Chapter 192: Dumbstruck (Part 1/2)

    Chapter 192: Dumbstruck (Part 1/2)

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    "Bam!" The Cyclic Sword Flash barrier that enveloped Mt. Blue Granny quivered slightly but it remained undamaged.

    However, the surrounding area was reduced to ruins. The remnant shockwaves alone had toppled numerous trees in the distance. Rocks flew wantonly from the mountains. The only thing that remained unperturbed was Mt. Blue Granny itself.


    Patriarch Crocdragon looked down at Mt. Blue Granny in midair in shock.

    He was of extraordinary birth and he had cultivated a Fiendbody. When it came to combat strength, he could fight evenly with Paramount realm existences. His strength stemmed from his body and, although his cultivation realm was somewhat lacking, his powerful body allowed him to stand proudly among entities at the Paramount realm! Even if the nine great fiendish demons that were present joined forces, they could not match in strength.

    "I refuse to believe it." Patriarch Crocdragon was somewhat burning with embarrassment.


    His body coiled up and was still for a moment, before his massive crocdragon Fiendbody blasted forward, slamming heavily against the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier. Immediately, the kilometer-long body's impact sent out shockwaves that pulverized the surrounding mountains!

    He continued slamming with his body, swiping with his claws, and lashing out with his tail.

    The attacks seemed simple but every strike had the might to render the world asunder. Yet, he did not leave a single mark on the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier.

    "This flying sword art is rather powerful. Alright then, have fun with your sword art in my stomach!" Patriarch Crocdragon suddenly opened his gaping mouth. Although his mouth was big, it would not have been able to swallow Mt. Blue Granny whole. But when he opened his mouth, it clearly increased in size as it attempted to swallow the massive Cyclic Sword Flash.


    Qin Yun had remained composed while standing outside the wooden hut all this time, but at that moment, his expression changed slightly.

    He saw Patriarch Crocdragon open his gaping mouth, and the black distorted space within it.

    "Crocdragons are an ancient mutated species. They can devour all things. They have another world in their bodies and if I'm swallowed, I might not be able to escape." Qin Yun commanded, "Enlarge! Enlarge! Enlarge!"

    The Intrinsic Flying Sword that was casting the Cyclic Sword Flash suddenly expanded.

    It went from barely enveloping Mt. Blue Granny to instantly doubling in size.

    Although Patriarch Crocdragon had opened his mouth wide enough to swallow Mt. Blue Granny, he could not swallow the massive spherical Cyclic Sword Flash barrier.

    "Ka!" His gaping mouth bit down on the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier but the teeth failed to penetrate it. His dark yellow eyes were filled with shock.


    The massive crocdragon Fiendbody spun around and transformed back into a short and plump male form. He looked coldly at the Cyclic Sword Flash as it shrunk back to a size that adequately protected Mt. Blue Granny.

    "A flying sword art that produces the Heavenly Cycles should have its resistive strength decreased if it rapidly expands like that. Even so, I failed to bite through it?" Patriarch Crocdragon found it unbelievable. He knew that his claws and tail were sufficient to make many great fiendish demons and cultivators shudder in fear but his mouth was the strongest! It could devour everything. Even ordinary Dharma treasures were easily crushed in his mouth.

    When Qin Yun's Cyclic Sword Flash expanded, its strength should have decreased; yet, his bite had failed to tear through it.


    Indeed, the Cyclic Sword Flash could not expand limitlessly. Maintaining it at three thousand feet was the most Qin Yun could do. Any bigger and its defensive strength would begin to decrease.

    However, Qin Yun was a Connate Paramount realm sword immortal. The Paramount realm he gained insight in was one of defense too. Therefore, the production of the Heavenly Cycles was something that even Patriarch Crocdragon failed to pose a threat to. Even if he were several times stronger, there was no way he could crack open the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier.

    "Oh? Another Paramount realm?" Qin Yun's eyelids twitched. "I was planning on using this opportunity to astound the world but who knew that other than Patriarch Wolf Mountain and Patriarch Crocdragon, another existence at the Paramount realm would come?"


    A yellow gust of wind blew in from afar.

    A yellow-robed Daoist materialized in midair. He held a whisk in his hand and on his face was a beaming smile.

    "It's Daolord."

    "Daolord is here."

    "Greetings, Daolord."

    These great fiendish demons immediately bowed when they saw the yellow-robed Daoist.

    Patriarch Crocdragon looked at the yellow-robed Daoist and snorted coldly. "I never expected an old Daoist like you to come too."

    "Brother Crocdragon, you haven't been able to crack open this flying sword art. From the looks of it, you need me to give you a hand," said the yellow-robed Daoist with a smile.

    Fiendish demons were typically weaker in cultivation than humans. For example, any human that attained the Connate Golden Core had grasped the implications of the Heavenly Dao! But for great fiendish demons, many of them relied on the fiendish demon Dharmic formulations. Their Fiendbodies were the source of most of their power, and allowed them to be on par with Connate Golden Cores. For example, Patriarch Wolf Mountain and Patriarch Crocdragon had combat strength that rivaled the Paramount realm!

    But it did not mean that their cultivation had reached the Paramount realm.

    As for the yellow-robed Daoist, he was different. He was a weasel that had turned into a demon. He had secretly studied in a Daoist temple and learned the Daoist Dharmic formulations. Later on, out of sheer luck, he obtained the heritage, 'Yellow Wind True Sutra.' It allowed him to eventually reach the Connate Golden Core realm! However, he continued having a fiendish demon character. He was ruthless and he commonly killed and plundered for treasures.

    He called himself Yellow Wind Daolord. One had to know that the term Daolord was a very honorific title. Even Essence Soul immortals did not dare address themselves as Daolords.

    He was a great fiendish demon but he called himself Yellow Wind Daolord! However, he had really achieved the Paramount realm! No one could stop him from taking whatever name he wanted.

    Among humans, before Qin Yun made his attainment public, there were only nine people currently at the Paramount realm.

    For a weasel to cultivate the Daoist Dharmic formulations to similarly reach the Paramount realm made many human cultivators ashamed of themselves.

    "Brother Yellow Wind, this Qin Yun's flying sword art isn't that easy to crack," said Patriarch Crocdragon.

    "Let's cooperate and give it a try," said Yellow Wind Daolord with a smile.

    "Alright, we will split the treasures equally," replied Patriarch Crocdragon.

    Yellow Wind Daolord nodded.

    At that moment, Matron Centaurea, Shadowless Fiendlord, Princess Golden Yang and the other great fiendish demons were watching silently. Once Qin Yun was killed, they would have to depend on their own capabilities to vie for the treasures.

    "Phew." Yellow Wind Daolord smiled as he brandished the whisk in his hand.

    Every thread in the whisk lit up with runic patterns. Immediately, a blurry gust of yellow wind surged towards the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier.

    The yellow wind could crumble gold to powder and pulverize physical bodies. It was a famous Dharma spell of Yellow Wind Daolord. The Yellow Wind True Sutra was also an ancient heritage of the Daoist lineage. Yet although it was in the hands of many parties, it had been very long since anyone had mastered it. The weasel had enough talent that he was able to learn the powerful Dharma spell.

    "Woosh!" The yellow winds blew from the west and struck the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier. It could penetrate every hole and work its way into the most minute pores, destroying everything from within.

    However, the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier did not have any holes. It was a perfect demonstration of the Heavenly Cycle that could withstand all powers. The sword barrier weakened the yellow winds and withstood them, preventing them from touching Qin Yun's Intrinsic Flying Sword. Qin Yun felt that although his Intrinsic Flying Sword was a third-grade flying sword, it would be damaged if he allowed the yellow winds to touch it.


    Patriarch Crocdragon transformed into his massive Fiendbody and lashed out his crocdragon tail, striking heavily at the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier.


    The both of them attacked with forces that were disparate in approach. The yellow wind was gentle while Patriarch Crocdragon's Fiendbody was domineering. Under their combined might, the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier continued enveloping Mt. Blue Granny and was not shaken at all.

    "What? The combined efforts of two great fiendish demons at the level of the Paramount realm can't break it?" The spectators were astounded and in disbelief. The sword flash barrier was just too powerful.

    Yellow Wind Daolord and Patriarch Crocdragon found it utterly unbelievable.

    What sort of status did they have?

    They had put aside their reputations to join forces, all in a bid to obtain treasures; yet, they had failed to crack it.

    "The eleven of you, join us. All of us will cooperate and crack his flying sword art." Patriarch Crocdragon's voice rumbled.



    Matron Centaurea, Shadowless Fiendlord, Princess Golden Yang, Cave Lord Black Snake, Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect replied in unison. Among the eleven of them, some of them were only ordinary great fiendish demons. Some had combat strength at the intent domain level but when combined, their strength could match that of a Paramount realm being! As for why they could only match a single Paramount realm existence...

    It was because the Paramount realm was truly an incredible state. For example, Patriarch Crocdragon's Fiendbody was immensely powerful. His physical strength allowed him to hold off six to seven great fiendish demons at the intent domain level. As for Yellow Wind Daolord, his yellow wind was an extremely gentle attack. It was not powerful in strength but it was much more difficult to block than a physical attack.

    Instantly, all sorts of methods were used. Yellow Wind Daolord and Patriarch Crocdragon attacked from the west and east respectively. The other eleven fiendish demons also split into two parties that attacked from the north and south.

    All the great fiendish demons joined forces to attack the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier.

    This scene was witnessed by all the factions in the world. It was shocking! It was shocking how resistant the Sword Flash barrier was!
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