Connate Golden Core Paramount realm! Patriarch Wolf Mountain was known as the strongest great fiendish demon in all of Jiang and Qian Prefecture. He was also the strongest fiendish demon from the Cloudfiend Mountain lineage. As for Patriarch Crocdrgon, he was infamous in the South Sea and even vexed the South Sea's dragon race.

    However, Qin Yun was a Connate Paramount realm sword immortal as well. He naturally wasn't afraid of the two of them.

    "These are only the confirmed ones. As for whether there are more powerful ones, our imperial government can't confirm any. Perhaps they are hiding in secret. They might even be more powerful than Patriarch Wolf Mountain and Patriarch Crocdragon!" Kun Chen said softly. "Sometimes, you shouldn't bite off more than you can chew when it comes to treasures. Being overly greedy will only attract trouble."

    "And?" asked Qin Yun.

    "His Highness's master is Northern Ocean King," said Kun Chen with a smile. "Among the Godfiend lineage, Northern Ocean King is only second to His Majesty, the Human Emperor. If he were to protect you, it will naturally be fine."

    Qin Yun shook his head. "Those great fiendish demons do not care about immortals or fiendcelestials. Immortals and fiendcelestials are afraid of karma and they have no means of helping me."

    "You are wrong." Kun Chen said immediately. "Northern Ocean King has the means to protect you."

    "Tell me about it," said Qin Yun.

    Kun Chen said immediately, "You simply need to give half of the treasures you have to Northern Ocean King! The remaining half isn't something you can spend either. For example, the three grand arrays you set up and the cost of hiring a Yellow-scarved Strongman! As for the remaining treasures... Northern Ocean King can bestow you a Dharma bead that can conceal your treasure halo. It will be publicly announced that your treasures have been given to Northern Ocean King. And when those great fiendish demons notice that you no longer have a treasure halo, it is very likely that they will give up."

    "What if the great fiendish demons are disgruntled about it and continue taking action?" Qin Yun said with a faint smile.
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