Chapter 193: Dumbstruck (Part 2/2)

    Chapter 193: Dumbstruck (Part 2/2)

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    No matter how fiercely the thirteen great fiendish demons, including Yellow Wind Daolord and Patriarch Crocdragon, unleashed their relentless barrage of attacks, Qin Yun only shook his head. He turned and walked to Scholar's tomb.

    He sat down and began drinking from his alcohol flask.

    "Scholar, you always claimed to be lonely. Yet you have a daughter observing the filial rituals after your death. Not bad for you! You ended up much better than Priest and the rest. They died on the battlefield and we didn't even know where their hometowns were. But nevermind. We volunteered to enter the battlefield and were long prepared to die there," said Qin Yun with a smile. "By the way, I know the fiendish demons around are being a little noisy. Bear with it. In less than a day, they will all scamper away and return home."


    There was no end to the assaulting blasts outside the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier.

    By the side, Fu Sizhuo could not help but feel horrified seeing the attackers outside. They were all great fiendish demons, after all. Then, she looked at Qin Yun sitting beside the tomb, drinking. She could not help but recall the days she spent with her adopted father and as a result, tears began to well up in her eyes.

    "Ignore them. Just imagine that it's fireworks," said Qin Yun.

    "Okay," replied the young fish demoness obediently. She knelt down again and began burning the incense money. She could not help but ask, "Uncle Qin, how long will these great fiendish demons be attacking?"

    "They will eventually tire out," replied Qin Yun with a smile.

    Fu Sizhuo nodded.

    She felt a baffling sense of serenity. There were thirteen great fiendish demons attacking outside Mt. Blue Granny; yet, Qin Yun was drinking alcohol in front of the tomb and chattering away. She felt that she would remember this moment for her entire life.

    As Qin Yun drank his alcohol, he would make occasional comments beside the tomb.

    He would recount the past or talk about his fellow brother-in-arms.

    As for the great fiendish demons, Qin Yun never gave them any of his attention! Once he truly demonstrated his strength and scared the great fiendish demons, they would scatter like frightened birds. Mt. Blue Granny would eventually regain its peace. Qin Yun was simply waiting, waiting for a better opportunity to demonstrate his true strength. The great fiendish demons surrounding him were not worth it.

    As for Patriarch Crocdragon and Yellow Wind Daolord? They had combat strength at the Paramount realm and Qin Yun knew that even if he used all his strength, he would be roughly on par with them. It was not a guarantee that he could defeat them, much less kill them.


    The combined assault from the thirteen great fiendish demons eventually came to a halt. Their attacks were useless and Qin Yun couldn't even be bothered to give them a second look. Instead, he stayed in front of the tomb drinking. The young fish demoness was even burning incense money in front of the tomb. What else could they do? They could only stop.

    Hu! Hu! Hu!

    The group of great fiendish demons retreated to a mountain a distance away.

    "Even with all of us joining forces, we actually still can't crack his flying sword art."

    "Why is his flying sword art so powerful?"

    "It's really odd."

    "If an expert at the Connate Golden Core intent domain level is good at defending, it's possible for him to withstand a Paramount realm existence. But this Qin Yun has managed to withstand Daolord, Patriarch Crocdragon, and all of our combined attacks. It's too preposterous. Could it be that he has reached the Paramount realm?" The blind elder could not help but comment.


    "Paramount realm? How long has he been cultivating? How can you say that he's at the Paramount realm?"

    The great fiendish demons were in heated discussion.

    It was indeed true that the intent domain level's defense could withstand a Paramount realm power, but the way Qin Yun did it was truly rare.

    It left some of the great fiendish demons shuddering. They began wondering if Qin Yun had attained the Paramount realm. However, they also found it unbelievable that someone could reach the Paramount realm at age twenty-seven.

    "Strangest of all, he has never counterattacked."

    "Yes, all he does is defend. He did not even counterattack when we attacked him together. Come to think of it, the only time he counterattacked, he killed Temple Lord Ruyi. After that, he ignored everything else we've been doing."

    "That young fish demoness is burning incense money. Is that Qin Yun observing the funeral rituals too?"

    "From the looks of it, that's what he's doing. He doesn't want to be bothered with us."


    Just ten minutes later, Patriarch Wolf Mountain and six other great fiendish demons arrived obstreperously on a cloud. Leading them was a silver-haired elder with his hands behind his back. Beside him were the black-robed Nine Mountain Island Lord, Metallic-armed Ape Fiend who was flailing his arms, and several others.

    "Brother Wolf Mountain, we were waiting for you." Yellow Wind Daolord said with a bright laughter that resounded through the world.

    "Wolf Mountain, that Qin Yun's flying sword arts cannot be broken through despite our combined efforts. If we still can't crack it with you here, I believe it's time we return home." Patriarch Crocdragon's short and plump figure emitted an ice-cold voice.

    "This Qin Yun's flying sword arts have exceeded my expectations. Let's give it a try." Patriarch Wolf Mountain's voice gave a resounding boom. "If we can crack his flying sword arts through our combined efforts, it's natural that we will slay him. If not, let's disperse and return."


    "Let's give it a try."

    Any other time, these great fiendish demons would kill each other for treasures. But now, Qin Yun's Cyclic Sword Flash was covering Mt. Blue Granny. They had tried every means at their disposal to crack it but to no avail. At that moment, they no longer cared about vying for the treasures. They made cracking the flying sword art top priority.

    If they were to fail and return with tails between their legs this time, it would truly be embarrassing.


    About ten kilometers away from Mt. Blue Granny.

    A drunken elder sat on a boulder and peered at Mt. Blue Granny from afar. "I just received news that this Qin Yun appeared in Qian Prefecture's Jia'an County. I rushed here all the way from the north and it sure was tiring. I actually managed to get here in time. Yet, this Qin Yun hasn't requested for help all this while? Nor did he seek the Inspector Heavenly Alliance's help? From the looks of it, his flying sword art is something even twenty great fiendish demons can't crack."

    Other than Qin Yun, the human race had nine people at the Paramount realm.

    They were scattered around the world.

    These great fiendish demons had rushed to Qian Prefecture from the Jiang Prefecture because it was nearby! If the nine humans at the Paramount realm wanted to rush over, it would be difficult for them to arrive in time. In addition, Qin Yun had never even asked for help. The enthusiastic Drunken Immortal took it upon himself to rush over with his flying arts.


    Qin Yun could sense fifteen kilometers out with his Intrinsic Flying Sword from Mt. Blue Granny.

    "A cultivator? I didn't request for any help." Qin Yun sensed the appearance of the cultivator ten kilometers away. The corners of his mouth curved up as he looked up to see Patriarch Wolf Mountain and the other six great fiendish demons that had just appeared high in the sky.

    To be precise, Qin Yun's gaze landed on Nine Mountain Island Lord.

    "Nine Mountain Island Lord."

    "Do you know that back when I killed Temple Lord Ruyi, I did not showcase the full extent of my abilities? I have been besieged by so many great fiendish demons but I have only defended without counterattacking! I did all of that because I was waiting for you." Killing intent rose in Qin Yun's heart. "Nine Mountain Island Lord, I have waited years to kill you."

    From a young age, he swore to seek revenge for his sister.

    Killing Water God was his goal for the longest time, but after killing Water God and confronting the fiendish demon spy, Gongye Bing, Qin Yun realized that the large amount of children's heart blood was given to Nine Mountain Island Lord. He was the true mastermind behind Water God.

    As such, his sister's death had a lot to do with Nine Mountain Island Lord.

    "Begin!" Patriarch Crocdragon bellowed. He had already transformed into his massive crocdragon Fiendbody. His massive body took up about twenty percent of the space. Yellow Wind Daolord and Patriarch Wolf Mountain each took up about ten percent of the space. The remaining great fiendish demons all began putting their full might into a concerted effort.

    Instantly, twenty great fiendish demons attacked at full strength.

    Three of them were at a level equivalent to the Paramount realm. One had to know that among all the great fiendish demons in the world, there were only a total of twelve at the level of the Paramount realm! The gravity of this siege naturally spoke volumes. Before the clash, everyone believed without a doubt that Qin Yun could not withstand the attacks unless he had some special thing to rely on. But now, from the looks of it, his flying sword's production of the Heavenly Cycles was just too powerful.

    "Boom!" The twenty great fiendish demons attacked with all their might in an attempt to crack open the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier.

    Qin Yun put away his alcohol flask and solemnly looked up into the sky.

    He saw it.

    Among them, there was a black-robed figure who wielded an ancient and unadorned ax in a domineering fashion as he directly cleaved down on the Cyclic Sword Flash barrier. He was none other than Nine Mountain Island Lord. In terms of strength, he was second only to Patriarch Wolf Mountain and Patriarch Crocdragon among the fiendish demons present. Even the ancient mutated Patriarch Tenebrous Aspect was inferior to Nine Mountain Island Lord in strength.

    "Nine Mountain Island Lord." Qin Yun's eyes were brimming with killing intent.

    A ring of seven beads around his wrist rapidly transformed into seven flying swords. The seven flying swords naturally fused together, forming a blurry gray flying sword. It was Elder Sword's Intrinsic Flying Sword, and the only first-grade flying sword Qin Yun presently possessed.

    In order to kill Nine Mountain Island Lord, Qin Yun was going to use all his strength.
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