Chapter 191: Paramount realm level

    Chapter 191: Paramount realm level

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    Just a little showcase from Qin Yun was enough to astound the world. It made all factions realize that the young sword immortal was able to easily slay an ordinary great fiendish demon. Typically speaking, even Connate Golden Core cultivators at the intent domain level would find it difficult to kill a great fiendish demon. This made many parties begin to question... Just how strong was Qin Yun?

    "He's too young after all. He should only be at the level of intent domain! All he did was figure out some powerful sword attack."

    "Sword immortals are said to be capable of destroying all Dharma with a single sword. They are best at attacking! This Qin Yun figured out a defensive sword art in the past, and now he must have figured out an offensive sword art."

    "He should only be at the level of the intent domain realm."

    The cultivators, fiendish demons, and Water race that were watching favored such an appraisal.

    After all, the higher level of the Paramount realm was something they did not even dare think about! There were very few people at the Paramount realm in the world! Reaching it was just too difficult.


    Regardless, the ease with which Qin Yun killed a great fiendish demon with decisive force had indeed left many fiendish demons trembling. For example, the seven great fiendish demons that were already present gathered together and were on high alert. They would not give Qin Yun another chance to strike.

    "I knew it."

    In the wooden hut, Qin Yun looked at the seven great fiendish demons on the distant mountain peak. "Once one of them fell in battle, it was bound to serve as a warning to the rest! Now they'll be vigilant and it will be more difficult to kill another one!"

    "Whatever." Qin Yun turned to look at his good friend's grave. "I came here for Scholar. Now that he is dead, I'll let this young demoness mourn for three days. As for these great fiendish demons? I can make use of them to test out my flying sword's strength. I can also use them to astound all parties watching me. If I can kill another one or two great fiendish demons, it would be equivalent to saving millions of commoners. It will be immensely meritorious."

    Every great fiendish demon had a long lifespan, allowing them to be the bane of countless weaker beings.

    They presided over an area, and it was common for thousands of humans to be killed annually. Their lifespans were typically more than a thousand years and they truly were a baneful existence. In fact, the greatest harm these great fiendish demons caused was the result of their countless minions! All sorts of demons would pledge allegiance to a great fiendish demon and with the confidence of having a backer, these lesser demons would wreak havoc. Just like with Water God, many lesser demons wreaked havoc because he was backing them.

    Without Water God, the imperial government easily purged the demons. As such, the commoners of Grand Dominance immediately saw their lives improve tremendously.

    A great fiendish demon was the source of terror!

    Killing a great fiendish demon naturally garnered immense merit!

    "Now, I have showcased just a portion of my strength," thought Qin Yun. "I haven't used all of my Connate Paramount realm's strength yet. Perhaps, I might slay a great fiendish demon or two by taking them by surprise."

    "It's already great that I can kill one." Qin Yun was in no hurry.

    Since ancient times, the battle between humans and fiendish demons had never ceased.


    Time flowed by.

    Qin Yun accompanied the fish demoness in watching over the tomb. The number of great fiendish demons outside Mt. Blue Granny also increased. Collectively, they had made repeated attempts to crack open Qin Yun's Cyclic Sword Flash, but to no avail.


    A black stream of light tore through the sky at an extremely fast speed. A massive black snake flew inside the black stream of light. On its back sat two cross-legged figures. One of them was Patriarch Crocdragon and the other was a green-dressed woman.

    Cave Lord Black Snake was, in fact, not inferior to Temple Lord Ruyi in terms of flying arts. However, his speed was slowed down greatly because he was carrying his companions.

    "Patriarch, Mt. Blue Granny is right in front of us." The black snake spoke in human language.

    "Alright." The dark yellow vertical-slit pupils on Patriarch Crocdragon's plump face glowed. The corner of his mouth curled upwards. "It looks like I'm the first to arrive."

    What Patriarch Crocdragon meant was that among the existences that were on the same level as him, he was the first to arrive.

    "Patriarch Wolf Mountain and company are slower. This Qin Yun's treasures will naturally belong to you, Patriarch Crocdragon." The green-dressed woman said with a chuckle.

    "Don't worry. Neither of you will leave empty-handed." Patriarch Connate smiled. "However, this Grand Dominance's Qin Yun should be at the level of a Connate Golden Core intent domain according to intelligence. Furthermore, he has figured out quite a powerful flying sword art. But does he think he can resist me with that bit of strength?"

    Paramount realm.

    It represented a hint of the Heavenly Dao's core. Patriarch Crocdragon was an existence that matched the Paramount realm, and so his strength was naturally not to be underestimated.


    As they arrived near Mt. Blue Granny, the black snake transformed into a coquettish youth again. He stood submissively behind Patriarch Crocdragon with the green-dressed woman.

    "Patriarch." At that moment, the other nine great fiendish demons that had already arrived felt their hearts tighten. Many even went forward to pay their respects.

    "Patriarch Crocdragon is here." Poison Dragon King sent Matron Centaurea a voice transmission. "With him here, we might not be able to share in the treasures when the time comes."

    "No hurry." Matron Centaurea said with a voice transmission. "Since that Qin Yun hasn't fled, he probably has some hidden ability he's relying on. We should take a wait-and-see approach."

    Although Matron Centaurea dreaded Patriarch Crocdragon, she was not afraid of him. She was confident that she could survive against him.

    "Golden Yang, the last time I visited your father, you were only at the Connate False Core realm, right? In a blink of an eye, you are already at the Connate Golden Core realm." Patriarch Connate smiled as he greeted Princess Golden Yang.

    Princess Golden Yang beamed. "Uncle Crocdragon, I only came to join in the fun. We have to defer this matter to you, after all. The collective efforts of us nine have failed to crack open Qin Yun's flying sword art. Uncle Crocdragon, your strength far exceeds ours. I believe you will definitely crack it open."

    Patriarch Crocdragon said with a smile, "We shouldn't be careless. For that Qin Yun to not attempt an escape, he probably has something to rely on. Whatever, I'll test him."

    With that said, Patriarch Crocdragon turned and transformed into a one-kilometer long creature that resembled a crocodile! His body was covered with large scales that resembled armor plating. His head was ferocious and massive. He could probably swallow a small hill if he opened his mouth wide. His massive, winding crocodile-like body lay prostrate in midair. Scaled armor on his back undulated like mountains.

    On closer inspection, every armored scale had dense runic patterns. Evil auras emanated from the surface of the runic patterns.

    The moment he revealed his true form, it left all the great fiendish demons present stifled.

    "Crocdragon Fiendbody." Everyone was astounded.

    Patriarch Crocdragon's true form was a crocdragon, an ancient mutated species that could rival dragons! Such a body was naturally very powerful. Furthermore, he cultivated in a fiendcelestial Dharmic formulation, achieving a Fiendbody! It obviously reached an extremely terrifying state. Among human cultivators, only those at the Paramount realm could hope to match him.

    "Patriarch Crocdragon has shown his Fiendbody."

    "Can Qin Yun still withstand Patriarch Crocdragon?"

    The world fixed their attention on this.


    Qin Yun walked out of the wooden hut, also aware of the newcomer. He looked up to see Patriarch Crocdragon, who blotted out half the sky. Patriarch Crocdragon overlooked his surroundings as his remarkable eyes protruded out from his head. His vertical-slit pupils were filled with coldness.

    "This... This..." Fu Sizhuo was trembling. Just seeing Patriarch Crocdragon's true form left her horrified.

    "Don't be afraid. If you can't stand it, just cover your eyes," said Qin Yun with a smile.

    The fish demoness nodded and covered her eyes with both her hands. Yet, she secretly peeped through the crevices of her fingers.

    "Patriarch Crocdragon is on par with the Paramount realm," thought Qin Yun. "He is the strongest opponent I have ever met."


    Patriarch Crocdragon's massive body resulted in a deep and rumbling voice. "If you were to hand your treasures over without a fuss, I would promise to spare you. I can even escort you back to Grand Dominance. This is the only chance for your survival. You must grasp it."

    Patriarch Crocdragon was well aware that once he truly killed Qin Yun, all the great fiendish demons would charge forward to snatch Qin Yun's treasures.

    For example, Matron Centaurea and Shadowless Fiendlord might not be his match, but they had the confidence to try and escape with their lives. They would definitely join in the fray.

    However, all the treasures would naturally fall into his hands if Qin Yun handed them over.

    "There's no need," declared Qin Yun.

    "Oh? Since you refuse to take the safe way out, I want to see what gives you your confidence." Patriarch Crocdragon's massive body suddenly turned as the thick and long Crocdragon tail lashed out. Boom! It was as though the world was spinning, even the air was twisted thoroughly. The other great fiendish demons a distance away braced themselves.

    The gigantic crocdragon tail seemed to bore through the heaven and earth and as it lashed down at the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier with an incredulous might.
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