Chapter 190: Slaying a Great Fiendish Demon

    Chapter 190: Slaying a Great Fiendish Demon

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    "Matron Centaurea, save me! I'll be indebted to you!" As Temple Lord Ruyi fled, he pleaded for help through panicked voice transmissions.

    Matron Centaurea's brows pricked up.

    "Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!"

    The numerous dense black beams changed trajectories to hinder Qin Yun's two flying swords. The Million Soul-vanquishing Needles were fast and the numbers were enough to blot out the sky. The technique was best at obstructing the enemy. This was why Temple Lord Ruyi had sought her help specifically.

    "What a vain attempt at trying to vanquish us!" Shadowless Fiendlord waved his hand and released a sanguine stream of light to fend off the swords.

    Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect bellowed as well, "Do you think you can just kill demons under our noses?" He had already made his move when he shouted. His eyes shot out two golden beams that surged straight for the two flying swords.


    Qin Yun sat cross-legged in the wooden hut, using his Intrinsic Flying Sword to protect Mt. Blue Granny with Cyclic Sword Flash. Matron Centaurea, Shadowless Fiendlord, and Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect had attacked simultaneously the moment the other two second-grade flying swords sliced Temple Lord Ruyi into three segments. The three of them matched Connate Golden Core cultivators at the intent domain realm.

    Of course the great fiendish demons would find it insulting if Qin Yun was able to kill one of them while they were besieging him. Furthermore, they were worried that Qin Yun was employing a strategy that focused on killing them one after another.

    "Boom." Heavy Sand Sword forcefully cast Cyclic Sword Flash when it was impeded by the interventions. While it withstood all the hindering attacks, it also managed to trap two of Temple Lord Ruyi's segments that were attempting to escape.

    "Bang! Bang! Bang!"

    The two segments of the centipede's body that were trapped in the Cyclic Sword Flash slammed maniacally at the barrier but failed to escape.

    The Cyclic Sword Flash was a production of the Heavenly Cycle. It could defend against external attacks and also be used to trap enemies! The most ancient Bai family's cornerstone Numinous treasure, Stellar Heavenly Cycle, was famous in this aspect as well. It could both trap an enemy, preventing them from ever escaping the confines of the Stellar Heavenly Cycle, and defend, preventing enemies from cracking it. The stars could also be released to kill the enemy.

    The Stellar Heavenly Cycle played an important role in allowing the Bai family to become the number one family clan on Numinous Treasure Mountain, the place where Daoism originated, as well as the world's oldest family clan.

    Qin Yun's Cyclic Sword Flash achieved the same goal through a different approach but was much weaker overall.


    Due to Matron Centaurea, Shadowless Fiendlord, and Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect's actions, only one of the three centipede segments was not trapped by the Cyclic Sword Flash. Immediately, it split in horror. The segment split into five pieces, and they all simultaneously shot towards the ground. The moment they made contact with the ground, they burrowed deep within.

    The two trapped centipede segments failed to escape the Cyclic Sword Flash that the Heavy Sand Sword had produced.

    The other flying sword, Coiling Dust Sword, transformed into an illusionary moon-like sword beam and slashed at the two centipede segments. There were repeated slicing sounds and the segments were cut into four pieces, then into six, then eight... In mere seconds, the centipede's body was diced into dozens of pieces, losing all traces of life. Following that, its Cosmic Bag and various treasures fell to the ground.

    At that moment, another flying sword flew into the barrier. It was the second-grade flying sword, Wretched Blood Sword, that Qin Yun had just released.

    Wretched Blood Sword swept up the Cosmic Bag and treasures. As for the other two flying swords, Heavy Sand Sword and Coiling Dust Sword, they instantly burrowed into the ground to continue their pursuit of Temple Lord Ruyi.


    Temple Lord Ruyi's remaining five pieces were fleeing desperately after burrowing into the ground.

    Every piece of his body started out fleeing in different directions but following that, all of them headed south! Although his body could split into many pieces, the distances between the pieces could not exceed five kilometers! He was unable to perfectly control each part of his body beyond that threshold.

    "Whew! Whew!"

    The two flying swords burrowed deep underground and chased in different directions.

    Temple Lord Ruyi was indeed fast when it came to burrowing through the earth! Few Connate Golden Cores could match his speed, but he wasn't being pursued by people but flying swords! The flying swords were much faster than Qin Yun's flying arts.

    "Phuah! Phuah!"'

    Two flying swords decimated two pieces of the centipede's body after catching up to them. After slicing them apart, the pieces were devoid of any life. The centipede demon's splitting had reached its limit.

    "I see, the different parts of his body cannot be more than five kilometers from each other." Through the Intrinsic Flying Sword's psyche perception, he could sense fifteen kilometers out. At that moment, Temple Lord Ruyi's five pieces had yet to exceed that range.


    Following that, the Heavy Sand Sword destroyed another piece of the centipede's demonic body.

    There were only two pieces left.

    "Whew! Whew!"

    The two flying swords each honed in on a different piece.

    "Why are his flying swords so powerful? I am powerless in front of him. I can't withstand his flying swords even though I'm at the Connate Golden Core realm." Temple Lord Ruyi's remaining two pieces maintained a distance of five kilometers from each other as they frantically fled. By then, they were more than fifteen kilometers away from Qin Yun but the two flying swords were closing in on them.

    Through the flying swords, Qin Yun could sense his enemy too.

    Furthermore, his flying swords could now pursue enemies up to a distance of three hundred kilometers.


    The Coiling Dust Sword vanquished another one of Temple Lord Ruyi's segments.

    "It's coming!" With only one piece of his body left, Temple Lord Ruyi was in absolute horror.

    "Young Master Qin, spare me! Spare me, please!" Temple Lord Ruyi pleaded for mercy as he fled. As long as that one piece of his body could escape, it wouldn't take long to recover and grow back to his complete true form.

    "Spare you? Have you forgotten what you did?" Qin Yun's voice reverberated around his surroundings.

    "I... I did go to the Qin Manor but all I did was take a look. Besides, I was sent retreating," said Temple Lord Ruyi immediately. "I didn't hurt anyone from the Qin family."

    "You were only there to take a look? You, as a great fiendish demon at the Connate Golden Core, forcibly entered my Qin Manor's protective array and only retreated after a battle. And you claim that you were only taking a look?" Qin Yun's voice was filled with fury.

    "I was wrong. I was wrong! Spare me! Please spare me. If there's anything you want me to do, just tell me," pleaded Temple Lord Ruyi.

    "I want you to die!"


    The dark purple Heavy Sand Sword tore through the mud and instantly penetrated Temple Lord Ruyi's remnant body.

    "No!" Accompanied by a disgruntled roar, the final piece of his body quivered. The claws that were frantically burrowing convulsed and came to a stop. He was completely still.

    Shoo! Only then did the Heavy Sand Sword return.


    The seven great fiendish demons that were attacking relentlessly at Mt. Blue Granny stopped. They landed on a nearby mountain peak with conflicted expressions. They could sense that Temple Lord Ruyi's transmission mark had dissipated from their transmission treasures. This left them appalled.

    "He's dead?"

    "Temple Lord Ruyi is dead?"

    They found it unbelievable.

    It was not easy for a great fiendish demon to cultivate to the Connate Golden Core realm. All of them placed a lot of effort on developing methods to preserve their lives. The weaker they were, the more emphasis they placed on life-preserving methods. Therefore, defeating a great fiendish demon was easy but killing one was extremely difficult! What's more, there were seven other great fiendish demons around.

    "He managed to withstand our attacks and divert his attention to release two flying swords to kill Old Centipede under our noses?" Matron Centaurea whispered. "And back when he was fending us off, all he did was defend. He never counterattacked."

    "He has not used his true strength yet," added the blind elder solemnly. "That flying sword art of his easily killed Old Centipede without him being able to even touch the swords. He was completely at the mercy of Qin Yun. We may be stronger than Old Centipede but we aren't that much stronger. If those two flying swords were to target us, we wouldn't fare much better. Both Poison Dragon King and I would not be able to withstand those two flying swords."

    "Now that we are prepared, he won't succeed." Princess Golden Yang remained full of fighting spirit.

    "Golden Yang, didn't you notice?" Shadowless Fiendlord pointed into the distance. "Back when Qin Yun was dealing with us or when he killed Old Centipede, he remained sitting inside that wooden hut the whole time. Do you believe that he has used all his strength?"


    Temple Lord Ruyi's transmission mark dissipated the moment he perished. Naturally, all the factions of the world quickly noticed it. The great fiendish demon Temple Lord Ruyi had been killed by Qin Yun!

    During this battle, a great fiendish demon was already killed while many great fiendish demons rushed over.

    "What an impressive flying sword art. Against his two flying swords, Temple Lord Ruyi could not withstand him at all and was at his mercy."

    "Temple Lord Ruyi split his body to escape but was still pursued to his death by two flying swords. What an impressive sword immortal."


    "Who said that Qin Yun is only good at defending? I find him more terrifying when it comes to killing enemies."

    All the spectators were astounded.

    Qin Yun had killed a great fiendish demon and it was a complete wipeout! This shocked many cultivators, fiendish demons, and the Water race.


    "He could risk his life for that lady named Yi Xiao, but who knew he is already this powerful? He's only twenty-seven this year and he has already killed a great fiendish demon." In the royal palace, a girl dressed in a palatial grown was astonished by the scene that appeared in a bronze mirror in front of her.


    "Seventh Sister, this Qin Yun is too powerful. Temple Lord Ruyi died just like that!" In an exquisite hall of Heavenly Demon Palace, many women were seated and watching a projection that appeared in midair. All of them were gorgeous and had furry tails. They bantered with beautiful voices.

    Seventh Madam Yan looked up and nodded. "A few years ago, he helped me kill the three demon monarchs of Evil Dragon Mountain. I never expected him to get to this level of strength so quickly. He remains composed despite facing all those great fiendish demons, and instead easily killed a great fiendish demon."
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