Chapter 188: Reverberations through the World

    Chapter 188: Reverberations through the World

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    "Yes." Grand General Summon Thunder did not dare refuse. He made another attempt to contact Dragon Queen. However, nothing happened.

    Grand General Summon Thunder looked at Qin Yun with a flustered expression. "Young Master Qin, Her Majesty appears to be angry. She is ignoring my transmission completely."

    "Ignoring you?" Qin Yun nodded. "Alright, when I'm done here, I'll take my time to settle this matter. As for the three of you..."

    "Young Master Qin, spare us. We were only following orders," said Grand General Summon Thunder immediately.

    "We were unwilling to pursue the daughter of His Majesty." General Hunt and General Shrimp pleaded as well.

    The three of them had no thoughts of resisting. The scene they had previously witnessed was enough for them to know how powerful Qin Yun was.

    Qin Yun swept his gaze across the three demons. "I can spare the three of you from death but there is a need to punish you. Hand over all your treasures and then scram."

    "All our treasures?" The three exchanged looks but they obediently handed over all their Dharma treasures and artifacts.

    "Young Master Qin, this bit of treasure is probably nothing to you, right?" Grand General Summon Thunder murmured.

    Qin Yun did not say a word.

    Handing over their treasures pained their hearts more than losing a leg or arm! After all, their limbs could grow back but how long would it take to recoup the treasures that they had gone to great effort to amass once they were snatched away?

    But in order to survive, they were forced to hand them over obediently.

    As for Qin Yun, what he really wanted was for them to feel the pinch.

    "Alright, tell your Flood Dragon King," said Qin Yun. "I'll be involved in the matter regarding this fish demoness. If Dragon Queen has ordered you to kill the fish demoness, I want Flood Dragon King to answer to me! If he can't give me an answer, I'll personally visit your Flood Dragon Palace."

    "About that..." The trio was astonished.

    This Qin Yun even meant to go to Flood Dragon Palace?

    "Scram," said Qin Yun with a wave of his hand.

    "Yes." The three departed obediently.

    Phew. They conjured winds and left immediately.

    Qin Yun looked at the tomb beside him and the name of his brother engraved on it. "Scholar, I will definitely avenge you."

    And on a distant mountain peak.

    "Oh? Those three demons are moving?"

    "They are from Yellow Wyrm Lake's Flood Dragon Palace." Matron Centaurea and company looked on from afar and recognized Grand General Summon Thunder and company. They allowed them to leave.

    With that, Mt. Blue Granny quietened down.

    After all, many great fiendish demons were rushing over from Grand Dominance County. It would take quite a while for them to arrive.


    Yellow Wyrm Lake was a huge body of water that spanned five hundred kilometers. Many Water race demons lurked there and deep in the lake was the ancient Flood Dragon Palace. The yellow flood dragon lineage had entrenched themselves there for tens of thousands of years.

    At that moment in Flood Dragon Palace.

    "Hmph, that Summon Thunder doesn't understand protocol at all! How can a human Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador be allowed to meet me on a whim?" Dragon Queen was sitting on a luxurious lounge chair, one so soft that it felt like it was made from clouds. But all she could do was fume, breathing so heavily that her ample breasts almost burst out of her bosom.

    She was used to being overbearing.

    In Flood Dragon Palace, who dared to treat her with anything but the utmost respect? Even the Flood Dragon King himself had to cater to her.

    "A human Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador might not understand protocol but does Summon Thunder not? Your Majesty, you must teach Summon Thunder a good lesson when he returns," said a maidservant as she massaged Dragon Queen's shoulders.

    "When he returns, summon him here," instructed Dragon Queen with a nod.

    "Yes," replied the maidservant obediently.

    "Darling! Darling!" A boisterous voice sounded as Flood Dragon King ran in. He was in a humanoid form with a massive flood dragon head. His scaly skin suffused a yellow color, a characteristic of him really being a yellow flood dragon.

    "What's the matter?" Dragon Queen shot a glance at her husband. Flood Dragon King waved his hand, making the maidservants around them immediately take their leave.

    "Don't be so mysterious." Dragon Queen continued in her half slump.

    "Darling," said Flood Dragon King immediately. "I just learned of something huge. It's enough to shock the entire world."

    "What is it? Tell me quickly," urged Dragon Queen.

    Flood Dragon King said immediately, "You must have heard of that human cultivator from Jiang Prefecture's Grand Dominance, Qin Yun, right?"

    "I've heard of him. Just a lucky lad who obtained some treasures in the immortal abode." Dragon Queen nodded. "Isn't there a horde of great fiendish demons targeting him now?"

    "He came to Qian Prefecture and is right here in Jia'an County!" Flood Dragon King said hurriedly. "He's only a few hundred kilometers away from our Yellow Wyrm Lake! The four great fiendish demons-Matron Centaurea, Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect, Poison Dragon King, and Valley Lord Windhark-attacked him simultaneously but to no avail. Now, all the great fiendish demons that have been laying siege to Grand Dominance are rushing to Jia'an County! Soon, there will be quite a spectacle of a battle."

    "What? He dared to come out? And he even came all the way to Jia'an County?" Dragon Queen was astonished as well. "Matron Centaurea and the rest of them were helpless against him?"

    "Yea." Flood Dragon King nodded. "That's why I said he's impressive! That sword immortal's strength is redoubtable."

    Dragon Queen fell silent.

    "This battle would be impressive. Say, do you think we should go take a look? After all, it's close to our Yellow Wyrm Lake." Flood Dragon King looked at Dragon Queen and asked puzzledly, "What's wrong with you. Why are you so silent?"

    "I recalled something," said Dragon Queen with a frown. "Just a few moments ago, Summon Thunder messaged me, saying that Qin Yun wanted to meet me. He even let me see Qin Yun through the transmission. Back then, I was brooding over how a lucky kid, a mere Azure-token Inspector Heavenly Ambassador, thought he had the right to see me as he pleases. I angrily reprimanded Summon Thunder for his disregard for protocol and cut the transmission. Now, upon careful thought, why is Summon Thunder with Qin Yun? He is in Jia'an County and Qin Yun has also appeared in Jia'an County?"

    "He was looking for you?" Flood Dragon King was surprised. "Quickly chat with him and see what he has to say!"

    "What is there to chat about? It's not like he will give me any treasure." Dragon Queen pouted. "However, I'm rather surprised that he can withstand Matron Centaurea and the other three."

    "He's truly worth meeting considering the strength and numerous treasures he possesses at such a young age," quipped Flood Dragon King immediately.

    "You can contact Summon Thunder directly," said Dragon Queen.

    Flood Dragon King nodded immediately and flipped his hand, producing a golden token which he used to contact Grand General Summon Thunder.

    "Eh? He's ignoring me?" Flood Dragon King was baffled. "Summon Thunder would never dare ignore me."

    "Let me try." When Dragon Queen saw this, she also tried out of puzzlement.

    Similarly, she was unable to contact Grand General Summon Thunder. They were unaware that all of Grand General Summon Thunder's treasures had been handed over in exchange for his life. The transmission treasure was naturally in Qin Yun's possession now.

    "I wonder why Qin Yun was looking for you," Flood Dragon King said worriedly. "It's curious that he came to Jia'an County instead of staying in Grand Dominance. He even got Summon Thunder to contact you while being besieged by Matron Centaurea and company. It's probably something important."

    "Who cares what it is? If he has an important matter to discuss with us, he will naturally come visit us in Flood Dragon Palace." Dragon Queen scoffed disdainfully as she said, "Besides, he actually dared to come to Jia'an County and even revealed his location. He probably won't be able to return to Grand Dominance alive. What's there to talk about with a person who's about to die?"

    "Look at you." Flood Dragon King felt helpless.


    Qin Yun had appeared in Jia'an County's Mt. Blue Granny but the attacks of the four great fiendish demons remained fruitless. Now, many great fiendish demons were rushing over.

    The news quickly spread.

    If Yellow Wyrm Lake's Flood Dragon King knew, all the top human factions naturally knew about it as well.

    Jiang Prefecture, Scenic Mountain Sect.

    "Why didn't Qin Yun stay in Grand Dominance. Why did he go to Qian Prefecture's Jia'an County?" Sect Master Gong was puzzled.

    "This will be troublesome. His flying sword arts are powerful, he was even capable of resisting the Earth fire! He may be able to fend off the four great fiendish demons but there are more great fiendish demons rushing there now. I already know of two absolutely horrifying demons-Patriarch Wolf Mountain and Patriarch Crocdragon," said Palatial Lord Essence Charm as he shook his head. "Those two are existences that are on par with the Paramount realm. Qin Yun is being too rash."

    "Regardless, our Scenic Mountain Sect is powerless to help him even if we wanted to," said Sect Master Gong lightly. "Against so many great fiendish demons, there is only a handful of people that would dare to help Qin Yun! If he really wants help, he can pay the price of a first-grade treasure, considering how he has so many treasures! It wouldn't be hard to invite experts to help him. But if he is unwilling to part with any treasures, how many of the other cultivating experts will be willing to risk their lives for him?"

    Palatial Lord Essence Charm sighed as well.

    Yes, there were too many great fiendish demons! There were some that matched the Paramount realm. Only a handful of Connate Golden Core cultivators were even qualified to intervene in the matter! Besides, who would risk their lives for Qin Yun for no good reason?


    "Excellent." A purple-dressed Princess Martial Maple roared with laughter. "This Qin Yun is really seeking death. I want to see how he will survive this time!"

    Beside her, Yi Caishi sighed. "Why is this Qin Yun so foolish? If he dies, what will happen to Xiao'er?"

    "Are you worried about your daughter?" Princess Martial Maple pouted.

    Qin Yun and Yi Xiao's marriage had not been kept secret. People like Patriarch Yi and the Qin family knew, so it was natural that Yi Caishi eventually received the news. He learned that his daughter had married Qin Yun but he was not directly informed, despite being her father! Yi Caishi did not say anything, for he knew he had no right to say a word.

    But now, with Qin Yun in a perilous situation, Yi Caishi could only sigh.

    "Your son-in-law will die no matter how much your heart pains for him. He's definitely doomed this time." Princess Martial Maple's eyes were filled with hatred. She had not forgotten the gentleness Qin Yun showed Yi Xiao back when he saved her, as well as how he left gashes on her face.

    She never forgot the humiliation she had suffered.
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