Chapter 184: Outskirts of Jiaan County City, Mt. Blue Granny

    Chapter 184: Outskirts of Jia'an County City, Mt. Blue Granny

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    Qin Yun stood there solemnly and dug up a grave with his sword intent domain. He was even able to dig it very deeply. He easily sliced through the mountain rocks and, with another beckon of his hand, felled a towering tree. Then, he carved the tree into wooden planks and fastened them together through mortise and tenon work. Soon, he had constructed an entire coffin. Finally, he cast a Dharma spell on the coffin that marked its surface with runic patterns.


    The coffin was lowered into the grave with the lid temporarily opened.

    "Place your father's ashes into it," said Qin Yun.


    The young demoness jumped into the grave and carefully placed the urn into the coffin. She took out some clothes, paper, and brushes from the bag she carried on her back. They were items often used by her adopted father. With tears streaming down her cheeks, the girl slowly covered the coffin's lid.

    Qin Yun watched quietly.

    When the demoness climbed out, Qin Yun carved a boulder on a distant mountain into large slabs of stone. He constructed a grand tomb that was similar to the tomb of Scholar's mother.

    He erected a headstone.

    "I'll erect this headstone in your name." Qin Yun looked at the demoness. She gave a solemn nod.

    Immediately, text began to appear on the headstone. The upper text read: Tomb of Father Fu Qing. And beneath it in a smaller font were the words: Daughter Fu Sizhuo.

    "Father." The demoness knelt there.

    Qin Yun looked at the tomb and said softly, "Scholar, you always claimed to be alone and that wherever you were was where your home was. Eventually, you gave up your life for this young demoness. Rest now, knowing that she has acknowledged you as a father and she is willing to wear funeral garbs to show her filial piety."

    "I... I did not bring any scented candles or paper money." The demoness sounded flustered. "I do not have the paper money that needs to be burned for Father."

    "Don't worry." Qin Yun waved his hand.

    The second-grade flying sword, Heavy Sand Sword, wrapped five spindles of silver and rapidly flew off to the nearby Jia'an County City.

    It was the very beginning of the morning, so the coffin store in Jia'an County City had just opened for business. The apprentice was still sweeping the floor.


    A flying sword tore through the air and entered the store.

    "I'll be buying a few things. I have the silver here." A voice sounded.

    "Customer..." The apprentice looked up and saw a flying sword floating in front of him. He could not help but jump in fright. Following that, a spindle of silver flew over.

    "Here's the silver."

    The voice was still sounding.

    The flying sword released its Dharmic powers, pulling scented candles, paper money, and other necessary items to it before departing.

    The apprentice held the silver in a daze. He looked at the silver in his hands as the surroundings items flew away.

    "Master! Master! An immortal came!" The apprentice immediately shouted loudly.


    Elsewhere in Jia'an County City, the flying sword bought ready-made food from a restaurant. There was an entire chicken, an entire duck, and a pig's head. A spindle of silver was similarly thrown to the attendant there...

    Soon, the flying sword returned with many items.

    The flying sword's trip didn't take long.

    Qin Yun looked up and beckoned with his hand, allowing the flying sword to enter his sleeve. A large number of scented candles and paper money landed at his side. The Three Poultry and many plates of pastry were placed nicely.

    There was a set of funeral garb for the young demoness too. She put it on and knelt.

    The scented candles were lit, and paper money was burnt. Soon, smoke began to billow.

    "Uncle Qin." The demoness looked at Qin Yun. "Father has no relatives besides me. I wish to observe a mourning period for my father. I do not want to take up too much of your time. All I need is three days. The mourning period will last three days."

    "Alright." Qin Yun nodded. "Let the mourning period be three days. After all, there are demons pursuing you. I have to resolve your problem as soon as possible. I promised your father I would."

    The demoness nodded.

    It was common for the mourning period that children observed to last three days. There were also some who would observe it for three years.

    "Oh?" Qin Yun turned to look.

    A distance away, an armored great demon holding a trident rode over on a cloud with an air of majesty. Two lesser demons followed on either side.

    "General, look. There he is."

    "The young fish demoness is there too," shouted a lesser demon.

    The armored demon looked down with his trident in hand. He sneered. "This fish demoness has been fleeing for years. The last time I discovered her, that cultivator named Fu Qing was a little problematic. Now, I have found her again! However, that black-robed cultivator beside her actually dares to intervene. Is he another one that isn't afraid of death?"

    General Crab was one of the accomplished generals of Yellow Wyrm Lake. He was also one of the strongest Connate False Core realm demons. He was under orders by Grand General Summon Thunder to find the fish demoness.

    "That cultivator." General Crab observed Qin Yun from a high altitude. After some time, he was certain of one thing. "I know all the powerful cultivators in the surrounding counties. He's not any of them."


    "It's that General Crab." Fu Sizhuo's eyes turned red when she saw him.

    "He was the one that mortally wounded Scholar?" Qin Yun looked up.

    "Yes, it's him. He's very powerful. Father said that he stands atop those in the Connate False Core realm," said Fu Sizhuo immediately.

    Qin Yun nodded slightly.

    Scholar had been forged in the crucible of battle in the northern borderlands after all. He was definitely capable of battling ordinary Connate False Core great demons.

    "Human, how dare you interfere with the matters of our Yellow Wyrm Lake. State your name." General Crab shouted when he landed.

    Qin Yun had become famous very quickly, so many people knew his name. However, very few people had seen him with their own eyes or knew him by his looks.

    "Quickly tell us who you are." The two demons beside General Crab hollered incessantly.

    "Phew." Qin Yun commanded with his mind.

    Under his sword intent domain, the two lesser demons beside General Crab were pulverized.

    This made General Crab's eyes go wide. He did not see any Dharma spells or moves used. Yet, his subordinates were instantly pulverized? General Crab could not help but shudder in fear.

    "It's a case of mistaken identity! Really! I won't be disturbing either of you any further." General Crab immediately bowed and gave an obsequious smile. He turned in an attempt to escape.

    "You want to leave?" Suddenly, a horrifying power bound General Crab. It was the power that stemmed from the sword intent domain. General Crab could not put up a struggle at all.

    "Spare me!" General Crab struggled with all his might but failed to escape from the domain's grasp. He could not help but shout in panic.


    General Crab was pulled back as he was bound by the sword intent domain. He plopped to the ground, sprawled in front of a tombstone.

    General Crab looked up and saw the text on the tombstone.

    "Fu Qing? That cultivator is dead?" General Crab had a sudden realization, so he turned to look at Qin Yun and said immediately. "Oh Accomplished One, I have no grudge against you..."

    "I'm asking you. Who ordered you to kill this young demoness?" asked Qin Yun. "If you answer any slower, your life will be at stake."

    "Grand General Summon Thunder," said General Crab immediately. "My Yellow Wyrm Lake has a total of six Grand Generals. Grand General Summon Thunder is one of them. He's a great demon at the Connate True Core realm. He's much more powerful than me. He simply needs to exhale and-"

    "Shut up." Qin Yun frowned.

    General Crab immediately shut up.

    "Who ordered Grand General Summon Thunder?" asked Qin Yun again.

    "That I do not know. It appears to be a highly confidential matter," General Crab muttered under his breath. "Anyways, it has to be someone from Flood Dragon Palace. I did not dare to seek out more information on this matter. Accomplished One, that's all I can tell you. Please spare me."

    "This scholar named Fu Qing was my brother," Qin Yun said. "And you, you caused his death."

    General Crab's expression changed. He gritted his teeth and said under his breath, "I'm one of the generals of Yellow Wyrm Lake's Water race you know. If you kill me, my Flood Dragon King would definitely be enraged."

    "Don't worry. I will have a good chat with your Flood Dragon King. I want him to answer to me. As for you, accompany my brother in death!" Qin Yun waved his hand as a sword beam instantly penetrated General Crab's body. General Crab yelled out before collapsing to the side, transforming into a gigantic hairy crab with thick hair on its claws. It lay there with blood flowing out of it.


    In a mountain not far from Jia'an County City's outskirts.

    "Grand General! Grand General." Three avian demons rushed straight into the mountain valley.

    "What's the matter?"

    Grand General Summon Thunder was an extremely fat man. Beside him were two great demons.

    "General Crab has died. He was killed."

    "The young demoness was rescued by a cultivator."

    "He died almost instantly."

    The three avian demons said with great urgency.

    Grand General Summon Thunder frowned as he pointed at one of the avian demons. "You, tell me in detail. The rest of you, shut up."

    The avian demon immediately explained in detail, "That young demoness was rescued by a mysterious cultivator. She was on Mt. Blue Granny outside Jia'an County City when General Crab took two demon leaders to deal with her. We were watching from afar and saw General Crab killed with our own eyes. That mysterious cultivator and the demoness are still there on Mt. Blue Granny."

    "Oh? Let's go to Mt. Blue Granny and take a look. In Qian Prefecture, few people would dare to slight our Yellow Wyrm Lake," said Grand General Summon Thunder.

    "Grand General, a storm brews when you take action. That cultivator is doomed." The two great demons fawned on him.

    "Let's go."

    Grand General Summon Thunder immediately conjured a wind to carry the two great demons, as well as the three avian demons. "The three of you, show me the way."

    Connate True Core realm demons like the Grand General could dominate an entire area. After all, there were only a few Connate Golden Core cultivators in Qian Prefecture. With the Flood Dragon Palace backing them, it was only natural for Grand General Summon Thunder to be arrogant.


    A black ice-cold wind howled as it tore through the sky at a terrifying speed. Of course, the speed at which it was flying was only considered ordinary among Connate Golden Cores.

    Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect was within the black wind as he headed straight for Jia'an County.

    He had three concentric pupils in his eyes, allowing him to clearly see Qin Yun and the young demoness who were on Mt. Blue Granny five hundred kilometers away.

    "This Qin Yun's flying art sure is fast. I've been chasing him for so long and there's still five hundred kilometers left." Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect thought to himself. "Thankfully, he has stopped. I'll soon arrive. I will be the first to arrive and the first to kill Qin Yun. All the treasures will be mine!"

    Behind Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect, there were three Connate Golden Core fiendish demons following in secret. One of them had strength that was in no way inferior to Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect. They did not know where Qin Yun was and could only secretly follow Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect.

    "That Qin Yun sure can fly. He has already flown out of Jiang Prefecture."

    "That's good, though. How long will it take for those old monsters outside Grand Dominance City to rush here when they learn the news? Haha, this time, the treasures will go to the three of us."


    Yellow Wyrm Lake's Grand General Summon Thunder with his demons, as well as the great fiendish demons from all over the world were rushing towards Mt. Blue Granny on the Jia'an County City's outskirts.
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