Chapter 189: Temple Lord Ruyi is here

    Chapter 189: Temple Lord Ruyi is here

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    Jin Prefecture, Zenith Black City.

    "Father, Qin Yun is in grave danger right now. Please think of a way to help him," said Li You anxiously. It had been six years since Qin Yun had written to Li You for help. Li You had matured a lot since then, and he had naturally stepped into the Connate realm. He was even married and his performance in recent years had pleased Philo-Marquis.


    Philo-Marquis was dressed in a moon-white robe as he shook his head and said, "This matter has grown out of proportion. Too many great fiendish demons are targeting Qin Yun. Among them, there are at least two that match the Paramount realm. Furthermore, with all of them joining forces, there's no way I can help. Nor is it my call to make."

    Li You knew that his father, the Philo-Marquis, was one of the nine entities at the Paramount realm! If he truly wanted to help, it was possible. But it would be an extremely risky undertaking.

    If it were him alone, he would naturally have provided his assistance. However, he had no reason to give his father to convince him to risk his life.

    "Actually, this brother of yours has too many treasures on him. He could have sought the help of the imperial government or the Daoist sacred lands!" Philo-Marquis said as he tapped in front of him.


    A gigantic projection appeared inside the hall.

    The projected scenery was that of Mt. Blue Granny!

    Fu Sizhuo was burning incense money in front of the tomb while Qin Yun was sitting cross-legged inside a wooden hut. Matron Centaurea, Poison Dragon King, Valley Lord Windhark, and Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect were situated on a distant mountain peak. The projection also showed a golden beam flying over. When it came to a halt, it took the form a golden-robed girl. She had a bright bearing and the moment she arrived, she opened her mouth to spew golden flames that enveloped Mt. Blue Granny.

    "This is the scene that the imperial government is watching," said Philo-Marquis. "Not only is the imperial government watching, even the Daoist and Buddhist sacred lands, as well as the Four Seas' Water race plus the demon race are watching this battle remotely."

    Every faction had immortals or fiendcelestials backing them.

    Although they did not want to make an appearance for fear of karma implications, it was not difficult for them to watch the battle at Mt. Blue Granny from the safety of their homes.

    "That's bad." Li You turned nervous.

    The golden flames billowed but Qin Yun continued sitting cross-legged in the wooden hut on Mt. Blue Granny. Only a sword beam flew out to produce the massive Cyclic Sword Flash barrier, protecting Mt. Blue Granny in its entirety! No matter how powerful the golden flames were, they failed to damage the Cyclic Sword Flash in any way.

    "Princess Golden Yang is a Scarlet Feather Divine Bird that inherited the bloodline of the Golden Crow." Philo-Marquis remarked. "However, her strength is only ordinary. The flames she's spewing will not be able to break through Qin Yun's flying sword art. However, her Gold Beam Escape Art is the best escape art in the world. Even our human's lightning escape art is slightly inferior."

    Gold Beam Escape Art was the best in the world. In comparison, the Divine Firmament Lightning Dharma's Lightning Manifestation was only considered best among the humans!

    "That Qin Yun looks perfectly calm and composed from my point of view. The great fiendish demons are rushing over but he remains there, unflustered. He probably has something to rely on in a pinch," evaluated Philo-Marquis.

    "Let's hope he has something to rely on. Lunatic Yun is crazy when it comes to practicing his swordplay, but he's not really mad." Li You said as he stared intently at the projection.


    Now, every faction in the world was watching the battle.

    The Four Seas Dragon Palace, the imperial government, the Daoist and Buddhist sacred lands, the Nine Lineage Fiendish Demons, and various other factions were watching the battle through a myriad of means! Many felt that Qin Yun... appeared too composed.


    Mt. Blue Granny.

    After Princess Golden Yang's arrival, more great fiendish demons followed! Although one's flying arts correlated to one's cultivation realm, many things depended on one's cultivated Dharmic formulation and talent! For example, Princess Golden Yang was a Scarlet Feather Divine Bird, allowing her to cultivate in the Gold Beam Escape Art. Having just attained Connate Golden Core, she already had the best escape art in the world.

    As for Qin Yun, he was already at the Paramount realm and his Beam Transformation Art had been cultivated to the ninth level. In terms of speed, he was still inferior to the Lightning Manifestation as demonstrated by Palatial Lord Essence Charm, an ordinary Connate Golden Core.

    As for Patriarch Wolf Mountain and Patriarch Crocdragon, their flying escape arts were only average.

    "Whew! Whew!"

    Following that, more great fiendish demons arrived one after another.

    Matron Centaurea, Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect, and company began to join forces, launching relentless attacks at Qin Yun! The sooner they could crack it, the sooner they could obtain his treasures.

    "Destroy that Qin Yun."

    "When Patriarch Wolf Mountain and company arrive, there won't be much left for us."

    There was already a total of seven great fiendish demons present. Their joint attacks rent the world asunder but the Cyclic Sword Flash continued to shroud Mt. Blue Granny, easily withstanding everything.

    This made the great fiendish demons alarmed. It left all the factions in the world watching this scene astonished.

    "This human's production of the Heavenly Cycles through his flying sword is truly impressive." A member of the Dragon race from the East Sea Dragon Palace exclaimed.

    "For a flying sword to produce the Heavenly Cycle means that it's the true Heavenly Cycle charms! Even seven great fiendish demons can't crack it. Truly impressive."


    At that moment.

    A stream of light brought a centipede phantom along as though it was swimming through the void. It was extremely fast as it raced towards Mt. Blue Granny.

    "Haha, I'm here." Temple Lord Ruyi was casting his escape art and watching Mt. Blue Granny from a distance. The seven great fiendish demons' collective attacks were still being completely blocked by the Cyclic Sword Flash. "Thankfully, they haven't cracked it."

    Temple Lord Ruyi's flying arts were some of the fastest.

    The great fiendish demons that had arrived were people like Princess Golden Yang and Shadowless Fiendlord, who were skilled in flying escape arts. Aside from the three fiendish demons that arrived early on, Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect was the fourth to arrive.

    "It's Temple Lord Ruyi."

    "He's here?"

    Matron Centaurea, Princess Golden Yang, and Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect noticed the newly-arrived great fiendish demon and felt somewhat disappointed.

    "His strength is only ordinary."

    "He's only good at life-preservation and escaping."

    "Even if he joins us, he will probably not be able to crack Qin Yun's flying sword art." They had already gained a full appreciation of how powerful Qin Yun's flying sword arts were. Therefore, they were hoping for powerful reinforcements! Temple Lord Ruyi's offensive strength was indeed a lot weaker.


    Temple Lord Ruyi beamed and appeared extremely warm. "Perhaps this flying sword art of his is quickly reaching its limit. With my help, we might just be able to crack it!"

    "Old centipede, hurry up." Princess Golden Yang shouted with a clear, crisp voice.

    "I'm coming," Temple Lord Ruyi replied with a smile.

    With that, he waved his hand. The chain that was coiled around his wrist flew out. It had eighteen segments, each covered with dense runic patterns. This was Temple Lord Ruyi's most valued Dharma treasure-Hell Noose! As the chain flew out, it whistled through the air and its eighteen segments made it look like a large flying centipede.

    "Expand!" Temple Lord Ruyi commanded.

    The Hell Noose expanded and began wrapping itself around the massive Cyclic Sword Flash barrier. It wrung around the barrier five times! The fact the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier could envelop the entirety of Mt. Blue Granny was a testament to how long the Hell Noose was.

    The Hell Noose rapidly tightened, exerting pressure on the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier.


    Qin Yun, who was sitting cross-legged in the wooden hut, looked up and into the distance. He met the thin and crafty-looking eyes of Temple Lord Ruyi.

    "Temple Lord Ruyi, you have finally arrived. I have been waiting for you!" Qin Yun flipped his hand and two flying swords appeared in front of him. One was the second-grade flying sword, Heavy Sand Sword and the other was a different second-grade flying sword, Coiling Dust Sword. Apart from his Intrinsic Flying Sword, Elder Sword had left behind two second-grade flying swords he used most often-Coiling Dust and Wretched Blood.

    "Consider yourself honored that I'm using two flying swords to kill you." Although Qin Yun was bent on killing Temple Lord Ruyi, he could not use his Intrinsic Flying Sword. He had to rely on his Intrinsic Flying Sword to defend against the fiendish demon horde. After all, it drained the least amount of his Dharmic powers.

    "Go." Qin Yun commanded with his mind.

    "Whew! Whew!"

    The dark purple Heavy Sand Sword and the silver Coiling Dust Sword instantly transformed into two dazzling, moon-like sword beams.


    At that moment, the eight great fiendish demons that besieged Qin Yun, as well as the nervous Fu Sizhuo, heard the sound of river waters. They could even see phantom images of a river around Mt. Blue Granny with their naked eyes.

    Two dazzling moons rose up!

    Bright Moon Over River!

    "This strike can actually produce such tumultuous might?" Princess Golden Yang, Matron Centaurea, Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect, Shadowless Fiendlord, and the others were alarmed. When a move contained the implications of the Heavenly Dao, it would affect the senses of others. The more powerful ones could even cause a phenomenon to appear! And the Bright Moon Over River that was cast had caused river water to appear around the surroundings, as well as a bright moon.

    Qin Yun attacked with Bright Moon Over River, one of his three killer moves. It was also the fastest flying sword attack he had.

    "Oh no."

    Temple Lord Ruyi saw two moon-like sword beams blazing straight at him.

    "Why is he targeting me only?" Temple Lord Ruyi was alarmed as he flashed and transformed into a massive centipede a hundred feet long. He immediately attempted to burrow downwards.

    Unfortunately, the two moon-like sword beams were too fast and instantly arrived in front of him.

    Temple Lord Ruyi had a hundred claws on his centipede form. They collectively tried to parry the flying swords but despite the two flying swords being right in front of him, the beams suddenly turned ethereal just as he was about to parry them. His claws swiped through empty space.

    "Phuah! Phuah!"

    The two moon-like sword beams instantly sliced through the gigantic centipede's body, splitting it into three pieces.

    "What? Why are his flying swords so powerful that even my claws can't touch them?" Temple Lord Ruyi could not help but shudder. He was a Connate Golden Core realm fiendish demon, after all. But despite all his claws, he had failed to even touch Qin Yun's flying swords. The difference was too great. Wouldn't that mean he was at Qin Yun's mercy?

    Sou! Sou! Sou!

    His body had been split into three segments, but each segment continued to burrow crazily into the ground in a desperate attempt to escape.
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