Chapter 186: Attack of the Great Fiendish Demons (Part 2/2)

    Chapter 186: Attack of the Great Fiendish Demons (Part 2/2)

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    Grand General Summon Thunder and his two generals were planning on showing themselves, when they were shocked to see three horrifying great fiendish demons appear suddenly.

    "He wasn't talking about us. It's those three." General Shrimp's voice was trembling.

    "Don't move. None of us move." Grand General Summon Thunder said immediately. "We are more than five kilometers away. He probably hasn't discovered us! What we should do now is stay here quietly and not join the fray."

    General Shrimp and General Hunt nodded immediately.

    Why would they dare to join the fray when it was a battle of such tremendous proportions?

    "Where did they all come from?" Grand General Summon Thunder's eyes were already large to begin with, but now they were even wider. "Including Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect, there are a total of four. Since when have sightings of great fiendish demons been so commonplace?"

    General Hunt added, "Among the three who just appeared, two of them have previously come to our Flood Dragon Palace. One of them is Matron Centaurea and the other is Valley Lord Windhark. Back when Matron Centaurea came, Flood Dragon King and Dragon Queen welcomed her personally."

    "I've heard of Matron Centaurea too. Just one of her flower vines can rob me of my life." Grand General Summon Thunder clenched his teeth. "I knew I shouldn't have agreed to Her Majesty's request! The matter of killing Flood Dragon King's illegitimate children was to be kept secret from Flood Dragon King. Once His Majesty learns of it, we will be in trouble even if Her Majesty stands up for us."

    "That's right. We didn't even want to come but we couldn't disobey Her Majesty's orders." General Shrimp felt helpless.

    "How can His Majesty not know about it at all?" General Hunt shook his head gently.

    "That's not something we can talk about," said Grand General Summon Thunder immediately.

    General Crab instantly shut his mouth.

    "This is a matter between His and Her Majesty. We shouldn't concern ourselves with it," said Grand General Summon Thunder. "What is most important for us now... is how we should escape."

    "Yea, if we show ourselves, that Qin Yun might not even bother with talk and just kill us outright," added General Shrimp.

    "Let's keep hiding," said General Hunt.


    The three of them hid carefully as they watched the three newly arrived great fiendish demons and the distant Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect face the cultivator, Qin Yun, on Mt. Blue Granny.

    This was definitely a rare clash of top existences.

    Qin Yun stood there and looked leisurely at the four great fiendish demons. However, Fu Sizhuo behind him was feeling extremely nervous.

    "The three of you followed me?" Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect looked at the three great fiendish demons and boomed.

    "Daoist Qin's flying arts are just too fast. We couldn't keep up with him. Thankfully, Brother Tenebrous Aspect is good at tracking. We could only find Daoist Qin by following you," said a red-robed man with a smile. "Brother Tenebrous Aspect, thank you very much."

    "It's all thanks to Tenebrous Aspect." A beautiful pink-robed woman said with a smile as well.

    The corners of Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect's eyes twitched.

    These three great fiendish demons...

    He did not think too much of the other two but Matron Centaurea's strength was in no way inferior to his. She was even stronger! If Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect relied on his ancient mutated Kṣitigarbha Hound talents for his overwhelming power, then Matron Centaurea's true body was very ordinary. She was once a Chinese rose, until one day when Empyrean Meteoric Ambrosia flowed from the heavens. She managed to become a demon out of sheer luck.

    After years of cultivation, she cultivated from an ordinary flower demoness to a figure that many fiendish demons respectfully addressed as Matron Centaurea. She naturally had formidable means and had cultivated in several mystic arts. She gave Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect a headache.

    "Daoist Qin." Matron Centaurea wore a Chinese rose on her head and light red fog lingered around her. She smiled brightly at Qin Yun as her voice resounded through the sky. "Against our present alliance, you will not be able to defend your treasures. I urge you to hand them over obediently to avoid being killed."

    "Matron Centaurea, your strength is only ordinary but you sure speak very high and mighty," said Qin Yun.

    Matron Centaurea's expression sank immediately.

    How long has it been?

    How long has it been since anyone dared to say that her strength was only ordinary!? After all, even great fiendish demons that were at a similar level of strength showed her some respect and were unwilling to offend her.

    "My strength is only ordinary? Then, I would wish for fellow Daoist Qin to ascertain if my strength is really ordinary or not." Matron Centaurea laughed as the red fog around her spread out rapidly. The expressions of the blind elder and the red-robed man changed slightly as they retreated, making way for the red fog to surge towards Qin Yun. It was very fast and wherever it passed, even the trees were not spared.

    Through the Intrinsic Flying Sword's psyche projection, Qin Yun was able to sense the red fog before it reached him.

    His psyche was being eroded, and he immediately felt dizzy.

    "Isolate it." Qin Yun was alarmed as he quickly used a Sealing Spell.


    A gigantic sealing barrier enveloped the surroundings, including Mt. Blue Granny. When the red fog spread towards Qin Yun, it was blocked by the barrier.

    "This is Matron Centaurea's Pink Confusion Fog? I'm still affected despite my present soul and realm." Qin Yun was secretly alarmed. "If I were to be enveloped in the fog for an extended period of time, it would only get more and more dangerous."

    Pew! A black beam shot through the red fog and hit the barrier. Instantly, the Sealing barrier cracked from the spot where the beam hit, allowing the red fog to continue its spread.

    Qin Yun waved his hand.

    His Intrinsic Flying Sword flew out and produced the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier.

    The gigantic sword flash barrier sent a black beam of light flying backward. It was a black thorn when the black beam of light revealed its true colors!

    "Phew" The massive Cyclic Sword Flash barrier dispersed the red fog, and Mt. Blue Granny was safe once again.

    "I have already attained the Sword Intent Paramount realm. And now that my Misty Rain Sword Intent has reached the Paramount realm, the Heavenly Cycle comes out much easier and is closer to being perfect!" thought Qin Yun. "The casting of the Cyclic Sword Flash drains about the same amount of Dharmic powers as attacks like Bright Moon Over River. Furthermore, I'm casting it with my Intrinsic Flying Sword, making it even more relaxing! It would be trivial for me to continue casting it for a few days."

    If he had been powering it with a first-grade flying sword, it would be shockingly exhausting!

    An Intrinsic Flying Sword was strong and expended very little! However, the enhancement of an Intrinsic Flying Sword was limited by one's own realm. For example, sword intent domain could at best allow an Intrinsic Flying Sword to reach the third-grade. Qin Yun had already reached the Sword Intent Paramount realm but no matter how many treasures he gave to it, his Intrinsic Flying Sword could at best reach the second-grade. Of course, as he had only recently broken through, his Intrinsic Flying Sword's cultivation still needed some time. It remained at the third-grade.

    But the strength it produced could match a first-grade Dharma treasure.


    "You might be able to defend against Tenebrous Aspect but you won't be so fortunate against me." When Matron Centaurea saw this, she waved her hand.

    "Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

    Instantly, a dense horde of countless black beams surged forward.

    This scene left the red-robed man, the blind elder, and Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect reeling.

    "Million Soul-vanquishing Needles?" Qin Yun recognized the beams.

    Every Soul-vanquishing needle was said to be a needle-like thorn that came from Matron Centaurea's body, as she was a massive Chinese rose. Although the needles were refined by her body, their strength was ordinary. But their true force came from sheer numbers! With a million Soul-vanquishing needles, its might was something that would make even an ancient mutated species like Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect flinch.

    The sound of air being torn through was the first thing heard, before the countless black beams struck the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier.


    The sound produced by each individual thorn's collision wasn't loud, but with a million Soul-vanquishing Needles striking simultaneously, it was deafening.

    These Soul-vanquishing Needles would occasionally form a formation with more than ten thousand needles creating a joint attack. All the strength was gathered at the foremost black thorn, giving it extremely formidable penetrative power. Some of the Soul-vanquishing Needles would strike individually which wasn't strong. Needles in other locations formed joint formations, causing the Million Soul-vanquishing Needles' assault to be both strong and weak in various spots. Defending against such an attack should have been very difficult!

    However, Qin Yun's Cyclic Sword Flash was producing the Heavenly Cycles. It perfectly dispersed the forces it received across the entire Cyclic Sword Flash.

    No matter which spot was struck, or how powerful it was, the force could be perfectly dispersed, allowing every spot to withstand it equally.

    "Old Bat, Old Poison Dragon, join forces with me." Matron Centaurea's expression sank.


    The blind elder and the red-robed man took action immediately.

    Huge veins flew out from Matron Centaurea's side. They were like long whips as they lashed out at the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier. As for the blind elder, he flipped his hand and produced a flute. He played a very soft tune. It was inaudible, but it produced distorted shockwaves that could be seen hailing towards the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier.

    Puah Puah Puah!

    The shockwaves assaulted the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier with powerful beats.

    As for the red-robed man, he waved his hand, immediately sending colorful streams of light flying out. These colorful streams of light rapidly twined together to form long vines! Each vine was colorful and streaked rapidly across the sky, their commanding might gradually increasing.

    "Bam! Bam! Bam!"

    The long veins struck at the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier, producing loud booms.

    Matron Centaurea, Poison Dragon King, and Valley Lord Windhark had joined forces but they were alarmed.

    "Our joint attack is a lot stronger than Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect's attack; yet, we still can't crack this flying sword art?" The trio found it unbelievable.

    "By combining forces with Centaurea, her strength will increase by fifty percent," thought Poison Dragon King. He was originally a subordinate of Matron Centaurea. Later, when he broke through to the Connate Golden Core realm, he chose to continue following her despite being capable of setting up his own faction. From that moment forth, he was always with Matron Centaurea and their combined strength was rather powerful.


    Grand General Summon Thunder and company were completely dumbfounded.

    Their hearts turned cold and then experienced a plethora of emotions when they saw the veins that sprawled across the world and the distorted shockwaves that were strange and silent... All these killer moves were inundating Mt. Blue Granny but it remained completely encapsulated by the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier, withstanding every attack.

    "This Qin Yun is too powerful."

    "The four great fiendish demons can't do anything to him? And we were actually coming to deal with him?"


    "What?" Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect could not help but be alarmed as he watched from the side. "The joint forces of the three of them failed to crack it? Furthermore, that Qin Yun looks very relaxed? From the looks of it, even the four of us are not his match."

    Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect immediately began to send a transmission message to his good friend.

    "Brother Crocdragon, Qin Yun is in the outskirts of Qian Prefecture's Jia'an County City. Come quickly."
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